Hide And Seek 2 [ Stranger ] / By TabomSoft [Mini-walktrough]

25 Sep

The last game that I propose is the english translation of Hide and Seek 2 : Stranger, released the 22/09/2015 playable like always on Android (portable). Be careful : the TabomSoft team really recommended to play Hide and Seek and Deep Sea Girl before to play this game !

Donwload the game (free) :

When I have finish it, I will post my theories. It will help me for the one of Deep Sea Girl.

I decide to write a mini-walkthrough to begin, just like Deep Sea girl, to help people who are sucking at difficults passages.

[EDIT 11/10/2015] You can download the full album on this link (of course the album can be spoil) :!SQkgUJgY!RzFFbY9hTnRPB0HpW-iklC0e5KnT_SK9X64pZGDfD64

[EDIT 10/10/2015] I have finally finish the game with all endings and all pictures album. Sadly I’m dissapointed by the game. The fact you must always pay to advance make me feel like I was swindle. Why the TabomSoft just don’t do like Deep Sea Girl and you must pay the game before to play it. I really don’t understand, I mean after when you play the Gwyn story you’re blocking because you must pay… But how you can know this ??? And any excuse for the translation, it’s impossible for me to understand the game. Believe me I buy this game just for the spoils parts and sadly at the final I don’t understand many things. I really want an update for the translation because there are too many phrases in the game with any sens (so I will not write theories/explications for the moment). Anyways if you have a question like always, I will help you.

[EDIT 17/10/2015] Sadly I can’t make videos… I hope someone will use this walktrough and will do videos after, for people who can’t pay to continue the game…

[EDIT 26/09/2015] First floor over. Gwyn went in the cursed mansion of Dorothy to heal his face. I wonder what happened at him when he was young ? His face looks painful. Oh ! Finally we have a man and not a little girl. That’s cool, no ? 

I don’t have too much difficulties in this first floor. It was very straighfoward, no ? Tell me if you’re blocking or something like that.

I just want to say I buy the book to translate old language and two times the lamp to see better the decor of the game, and the key to open some coffers. It cost me 1.99 dollars. 

To explain I’m dissapointed that the TabomSoft force you to buy bonus. I mean you can finish the game in the dark, but personally it’s not fun at all. The old language book contains all the hints concerning Dorothy and Deep Sea Girl… Seriously I will prefer to buy the game like Deep Sea Girl and have everything that download a free game incomplete. There are other bonus in the game but I must pay again if I want something else. I don’t have the attention to pay everything anyways, only what I need to understand the game and the different end. So I’m dissapointed by this new concept…


[EDIT 26/09/2015] Second floor is over. When he was young, Gwyn was ****** by his father. Gwyn looks like to be an innocent boy in the past.

  • When you have the knife = cut the tableau with the ship.
  • For the chessboard = place the white king two boxes, in front of the black king.
  • When you have the marble = place this one in the disk and turn four time at left, and three time at right.
  • When you are purchased by the monster in the dool room = use the sword to cut the same doll that was blocking you before you look the portrait, and exit the room.
  • To have the full key of guard room = return the marple in the box, and take the black and red stones. Return the two stones at the doll and of the peacock. The last part is close of the door of the dool room.
  • The guard room = the correct answer is the child number two. You must move slowly or you will die.
  • Equip you of the key for the next floor and return at the room with the save point. You must run completely at the right to acess at the new floor.

[EDIT 26/09/2015] Third floor. What ?! The father of Gwyn is really… This bad end is horrible. Poor Gwyn…

  • When you  insert the gold coin = the password is 047
  • When you are bloked in the room with two minutes to escape = begin to search in the shelf at left to have a piece of key. Check after the vase. Check after the wardrobe at right. If I remember it’s three times at right and two times at left. Go after in the mirror and take a look at the bed. Finally, builts the full key and exit rapidely the room.
  • When you must save the father (it makes me 20 minutes to understand) = In first put all triangles in pyramides. You must return at the second floor in the guard room (with the enigma of four childs) and open the coffer at the center to have the chains. Return see the priest, and…
  • To gather all puzzles pieces = one is on the dead priest. Recuperate the three puzzle of the first floor (in the piece with the tea). The final piece is on the peacock of the second floor.

