Deep Sea Girl [Horror Adventure] / By TabomSoft [Full Walkthrough + theories]

02 Sep


Title : Deep Sea Girl [Horror Adventure]
Makes by : TabomSoft
Playable on Android (portable)
Genre : RPG Game, Adventure, Mystery, Very Horror game, Mental Disease
Time : 5 hours maximum (depend of the time you take to solve the enigmas)
Released the 17/08/2015

Donwload the game (2.02 euros) :

Deep Sea Girl is from the same company which has released Hide and Seek : Story of Dorothy.

Story :
Ari, who came to the aquarium with her mother, becomes a stranded child after losing her mother. Wandering around looking for her mother, Ari faces the unexpected truth. And in that place…

Subjective Review :

I love so much this game. After play it, it is now in my top ten favorites games ever of RPG Maker games. I really love all the improvements that makes the TabomSoft in the gameplay. Personally, the game costs just 2.02 euros and it was amazing. I really recommended it ! To begin, you have now an infinite live contrarly at Dorothy (five hearts), so you can enjoy really so much the game, and die many times.

And the game is just so scary. That’s a very long time that that I don’t play a horror game with all the jumpsacres that I have. And the parts when you have purchase by the monster it’s so great.

However, I think the story is less interesting than Dorothy. Specially, if you have the good end, which explains pratically all the story. So my theories is more an explication this time, than theories. The other thing that I don’t like in the game it’s this badass translation. The translation is not horrible (contrarly at Hide and Seek 2), but badass with many mistakes. And that’s the problem because some times you have problem to understand the enigma and you can be block because of this…

Enigmas is really difficult… And that’s strange because the game is more difficult at the begin than the end. All the enigma with passwords are just ridiculous horrible to resolve. It makes me so much time to resolve some of them. But don’t worry I have the full walktrought by Apple of Destruction !

Conclusion the game is better than Dorothy for the gameplay and horror, but less interesting than Dorothy in the story side. Personnally I prefer this game than Dorothy, just because you can die endlessly (for me the five hearts in Dorothy was killing too much the game) !

Anyways, I think this game is amazing with all the gameplay, the puzzles and mysteries. Concerning the story there are many elements in the game, that give you what hapened at our dear Ari. If you have read all the hints messages that you can find everywhere in the game.

[EDIT 19/09/2015] Thanks for Apple of Destruction for the full walkthrough (he made the videos) !

[EDIT 02/09/2015] First floor (central square) is finish. Fell free to ask in a comment, if you’re block and want help.

  • When you have the cookie and the toy = make the two objects in the table of the « child room »
  • When you have the mop stick = turn off the fire alarm
  • When you have chase by the giant fish = go in the men toilet, and enter in the toilet with the bloody hands. Wait until the monster dissapears.
  • Cafeteria Pass = 305
  • When the bloody feet are chasing you = go to the souvenir shop and hide in the counter.

[EDIT 03/09/2015] First basement (aquarium) is over. I have a bad feeling about the relation between Ari and her parents. 

  • Computer code = 058
  • USB code = 122
  •  The three skulls of skeletons = to left at right. Turn the head in East, Sud and West.
  • When you have the tape = go in the laboratory and in this order use the red, blue and orange cleaner. Return in the recording room to use after the clean tape.
  • When the shark is chasing you = use the hammer on the crate, on the one you found the blood stained tape, to acquire the basement 2 key for the caged door. Be carfeul this chase is really difficult. I have a trick to help you. You can return in the first basement to save after the cinematic, and when you have the key, if it can help you. Bon courage !

When you have finish the second basement, be careful the shark continue to haunt the second basement !

[EDIT 03/09/2015] Second basement (jungle) is over. Ari is in reality ***. Probably her father ***.

No difficulties in this third basement. You just need to die many time to pass some tests. But contrarly at Dorothy, you can die at infinity. But don’t hesitate if there are some think that you don’t sucess to pass.

[EDIT 04/09/2015] Third basement (antarctic) is over. A murder case.

  • When you are in the room where the doll leaves you 10 seconds to escape = first take a knife and take the fish on the desk . Then put the knife in the iron thing next to button (you must put it after you take the fish) and go out quickly (thanks to Apple of destruction I use my first cheat). To explainI have already put the knife (and save) before to take the fish… That mean that I was blocking and I need to restart again the game… Luckily, I have conserve a save from the second basement, so I don’t need to restart everything.
  • For the 5 buttons = you must activate the 5 buttons in a order. When you have push the correct button the message « you can heard the fans » is write (something like that). If the message the button has replaced has is initial place that means you wrong, in the order of the buttons, and you must restart the good order. I don’t remember the order but try the idfferent combination, normally nothing is difficult.

