罪に濡れた魔女 (Tsumi ni Nureta Majo) – The Lost Sinner / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics

09 Jan


BOOTH (WAV + scans) = HD quality

Gyaaaahhhhh !!! This is an excellent album, full of surprise. And I love so much this album that I translate everything. Enjoy ? It becomes also my favorites album that released Yura of all time. I really love all the progress and all the compositors who have worked with her.

Concerning the CD, I have a preference in this order : 4, 5, 2, 1, 6, 3, 7, but it was really difficult to put a ranking, because everything was just so cool just like say Yura.

Just like Dark Matter the songs are not the best, but I really love all the sounds effects and improvement makes by Yura to make her last CD. In fact, a favorite CD for me, will be always when an artist try to do her/him best, that’s the case here. And sorry but because of recycle songs in « Phantom of the Flame » and « Secret de Chat Noir », they can’t be never in my top 10 !

This is a collection of gothic musics, where the different stories turn around : a sect, an invocation of a girl and her madness, the love of a Grim Reaper for a sick girl, the trap of a woman in a masquarade, and a doll which keeping the memories of her beloved puppeteer.

Excpet the song about doll where the story is too classical, the others songs are not really common for Yura, that’s why I enjoy everything. The two instrumental are really full of sound effect, specially the first track that put me directly in the ambience gothic of the CD.

Also, the comments of Yura for all songs was just so explicatives this time (except for Black Masquerade), that I don’t really have to write a novel. I just put more an explication of the song as always. Take your time to read !

Anyways it becomes my favorite CD that released Yura (sorry Walpurgis, you are relegate at the second place) !

And I hope you will also appreciate the translation of all songs ! Be free !

Special Thanks at Axfaerie Marionette for the kanjis !

– – – – – – – – – – – –

1. 禁断の林檎 / Kindan no Ringo (Forbidden Apple)


Comment of Yura in her blog :
A door is opening for you, in order that you can enter in a forbidden world.
Heavy and suspicious are installing progressively…

Comment of Meriole :
Beautiful, only Japeneses can make sound effect like this. Yes, I have really the feeling to enter in a forbidden world. I am aspirated in a strange world…

2. 罪に濡れた魔女 / Tsumi ni nureta majo (Wet Witch of Sin)

作編曲:塚越雄一郎(NanosizeMir) 作詞:葉月ゆら

Comment of Yura in her blog :
A little princess has been raised to become a queen, bathed in a cruel envy and considered herself as a cruel witch, who repeat always a game, in the research of blood.
In a certain place, people (of the nation) have been sent for her. They take refuge in the church of the girl without imaginated… the circumstances.
I’m really loving, strong duty, and wicked feeling of the woman !
Men chorus has been sing by Tsukagoshi himself ! Beautiful !

Comment of Meriole :
As you now, during Middles Ages, is always an honour to encounter the queen of a kingdom, so probably most of people never refuse her invitation, in her church, brought by the priests.

To explain the song : people who have been send to encounter the queen don’t know at all, that she was maleficent. The circumstances is that they will serve as sacrifice for the game of the queen.

In fact the church is a sort of secret sect organized and controled by the queen. All the church : priests and abbes are in the conspiracy and make an obsolute loyalty at the queen. They have for mission to gather and send people in the church, the place, where the queen is playing in secret her favorite game : « a bloody game ».

When people try to escape from the queen, they close the door of the church that you can’t never escape from her, until she finishes to be satisfied with her « bloody game ».

The man chorus in the song refer at the prayer/words of men of the church.

She kills people with a sword, in cutting the arms, feet, legs and others parts of your body in order to hear a beautiful scream of hers victims. And she kills 1000 people with the same strategy, with the help of the church.

Concerning the song hitself : has always she receives again people by the priest but it was not sufficient.

Also, an another aspect of the song is the priests have given theirs lifes in thinking that it can be eased the madness of the queen… But it doesn’t work.

So… of course the queen kills everyone at the end. I mean all people of the nation, the priests…

Yeah, that’s crazy… And Yura says herself that she loves that sort of woman. Bouh… I’m scare…

I’m really impress by this atrocious song, and apparently is Tsukagoshi who made the effect of the men chorus, really really beautiful !