[EDIT 29/09/2015] Finally I have find what to do to continue the game. And sadly I have a bad new… You need to buy some objects in the shop and I will explain what you must buy. To finish the story of Gwyn you must see the four bads ends and the fifth end it’s the true end.  

  • When you have put all the puzzles pieces and you obtain the knife = if you go in the unlock door, you have a bad end (bad end 1).
  • You must buy in the shop the necromancy key (60 dolls) + the ward totem to win time (60 dolls) + translator of ancient language (60 dolls) + to create the secret room bundle key (90 dolls) + to create treasure box bundle of keys (90 dolls) = 360 dolls…Now, when you have the necromancy key, wanders in the map to find safes with a skeleton head. Theirs apparitions are aleatory so I can’t help you after for this. Normally, at a moment you will have all the elements to create the gold key. This key open the door next of the dead priest in the sewer. And oh ! Damned… All this truth in this room… Sadly the translation is horrible so impossible to understand many things about the Demian family… When you have the silver key. You can open red safes. BE CAREFUL ! You can open only one coffers BY PARTY. So; I recommend to save in four differents parties and to follow the rest of instruction…

  • When you have the gun (safe at the first floor) = return at the same room where you have the bad end with the knife. The end is different (bad end 2).
  • When you have the scissors (safe at the first floor) = return at the sewer to take the necklace of the priest. Return again in the same room of the knife and gun. The end changes (bad end 3).
  • When you have the key of the door of truth (safe at the second floor) = go in the sewer and a new door is appeared. And I let you see this beautiful end (bad end 4) where you don’t understand anything because the encodage translation don’t work…
  • When you see all these bads ends = return in the sewer to open a new safe red safe that appears from anywhere… When you have the crytal ball, return at the entrance door at the first floor, and use the object to exit the mansion. The truth.. Yeah… Gwyn is in a reality a **** and he need medicine to control his *****. 

[EDIT 05/10/2015] Sue’s story is over. After finish Gwyn’s story you can play with Sue. Since the begin you don’t control Sue but **. And if you have read the fairy-tale Priscilla is in reality a *****. Anyways a family of demons…

  • The forest is divided in five parts.
  • At the second part = take the lead of purification in the boxs, to pass the third part of the forest.
  • After go in the last part (the one with a point save) and take the pickaxe, close of the pond of blood. You must take also the arm of skeleton in the intoxicated pond in the third part.
  • Return in the first part = Destroy the coffin with the pickaxe
  • Recovers the key and the underwater shoes in the coffin and use the key in to open the coffer (the part with the statue of the goat), and obtain the flower of therapy.
  • Now return in the intoxicated pond (where you obtain the skeleton arm) and use the flower of therapy. Equip the underwater shoes to travers the pond, and take the flower of life.
  • Use the flower of life in the statue of goat, to have the mace.
  • Use the mace in the boxs (the one where you obtain the lead purification). You will obtain the glass bottle.
  • Use the glass bottle in the pond of blood (where you obtain the pickaxe), to full it of blood.
  • Use the blood in the giant tree in the third part of the forest to obtain the fruit of knowledge.
  • Now the most difficult part = to gather the ten pages of books you must search in the in trees hiding the little passage/path in the forest. Click everywhere with the button A, to find them. I can’t help for this but normally there are at the first part one page, at the second part three pages, at the third part three pages, at the fourth part three pages and zero page at the last part. Do your best, this time a video would be better to explain theirs positions.This passage is really difficult, I was sucking…

  • When you you have the ten pages, you must give the apple of knowledge at the skeleton, at the first part. Check after the tomb and you need to buy the translator for devil language (90 doll) + to make the book (30 pages) = 120 doll… After to pay (again !), you can read the tale of the book. AND WHY THE ENCODING TRANSLATION IS JUST HORRIBLE (again !). So, to explain why I was sucking for pratically seven days it’s because you need in first to gather the pages and give after the apple. If you are already give the apple, before to have the ten pages, you are dead and you can retry all the story of Sue. WHAT YOU’RE SERIOUS TABOMSOFT TEAM ?

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Priscilla’s story is over. First floor is over.

