(C90) Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ / Gothic collection stories

06 Juil

[EDIT 25/08/2016] Here, the full translation + full explication of the CD Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ 

[EDIT 17/08/2016] Dear western people you can buy the new CD Shadows of Yura on this page. This is the MelonbooksDL where you can buy it in digital download. Normally the CD is a 320k + scans included. Good listening.

[EDIT 11/08/2016] I just want to say something official. Yura-sama has asked to people to avoid to upload the CD Shadows on Youtube after the convention. Actually she asked to wait six months after the realease of a CD. From a long time she never complain about Youtube, and she even ask herself to forgive her for this changement of behaviour. Actually, the problem comes the fact that she collabores with many doujin artists that she likes. And this time to respect their works, she has decided to be egoist. Those artists continue to give her, to produce songs of quality and she wants to respect their choices, specially because she has many relation who help her with the last CD.

This not a new for me, because she already asked it during the Apollo, but I was waiting that she says it officially. I’m sorry, for Youtubers, but please be careful for the next CD. I think there are highs chance that Yura strike videos on Youtube. Also, to respect the wish of Yura, I will delete all the Youtube link on my blog. Don’t worry I will continue to post the translation. Yura says herself that she don’t bother that I post the lyrics on my blog. 

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6 réponses à “(C90) Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ / Gothic collection stories

  1. blackmirror

    10 juillet 2016 at 0 h 05 min

    Looking forward to this, I love Okka compositions.


    • Meriole

      10 juillet 2016 at 13 h 40 min

      Oh *_* ! Thanks you for your opinion. I’m very happy. Yes, me too I love so much Okka. I don’t know at all, if it will make one or two compositions in the next CD. Anyways, if you love Okka, don’t forget to listen Absolute Castaway circle. You will find your hapiness.


      • blackmirror

        12 juillet 2016 at 2 h 18 min

        I’ll be thanking you for your translations, is simply amazing. Oh yes, I’ve heard some albums by absolute castaway, I like them a lot. I have listened to okka’s own circle too, Mamyukka. He’s very good especially in halloween themed songs ^^


      • Meriole

        12 juillet 2016 at 18 h 12 min

        Thanks you to take a look to my translation. I hope you love more the beautiful gothic songs of Yura, after read them. I’ll do my best to continue to give translations of quality. I’m really happy now ^///^.


  2. Alejandro Rueda

    16 août 2016 at 23 h 33 min

    Hi i’m Alejandro from Colombia, thanks for your hard work, i really appreciate to know what the songs are about :3 long life to Yura and it’s voice of goddess!!!


    • Meriole

      17 août 2016 at 9 h 36 min

      Thanks you so much! I’m really glad if you enjoy this preview and the rest of my work. I have already study the CD Shadows ,so I know what is about all songs. But, I’m actually in holidays. I will come back the next week and I try to translate everything. The lyrics this time are not difficult but a little long. But even so, I think eveything will appear rapidely. This time most of the songs are gothic and sad at the same time. So, I hope just like the princesses, the story of the doctor and the fairy will touch the heart of people. And thanks to take the look of the work of Yura. She deserves to be really more popular.



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