Concerning Julieta and the queen, I really dislike so much this type of women. For me, women must be cute as a doll, not as a devil. But, Yura makes gothic songs so what can I do ? Anyways, I’m scare of this type of women and that’s a long time that I will run away of the queen if she invites me in the church… Well, If I sucess to escape of her…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

足も 腕も 全て 寄越せと
どうか ここを開けて
貴方の聖地へ 受け入れてください
oitsumerareta mori no fukaku ni
sobietatsu furubita kyoukai
yoku kuruu min ga oitate
ashi mo ude mo subete yokose to
douka koko wo akete
anata no seichi e ukeirete kudasai
namida ga hou wo tsutaiotsu

幻想と理想を描き 『笑みの裏に舞う劣情』
偉大なる女王と崇め 『初めての愛をどうぞ私に』
gensou to risou wo egaki ’emi no ura ni mau retsujou’
idai naru joou to agame ‘hajimete no ai wo douzo watashi ni’
senbou kara zouo wa umare
dare mo kare mo ga watashi ni batsu wo nozomu no

懺悔せよと 祈り捧げる 美しく尊い人
その躰の奥 甘美な血と肉と悲鳴が 潜んでいるの
ushirode ni shimeta tobira no oku
usu akari terasareta shinpu
utsukushiku hohoemi nagara
zange seyo to inori sasageru utsukushiku toutoi hito
sono karada no oku kanbi na chi to niku to himei ga hisonde iru no

今夜も理性を捨てて 『意識は闇に解け逝く』
銀の剣 突き立てるほど 『小さな吐息まだ暖かいわ』
konya mo risei wo sutete ‘ishiki wa yami ni toke yuku’
gin no ken tsukitateru hodo ‘chiisana toiki mada atatakai wa’
akuma wa hora anata no naka ni
watashi wa nani mo kegarete inai no dakara

気狂い女王 血と欲に溺れ生き
kichigai joou chi to yoku ni oboreiki
sen no shi wo tanoshinda

幻想と理想を描き 『笑みの裏に舞う劣情』
偉大なる女王と崇め 『最後の瞬間を私が奪おう』
羨望から憎悪は生まれ 誰も彼もが 私を…
gensou to risou wo egaki ’emi no ura ni mau retsujou’
idai naru ou to agame ‘saigo no shunkan wo watashi ga ubaou’
senbou kara zouo wa umare dare mo kare mo ga watashi wo…

溺れた瞳 甘い香り 『美しい魔物のよう』
胸元に滴る雫 『肌を滑り艶やかに妖しく』
oboreta hitomi amai kaori ‘utsukushii mamono no you’
munamoto ni shitataru shizuku ‘hada wo suberi tsuya ya kani ayashiku’

この身 捧げて堕ちよう
akuma ga mata watashi wo sasou
kono mi sasagete ochiyou
yami no hate made



作編曲:Drop 作詞:葉月ゆら

Comment of Yura in her blog :
A song including classical « moonlight ».
The girl believes that the darkness will give her strenght, and with this, she can perform a good ritual, in order to make a delicious invitation of madness… And also to invites him, only for her…
During elementary school, I believe in fairy and I was dancing/turning around an huge rock…
I was offering acorns… It was a long time…

Comment of Meriole :
Yura, you was making some strange things in elementary school but don’t worry that was the children time !

The song is about a girl who is using the power of darkness to establish the madness in the world. But, there is something more intense of the song… I believe she tries to invocate/ressurect an old « divinity/entity » that she considers like her beloved. She wants him to come back in giving him supreme power, when he will be at her side… But with the only aim to have a total control on him.

In fact, she wants to overtune the world for her own greed sakes, without know the result of her madness. With the power of this entity, that she will invokes, she believes clearly that she can recreate the laws of the world and make a better one, full of madness.

Strangely, the source of the madness of the girl, seems to come of the love that she has for this « entity ». In fact, the girl makes all night this ritual, until « the entity » will come for her. But, because it doesn’t work, she retry again and again with more powerful black magic and more invitation of darkness/madness and other bad things, each night.

The girl is sure that the « entity » loves her, but probably not… Beacuse he doesn’t come for her…

And at force to try to control him, probably something bad will happen to her… Sadly, the end of the song doesn’t say if she sucesses to plunge the world in the darkness.

