白はこの魔法使い (Wizard of White Box) / By sinononn

27 Août

Oh ! An another game ! I’m really surprise when I see the most popular article in my blog is my thoeries of Dorothy. But I can understand it’s a good game.


Title : 白はこの魔法使い (Wizard of White Box)
Made by : sinononn
Playable on PC
Genre : Little Horror, Adventure, Mystery Game
Time : 2-3 hours maximum

You must install the system RPG Maker (free) to run the game, if you don’t have it :

Donwload the game (free) :

Story :
It’s about a strange wizard and a little girl name Maria, who are living peacefully, in the forest. One day, Maria will go in the forest, to pick flower. And stranges monsters will appear in front of her, to remember who she was in reality.

Subjective Review :
I take this game during the holidays, and it was really lovely. I really recommend it.

The story, gameplay and puzzles in the game are really simple, that’s why I really love this game. Concerning the story everything is explain in the game, so not theories this time. If you have play the game Dorothy, this one is really, really less scary. But like always if it’s your first RPG maker horror game that you play, you will be scare.

Don’t have too many thing to say. Just play the begin of the game and I’m sure you will love it. I let you discover this. I love this game that all ! By the way my favorite character is Maria.

The enigma are really easy in this game, contrarly at Dorothy. But to have the true end, you need to have all the memories fragments of Maria.

You can use this walktrough to find them :

Good game ! I will continue to post some RPG Maker Games in the future but not the most popular that everyone play, like Ib, Witch House, Mad Father, Alice Mare, ect…


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