  • Take the seed (in the vase) and the rusty sword (in the barrel) in the room where you obtain the pistol at the Gwyn story’s.
  • Use the rusty sword in the statue and the seed in the plant. Let the plant eat the arm of the statue that you receive.
  • Take the body of the doll in the room with the tea. Combine the head and the corpse. Use also the arm of the statue in the barrel to have the soul stone.
  • The door at the left at entrance of the mansion is open. Go in it and put the doll on the center of the table (between the others two dolls). Take after the key in the fallen picture and open the door at the left. Take a look at the giant picture to obtain a key.
  • When the doll play with you = open the door at next of the save. After, go in the bathroom, to have a ripped page book.
  • Go after in the library and use the page on the open book at the center of the room (spoil room after your read all the books).
  • Use the key to recover the rose in the precedent room, and wash the rose in the fountain.
  • Return at the library and when the doll try to catch you, use the door that give you acess at the second floor of the mansion.

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Second Floor is over.

  • Go in the room close of the tableau with the boat. After Theophilus try to catch up, go in the doll room and hide you in  the portrait of the black rat. Before to leave the room take the gloves of the doll (the one which give you the black stone).
  • Take the bucket in the room with the chessboard. Take also the pen of the tableau (in the room which was locked at the right of the peacock).
  • Use the gloves in the peacock and after use the bucket to fulfill it of blood. Give the bucket at the tableau of the demon with a straw.
  • Go in the open room and use the pen in the score music and put it in the piano.
  • Go in the open room and take the pocket watch of the tableau and the dagger of the godess of justice.
  • Go after in the room of the bat and use the dagger to cut its eyes. Use the eyes in the tableau at the next of the one which give you the pen.
  • Use the hammer on the statue without head to have the body of the rabbit. Go in the room where you have the score and take a look at the two fallen score cask to have the legs and arms of the doll.
  • Return in the room with the piano and take a look at the rabbit picture. Give the legs, arms, and body.
  • Now, take the door which leads at the third floor.

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Third floor is over.

  • Go in the room at the left to take the drawing of Priscilla.
  • Take a look at the two return bed and the blood bed in the differrent room to have tree keys. Use the three key in the door which the message « you find out the answer » in the good order. Take a look at the miror in the room and after recover the hammer.
  • The first crack is in the room with the piano (second floor), the second in the room with the scores (second floor), the third in the room with the statue (second floor in the black tableau) and the last in the bathroom (first floor). Use the hammer to recover all the pieces of the broken mirror.
  • After to have repair the broken mirror, Priscilla go in the fourth floor.

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Fourth floor is over.

  • Use the mirror in the first statu that you see..
  • In the second room, go in the room at the left and use the rabbit doll on the statue.
  • Go in the room at the right and use the white rose on the statue. After the unlock room put the drawing of Priscilla in the table.
  • Retrun at the room where you have the mirror and take a look at the dead body of Teophilus. Return at the first floor in the room where you have the rose and take a look at the giant tableau to have the scissor. Use the scissor to have the white head of Teophilius.
  • Return at the fourth floor and put the hair in the center of the room with the candles.
  • Go in the last open room to have the ending : « Good bye dear Sue » (bad end).

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Others endings for Priscilla.

  • In the fourth floor, return in the room wher you put the drawin of Priscilla on the table. Take a look at the giant tableau and use the gold keys. Take a look at all the book to have an another spoil room. Don’t forget to take the two books on the ground. Return after in the library and put the two books in the empty bookshelf and go in the new room. You will have acess at the ending : « after 600 year old. »

  • To have the last/true ending = return in the room with the dead body of Teophilius. Open the box with the silver key to have the mirror of devil. Do exactly the same thing to have the ending : « Good bye dear Sue » and you will see that the last room is modificate. I let you discover this last ending. 

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48 réponses à “Hide And Seek 2 [ Stranger ] / By TabomSoft [Mini-walktrough]

  1. DailyVisitor

    2 octobre 2015 at 22 h 53 min

    Thank you so much for the instructions, I wouldn’t finish the game without this! ! ;A;


    • Meriole

      3 octobre 2015 at 15 h 30 min

      I’m glad you like it. I edit this walktrough at the same time that I’m playing the game. All games by TabomSoft are really difficult…


  2. Teki

    5 octobre 2015 at 7 h 35 min

    I can’t open the wardrobe inside the locked room in the third floor (´;д;`) i tried 3r 4l and it didn’t work…。゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。


