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14 Juil


Requested by : many peoples (15 peoples and I don’t even remember theirs names)

Title : Hide and Seek [ Story of Dorothy ]
Made by : TabomSoft
Play on android
Genre : Horror, Adventure, Mystery Game

Donwload the game (free and english language) :

Story :
Dorothy, who fell asleep in the closet while playing Hide and Seek, coming out of the closet after waking up, she couldn’t remember why she was there in the first place.
In order to solve this mystery, Dorothy started to explore the house.

Subjective Review :
You know guys before to work in Eclipse Parade I want you to present a game, that I played in my mobile (you can only play in a mobile) that I have finished since six months. To explain, I have play many games by the system RPG Maker and specially horror game. Dorothy it’s the first game that I played by the Android systems and wow ! What a game !
The story, the gameplay, the puzzles and mysteries are great. Concerning the story there are few elements in the game, that you give you what hapened at our dear Dorothy. In fact, there are five floors in the mansion. The first and second floors don’t have any story. But when you arrive at the third and after floor the game is really more and more interesting.

So, like always I post my theories for this game. Please before to read you need to play it ! I really recommended it. By the way, if it’s you first RPG Maker that you play you will be scared. Really scared believe me ! Just to say I have play many horror game before this game, and that’s a long time that I don’t be so scared.

The only thing that I don’t like in this game it’s the particularity that you have five heart. To regenerate a heart you must wait ten min (in real time) and it’s so long really, because you die easily and pratically always in this game. That the only thing that I don’t like.
I must say the puzzles are good (but really difficult) and traps are amazing. You won’t see it coming, and everything is so tricky.

So if you don’t know how to pass a enigma you can use this walktrough :

Now my theories :

For the first and second floor :
Story it’s about Dorothy playing Hide and Sike. When she wokes up, she don’t rememeber what she’s doing. She finds that her mansion is empty. And that she losts her memories. To find that she wants she needs to solve all mysteries in her house. Once she found any clue, a chase event will after her, and she has to survive.

For the third floor :
In the third floor there are the beginning of the story. There are some diary servants which is explicate that many strange things occurs in the mansion. Every servant says that Dorothy it’s a strange girl and she is always alone. She don’t have any friend and speaks few at hers problems. By the way most of servants want to quit the mansion before to be kill by what theirs call the curse of the mansion.

For the fourth floor :
A really interesting floor because Dorothy starting to regain hers losts memories. You will find again new diary, but this time it’s the one of the parents of Dorothy. And the contents it’s really interesting.
From the father and mother diary, apparently Dorothy acting very strange after that she has a first and new friend. She murmurs incomprehensibles things like she what possess by the devil and she’s not scare of the dead of all servants. When she read the diary of her father she rememebers there was a fire in the mansion and that all peoples die inside of it.
The most interesting part it’s the diary of Dorothy in her room. Apparently, she has receveid a present from her friend that is has causing the dead of everyone. And after you read the diary, you will discover a child/a demon. Just to say is look like at a boy but apparently later in a flashback, Dorothy uses the word « her » that means that the demon is a girl but the diary servant refers at the demon at a boy, so many fans don’t know if the child it’s a boy or girl or there are mistake of translating…

Anyways for me the demon is a boy. The demon remember at Dorothy that their playing the game Hide and Seek. After he will dispears.

For the fifth floor :
This one is really interesting. All monsters that want to kill you in the previous floors are all gathering. And Dorothy will appease theirs souls. To explain, I thing the skull, the flower monster, the doll and the rabbit, ect, are surely the soul of maids and other peoples that was living in the mansion and are die by her fault. That’s why she cried when she remember the truth : because everything is her fault. The people die with many sufering, take a look at the memories of Dorohty in the game, and you will understand everything. Vengefuls spirits !

Last diary of Dorothy + Sewer + 3 ending :
The moment where you read the last diary of Dorothy, you will see that she offers a gift at the demon that is a pocket watch. The truth it’s when Dorothy play a game with the devil, if she lost, one people in the mansion must die. And if she wins she receives a present.

