Special Meriole birthday !

04 Fév

Today is a special day. My blog has one year ! It’s time for a review of this year \(*_*)/ !

To begin the total of views is… 52 659 ! That’s a lot #_# ! Seriously, I don’t even know that Yura-sama was so popular, and I never think that there are so people interesting by hers songs. Specially, because most of the time people are only interesting by Touhou, and don’t really know original doujin artist. However I’m really happy, I never think I will have so much views.

Well, my blog has grown a lot : pratically six translations look all day, now. I’m really happy, because my english is really not terrible, and specially, because when I see my all errors, I vomit. But, sadly I don’t have the time to correct everything, since this stupid update of the wordpress system, that make completey slow down my computer…

So, I really want to thank you people, to never insult my poor level in english, because sadly the french country is reputated to be forever the european country with the most rate of language (well, that’s because the eduction of languages is completely ridiculous).

Anyways, I want to make an effort in translating now, all the CDs that which produces Yura-sama, in the future. After, I can’t promise to translate everything, because I’m not God of Japenese and it depends completely of the lyrics. After, how many long will dure this blog. Maybe three years ? Five years ? I don’t know… For the moment, I have a stability in my daily life, but I can never know what will happen in the futre.

I want also to thanks all my contributors who have help me in my work :

– Violet-sama (you’re help me a lot. What I will become without you’re help ? 😥 )
– Axfaerie (yes, even after the creation of this blog, the comment for the song of Yura is really poor, but I will not give up, my dear friend)
– Fuyuko-dono and Releska-dono (my colleague, how is working so hard with all these spams requests of translations, that probably the night must be long. But they help me in translating one song, to complete my blog)
– Lidell and Grain who give the autorisation to put theirs translations to complete my blog (and thanks Lidell, to help me with the orthography, sometimes).
– my senpai and minamatsu1021 (I always enjoy people who are giving me some hints to help me with the translation. Thanks to take your time for me).

You’re are so beautiful all my contributors ! And like you know it’s together, that we can make something good ! So, now we have a total of 58 translations for the moment.

For people who has always follow me, I think you have noticed that my last translations are better than the first one. Forgive me, it’s just when you begin to translate, you need to begin by a song. At the time, I was not using all the softwares that I have now. So, don’t worry, you will always have now, translations with the same level of Clockwork Rose and Kouya.

Now, time to know what impact has this blog on the work Yura-sama. And it seems… that she has now, enough money to produce two CDs for conventions of M3 and Comicket… What ?

No seriously, I chosen Yura because most of the time there are five vocals in her CDs. However, she is the only artist that released hers CD to M3 and Comicket, contrarly to some artists that only released to M3 or Comicket.
I’m sure it’s not a coincidence… I mean, why during the creation of my blog during the last three conventions, she has make two CDs ? Sometimes, I know that Yura doing two CDs for a convention, but I never see her do it, during three convention successive. That’s good for her. but for me it’s the hell. Because, I have now ten songs to translate contraly at five… If you like Yura-sama don’t forget to buy her CDs in Pixiv booth, or MelonbooksDL or import the CD if you want the physical.

By the way to answer for some people. I don’t have the picture of Yura-sama. I have soome picture of her, but nobody can say if that’s a true one. And someone tell me, it’s a fake. So yeah, Yura-sama is a ninja, because I don’t know why people never success to take her in picture. But who cares ? I just want to enjoy the voice of Yura-sama. And Drop is not a ninja : he’s an alien. No, seriously sometimes you can find Drop makes a superb song in the CD of Yura and it dissapears like by magic. Nobody know how to contact him (no tweet, no facebook…), and nobody never see his name in an another circle., than Yura…

Also, someone ask me if Yura-sama is popular ? You know guys she is really popular in the eastern. Her physical CDs with gothic stories finish always sold out no matter what happens. If I remember, the only CD that don’t have make sold out was Aqua Wave, since it’s a special CD. But the first stock of Kouya is sold out and Clockwork is pratically sold out. So yeah, if you want a physical CD of Yura is better to pre-order them, before their released…

Now, it’s time to breath my first candle :

Afficher l'image d'origine

Please; don’t insult my beautiful cake :).

See you next time guys !

(Oh ! Just to say, Yura has apparently finishes to write the lyrics of her next CD. So that will be lyrics makes by Yura. Good ! And I’m sure they will be again two CDs. The sales of her last CDs seems too good. Wait and see !)


And now the bonus :


My autograph made by Yura-sama herself. You don’t know how I’m so happy after my hard work for her. And yeah, that’s not all days, that you received an autograph from your favorite doujin artists. She send me this beautiful drawing, after I send hers the pictures of « Château de Versailles ». I love you so much Yura-sama ! Thanks you so much for this, you don’t know how grateful I am.

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3 réponses à “Special Meriole birthday !

  1. Ryandra Kya

    7 juin 2016 at 13 h 44 min

    Hello, Meri-san. Nice to meet you.
    I love your blog. Because of you, I get to know Yura-sama and became her fans. You have my gratitude 🙂 And, Can I use your translation to translate it to my language? I’ll credit you. I’m an Indonesian, by the way.

    Thank you …


  2. Ryandra Kya

    7 juin 2016 at 14 h 12 min

    Hello, Meri-san. Nice to meet you 🙂
    Happy (very belated) birthday to your blog. I love your blog, because of you I get to know Yura-sama and became her fan. You have my gratitude. And I want to ask permission, can I use your translation and translate it to my language? I’ll credit to you. I’m an Indonesia, by the way.

    Thank you 🙂


    • Meriole

      7 juin 2016 at 19 h 40 min

      Hello. You can use my translations, that don’t bother me (don’t forget to credit, like this you will have not problems in the future). Even if I think it’s always better to translate directly from Japenese. Maybe you’re blog it’s Petalite Yuu ?

      There exist a lot of Japenese original doujins CDs (Yura is not the only one), that I like. Sadly, very few people don’t know about them, because they don’t understand Japenese. Too bad for me, I don’t have time to have a blog with translation request and everything, So, I decide to choose Yura, to diversify from the other blogs of Touhou, Vocaloid or Kancolle. And, I also created a channel on Youtube, called « Cuthu Lulu » dedicate justely for they other circles that I like, but I will only put an explication of the CD, and pratically never translations. But, for the moment there are pratically anything…

      By the way, thanks you so much to have take my blog and enjoy gothic musics of Yura. It makes me really happy 🙂 !



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