My DOLL HOUSE – english translation / 蒼炎の姫君 (Souen no himegimi)

28 Juil

Hello, I decide to translate this song because I love it and is not very complicated. Take a look of my comment in this page if you want to know what is about. sadly is not Yura who is singing.

Like you know I’m not good to translate but if there are simple songs like this one, I will translate them. And because english is not my natal language, say me if you see ortography errors or if you have a better formulation for stanzas. I will be verry happy !

Thanks for all you support guys !

This is gift I give you before I go in holidays !

[EDIT 13/10/2015] Special thanks to Lidell to have fixed the song, with ortography errors and the formulation of phrases. Like this, the song is more specific and there will be no more update.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Composition: Irori
Lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito)
Vocals: 海紅 (Miku)

– – – – – – – – – – –

Coming, Kill me 誰か呼んでる気がしたの
Coming, Kill me 忘れさられたMy DOLL HOUSE
Coming, Kill me 切なく悲しいノイズに
Coming, Kill me 心踊るのは何故なの?
Coming, Kill me dareka yonderu ki ga shita no
Coming, Kill me wasure sarareta My DOLL HOUSE
Coming, Kill me setsunaku kanashii noizu ni
Coming, Kill me kokoro odoru no wa naze na no?
Coming, Kill me… It seems someone is calling me.
Coming, Kill me… I’ve forgotten My DOLL HOUSE.
Coming, Kill me… These painful, saddening noises.
Coming, Kill me… Why my heart is dancing ?

ah… 落ちてゆく
ah… ochite yuku
Ah… I’m falling…

あの少女は誰なの? 戻れない この身が朽ちても
声も出せず 震えて何もかも忘れて あぁ
ano shoujo wa dare na no? modorenai kono mi ga kuchite mo
koe mo dasezu furuete nanimokamo wasurete aa
Who is this girl ? This corrupted body of mine can’t go back.
I’ve forgotten everything, I can barely speak as I tremble… Ah !

Coming, Kill me 何処か泣いてる声がする
Coming, Kill me 私ヒトリのMy DOLL HOUSE
Coming, Kill me “帰りたい”叫んでみても
Coming, Kill me こんな身体じゃ叫べない
Coming, Kill me dokoka naiteru koe ga suru
Coming, Kill me watashi hitori no My DOLL HOUSE
Coming, Kill me “kaeritai” sakende mite mo
Coming, Kill me konna karada ja sakebenai
Coming, Kill me… From somewhere I hear a crying voice.
Coming, Kill me… I am alone in My DOLL HOUSE.
Coming, Kill me… Even if I shout : ”I want to go home”.
Coming, Kill me… This corpse cannot stand.

ah… 独りきり
ah… hitorikiri
Ah… All alone…

あの少女はワタシで 捨てられたことすら知らずに
迷い込んだ世界で 終わらない悪夢見てあぁ
ano shoujo wa watashi de suterareta koto sura shirazu ni
mayoikonda sekai de owaranai yume mite aa
The truth is I never know that I was left all alone.
I wander through this world, inside of a nightmare that never ends… Ah !

ah 壊れてく
ah kowareteku
Ah… It’s broken !

あの少女は誰なの? その手には汚れた私が
笑い声に怯えて 今すぐにお願い “Kill me”
ano shoujo wa dare na no? sono te ni wa yogoreta watashi ga
waraigoe ni obiete ima sugu ni onegai “Kill me”
Who is this girl ? My hands become dirty.
I beg you now, through a frightened laughter : ”Kill me !”


Broken girl. ”Who is this girl ?”

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