Next CDs of Yura + Apollo 4 + others news

25 Juin

Hello everyone. Sorry to send this new so late. I know that’s been a moment that the Apollo 4 is done.

C90 : one new CD

Anyways the next CD of Yura-sama has been announced for the C90. It will be only one CD, with of course, a collection of dark fairy stories. But anymore information for the moment.

Why one? Yura has actually a dream : is to obtain her driving permit for a motorbike/motorcycle. To acces this dream she’s actually following a formation. And like you know, a formation of this type is really expensive. Also, you need to take/place some hours to follow the formation, so less time to sing. So that’s mean for me Yura-sama has earn a lot of money. Hum…

Her bike that I desire to have is Estrella. You can take a look of this beauty : Estrella is cool, isn’t it? Good luck Yura-sama, I hope you can have your dream true, in few time.

M3-38 : SeifuMeigetsu

Also, Yura has announced the next Seifumeigetsu (Yura X Drop) for the M3-38. But, it will be not terrible. Normally, if Yura continues hers collections of Seifu CDs, that’s mean the song RED LUNACY and Clockwork will be recycled. So, we will have something of the same level of Eclipse Parade.

I will be honest. If that happen, I will not buy the CD. Why? Because if I buy the CD, that’s mean I finance the Seifu, in this way… But, no I don’t want that the Seifu continues in this way! I want like always a CD with fives vocals and two instrumental, with only new composition.

If your read this message Yura-sama, I just want to say, don’t abuse of Drop. I know there are many people who are jumping from theirs chairs, when their heard the name of Drop. But, people will become hesitant to buy a CD, with two songs that they already bought.

Seriously, there was a time where you’re doing only new composition for a CD. I will always remember La Pucelle, Hameln where we have pratically eight vocals and only new songs. So, I think it’s really possible to Drop to take time and create a CD with only new composition, than to put recycled one. Maybe I sound like an ashole, when I write this, but actually I’m really surprise that Phantom of the Flame is not even in sold out after more of 7 months (even if I know it will finish it). That’s really confirms my words. And just, think about it Yura, if you do a CD of Seifu with only new composition everyone will buy it… I really don’t understand why you become of this idea, really. And because of this, the Seifu is not anymore the best CDs, that I listen from Yura.

Eclipse parade one time was ok. Eclispe Parade2, doesn’t work with me.

Apollo 4

  • Booth of Kouya and Clockwork :

I will not hide I’m really surprise to see that the comments of Kouya and Clockwork are really nonexistant. But I’m must say, that become an habit for Axfaerie and me. Yura is a singer of original doujin, and I know the comments for her are nonexistant, specially even on Youtube. The only problems is that Yura-sama, lets hers videos on Youtube justely to collect the comments of people, and in function of them, create a new CD… Specially for Kouya, I have the feeling people prefer the first collaboration than the second one. But because, I not in the mind of people, I can’t even say why.

Soemone asked me if it’s my fault if Yura has create the CD of steampunk with mechanical things. Because, I say clearly in Phantom of Flame that the song with the Android was my favorite one, and that she can create a CD with robots when she went. And I see in some forums, that most of people has put this song, in the last one of their classement. It’s possible. I’m sure Yura is reading my blog. And if that’s the case, thanks you so much for this beautiful Clockwork CD Yura. After, I have any influence on Yura works. I’m just a fan, and I like to share my thougths and mindd of hers CDs. I love also the story that she writes, and that’s must be difficult to always have news ideas, to write news stories. So yes believe me, the comments on Youtube, can influence the next CDs of Yura.

Anyways, you can buy the digital version of Kouya and Clockwork on the pixivbooth of Yura.

  • Radio :

Now there are also a bonus that realized Yura during the Apollo that you can find here. It’s a sort of radio with original voice of Yura. No, she’s not singing, she’s speaking. Her voice is so cute and more I’m listening, more I have a orgams and noseblood eveywhere. And just for this, I will keep it on my precious treasure.

