蒼炎の姫君 (Souen no himegimi) / 葉月ゆら (Hatsuki Yura) x Seraph lyrics

06 Juil


I want to present you my dear tegamin. She has already post somes albums in her site (a very good site if you’re understand Japanese).

So, here the link for the lyrics of Souen no Himegimi :

To be clear the title is Souen no himegimi and not Ao honoo no himegimi like I see in many sites !

Like I say, I have transcribed in a word documment all kanji since the album Mitsuyage Language. the only album I don’t have it’s this one, because of the collabaoration of Seraph and Yura. I want to buy it after (in object) but just like Walpurgis no Yoru no yume, one month after it released every doujin site that it sells it was in sold out… You can buy it only with difficulty if they are somes restocks.

It’s a really an impressive album and my favorite in the 2014 year of all doujins CDs that I have listening. Everything is beautiful in this album. Now I have the lyrics my mind is connected at the sky.

Yura and Miku are just incredible, I hope in the future that they’re will do an another collaboration.
I really love the combination because Yura sing fast and Miku calmly. The story of the two princesses is really lovely, the two singer sing with many feeling in hers voices that makes the songs dramatics, lovelys and nostalagics.

For the transcribtion I can say that this album it’s very difficult specially with the song of Yura and Miku. The solo song are more simple. tegamin make a good work really, she even arrange somes stanzas to make the same moment of when the singers sing. Thank you tegamin I like you so much !!

– – – – – – – – –

Like always I put my comments (it’s the same in tegamin blog) :

Comment of Yura in her blog site :
Yura said herself that the collaborations songs are a yuri story between princesses. The song “Red nightmare” and “My DOLL HOUSE” is a different story and have no report with the main story.

This time Yura put a general comment and not one comment for all songs. So they are no more explications for Red nightmare or My DOLL HOUSE »

Sorry I post a long comment. Here, my theories of what I understand of the song after study the lyrics. And sory for my bad english again because I’m french….

01. entrance:降誕 / entrance : Koutan (entrance : birth)

Comment by tegamin :
降誕 (koutan) is “(regal) birth, nativity”

02. Le Rouge et le Noir (Red and Black)

Note : Le Rouge et le Noir means the colors Red and Black in french

Comment by Meriole :
To understand this song you need to read in first my comment in Souken no himegimi.

I think this song is a representation of the strenght and vision of the world of the two princesses. One is red and the other black. Red is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination. It’s also the color of anger and sexual passion. Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. That’s what it’s about the song.

This song it’s really gothic. They are many description in the song to describe the feeling, but again some stanzas of love and I have the feeling that it’s possible that the princesses make a secret rendez-vous in the night, in a obscur room, for a little rituel of sexuality.

03. Red Nightmare

Comment by Meriole :
Personally, impossible to understand without the lyrics. Yura sing too fast in some passages.

I think, it’s about a man/monster (possibility of a vampire) who terrorizing a town. All nights, he searchs somes foods for his satisfication. Well, the food it’s in reality human and specially girl. “Buta” = pig, “emono” = prey are the words use for him to describe hers victims. So, he kills hers preys like a shadow, in passing by in hers backs, and uses a knife to cut the throat.

And there are more : he eats the flesh and drinks blood of hers victims. That’s a circle vicious because he does the same thing all nights. In fact, he dedicate his life for this : a serial killer.

04; 双剣の姫君 / Souken no himegimi (Princesses of twin swords)

Comment by tegamin :
双剣 (souken) should be a pair of blades

Comment by Meriole :
A love story between two princesses. I don’t have really many thing to say : it’s a 100% yuri story with all metaphors of flames of love and blooming flowers. For me, this song is just like a declaration of love of their forbidden love. I think, the two princesses make a bet to know who is the first who will sucumb, but the two lost. In fact, the two princesses prefer live in this sin that to be seperate.

Yura and Miku are incredible in this one. The answer beetween the princesses and the feeling of the despair love, makes so far my favorite song in the CD.


Comment by Meriole :
Really simple to understand, but to make an interpretation it’s something else.

My theory for this song.
I think it’s about a girl with a broken mind. It’s a girl who was living in a doll house (the doll house is an expression uses at a certain time to designate rich family). They are nothing really say in the song but I think the girl was abandonning. After wander in the street, she was attract by the house and want to live again here. At the begin you can hear the girl enter in the portal of the house, but the house is now desert. After, she remembers somes precious moments in the house.

Well, when she sees that she can never return at her ancient life she decide to kill herself with is broken mind.
In fact, “ano shoujo wa dare na no? = Who is this girl” and after “ano shoujo wa watashi de = I am this girl”. The girl all the song always murmurs at herself with the stanza “Coming, Kill me”. Personally I think the correct stanza is Come, Kill me (bad engrish).

Coming kill me, it’s just like the house call the girl to return, before she suicides. I don’t know but with the ambience of the song it’s possibly it’s a curse house.

Sorry my comment is long for this one…

06. エス-黒橡ノ少女- / Es -Kurotsurubami no shoujo-  (Es -Girls of black- ?)

Comment by tegamin :

For 黒橡 (kurotsurubami)… I think is a particular type of black?

Comment by Meriole :

Personnally, I have neither have the lyrics of this one, so I just listen by my ears. It was not my favorite song. But after reading the lyrics it’s maybe the most interesting one in the album. In fact, some stanzas are not sing but subsitude by few words. It’s really good, it’s like all the reference yuri is censure and hide the true meaning of the song. Or, it’s just like they can’t tell theirs true thoughts/feeling between hers. Don’t worry tegamin you make a good work for the note of this one, because I understand the same thing. AKIRA is a marvelous writer !

I think, this song it’s about the suicide of the two princesses. The last word “rakuen = paradise” and “niraya = hell” and other word of “tsumi = sin” are censure.
The next song exit:春眠 / exit : Shunmin (in english, exit : Deep sleep) really comes to confirme my talk. Well, it was an impossible love, even god can’t accept this, so they prefer to suicide hand in hand. Really sad, this one.

07. exit:春眠 / exit : Shunmin (exit : Deep sleep)


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