1bitHeart / by △○□× (Miwashiba)

25 Sep


The second game that I propose :

Title : 1bitHeart
Made by : △○□× (Miwashiba)
Playable on PC
Genre : Visual Novel, Detective Game, Subjects of making friends and Hacking 
Time : Between 6-10 hours maximum (depend of the time you make during the « duel dialogue » and during the free time to make friends)

Donwload the game (free) :

Story :
The story is about Nanashi living in a high technology world. Living like in Hikikomori in his apartment, he will found a girl in his bed when he returns one day, in his bedroom. The girl asks him to leave his bedroom and to go outside to make friends. During his time to make friend he will encounter « some accidents » in the town where he living. In company of the strange girl, they will begin their investigation.

Subjective Review :
This game is a Visual Novel (VN) game. For the one who don’t know what is a VN, it’s a novel that you read in a computer. But the difference with a simple book it’s in VN, you are characters design, drawing, musics, effect sound and others things in function of the VN. The VN is only based in reading, so if you don’t like read and are not good with english I don’t recommend this game.

For the others :

Do you know the Game Dangan Ronpa ( ? And more specially the class trial ? This game 1bitHeart really remember me the class trial in the game Dangan Ronpa.

Don’t worry, is not an horror game at all, this game is more based in the hacking subject and its damage if we where living in a super High Technology world. But seriously, during the investigation time when you asking the differents characters of the game, that remember me so Dangan.

To explain when you ask at someone, sometimes you have a « duel discussion ». And with the hints that you gather in the game, you must find the good argument to show that the guy lies sometimes, or says something wrong in the discussion.

I’m very surprised by this game. It has its little sucess at Japan but the english translation is really recent. I really recommended it. Concerning Nanashi I’m really surprised when I see how is very kind and open of the world for an Hikikomori. The design of all characters in this game is really amazing. With all their differents personnalities, their voices, and effects that you can heard sometimes. Miwashiba makes a really good effort that we love his game.

Concerning the musics two choices : you like everything or you hate everything. The songs are really special in the game but personnaly I think it was very good and the OST is a very nice work. I propose to take a look at the Opening of the game that you know directly the style music of the game :

All the story is in the game. The three ends are pretty good. The end depends of the number of the friends you make in the game. Conclusion this game for me is a little jewel !

You can use this walktrough to know their preferences with the different object that you can buy in the game, and of course use the walktrough if you’re blocking (the walktrough is at the end of the page) :

maxresdefault (1)

« The detectives » Nanashi and Misane.

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  1. Lettres de l'Alphabet

    1 novembre 2015 at 0 h 58 min

    Hello, thanks for this interesting this writting. Thanks to you , I am educated me on some things. My vision of things have more agreeable. One can only appreciate getting this kind of information !



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