  3. Shiren

    5 octobre 2015 at 8 h 28 min

    Help, in third floor i was check the wardrobe 3 times at right and 2 times at left but it didnt work ?
    Btw, tkss so much for the walkthrough

    Aimé par 1 personne

    • Meriole

      5 octobre 2015 at 20 h 28 min

      To answer at Teki and Shiren, I don’t remember exactly what to do in this passage. Try 3 times at left. I think it will work…. If it don’t work go to see a video in Youtube because I don’t remember anything else… Sorry…


      • Bang Iseul

        1 novembre 2015 at 3 h 12 min

        It 3 left. I get it after random click XD


  4. Shiren

    6 octobre 2015 at 6 h 06 min

    Can you upload a video walkthrough for us ? For some reasons i cant buy objects so i couldnt unlock other endings , i really hope someone like you will upload a video with full endings so we can understand what happened in the game, tks so much.
    And the wardrobe at thirdfloor, i tried to use four times at left, three times at right, and it worth =))))


    • Meriole

      6 octobre 2015 at 20 h 21 min

      Hello, I will be really happy to make a video for this game. Sadly I don’t know how to make video directly from the portable… Do you know a specific logiciel ? And thanks for your comment.


  5. Shiren

    7 octobre 2015 at 2 h 23 min

    I havent used any concrete software to make a video yet, but i recommend you « Debut video capture software » . You can always find it on google or search for capture video software


  6. Hay

    10 octobre 2015 at 2 h 35 min

    I am on Priscilla’s story on the second floor
    And when I cut out the bat’s eye, the game stops.
    Does this happen to you as well?
    It is just screaming bat sounds and I cannot move.


    • Meriole

      10 octobre 2015 at 9 h 35 min

      Hello ! Thanks for you’re comment. Actually I have finish the part with Priscilla. I try to make the update tomorrow (I try to search the last bad end and good end and I will have evertyhing). When I cut the bat eye’s, I just exit the room and continue the game. No problem from my side. I think, it’s a problem from your game. But I don’t know why… I don’t have this problem… Euh, sorry I can’t help for this.


  7. Sua Tristezza

    10 octobre 2015 at 20 h 56 min

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for your walkthrough it really helped me (especially to unlock the endings)
    it seems like your theory of the devils of the seven sins proved to be true (happy about it since i liked it 😀 ) How was your face after the « after 600 years old » ending where you discover the truth about Dorothy and Sue relationship??? My mouth was completely open and I almost screamed XD. Too bad that the translation was awful..
    Are you going to post your theories of this game?

    Thank you again for your help. Have a good day 😀


    • Meriole

      11 octobre 2015 at 10 h 03 min

      Thanks for your comment.
      SPOILER !
      Yeah ! It seems that my thoery of the seven sins was true. And like you see dorothy was not afraid of Sue (who exit from a clock the first time she encounters him). That means that she knows that she playing with someone with strange power. And apparently Dorothy was a sacrifice for Sue that he can obtain the strengh from Priscilla of that I understand. I really want to make a theories for this game but impossible for the moment there are too many things that I don’t understand in the game because the translation is too awful and I think it’s the same for the others people who play the game.


  8. Cassandra

    10 octobre 2015 at 22 h 13 min

    Hello! Can you tell me what am I supposed to do with the Joker? :3


    • Meriole

      11 octobre 2015 at 10 h 10 min

      The card joker must be placed at the top of the pyramid card in the room at the left at the entrance of the third floor.


  9. Shiro

    15 octobre 2015 at 11 h 50 min

    Hello someone can indicate where are the pages of the book? I can not find the latest … T_T


  10. awdadsd

    15 octobre 2015 at 14 h 49 min

    Hello can u please give me that link of this game in english version except in googleplay..
    can u ? 🙂


    • Meriole

      15 octobre 2015 at 18 h 35 min

      Sorry the only way to have the game is to download it in the google play. I can’t help you ! Sorry.


  11. 0142567858

    18 octobre 2015 at 12 h 45 min

    Hello…I just finished bad end 1…is there any way to continue the story without buy the doll or not pay for anything??If I have to buy anything,I want to uninstall it..although the game is very interesting…


    • Meriole

      18 octobre 2015 at 13 h 10 min

      The only way to continue the game is to buy the doll. And believe me, you must buy many of them. I hope someone can make a walktrough videos one day, because I can’t. And the game is interesting but impossible to understand many things because of this bad translation. Sorry !


