The Mirror Lied / by freebird games

26 Mar


Title : The Mirror Lied
Made by : freebird games
Playable on PC
Genre : Abstract, Interpretation (this is not an error game, but the abstract of the game can be scary)
Time : 1 hours maximum

Donwload the game (free) :

Story :
A game without story… Or not ?

Subjective Review :
Forever, « The Mirror Lied », will be the most strange games that I played (the second one is Yume Nikki, an another game that I recommend completely).

To begin, this game has not story, or I most say not meaning. Most of the game for the moment than I uploaded are always a story integrate. This time the story has no meaning. The creators say themself, they want to create this game to live an « experience ». So, the only way to understand this message is to play to the game.
I take the risk to upload this game.

When you play it, try to not rest on the first message of the game, but move forward.

Because the truth of this game is that there not story, but some conversation/messages appear. And all these conversations or messages are really strange. They can tell a hidden or explicite story, but nobody never success to find the truth.

To explain, after you will finish this game you will say : « Seriously what’s wrong with this game ? »

You will feel frustrated, because you have the feeling that something is missing. And that’s because of « this something missing », that there exist so many theories/interpretations of this game, creating a legendary psychological game.

I will not hide it, you like or don’t like this game.

The game is really short, and the musics are always the same. But this game is clearly an another master piece of my collection.

Any difficulties in the game. You can find the full walktrough in using this video on Youtube :


Theories (be careful spoilers, finish the game before to read) :
I don’t think there exist a concrate story of this game. A theorie can appears just like an another. You can find many explications of this game on Internet. I’m just posting one pertinent link, but you can find many others interpretations on others sites :

Happy Easter everyone ! And don’t eat too much chocolates !


« Leah has not visage = The mirror Lied »

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