Oneshot / by mathew and Nightmargin

06 Déc

It’s december, and I want to share an excellent game :


Title : Oneshot
Made by : mathew and Nightmargin
Playable on PC
Genre : RPG Game, Adventure, Mystery, fantasy 
Time : 5-6 hours maximum 

Donwload the game (free) :

  • In english language (VO) :

Story :
You are God and you control Niko, your Messiah, where the two of us will try to restore the « light » in a lost world.

Subjective Review :
I have the feeling this game has became popular, but even so I want to share it. I have played this game one year.

This is not an horror game so everyone can play it. The game has a really beautiful fairy and atmosphere world. You know this type of game when you enter in a world and want to see the whole game because of this ; that’s what it’s about the game.

Most of character can be found in the game, but the most important one is Niko. I don’t know what race is it ? Maybe a big cat, but apparently that’s not the case.

Anyways, you are God and you need to help your Messiah to restore the light in a decline world. Your aim is to conduct Niko at the top of the tower in the center of the world, that he can place the lamp that he has in his hands.

This is a beautiful fantasy adventure with many feelings. Musics in this game are just amazing and graphics/pictures are just so lovely.

Another master piece game makes in RPG Maker, for me.

The only default of this game it’s that we can only play it one time. Why ? Well, the developpers has make some systems in the game to rape your PC and put the soluce in the application of your computer. This is just amazing, I was thinking at the begin it was a virus, but no the solution really appears in the desk of your computer. I was really impresionated.

Most of enigmas are not particularity difficult but you can find the full walktrough in using the videos in Youtube :

Hope you like this game !




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