  12. Shiren

    19 octobre 2015 at 21 h 07 min

    Hello, because i was not able to buy the doll, so i decided to get it through « free charging » ( you know what, some conditions are just too imposible for us to do, it suck) and i ended up downloading apps from chplay to earn doll, everyday you can download for about 5 apps and 1 app is about 10 doll. Its been weeks and i have have 127 dolls, well, it will be a long way for me to continue the game.


    • Meriole

      20 octobre 2015 at 7 h 55 min

      Hello ! Yes I know there are the free charging point, but most of the offer are paying too… There are some offers without buy anything but you only have 10 dolls like you say, and you must have pratically 800 dolls (or more) to finish the game. Contrarly, at you when I take the offer of 10 dolls that never come back everyday. But good luck, I hope it will work for you ! But don’t wait something extroardinary for the rest of the game.


  13. Suigintoh

    25 octobre 2015 at 22 h 53 min

    Hello! Thank you so much for your review!
    Spoiler: can you please tell me more about Sue and Dorothy’s relationship? Actually this is the reason I played the game (especially since last illustration from the necromancy box), but I’m stuck without dolls, and, according to description, I will have to get through all other endings to get there. So can you please write me about their story?


    • Meriole

      29 octobre 2015 at 9 h 07 min

      Hello ! Sorry I can’t write a review because the english translation is too badass.

      There are only one thing about Dorothy in the game. It’s the ending « after 600 year old ». In this ending you can see the first encounter between Sue and Dorothy. The encounter is in the sewer (the room of Sue). Sue goes out from a clock and Dorothy has assisted at the scene. Dorothy is surprise and ask at Sue how it’s possible. Sue answers : « You are not afraid ? ». And Dorothy answers him that it’s funny. After it’s the end of the ending… Think that you want, but for me Dorothy know that she plays with a devil from the beginning. That’s all !


      • Suigintoh

        29 octobre 2015 at 10 h 41 min

        Oh, I get it now, thanks! (And you’re so right about translation, got to the library when playing for Demian, and sadly understood almost nothing about prehistory of family. Something about playing chess, losing, Ai girl either winning or losing, and that is the reason for the family being in disarray now. The plot is rather complicated and interesting, but I didn’t get a thing, sadly. )


  14. Suigintoh

    30 octobre 2015 at 23 h 07 min

    Ok, now I went through the whole game myself, finally having enough dolls to do that.

    My theories (some might be false, taken the terrible translation, but still.): Sue is either Dorothy`s brother or adopted brother. We saw Dorothy`s father, who locked him in the basement, probably after chess game, where he led Demian family to their fall, because princess wants him. Aaaand that leads us to explanation where Pirscilla came from in the first game. After that he is found by Priscilla, with whom he makes a contract. And we see Dorothy`s father and mother forgetting him right after he made a contract with Priscilla. And we saw a portrait with Sue, Dorothy`s mother and father, and also it seems that the woman on the picture is pregnant. And after some time, Dorothy comes to his room, without being afraid by him coming out of the clock. And when he spoke to Priscilla, he mentioned that he sent the soul that he took time playing with to the Judge, who, according to the game, can send the soul either back to the earth, to heaven, to hell, or to purgatory. BTW, purgatory is a place where you are tested, and to see a person himself their memories are taken. Makes you remember the first game, right? Dorothy had no memories in the strange house where she had to get them back and get out of the house. And I think that actually house looks like the one in the second game, and Dorothy had been deluded in some places (cause, for example, there are more then one of her rooms in the first game.)
    OR Sue could be the judge himself, cause his last phrase is « Judge by yourself, then ». Then we can consider that he is the Judge sending souls to their rightful (according to him) place. And we can consider that the phase « I sent her to judge » is actually a bad translation, and he places the judgement on the souls. My opinion is- he actually really liked Dorothy and after she was able to come out of the house she (more precisely, her soul) was sent somewhere (probably, earth for rebirth or heaven). And Sue actually misses her, but he still goes on, for example, trying to understand why Priscilla chose him in the first place. And I suppose he started to irritate her a little (for example, giving her things to Dorothy as presents), after he understood that she was basically the reason for him to lose his whole family. And (my opinion only) it might be that some tests in the house in the first game were real, like cannibal flower or rabbit doll, which were such a bother in the first game.
    There are some questions still unclear, though (prob cause of translation). I wonder, why is it that there are so many materials about Demian and Priscilla in the house. Was it that this house originally belonged to Priscilla`s father? Or to Demian family? Who was actually good at chess and brought shame on Demian family? Sue or Ai? Or both? Did they have to die before becoming demons, cause Ai`s body is still in the basement? Whose graves are in the garden? Sue`s parents? Priscilla`s parents? (Not likely, cause she said that she would cover Sue in front of mother, and that basically means that she is still alive. Though, if person has to die to become an extraordinary one, it is a whole different story. And Ari spoke to her mother as well…) Actually, the next question comes from the first game, even. Neighbours said that Dorohy`s body was clean and unscathed. Did they mean simply « not damaged by fire » or « not damaged by any decay »? Can it be that Sue actually tested her, trying to bring her back to life (cause as a Judge, he could send her back « to ground », which, I thnk, basically means back to earth, which means resurrection or rebirth, who knows.) And girl`s laugh they heared could be either Ai`s or the little Doll`s who hates greedy people (btw, Sue said to Dorothy not to be sorry if her actions were because of greed, why is that? Family thing, like he wanted the joy, or he was talking about Demian, for example, who couldn`t choose?) And who did they lose for Demian to come in his place? Demian`s father? Sue`s father? Why were Sue`s parents (or edoptive parents) so unhappy about his child being wanted by the princess? Could it be that they knew that he would have to sacrifice something dear to him?
    Well, for now that`s it)


