トリスタンと従士とイゾルデと侍女 (Tristan to juusha to Iseult to jijo) – english translation / Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ (Shadows ~Kage iro yousei ehon~)

25 Août

I must say, I’m really surprise by this song. Actually, I really love it. The song takes very good the story of Tristan and Iseult. There are also a lot of reference used in the song. I really wonder if Yura know all of them…

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Notes :

Reference from the novel :

Failnaught : It’s the name of the bow of Tristan. It uses to chase in the wood. This bow is also uses all in the novel, to different actions made by Tristan.

Brangien : she is the maid of the princess Iseult. But she is also the one who make the accident in letting drink, by mistake, the love potion between Tristan and Iseult. All the novel she will feeling guilty and will try her best to always protect the secret love between them.

Gouvernail : he is the equerry, friend of Tristan and an important character in the novel. He will always help Tristan during difficult tests and will be always loyal to him. He often gives good advice to tristan and he is accomplice of the couple.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

There are some colours associated to the characters in the song, that refer to the characters to the novel :

The copper maid = Brangien

The golden princess = Iseult, the blonde princess

The silver knight = Tristan

The iron equerry = Gouvernail

The black king = the king Marc

The white princess = Iseult to the white hands (there two Iseult in the novel)

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Many reference are used in the song. And those references don’t come from the novel of Tristan and Iseult. That mean this song is more deeply that it seems. I decide to give you a summarize, of what refers the different references.

Mabinogion : The charater Arianrhod in Welsh Celtic mythology is a goddess who appears especially in the fourth story of the Mabinogion. Her name means « Silver Wheel ». That’s where come the reference in the song. Apparently this charater in the novel, play an important role around the punishment of some characters.

More information here = and

Merrow : a legendary creature in the Scottish and Irish floklore, equivalent to the syrene. The woman are reputated to be beaufiul, contarly to the males who are hideous. See a Merrow for a fisherman is the sign that a storm is comming. In the song, the Merrow is used to announce the disaster love between Tristan and Iseult.

Leanhaun Shee (different ortography possible) : In Celtic folklore, the [leannán sí] is a beautiful woman of the Aos Sí (« people of the barrows ») who takes a human lover. Lovers of the leannán sídhe are said to live brief, though highly inspired, lives. The name comes from the Gaelic words for a sweetheart, lover, or concubine and the term for a tumulus or burial mound. The leannán sídhe is generally depicted as a beautiful muse who offers inspiration to an artist in exchange for their love and devotion; however, this frequently results in madness for the artist, as well as premature death.

Shamrock : is the native name of the leaf-clover by Irish.

Puca (different ortography possible) : is the Irish for spirit/ghost. Considered to be bringers both of good and bad fortune, they could either help or hinder rural and marine.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Title : トリスタンと従士とイゾルデと侍女 / Tristan to juusha to Iseult to jijo (Tristan and the equerry, and Isault and the maid)
Compostion:とろまる / toromaru
Lyrics :一斗まる / ittomaru (this is the special guest for the lyric of this CD. Ittomaru is the same guy who make the drawing in the famous PV « 千本桜 / Senbonzakura » sung by Hatsune Miku)
Vocal:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

– – – – – – – – – – – –

瑠璃色の夜空に 海超え渡る 月の騎士
フェイルノートの矢が 陽の姫の 心射貫く
ruri iro no yozora ni umi koewataru tsuki no kishi
feirunouto no ya ga hi no hime no kokoro inuku
In the lapis lazuli night sky, extends the moon of the knight, crossing the sea.
By the arrow of Failnaught, the heart of the sunny princess is impaled.

運命の誓約 銀の輪 軋む マビノギオン
赦されぬ想いを かきたてる メロウの歌
unmei no seiyaku gin no wa kishimu mabinogion
yurusarenu omoi wo kakitateru merou no uta
Grates on this promised fate, the silver wheel, Mabinogion.
Awakens the song of Merrow, that doesn’t forgive those feelings!

闇 密やかに 星 儚げに
夢 しめやかに 戀 焦がれてく
yami hisoyaka ni hoshi hakana geni
yume shimeyaka ni koi kogareteku
In the silent darkness, in the soft dream,
A true ephemeral star is deeply in love.

ああ 心と 引き替えに
祈りは 呪いとなる リャナン•シーの罠
aa kokoro to hikikae ni
inori wa noroi to naru ryanan • shii no wana
Ah! My heart converted
Into prayers, and becomes a curse Leanhaun • Trap of Shee!

