Pocket Mirror / by Astral Shift [FULL WALKTHROUGH+Explication of 20% of the story]

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Title : Pocket Mirror
Made by : Astral Shift / (the different members of the game)
Playable on PC
Released : 23/07/2016
Genre : Horror / Adventure / Mystery / Baroque game
Time : 8 hours maximum

Donwload the game (free) / (1.80GO ! is a very heavy game) :

• In english language (VO) : (choose one of the three links)

If you have a problem with the installation of the game, thanks to take a look to the FAQ :

Synopsys by the team :
A certain girl’s awakening is unraveled in a whimsical, surreal world of adventure and conflict where nothing is what it seems.

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Subjective Review :

Three years of waiting and an awesome game, like I think. I have pratically played all horror RPG games, this one can be clearly in the top 10 of best RPG maker games, without hesitation. I’m glad also that many people enjoy the game and it’s success.


If you played many horror game like Ib, Witch house, the contain is not very different from them game.

The game is about a girl who don’t remember who she is. All the game she try to remember her name. She will encounter some others girls who will try to help her (or want to kill her).

After, everything in this game is art. The team say herself that the game is 80% of pictures and 20% of story. Every events in the game can be analyzed to understand who is actually the heroine.

Actually the game is really interesting, if you succeed to have the four ending of the game. The first time that you playing the game you will understand pratically nothing it’s better to replay a second time. That’s why I recomend to take a look to the walktrough that you can have all ending of the game.

I really recommend this game to 200% you will not be dissapointed. The story is really well imagined that you can write a big theories of ten pages. The characters are really appealing, the design is awesome, and the songs are beautiful. The enigmas have they difficulties, the horror is present, ect… Except the first purchase by the blonde hair girl, everything in the game is perfect. Anyways, a good horror RPG Maker like I like.

You can find every solution and advice of the game on this page (full walkthrough):

Now the spoiler. Before to read the spoiler you need to have see the four endings. Every ending are really revelant. Also, like I say the game is an art and every detail in the game can be analyzed.

I see there are a blog created for the theories of this game :


There also a lot of comments that you can find on Youtube. Just write Pocket Mirror interpretations, explications or theories, and take a look in the comments, you should have many spoils.


There are already a lot of thoeries. I really want to write my theories of this game, but like I say every details can be analysed and I can write a novel for this one. Sadly, I don’t have the time for this…

So, I decided to more explained the 20% of story, like say the creator. Sorry, to write a little explication. My explication is more to explain what is happening in the game. Okay now, I begin my explication of the stories. My thoeries were was the one that I have, after I finish to have the four ending. It means I don’t take a look to other theories, before to write them.


Who is the heroine ? According to the ending, her name is Goldia. And she is suffering of demential, lunacy, ect… according a medical report. In fact, this report affirms that Goldia suffers of  multiple personnalities. Be careful, you must understand that what it’s write from the medical report. That’s don’t mean that it says the truth to 100%. I will detail after.

Actually, all girls that you encounter in the game: Fleta, Harpae, Lisette are in reality a personnality of Goldia. Except Enjel, who is a fake. Enjel was one of the creation of the Strange Boy.

Fleta represent the selfish, egoism part of Goldia, when she was very young. Lisette is the madness of Goldia. And in last Harpae, is the one of maturity, construction (Harpae personnality has for role to protect against the personnality madness of Goldia). Noticed, that the personnality appear in this order in the real life of Goldia: Fleta, Lisette, Harpae. And it the game it appears: Fleta, Harpae, Lisette.

What is happening to the heroine in the game ? According the ending « Dawn », the heroine is making a sort of long sleep/nightmare, where she can awake only if she saves/accept all her personnality. I refer of course of all regalia that you must reunited to have the good ending.


Now, time to speak about the strange boy and Elise. Elise is the mother of Goldia and according of her letter she is the cause of everything happens in the game. The strange boy has no name, but it’s probably a demon. According the first novel that you read in the game :

« I once lived in a small village when I was young. My youth was spent in hard labor and cold, sleepless nights. I often dreamt about a better future, one that could fill my stomach with luxurious sweets and thick, expensive steaks.


…a certain someone had been granting wishes in the woods to anyone who dared summon a certain name…


Someone who wasn’t quite… Human. »

There also a picture in the game where we see Elise who accept the hand of the strange boy (in the picture it looks like Goldia, but it’s in reality Elise when she was young). According, this novel she probably wishes to have a better condition of life. In fact, she made a pact with the devil. When you play the part of Harpae, you can see many time Elise when she is adult. But she is living in a mannor. In fact her and family are rich. But according the letter of Elise, to have acess of her condition, she says that she exchange the name of someone. Probably she sells her daughter Goldia, to the strange boy in whising that she lives her, and her family in rich condition. Even so, in the picture of the family, you can see that the member don’t look very happy.