But, Dorothy is glutonny (I think the demon is one of the seven demon of deadly sins and can be the representation of glutonny). I think, when Dorothy play with the devil and lost the first time (one person die) she always asks to play again and the demon propose a deal/a contract : if she wins his come back at the life all people that die. But Dorothy never sucess to win just one time. She’s always continue to play again and gain (still lossing) without know when to stop.

When she see that everyone are die, she play her last trump : a last game. If she wins everything must come back and if she loses… So, she play the game Hide and Seek, and hiding in the closet. But the devil find her (so Dorothy lost again) and burns the mansion. Dorothy lost and die in the closet.
With the different ending you will understand at the moment Dorothy burns the pocket watch she is trapped in the illusion created by the demon. The parents and servants that she see at the end is nothing more an illusion. Besides, there the neighbors ending, which explaining there are a fire in the mansion and everyone die. Only remaning the laugh at a little girl. Anf finally you understand from the begininng that you control the ghost of Dorothy and that she is haunting for eternity the mansion trapped in the illusion made by the devil. That explain all the game, I mean, why the mansion and the enigma are so strange.
At the end you will know the name of the demon : Sue (but again that don’t help to know if a boy or a girl ?) and her friend Priscilla that I believe she’s another seven deadly sins demon. And you see Sue with the pocket watch that give Dorothy, because he considers her like a friend with all the game that theirs played together. When Sue say it was funny It’s because she has see the glutonny/stupidity of human.

Conclusion :
Story of Dorothy it’s about a girl who has invoke a demon because, I believe, she has no friend. She makes a contract with the demon. If she wins she receive a gift, and if she lost one person in the mansion must die. I think, when Dorothy lost she is possess by Sue which is forcing her to kill peoples. She always want to play more and more, after all, she is only a child and want to return at life all people that die. When she sees what happened in the mansion, she wants to stop this madness but it was already too late. She lost everything, even her life and her soul !

Since the beginning Sue lie at Dorothy : Dorothy can’t never win the game !

End !

Now time to listen Nightmare Outbreak by Release Hallucination !


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6 réponses à “Hide and Seek [ Story of Dorothy ] theories / TabomSoft

  1. Sam

    30 août 2015 at 9 h 01 min

    I think the demon that is called « her » is not the boy(Sue) but the female demon(Priscilla) so could it be that Dorothy met her as well?


    • Meriole

      30 août 2015 at 9 h 43 min

      Thanks for your comment, it makes me very happy ! I must say I hav never think at this possibility.
      To explain Tambsoft is a Korean people (but I don’t know anything at Korean). And he translates after his game in english version. In fact, we don’t know if he makes an error of translation or he really want to say « she » (but you’re agreed that strange when dorothy say « she »). The first time that I play, and like almost many peoples, I don’t have the end with Priscilla so I really believe that Dorothy was speaking at Sue.

      But, I must think I have never think at the possibility that Dorothy has encounter Priscilla. I must say everything is stange about this character, particularly because she appears at the end and the story never speak praticaly at her. So, yeah it’s possible that Dorothy has encounter Sue and Priscilla, but that would be mean, that maybe Dorothy, playing at the same time with two demons. Ohohohho !

      Thanks you so much for you’re comment !


    • Dorothy Hide and Seek

      23 novembre 2015 at 17 h 18 min

      Yes! I think that too! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Sue is a boy! 🙂


  2. cunningkitsune

    23 novembre 2015 at 15 h 57 min

    I think it was an error, considering how many errors are in the game itself XD. But hey, who knows.


    • Meriole

      24 novembre 2015 at 8 h 52 min

      This article was written before, the released of Deep Sea Girl and Hide and Seek 2. After played these two games and when I see all these errors of translations in these games, not doubt it was an error in Hide and Seek. So, yes Sue is a boy.


      • cunningkitsune

        28 novembre 2015 at 1 h 19 min

        Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize.



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