Ah ! This song makes by Drop is so cool. I really love the gothic sound effect it makes at the begin and the end. And the part of when he plays the piano is beautiful ! But… it lacks something on the song… I think, Yura during the refrain doesn’t sing enough. One paragraph with more explication of the song will be better. And even if the theme/story approach about the invocation is good, the lyrics are too simple for me. It lack a little of emotion, and I will prefer that Yura concentrates more in the madness of the girl than the ritual. But at least this song is pretty good.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

暗い森 彷徨う形 少女が詠う呪文
指先は震え 呼吸も出来ない
kurai mori samayou omokage shoujo ga utau jumon
yubisaki wa furue kokyuu mo dekinai
anata wo omou yo

しなやかな手足を振り 妄想を巡らせて
闇の力にも光も届かぬ 狂気募るばかり
shinayaka na teashi wo furi mousou wo megurasete
yami no chikara ni mo hikari mo todokanu kyouki tsunoru bakari

kitto ashita ni wa utsukushiku nareru hazu
kono omoi ga todokeba subete watashi no mono

金色の髪 靡かせ踊れ
kiniro no kami nabikaseodore
saigo no ichi mai no beeru wo sutetara
kagayaku hada ni kami mo hirefushi
ma no kemono ga aegu

todokanu koi ni ki kuruu shoujo wo
terashita akai tsuki

何一つ変わらぬ夜 少女が吐いた呪い
終わらない嫌悪 憎悪へと変わり
nanihitotsu kawara nu yoru shoujo ga haita noroi
owaranai keno zouo e to kawari
kokoro wo kizutsukeru

sou yo hontouwa kami mo akuma mo inai
sekai wo kutsugaesu no watashi dake no ishide

ruri iro no hitomi wo kagayakase
itoshii ouji no iru wo shiro e iku wa
kitto kare wa watashi wo matte iru kara
hoshizora michibiite

moshimo aragau toyuu no naraba
subete kowashi mashou

金色の髪 靡かせ踊れ
kiniro no kami nabikaseodore
saigo no ichi mai no beeru wo sutetara
kagayaku hada ni anata sae hirefushi
ma no kemono ga aegu

todoka nu koi ni ki kuruu shoujo wo
kakushita akai tsuki

4. 死神と鳥籠少女 / Shinigami to tori kago shoujo (Grim Riper and the girl inside the bird cage)

作編曲:アメディオ 作詞:葉月ゆら

Comment of Yura in her blog :
A song full of gravity of pity. A sickness body of a weak girl, where she requests the Grim Reaper, in the song. Love and hatred of the girl are growing, and feels by the Grim Reaper. She beg at the Grim Reaper, to be lead and live, in an another world.
Suspicious and wonderful atmosphere of the composition.

Comment of Meriole :
I believe this song is about a girl who is living with a very severe disease (a weak body), since her birth. Because of this disease, she can’t never leave her bed, condemned entirely to be trapped inside a cold and dark room (refers at the bird cage in the title). That’s a devil world that she living all day.

So she wish one thing : die. The other world that she desires, it’s nothing else that the other world when your die. And for some reason, all nights it seems that the Grim Reaper comes for her, because she will die very soon.

But, for some reason, it doesn’t take her soul. I believe it’s rare for it, to encounter a person, in a state living, but also dying, with her sickness. So, it doesn’t take her soul, but come all nights, to keep company at the girl.

Some times after, the girl and the Grim Reaper fall in love, because the two of them are suffering of solitude and understand each other.

But, no matter how she struggle, her life is an abomination and she can’t take it anymore. And at the end of the song, the Grim Reapper will execute the wish of the girl, with regret.

When the soul of the girl is taken probably they will be together forever. But the Grim Reapper can’t never touch her anymore. One stanza, in the song makes me think that it was touching the body of the sick girl.

This is a really beautiful song. And a really sad one ! I really love so much all the feelings put in the song and also all the Japanese culture in this one. I cry a little when I read the lyrics…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

kuraku hieta kono heya ni yoru wa tadayoi
madoromu yami ni anata wa maiorita
bara no kaori wo matotta akai hitomi ga
urei wo fukumi watashi ni hohoemu

鳥籠の中 囀る声も掠れて
動けぬまま 朽ちて果て逝くのか
tori kago no naka saezuru koe mo kasurete
ugokenu mama kuchite hate yuku no ka

愛したい私を 獣に堕ちようとも
douka watashi wo tsuresaratte
yoru mo asa mo nai jiyuu to ma no sekai
sei to shi wa onaji kaori no kodoku
aishitai watashi wo kemono ni ochiyou tomo