銅の侍女 金の姫 銀の騎士
咲かない 茨の憂い
dou no jijo kin no hime gin no kishi
sakanai ibara no urei
The copper maid, the golden princess, the silver knight
Can’t bloom, in the sorrow of brambles

逃れるほどに 捕らわれ
濡れた 蕾は 艶やかに
nogareru hodo ni toraware
nureta tsubomi wa tsuyayaka ni
The wet shining buds,
Escape violently of their imprisonement!

戀を 聖杯に そそいで
飲み干す 罠の媚薬
koi wo seihai ni sosoide
nomihosu wana no biyaku
Love has been poured, in the Holy-Grail
And that aphrodisiac trap, has been drunk…

シャムロックの丘で 澄み渡る風 地を駆ける
救国の姫を 奪うは 仇敵の騎士
shamarokku no oka de sumiwataru kaze chi wo kakeru
kyuukoku no hime wo ubau wa kyuuteki no kishi
In the hill of Shamrock, the cristallin wind runs on the soil.
By the enemies of the knight, the devoted princess has been stolen.

運命の白銀 歯車 巡る マビノギオン
偽りの想いを 嘲笑う プーカの声
unmei no shirogane haguruma meguru mabinogion
itsuwari no omoi wo azawarau puuka no koe
Turns on this silver fate, the cog, Mabinogion.
The voice of Puca makes fun of those false feelings!

欲 たぐり寄せ 蜜 絡めあい
熱 くちづけて 愛 狂おしく
yoku taguri yose mitsu karame ai
netsu kuchizukete ai kuruoshiku
Feverish kiss… Crazy love…
This entangled honeyed love, is gathering desires…

ああ 命と 引き替えに
報いは 恨みとなる リャナン•シーの罰
aa inochi to hikikae ni
mukui wa urami to naru ryanan • shii no batsu
Ah! My life converted
Into retribution, and becomes a grudge Leanhaun • Punishment of Shee!

鉄の従士 銀の騎士 金の姫
朽ちゆく 茨の呪い
tetsu no juusha gin no kishi kin no hime
kuchiyuku ibara no noroi
The iron equerry, the silver knight, the golden princess
Are rotting in the malediction of brambles

抗うほどに 奪われ
穿つ 棘は 嗚呼、奥深く
aragau hodo ni ubaware
ugatsu toge wa aa, okufukaku
The thrust thorns are… Ah! So deep!
Tearing violently, the resistance

愛を 聖杯に 満たして
溢れる 罪の媚薬
ai wo seihai ni mitashite
afureru tsumi no biyaku
Love has been fulfilled, by the Holy-Grail
And that aphrodisiac trap, is overflowing…

姫に恋し仕える ブランジァン
侍女に想い寄せる ゴルヴナル
騎士に焦がれ堕ちいていく イゾナデ
姫を王から奪う トリスタン
hime ni koishi tsukaeru buranjin
jijo ni omoi yoseru goruvunaru
kishi ni kogare ochiite iku izonade
hime wo ou kara ubau torisutan
Brangien is working with the princess in love
Gouvernail gets closer with the plan of maid
Iseult is falling in love with the knight
Tristan steals the princess from the king

黒の王 金の姫 銀の騎士
枯れゆく 茨の悲鳴
kuro no ou kin no hime gin no kishi
kare yuku ibara no himei
The black king, the golden princess, the silver knight
Are withering in the screams of brambles

逃れるほどに 囚われ
狂い咲いた 薔薇は 手折られて
nogareru hodo ni toraware
kurui saita bara wa taorarete
Torn, the roses bloom,
Escape violently of their imprisonement!

白の姫 銀の騎士 金の姫
堕ちゆく 茨の涙
shiro no hime gin no kishi kin no hime
ochiyuku ibara no namida
The white princess, the silver knight, the golden princess
Are falling in the tears of brambles

溺れるほどに 侵され
残る 裏切りの 眷恋
oboreru hodo ni okasare
nokoru uragiri no enren
The betrayal of a distant love
Leaves a violent drowning

命 聖杯に 浸して
背徳の 死の媚薬
inochi seihai ni hitashite
haitoku no shi no biyaku
Lifes have been plunged by the Holy-Grail,
The immoral aphrodisiac of death.


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