Dear RED / by sanggameboy

24 Juin



Title : Dear RED
Made by : sanggameboy
Playable on PC
Genre : Puzzle, interpretation, not really scary, disturbance mind, sin, search of truth, mystery
Time : 1 hours maximum, if you try to collect the 16 endings.

Donwload the game (free) :

Story :
A puzzle game which need, to be replay many times, to collect the fragments of the truth.

The story of Red who is submerged by old memories. So, this time she wants to see him again.

Subjective Review :
I know perfectly that many people will not like this game, but I really enjoy it. The game is really short, except if you try to collect the 16 endings. Some people find this game like an art. At the end, the game is more intriguing, than a good one.

This is a puzzle story only based on story. Pratically any gameplay in the game.

To explain the game : the game proposes you different choices. In function of those choices, you influence the game. When you have an end, restart the game in putting different combination of choices, to have different text and obtain some truths. Some of ends can be really short, like some of them really long.

Even so, I must say most of the ends, don’t satisfy me. I mean, even the fragments of story is really strange and really many things are not say clearly. But probably, it must be understand always in the bad way.

Many thoeries exist for this game, but most of people agreed, with the fact, that the story of Red is confusing.

Pratically any OST on the game, so impossible to judge.

Walkthrough for the 16-17 end

Theories/explications (spoils) :
Like I say many people say the game is confusing. You can find many thoeries in the comment of this video of Youtube.

The exams are done, I hope you guys will take holiday and sleep tranquilly, now.

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