病が蝕む躰 軋んだ手足
yamai ga mushibamu karada kishinda teashi
mado no soto ni wa kagayaku hoshi no mure
kitto anata wa owari wo tsugeru shinigami
surudoi tsume de hikisaku no deshou

開いた白い胸に 牙で血を犯して
amai yume nado zankoku na dake
hiraita shiroi mune ni kiba de chi wo okashite

搦めた指先 腰を取る手と
暖かい涙 如何して泣いてるの
意識の薄れる瞬間 聞いた
karameta yubisaki koshi wo toru te to
atatakai namida doushite naiteru no
ishiki no usureru shunkan kiita
chiisana tsubuyaki wa kuro no naka tokete kieta

愛したい私を 人の身で無くなろうとも
douka watashi wo tsuresaratte
yoru mo asa mo nai anata to ma no sekai
sei to shi wa onaji kaori no kodoku
aishitai watashi (anata) wo hito no mi de nakunarou tomo

5. Black Masquerade

作編曲:白戸佑輔 作詞:夕野ヨシミ(IOSYS)

Comment of Yura in her blog :
In this way, the lyrics was written by Yuu. Very extremely cute sounds overflow of innocence and evilness, can be feel from the song. And a suspicious Masquerade ! An attractive one is coming !
Beautiful quality sounds of transparency, can be found here.

Comment of Meriole :
This song was so difficult to understand, specially because the comment of Yura was not useful at all. Many metaphors are used, but I sucess to understand what is about the song.

To begin, I need to explain what is about a Masquerade : Masquerade is a ball with masked and disguised men and women. During the ball, different musics are played and you need to change, all songs of partners. Of course, because of masks you don’t what looks like (who is) your partner.

The song is about Masquerade that happens in a beautiful castle of glass. In the song, a woman was invited during the ball as all others people gathered. She doesn’t find any good partner at the begin of the song, but she will finally find a good one. She will dance with someone, where she will fall in love.

After the rest of the song is really strange and not really enough information is given by the song, to know what happen exactly at the end of the song. But this is my interpreation :

I think the girl tries to trap the man with a sweet discussion/conversation to have his heart, in telling lies about her (probably). In fact, after the man begin to speak with the woman he is prisonner of the discussion.

And she will be probably chosen again and again as partner until the end of the ball.

So, what is gothic in the song ? I think it’s about the adult society. When an adult is playing with the love of someone without take serioulsy the feelings of other. Because of this, it create a pure jealousy. And with this jealousy you will do anything to have what you want !

This is really not bad. Specially the begin that sounds like an horror movie. And the lyrics are really beautiful. Congratulation Yuu you catched my interest !

– – – – – – – – – – – –

舞台には煌びやか 花のドレス
butai ni wa kira biyaka hana no doresu
aojiroku terasareta garasu no shiro
kao no nai koibito

見上げれば 風の舞う赤い月夜
空に刻む音色 思い出は薔薇色
miagereba kaze no mau akai tsukiyo
kari some no yume ni ai odoritsuzuke
sora ni kizamu neiro omoide wa barairo

その吐息に揺れるつぼみに 恋い焦がれ
sono toiki ni yureru tsubomi ni koikogare
ima furete

選ばれるのはわたし? それとも…
erabareru no wa watashi? soretomo…
kuchimoto ni uso kazaru no
tsugi no kyoku made matenai kurai
atsuku moeru Masquerade

朝露の薄明かり ダイヤの声
森の奥 眠りから醒めて
哀れ 鍵を失くした少女
asatsuyu no usu akari daiya no koe
mori no oku nemuri kara samete
aware kagi wo shitsu kushita shoujo

波の果て 泡に舞う星のライム
白馬駆ける響き 魂を奪うもの
nami no hate awa ni mau hoshi no raimu
kegare sae netami sae ro wa ni naru
hakuba kakeru hibiki tamashii wo ubau mono

この翼を捧げ 人の子に堕ちよう
kono tsubasa wo sasage hito no ko ni ochiyou
saa oide

選ばれるのはあなた? それとも…
熱く溶ける Masquerade
erabareru no wa anata? soretomo…
yubisaki ni tsumi nurashite
inochi no mama ni ai wo kanadeyou
atsuku tokeru Masquerade