Nee, neee more neee by Yura!

Anyways to sumarize this radio. There are not many things interesting or important news about her next CDs.

On the short intro Yura speaking about food (the drink on the picture an, bento), where I will put any comments on this…

After, she answers more of her fans about the bike/Estrella and her difficulties during the formation. And specially her tutor (sensei), who is encouraging her to do her best. But I already explain it at the begin of this post. I don’t think many people are interesting in the western, so I don’t details. I think many people have already try to have a permit drive and the difficulties to have it.

Now you can accelerate and go on 23.07 of the radio, because pratically during 20 minutes she speak about her formation and Estrella.

At 23.07-2/29.11, Yura try a karaoke, and believe that clearly beautiful. But since that’s a long time that she sings the song, she have some difficulties all during the karaoke to remember the lyrics ; specially because she is singing the part of Konori at the same time… But after all… It was clearly Yura-sama VOICE ! Since it’s karaoke, that was clearly impressive. When she passes to her original voice to her singing voice, I have cleraly orgasms *_* !

Anyways this is this song that she is singing with Konori. The english subtitles are included on the video :

And the last part (29.11-until at the end) is a new song. I don’t remember this song of Yura, so it’s probably a new one… I don’t know at all if this song will apear in a next CD of Yura, or it’s just a bonus of Yura for the Apollo. The song is really soft.

That’s all for Yura. The last part of my post is only for french people.

Japan Expo

J’ai clairement pas envie d’écrire un roman sur la Japan Expo. Tout d’abord je n’irais pas à la JE. J’ai plus trop de motivation pour y aller, car les prix ne font qu’augmenter chaque année, et il y a vraiment de plus en plus de monde. Je préfère économiser pour le M3-38.

Néanmoins quelque petit trucs pour les doujins.
– si vous voulez acheter les doujins il y a le stand de showdo records. Mais je ne sais pas du tout s’ils vendent des nouveaux doujins cette année. J’aimerais bien, car l’année dernière, il avait mis la même chose qu’il y a deux ans, donc j’étais déçu. Le mieux est de leur envoyer un mail ou un tweet si vous voulez plus d’infos.
– il y a aussi le stand the Touhou-online qui sera là. Apparemment, ils feront une conférence pour expliquer TH et présenter à ceux qui ne connaissent pas. Ils vendent aussi des CD de doujins de TH (beaucoup même) et autres goodies. Donc allez faire un tour si vous avez le temps.

Et c’est tout pour les doujins. Il doit y avoir d’autres stands comme ceux des Vocaloids, mais comme je me suis pas informé, cette fois, il ne reste plus qu’à chercher par vous-même:).

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3 réponses à “Next CDs of Yura + Apollo 4 + others news

  1. Devilkry

    24 juin 2017 at 14 h 39 min

    I know this post is old, but I didn’t know this version of Yura and Konori. I’m still not sure if I like Konori’s way of singing because it always seems his throat is going to explode lol, But his voice sure is strong haha


    • Meriole

      24 juin 2017 at 17 h 58 min

      Konori’s voice is clearly something that disturb the first time you listen it. Everyone said the same thing about it. Even me, the first time, I was clearly a litte surprise and I was wondering if I like it or not. But at the end, I really like it. His voice is really strong just like the songs from church. If you want to listen more about him, listen a very old CD from Yura called « phantasm parade ( ». The CD is a collaboration between Konori and Yura Hatsuki. It’s the first and only collaboration they made together, and I really wish to see another one in the future. Please listen it, it’s a very excellent CD. Your opinion about Konori will change believe me.


      • Devilkry

        27 juin 2017 at 3 h 47 min

        I listened to it, I’m so surprised how low the notes from both of them were! The low notes from Yura in Soleil were beautiful. My favourite song was Saihate no tsuki, they managed some extreme vocals in that song. Thanks for the recommendation, it is true that now I like Konori much more hahaha



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