[EDIT 04/09/2015] Fourth basement (water) is over. I think Ari is a victim of a murder case. And she ****.

  • First room = if you move too rapidely the monster will kill you with his eyes.
  • To have the complete key = the head is in the hole of the ship, and the over part is under the tentacle of an octopus (to dodge the tentacle wait it moves)
  •  Code for the button = 278
  • Gather the different part of the doll = do your best, and die many times to escape from the different creatures. It’s not difficult normally. When you have all the part of the doll (five part), go in the table (where is the monster who kill you with his eyes, if you move too rapidely), and put all the doll part in the table. When the doll give you the knife, return to kill all portraits that you see previously.

[EDIT 04/09/2015] Fifth basement (corridor of seabed). What is the truth in reality ? Who knows ?

Any difficulties in this basement. Do your best, this time the enigmas are logics.

[EDIT 05/09/2015] Fifth basement (Deep Sea). The truth and the apparition of a new character or rather someone who we knows already !?

The end ! I let you discover the truth. Yes, I have finished the game ! Enjoy ?

[EDIT 05/09/2015] Other endings ? Without to see all endings impossible to write my theories, specially if the endings are really spoiling like Dorothy.

Bad end = let you caught by the giant lezard during the last chase

Good end = When your return at the fourth basement, the game let you five second to escape and the hint « to knock at the door » (something like that), with the door with the bloody hand. Do what it say and knock many times during the five second time before the lezard caught you. A new ending and other truth will come to you !

Now the theories (please play the game before to read this section !) :

Before that I explain. you must know that the game is concentrated on a little girl : Ari. When you have the good end, you understand that Ari is nothing more a girl with a « mental disease ». The disease it’s about a « syndrome » that make her always repeat for eternity her nightmare (the game)/culpability to lost her mother.

But why she is in this state ? All the hints explains of  what suffer Ari everyday in her life…

Intro + first floor (central square) :

At the begin you can see that it’s Ari birthday. Her mother proposes to take her at the aquarium. But her father is not here to make a moment between family, that makes Ari sad. After the end of intro, Ari is trapped inside the aquarium wich a strange transition. Ari has lost her mother and she wants to find her. The truth of this beginning is that Ari has three personality :

  • The first one is Ari herself. And like you can see, she looks like complety died mentally with her empty eyes.
  • The second personality is her died mother. The fact that Ari never speak in the game it’s because she uses her second personality who is her mother, that always says/speak everything instead of her.
  • The last personality is Ai but I would explain later.

If you have see the end of the game, the mother doesn’t exist in reality, only in the head of Ari. The mother is died when she gaves birth at Ari. Because of this Ari, feel culprit and she has created her « own ideal mother ». Because her father was never here, for her. The father is always busy by his work, letting often Ari alone at home, in her own thoughs. Her heart is frozen… So, in reality Ari goes alone in the aquarium, and during the visit of the aquarium « her syndrome » has appeared suddenly. When she is trapped in the aquarium, that’s the begin of her nightmare. The only way to wake up is to escape at all her monsters in her dreams.

The other thing with the good end, it’s that the father let often her daughter with her cousins and aunt. It seems that the aunt and cousins are good guys and take care correctly of Ari from the point of view of the father. But that not the case. Ari has endured many tortures, by the cousins.

In the first corridor, the most intersting room is the one with the toys. You can understand that often the cousins or other chilren of her age, don’t like to play with her. They call her a nasty child. Let alone, the heart of Ari is became freeze with the time.

First basement (corridor) :

The most intersting part is the library. There are many elements in the library which explains many aquatic animals. I think the animals is nothing more in the reality a comparison at the true humans in the real world. In fact, the monster in the nightmare is nothing else that true persons deformed by the mental disease of Ari. If take exemple, the favoite animals of Ari is the penguin. Penguins are popular to represent a united family. The shark is maybe someone in true life which tortures her. The octopus maybe someone who has pity of Ari and help her because of this. Others animals is said in the librairy and encounter in the game, but I think that what you must understand what is all these monsters.

And yes I don’t forget the videos of the tape. It’s one of the most strange thing of the game, but also the most spoiling. To explains the videos, it’s about Ari, her father and her aunt. You can see Ari with a scary face in the video who celebrates her birthday (an old birthday because she looks more young). And after someone is stabbed with a knife. The truth is : at the end the aunt says that she can’t forgive Ari of what she does at her children (cousins). Ari during a birthday has stabbed one of her cousin, and probably this one was pratically died. He’s not died but very injured. And also if you take more attention of the videos, the girl is Ai, the third personality of Ari. I think Ai is the representation of the sin of Ari. Ai is always express when Ari makes bad thing in her life. Ai in koren means « child ». And Ai is the source of madness of Ari when she was a children. Tha’s why Ai looks so much at Ari and also she is less taller than Ari.