    • Meriole

      3 novembre 2015 at 13 h 41 min

      Thanks you so much for this ! I really appreciate all your efforts to make this. To be clear, the game don’t say all the truth. I mean one the big thing that doesn’t explain the game, it’s the relation between Ai and Ari in Deep Sea Girl. Ai has apparently the power to take the form of someone else. The Demian family is not clear. The only thing that I know is Gwyn die in the game but Priscilla give her blood (power to ressurect them) if you take a look in the picture album. After too bad than the translation is not good. Sadly, I don’t thnik I will play the next game of TabomSoft. Too many things dissapointed in the game, and the price it’s too expensive for the game that they propose…


  15. Bang Iseul

    1 novembre 2015 at 3 h 19 min

    I almost went to bad end 1 but.. i can’t find where to solve the puzzle. And i can’t find any knive XD


  16. madheroxl

    5 novembre 2015 at 15 h 11 min

    I don’t know how this happened to me
    But I opened a treasure box by accident at the beginning of pricilla story now I have to restart it all over again


  17. sellasella

    4 décembre 2015 at 16 h 00 min

    do u play the excorsist by tabomsoft too ??


    • Meriole

      4 décembre 2015 at 22 h 27 min

      I take a look at this new game and I’m not interesting at all. Anyways; you must surely pay again to finish it. I don’t like the new girl character. Sorry. But I have other interesting game to play than this one.


  18. Ari

    12 décembre 2015 at 2 h 57 min

    I played the game up until Gwyn’s endings, but my phone was broken and I lost my progress as a result. I am very curious – Who is Priscilla, exactly? What is she? (ghost, demon, etc.) What relationship does she have to Sue?

    I do not mind spoilers. I would just like some explanation if you could be so kind – I am very interested in these characters and all the English gameplay videos end at Gwyn’s endings. ; – ; Thank you for your trouble!


    • Meriole

      12 décembre 2015 at 19 h 36 min

      Thanks for your comments. You can take a look at others comments, someone try to make an explication. Sadly for you the translation is horrible and I pratically don’t understand anything at the whole game. But to answer at your question apparently Priscilla is a princess demon. She is cursed and need to gather the seven demon of purgatory to be deliver (I think, Sue and Ai are one of the seven of purgatory). Priscilla has the possibility to make someone immortal with her blood. She makes in the past a pact with Sue that he can become immortal. In fact, when Priscilla gives her blood at Gwyn at the end, she gives her the power to ressurect. After the rest is unclear, and I don’t really understand who is Sue in reality. Sorry… Concerning the videos in Youtube, Idon’t really know why but most of people are the laziness to pay the rest of the game. I don’t really know why though…


  19. Karishma

    25 décembre 2015 at 6 h 36 min

    There’s am alternative ending to save the priest. Priscilla said that if you don’t pick up the chain, there’s another way to save him. Basically, you need to find all of the letters of « greed » and it will help you. I couldn’t find G (so hard!) but R is in the peacock’s neck, R, E, D are in the wall near the storage room. If you guys can find G, please let me know!