その秘密を見せて 虜にする台詞
sono himitsu wo misete toriko ni suru serifu
tada tsugeru

選ばれるのはわたし? それとも…
erabareru no wa watashi? soretomo…
kuchimoto ni uso kazaru no
tsugi no kyoku made matenai kurai
atsuku moeru Masquerade

選ばれるのはあなた? それとも…
熱く溶ける Masquerade Ah…
erabareru no wa anata? soretomo…
yubisaki ni tsumi nurashite
inochi no mama ni ai wo kanadeyou
atsuku tokeru Masquerade Ah…

6. 球体関節人形/ Kyuutai kansetsu ningyou (Spherical Articulated Doll)

作編曲:キラ星ひかる 作詞:葉月ゆら

Comment of Yura in her blog :
This song existed since many days, but because of some restrictions, it was a limited edition. But after many requests I decide to sing again and implanted in the CD. Even after many years, this song is always so good, so I don’t modificate anything.
The story of a doll, keeping the feeling to have been loved.

Comment of Meriole :
Apparently it was a limited edition and it seems few people success to have this song, at the time. Sadly, I have any ideas, of the convention of when has been realeased this song.

So, normally it’s a recycle song, but because it was rare and difficult to have this one, I think many people, just like me, never heard this song and consider it as a new one.

This is a simple song about a doll. The most of the song is about her happy memories of the time, when it was living with its puppeteer. And its regrets…

In fact, the puppeteer is not here anymore… But the song, doesn’t say that it has been thrown. Its puppeteer is died, that makes the doll suffer, when it remembers the truth.

All the song is about the memories and sad feeling of the doll. It’s more a feeling song, so I don’t need to explain many thing. A translation is enough.

It must be a very old song of the time of the album of Maiden Collector, because it was the time where Yura was writing many gothic/sad songs about abandoned doll. This song is really excellent, specially the second part of the song where the voices of Yura is resound with the instrumental to make all the sadness of the doll ! Whoaaa !

– – – – – – – – – – – –

亜麻色の髪 揺らめいて
ビスクの唇 紅く染め
ama iro no kami yurameite
nadesuku yubisaki
bisuku no kuchibiru akaku shime
kireida to sasayaita

貴方が操る 私はマリオネット
kurayami kara me ga samete
ikiru imi wo mitsuketa no
anata ga ayatsuru watashi wa marionetto

壊れるまで愛せる 愛して
atsui mune no kodou wa kizamarenai kono karada
toki ni okisararete mo
kowareru made aiseru aishite

撫でる手 疼く胸
その言葉 信じた
kyuutai no hiza ni migakikake
naderute uzuku mune
yubisaki no ito wo karamasete
sono kotoba shinjita

愛もなく動けない 私はマリオネット
demo ima anata ga daite iru no wa utsukushii hito
ai mo naku ugokenai watashi wa marionetto

anata no kotodama ga hibiite hanarenu karada
toki wa zankoku ni sugi me ga samete mo daremo inai

流れる涙滑る冷たい頬 誰か私を抱いて
nagareru namida suberu tsumetai hou dareka watashi wo daite
ki ga furete shimaumae ni

時間に置き去られても 壊れるまで
誰もいない いない…
atsui mune no kodou wa kizamarenai kono karada
toki ni okisararete mo kowareru made
anata no kotodama ga hibiite hanarenu karada
toki wa zankoku ni sugi me ga samete mo
daremo inai inai…

7. 未完全な月/ Mi kanzen na tsuki (Incomplete Moon)



Comment of Yura in her blog :
This track is about a floating grief of demise. Excellent !

Comment of Meriole :
This short of song is always lovely for me. But why it’s so short ?



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10 réponses à “罪に濡れた魔女 (Tsumi ni Nureta Majo) – The Lost Sinner / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics

  1. mikiya katakura

    24 septembre 2016 at 16 h 09 min

    What Hatsuki Yura song in your top 10? I’m sorry my english so bad


    • Meriole

      24 septembre 2016 at 16 h 22 min

      It’s really difficult to answer to this question. Most of people are different taste of musics. Actually, I’m not putting a top 10 of songs, but more a top 10 of CDs.

      I don’t really want to reveal my top 10 CDs, but my CD number one is Tsumi ni Nureta Majo and after it’s Walpurgis no Yoru no Yume. The rest is a secret. Héhéhé :)!

      Thanks to take your time to read my article. I really appreciate.



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