Cloé’s Requiem / by Nubarin and Nanashi no Chiyo

21 Fév


Cloe's Requiem

Title : Cloé’s Requiem
Made by : Nubarin and Nanashi no Chiyo of the group Buriki Clock
Playable on PC
Genre : Horror game, RPG Game, Adventure, Mystery
Time : 7 hours maximum

Donwload the game (free) :

Story :
A young boy named Michel has run from his house. He entered into a cursed mansion and will find a girl named Cloé, where this one will asked her to break the curse of the mansion. Michel will try to help Chloé. Was it is the truth and why Michel run away ?

Subjective Review :
It was not popular when I play it, after it was translate in english. But now, when I seen all the succes have this game, maybe you have already play it…. Sorry, but I really want to make a review.

This game it’s an horror game and not a little one. It’s the same style of Dorothy, but there are more discussion on the game, for the story. A really good story !

This game is « glaucous ». Yeah, the atsmophere is really not cute here. Cloé is so scary with her big empty eyes.

This game is divised in the differents parts of the mansion. More your liberate the mansion of this cursed, more the memories of Michel come back to him, to remember in reality who is Cloé and… his sin.
I really love the differents characters on the game and theirs links, even if most of them are childrens.

Many feelings have been put on the game, specially at the end where you will choose for the destiny of Cloé (4 endings possible). And the relation MichelXCloé, is cute.

Concerning the music is more classical this time. Some songs are played by Michel and Cloé in the game.

Anyways enjoy this horror game, even if for me is not my favorite.

Most of enigmas are particularity difficult. You can find the full walktrough in using the videos in Youtube :


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