In the medical report it says that the member of the family of Goldia are all dead, except Goldia. Why ? I think, it can be explain by the multiple personnality of heroine. Elise has sold her daughter to have better condition of life for her and family. But when the strange boy comes back to have Goldia, probably she refuses. Maybe the demon has cursed Goldia (I remember, you can see Goldia with a devil smile in one of the pictures of the cylinders), which is making responsible of her different personnalities. The demon also cursed all other member of the family :

  • the mother Elise have a poor condition of life, according a report in the librairy
  • the twin brother of Elise (his name seems Henri) has different novel writing by his hands where it seems he has made a deal with a devil. According one of the cylinder : “There is a secret I share with Mother. A secret you and Father pretend not to know about, but are well aware of its consequences… I’m intending to take it with me to the grave when the time comes, however… Unlike Mother, I will take his hand with full commitment. …not regret leaving you in that man’s hands… Perhaps… he so wishes, we… able to meet again someday… My dear sister.”
  • the father Sergent Major, probaly is died of grief, when Elise dissapeared : “Elise? What am I doing… Calling out to you like this… I’m so foolish.. so lost without you… Everything changed… and no cigar… no liquor… Not even other women can take my thought away from you… Elise… If only I had known how to help you…”


So why Goldia is alive ? Goldia is the same of her mother. She has sold someone to the strange boy. This person is Lisette, one her personnality. Lisette say clearly that she is like her mother and that she rejected her, to have a better life. Probably, the demon was trick by Goldia. To make revenge, his probably plunge Goldia in a long sleep/nightmare  to recuperate her name. This one after all, has been sold by her mother.

That’s why Lisette try always to kill or hate so much Goldia for her trahison, contrarly to Fleta or Harpae.


Now, I will explain each role of girl in the game. Fleta and Harpae want to keep Goldia to their side. Why ? Because Goldia has the pocket Mirror. The pocket Mirror reflects the reflection of someone on it. The one who success to keep Goldia, keep the Pocket Mirror. It means that Goldia has recognized one of her personnality and she will rest with her forever, together. In the end « Porcelain », Fleta keeps Goldia, and in the end « Blindness » Harpae hyptonizes Goldia in order that she rests with her. In resting with her these personnality/girls will not shared.

Lisette must be like the two other, but because Goldia has sold her to the strange boy, probably she was torture. You will notice the circus of Lisette and her torture. Also, Lisette is the only one who is in the field of the strange boy, that it means for me, that she was really selling. Other thing, if that at any moment, each girls are encounter between them, but it seems to know each other.


Anyways to summarize the 20% of the story :


  • When she was young, Elise has sold her daughter Goldia to the demon to have better life. Her wish was making true. When Goldia was born, the demon comes back, to have what is want, but Elise probably refused. So this one cursed all the family. Probably the mutliple personnality of Goldia comes from the curse of the demon.
  • All member of familly will die of this curse, except Goldia, because she trick the strange boy in selling one of her personality: Lisette.
  • Because the strange boy was trick, he plunged Goldia in a long sleep/nightmare, where Goldia is repeating infinitly the same scene. She will encounter Fleta, Harpae, Lisette who are her mutliple personnalities. Until, she doesn’t try to help them/recognize the truth, she will continue to sleep. The only exception of this rule is Enjel who was the creation of the demon to recuperate Goldia.

The different ends can be summarise like that :

  • If you save all the personnalites (have all the regalia), Goldia wakes up from her nightmare, because she recognized the truth. It means she wins against the demon (good ending)
  • If you failed to save each girls, the strange boy will sucess to recuperate Goldia. And probably he will kille her (bad ending)
  • If you have the end « Platinum », it means you sucess to save some personnalities, but failed to save other one. This end represent again, that Goldia is lying to herself. In the end, « Platinum » she is creating again an another personality with a new name: « Platinum ». So, she doesn’t wake up, continuing to be trapped in her lies (normal ending)

That’s my little summarize of the 20% story. The 80% are more just picture like say the author. From these pictures you can write a novel. For example, Fleta and the childish universe can represent the mind of Goldia when she was very young. The map of Lisette are the demential side. The map of Harpea can represent the manor, where was living Goldia.


Thanks to have take your time to read. Don’t hesitate to take the look of the other theories of the game, in reading the one of other people.


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