    • Meriole

      25 décembre 2015 at 15 h 46 min

      To gather all puzzles pieces = one is on the dead priest. Recuperate the three puzzle of the first floor (in the piece with the tea). The final piece is on the peacock of the second floor.


  20. Mangococktail

    28 mars 2016 at 18 h 19 min

    After I put in the N piece of mirror, I left the room, and came back and couldn’t put the other pieces in.
    I checked where I got the N piece, and it didn’t return….
    There are even spikes outside of playing area…
    The highest quality lamp still doesn’t illuminate whole field… Like they said it would… There’s a hidey hole in the first floor hallway… Has anyone else discovered it? It’s in the wall near the bathroom entrance. Message from tabomsoft is there.


    • Meriole

      28 mars 2016 at 19 h 27 min

      Yes, I know there are bugs everywhere. I see many others players who say the same thing. For me this game is clearly a scam, that’s why I create this post to warm people. The tabomsoft just used their sucess of Hide and Seek and create this game to earn money. I have already all the secret pictures in the game, so I don’t think this hole has a particularity matter. Besides, the english from this game is incomprehensible, so I don’t see the interest to discover the « hidden message » of Tabomsoft if there exist one.


  21. CristelMay Mabeza

    26 avril 2016 at 2 h 04 min

    i have 900 dolls and i already bought all the items except to Necromancy box bundle of key, i can buy it but it always said Possessing then when i look at my inventory there’s no key. What should i do? I can,t go to the library 😦


    • Meriole

      26 avril 2016 at 8 h 03 min

      I’m so sorry. There are many bugs in the game itself. You’re not the only one who have a problem with the shop. So, I think your are just again someone who is victim of a bug, and sadly I can’t do anything about this. Many people already complain about this problem, but the team don’t solve these problems. That’s why I’m a little angry against this game.


  22. JessicaAire

    27 avril 2016 at 2 h 59 min

    In the 3rd floor with demian, what is « you must save the father » cuz i am stucked on that xD


    • Meriole

      29 avril 2016 at 12 h 11 min

      Sorry, I don’t really understand where you are blocking… This game has been released from a moment now, and I invite you to take a look to a walktrought on Youtube or an other site. Sorry, for the incovenience.


  23. egozi44

    30 mai 2016 at 8 h 03 min

    Any chance you can upload your save files? That way we can see all ending and may have all the items


    • Meriole

      30 mai 2016 at 8 h 10 min

      Hello, I have already answer to this question and that’s no ! The game is legal/commercial. I don’t have the right to do this. I remember some people do what you ask, but the Tabomsoft team delete all the pirated link. My opinion will not change if you wan the full game, buy it. Even if like I say, the game is not terrible because the translation is incomprehensible. So please, nobody ask anymore this question, specially because there are some people who have already asked.


  24. jamdile

    13 juillet 2016 at 15 h 12 min

    Why is the code 047, can somebody explain?


    • Meriole

      14 juillet 2016 at 11 h 21 min

      I really don’t understand why people want to know absolutely, why the code is 047. I have the feeling that people are ultra angry to not understand how to resolve this enigma. You’re not the only one to ask me this question, so I explain to you again. That’s been a long time that I don’t play the game, but here some explications, from what I remember.

      In one of the room, there are some white shock/bandage. When you examine them, there are some letter that appear like this « a+m+f » (sorry I don’t remember exactly).

      One letter correspond to the place of alphabetic order. For example the letter a=1, f=6, j=10… After your find the appropriate number make the calcul. For exemple 1+6+10=17. Normaly, you obtain 47. So the password is 047.


  25. 54329876

    20 avril 2017 at 14 h 20 min

    When he’s in the room and have 2 minutes to escape, why you know how many times you have to rotate the spring ? Can you please explain ? Thank you so much!


  26. Shlord1380

    31 juillet 2017 at 14 h 01 min

    Dear meriole the third floor wardrobe is 3 times right 3 Times left 1 time original state and 3 times left . This is the code every one



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