Klema – english translation / 紅夜に詠う少女の禁忌 (Kouya ni utau shoujo no kinki)

16 Mai

This is so beautiful *_*. And so so sad 😥 !

To see what is about this song click : here.

Notes :

Miku explains me what means the title « Klema » :
Klema is the Greek etymology of clematis, called the Queen of the vine plants.
Vine is « shigarami ». Flowers has been likened to the two girls.

Also between 2.57 at 3.03, Miku said me : there are invented word, representing the incandescent fight and painful two hearts.

Miku-sama thanks you so much for your explication (๑´ㅂ`๑)♡.

So, in fact the word « shirigami » in the song can be translated by « vine or fetters/bonds ». To concur with Miku, I put the word vine, since there are a moment where the two princesses are speaking of a wall/barrier of thorns that refer of the wall of vines.

Also, there are contradiction when one of the princess says : « I will not steal your life, with this sword », but they finish to suicide. When they say : « I want to protect you », it refers that the fact she suicide together to keep/protect their pure love. In order that the world don’t corrupted their love.

In the last paragraph, it seems there are a last hesitation at the moment where she uses the sword to die. This hesitation sounds like : « Everything was errors, did I make a mistake ? ». And after they die like a drama, oh so sad 😥

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Title : Klema
Lyrics : 海紅 (Miku)
Work Arrangement : 光ノ巣 (Hikarinosu)
Vocals : 葉月ゆら/海紅 (Yura Hatsuki and Miku)

– – – – – – – – – – – –

貴方は どこにいるの
ここに痛みだけを 残して
anata wa doko ni iru no
koko ni itami dake wo nokoshite
Where are you ?
In this place, only is remaining the pain…

愛を殺して 森を駆けるの
ただ信じていた 愚かなものね
ai wo koroshite mori wo kakeru no
tada shinjite ita oroka na mono ne
muhyoujou na tsuki terasu
ima hanareyuku futari wo
This killer love is running in the forest.
I only wanted to believe in this stupid thing.
Now, the expressionless moon illuminates
Our separation !

戻れない つたう滴
それでいい 頬に落ちた滴
愛し人 この手の刃たてられず
modorenai tsutau shizuku
sore de ii hoho ni ochita shizuku
itoshibito kono te no yaiba taterarezu
I can’t recover from these spread tears
These tears that poured down from your cheek, it’s alright.
My beloved, this hand creates a blade !

奪えないわ 守って
何もないわ ああ高く這え
inochi dake wa
ubaenai wa mamotte
zetsubou wo nokoshi
nani mo nai wa aa takaku hae
ibara no kabe yo
Just to protect your life
I will not steal it !
Bequeathed despair…
It’s nothing… Ah ! To crawl along of a tall
Barrier of thorns !

愛だけでは 逆らえはしない
分かっている 解けない柵と
やり場のない憎悪 きっと忘れはしない
ai dake de wa sakarae wa shinai
wakatte iru hodokenai shigarami to
yariba no nai zouo kitto wasure wa shinai
Sadly, I can’t oppose to love
And I know, that I can’t untie of my vine
Surely, I will not forget this hatred without refuge !

流れる この時に
不変など ああないのだろう
nagareru kono toki ni
fuhen nado aa nai no darou
This time is flowing
Without ever stopping.
Among other, it’s eternal ! Ah ! Isn’t it ?

ああ二度と 戻れないわ
aa nidoto modorenai wa
ishi no you ni kokoro wo tozashita
Ah ! I will never turn back again
My heart is closed like a gem

この手掴んだ 欲望の果てに
守るべきものが ただ増えてゆく
kono te tsukanda yokubou no hate ni
mamorubeki mono ga tada fuete yuku
itsuka tarau hi ga kuru to
ano hi no tsuki ga mite ita
Until the end, this desire seizes this hand
Only increases, my duty to protect you
And come the day to fight, in good time
That day the moon is looking us

待ちわびていた 黒い影
囚われた 黒い羽根
mitasareta hazu no hibi ni
machiwabite ita kuroi kage
uragiri no ue ni saita hibi ni
torawareta kuroi hane
Every day filled of reason
The black shadow is waiting impatiently
Every day, bloomed the treachery above us
A black wing is captured !

kedakaki hana
yubi ni matou honoo
kirabiyakana chou
azayaka ni mau kin no tsurugi
mitoreru hodo ni
Sublime flowers
Fingers dressed of flames
Blazing butterflies
The brilliant dance of the golden sword
Fascinated intensely

ああ解き放つ 高まる鼓動に
傷つけ合い 解かれてゆくふたり
柵だけ解けず 決して戻れはしない
aa tokihanatsu takamaru kodou ni
kizutsuke ai tokarete yuku futari
shigarami dake tokezu kesshite modore wa shinai
Ah ! Released, my heartbeat accelerates
Together we untie from our wounds
I will never turn back, from my only vine tied

絡む視線 天を仰ぐ
終わりを透かして 滲む世界
karamu shisen ten wo aogu
owari wo sukashite nijimu sekai
jama suru mono wa tomete
subete ukeru wa
Entangled gazes, contemplating the heaven…
Sullied world, unveiling my end
That I accept entirely.
No one can stop us !

その瞬間 歪み重ね
揺らぎ 落ち離れゆく
kedakaki hana
yubi ni fureru
kirabiyaka na chou
sono shunkan yugami kasane
yuragi ochihanareyuku
Sublime flowers
Touched with the finger
Blazing butterflies
At that moment, the deformation accumulates
To leave a last tremor…

躊躇いさえ 愛しみながらも
もう少しだけ ふたりだけの時間を
互いの瞳には さいご
tamerai sae itoshimi nagara mo
mou sukoshi dake futari dake no jikan wo
tagai no hitomi ni wa saigo
anata no sugata
Even though I love you, why I hesitate ?
Just a little bit longer, our last time together
In our last moment… In our mutual eyes…
Your appearance !


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