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26 Août

Nothing really special to say in this one.

Note :

Impossible to understand and concur the first stanza, because there are a backvoice but it don’t figure in the booklet and I don’t understand what say Yura. So for me it lack two stanzas in the first paragraph, that complete the first stanza. Sorry but I’m sure it lack a little part of the paragraph…

To see, what it’s about this song click : here

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Title: Bloody Duchess
Composition: 胡桃坂 庵 (Kurumizaka Iwori)
Lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito)
Vocal: 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki)

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罪を数えながら 貴方を思い出す
tsumi wo kazoe nagara anata wo omoidasu
While, you remember the number of my sins,

もしも赦されるのなら血塗れた この手で
断罪のレガリア 歴史の裏 躍るの
今宵の冷たい月 隠す夜に口吻を
moshimo yurusareru no nara chinureta kono te de
danzai no regaria rekishi no ura odoru no
koyoi no tsumetai tsuki kakusu yo ni kuchizuke wo
If these bloody hands are allowed,
Then, it’s the proof of the dance of the regalia story.
This evening, the shaking night conceals the cold moon.

こう呼ぶの“Bloody Duchess”
狂おしい程 求めてしまう
moeru you ni setsunaku amai yume wo mita mama nemuri ni
watashi no koto wo dareshimo ga osore
kou yobu no “Bloody Duchess”
kuruoshii hodo motomete shimau
anata wo omoidasu tanbi
A burning painful sweet dream seems to sleep,
But in fact, everyone has scare of me
And call me “Bloody Duchess”.
I want to finish this madness
Every time, I recall you.

血塗れた夢に 何時か溺れて
息苦しさを覚えたら きっと救われる
chinureta yume ni itsuka oborete
ikigurushisa wo oboetara kitto sukuwareru
One day, I have been drowned in this bloody dream,
Keeping surely, this oppressive recollection.

愛されたくて ただそれだけで歪んでしまう想いは
aisaretakute tada sore dake de yugande shimau omoi wa
kuroi yozora ni idakarete namida
chiri yuku no
kegasareteku kako no eikou
yokubou no mama kuchihate
yami yori ideshi zetsubou ni yadoru
anata e no ai wo
I love you, but sadly my warped toughts want to end up.
The black night sky embraces my tears
My glory past is contaminated
By this corrupted desire.
Residing in the despair, the darkness appear.
This is my love for you.

ah…求める程に 重ねてしまう罪
ah… motomeru hodo ni kasanete shimau tsumi
Ah… I want to occur again this sin

rekishi wa kurikaesu no
To repeat my story.

赦されるなら “Bloody Duchess” 夢に溺れて
yurusareru nara “Bloody Duchess” yume ni oborete
I’m sinking in the dream of “Bloody Duchess” that can’t be forgiven.


I’m sinking in the dream of “Bloody Duchess” that can’t be forgiven.

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