Lonely Lovely Factory – english translation / The Clockwork Rose -時計仕掛けの薔薇少女- (The Clockwork Rose -Tokei Shikake no Bara Shoujo-)

01 Mai

Don’t forget love don’t need law ! I re-arrange some stanzas to more insist between the relation of the woman and the factory.

To see what is about this song click : here.

Spoil (please read the translation before to read what it must understand to the end) :
Okay, I will explain the madness of this song. The word « 抜け殻 = nukegara » has many translation possible but it must refer by « exuvia of cast-off skin », in our case. The exuvia is the envelope that the body of the animal has left during the moulting….

And like you know, she makes work the factory a last time before to suicide with a blade. Can you hear the sound effect of the steam and the blade on the song ?

In fact, I think she killed her with a blade and after burns/melts her skin into the flame of the factory, in order that her skin is mixing with the cold steel of the factory. I’m pretty sure that the hidden truth at the end of the song. And yes that’s clearly horrible. After all she wants to become one…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Title : Lonely Lovely Factory
Lyrics and Work Arrangement : 光ノ巣 (Hikarinosu)
Drum:麻生 悟志 (Asou Satoshi)
Mix&Recording Engineer:阿妻 諒(2℃ Region LLC. Studio Dirch)/ Azuma Ryo (2 ℃ Region LLC Studio Dirch)
Vocal : 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki)

– – – – – – – – – – – –

鋼の情を燃やすLovely Girl
watashi wa koisuru onna
hagane no jou wo moyasu Lovely Girl
koi ni okite (ruuru) wa nai
I am a woman in love !
A lovely girl, burning inside the passion of steel.
Love don’t need law…

deai wa hai koujou
hi no atara nai shikaku
kurayami no naka de tayutau tomoshibi ni
My encounter with a disinfected factory.
This dead space, without any contact of sunlight…
Inside the darkness, is swinging a lamp.

osoruosoru ashi wo hakon de iru watashi
soko ni wa katame dake iki wo shite ita anata
I’m moving timidly, my feet
In this place, where your are making a single breath by that eye.

冷たい鋼の体にも 満たされていた
watashi wa kodoku na onna
nukumori wo shira nai kara
tsumetai hagane no karada ni mo mitasarete ita
anata wa kikai no ningyou
seibetsu sae wakara nai kedo
umareru hazu no nai kanjou ga mebuku yami no naka
I am a solitary woman !
Because, I don’t know what is warmth,
I’m satisfied with this body of cold steel.
Your are a mechanical doll…
Even though, I can’t comprehend our genders,
Any logical reasons can born, inside the darkness.

どこまでも静かで シャイな人だけれど
mukuchi de tere yasande
‘suki’ no hitokoto mo nai
doko made mo shizuka de shai na hito da keredo
A taciturn and timide mister,
Without any single word of ‘love’…
How long this silence will reveal, you’re shy personality ?

わたしは持っていて 貴方には無いもの
watashi to anata ni wa oukina chigai ga aru
watashi wa motte ite anata ni wa nai mono
There’s a big difference between you and me…
But even if you are not human, I want to keep loving you…

恋に感情は要るの? 結局は執着なの?
ただ寂しいだけの気持ちが 独り走って
今居るこの工場が 嘗てに高く轟かせた
熱い熱い蒸気 再び貴方から感じたい
koi ni kanjou wa iru no? kekkyoku wa shuuchaku na no?
tada sabishii dake no kimochi ga hitori hashitte
ima iru kono koujou ga katsute ni takaku todorokaseta
atsui atsui jouki futatabi anata kara kanjitai
Why I’m feeling love for you ? After all, why I’m becoming attached to you ?
Sadly, I’m running alone into this only feeling of loneliness.
Now, as in the past, this factory will produce a high roar.
I just want to feel once again, your hot, hot, steam !

肝心なことは 想い合いではなく
kanjin na koto wa omoiai de wa naku
hitotsu ni naru koto
The crucial cicumstance makes me want
To become one…

心は心臓 もしそれが本当だとしたなら…
kokoro wa shinzou moshi sore ga hontouda to shita nara…
My heart is dead… If that the truth, then…

鋼に翻弄される Lonely Girl
watashi wa kodoku na onna
hagane ni honrou sareru Lonely Girl
yaiba wo tsukitatete
I am a solitary woman…
A lonely girl sufficiently tossed about by steel,
To be pierced violently by a blade.

冷たい貴方の中に 熱い私の心が
交わって一つになる時 蒸気を上げる
終わる事の無い 愛を生み出し続けている
それは 小さな 小さな
tsumetai anata no naka ni atsui watashi no kokoro ga
majiwatte hitotsu ni naru toki jouki wo ageru
nukegara datta karada mo ima de wa kokoro wo motte iru
owaru koto no nai ai wo umidashi tsuzukete iru
sore wa chiisana chiisana
hitotsu no koujou
Inside the cold you, my warm heart…
When we will become one, the steam will raise…
Even if now my body cast-off skin, my heart is embracing
A love without end ! That will continue to create
That little, little,
Unique factory !



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