Second basement (jungle) :

The less interesting basement to explain from the game. The jungle is maybe the representation of a strange and dangerous place. But jungle can also be the representation of a vulnerability, lacks of confidence when you dream of it. The only interesting think it’s about the snake. Apparently the reason why Ari is so scared of snakes, it’s because one the the cousins has scared her with true snake… Probably the cousins has thrown a true snake in the face of Ari (from what it says in the hints). I think the poison and everything in the jungle can represent the domage life in the everyday life of Ari.

Third basement (antarctic) :

One of the most interesting basement. This basement represent the frozen heart of Ari. All the hints come to confirm that Ari was always alone, that the cousins and aunt abuses of her. She needs to survive alone without the help of anyone. And this basement comes also to confirm the creation of the ideal mother in the tought of Ari. To escape at this pain she always refer at her mother. In fact she has sank in her own delusions. I don’t write too much in this basement, because I have already explains previously.

Fourth basement (water) :

The only intersting part is the one with all the rooms with portraits and the bloody room. In my opinions, these rooms are here to explain the « stab accident », that we say in the tape in the first basement. The portraits represent all the people that hate Ari and that she wants they died in order to stop her own pain. Most of the portraits it’s apparently familiar visage for Ari. Sadly, execpt the one of the father, I don’t know who are the others. Probably one of the aunt… She hates all these persones because she nevers helps her (even the father). Anyways Ari will stab all the portrait with a knife in the game, that means she really stabbed someone in real life. The bloody room with the clinic sound, makes me think that someone was in the border of death, and also that the mind of Ari is dying. And also at the end Ari is wake up in a clinic, that refers at the mental disease. 

Fifth basement (corridor of seabed) :

The room with all the dead people. Apparently it was the people who are reproaching at Ari to be the culprit of the death of her mother, but also of the « stab accident ». I remember the discuss with one of the dead people : « Ari it’s all your fault. You killed her. » And Ari answers : « No mum, it’s not me. » One of the most interesting thing in the game. I think when Ari says it’s not me, she refers at Ai, something like that, or she is accused of something that she doesn’t do. This is for me the most strange passage. I don’t think Ari has killed someone, if that the case, why she would live in her cousins in the case to be in a observation clinic to heal her. I think the TabomSoft let the doubt.

The scene with the discussion of the mom of Ari and the father. The truth is the mother is in reality Ari. That’s why she says : « Today it’s my birthday ». But the father completely forgot and broke his promise because of the work. It’s probably after this scene that Ari goes alone at the aquarium.

Fifth basement (Deep Sea) + the two endings :

The encounter with Ai. It’s the most spoiling scene of the game. Ai is the most enigmatic character of the game. The room is the Deep Sea (the name of the game). And if you take a look at the room there are the infinite circle, that means that Ari is trapped for eternity in her disease. In fact, she can never be cured. Why Ai is here ? It’s simple. Like I say, I think Ai is the representation of the sin of Ari when she was children (the stab accident and probably others things don’t say in the game). To forget her sin, Ari has sealed Ai in her Deep Sea room. Ai says clearly that the mother is died. And that Ari and Ai are the same person. Ai has also an another goal for Ari. I think she tries to remember the truth of what she does in her life. That’s why she wants to return in Ari, to stop her pain… But Ari doesn’t have the same goal. She never wants that Ai return in her. In fact she will never acept the truth/true sin. She will continues for eternity to be in her illsuions.

Because of this Ai, takes the form of a snake and try to eat her. If you have the bad end, Ari continues to be trap in her nightmare, because she can’t accept the reality.

If you have the good end. Ari comes back from the aqarium and act like her mother was there. The father tries to reason her and Ari falls in her « mental disease ».

When the father speaks with the doctor, this one explains that’s because when Ari was birth that the mother is died. And also because of this, she has probably a mental disease. Of course, in the game you see also that it’s because at the whispers of peope who say that everything was the fault of Ari if the mother is died. The father says also because his to busy at work, he gives often his child at his sister (the aunt) and cousins. From the point of view of the father, it’s seems a kind family, but the game shows the opposite. That means the father doesn’t know anything of what pain is suffering his daughter.

At the scene when Ari see her mother : she continues to be trapped in her delusions that why at the end she says : « Yes, I’m happy with my mom now ». Besides again, the father doesn’t even come to take care of her daughter who has just wake up from her syndrome. The aunt is the same as the father : busy, works, and don’t very care of the child. Even the doctor has pity of Ari, and he know that she would never be cure of her disease. 

End ! Sorry maybe I speak a little too much of the mental disease, but it was the most important point to explain !

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