Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ (Shadows ~Kage iro yousei ehon~) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics

25 Août


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Only one album of Yura for the C90. I will be honest for me the CD has the same level than Clockwork, that means that this CD is a specific one. If Clockwork was based on the steam, this one is more orientated in the celtic (except the first track). I think Yura wants to make calm/sad/celtic songs, because it’s the holidays summer and she wants « a wind of freshness ». So, if you don’t like the kind, you will not very like the CD. Anyways, this CD is in the series of Yura, that continues to create CDs with different genre.

Personally, I don’t think many people have enjoy the CD, the songs are calm and the story are more sad this time than gothic. I recommend to read the comment of Yura for each songs, because this time it’s impossible to understand the songs without have read them (specially the one with the doctor and fairy). Actually, I think most of people will be dissapointed by the lyrics/story or will find them too simple/classic.

Myself, I really enjoy the CD, even if the song are too simple, they continue to carve in the Yura’s style, and simple songs are always good for me, because they touch my mind. I think there are always beauty in simple lyrics, than puzzle one. The compositions are just very excellent this time (like Clockwork). I think, even the composition are better than the voice of Yura herself. And I’m really surprise to find some compositors who are doing something else that their main style.

Concerning the CD, I have a preference in this order : 5, 2, 4, 7, 1, 3, 6

I hope you will enjoy my work has always. See you for the M3-38, even if I’m ultra-scared for the Seifuu CD, with surely four songs recycled (for some reason Merry become blank)…

Special Thanks at Axfaerie Marionette for the kanjis!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

01. 蠱惑の森 / Kowaku no mori (The Alluring Forest)


Comment of Yura on her blog :
The composition is typical of the entry of a forest, from a dark fairy tale. The atmosphere will make remember you, a fantastic movie.
When I heard for the first time the sound, of the musical scale, I can’t stop my heart to pounding.
And the lovely lyrics of Youno intensify a mystery world, full of riddles.

Comment of Meriole :
This is the story of dark fairy, who is singing in an alluring forest. Her voice/song is so beautiful that many people enter inside the forest like intrigue, to know who is singing, and also by the beauty of the forest.

After you search, where is coming the song, before your notice, you will finish to be lost in this forest. Trying to escape, you will never finish to leave this one.

The fairy traps hers victims, until they finish to die, by fatigue. It’s just like a game for her…

I think probably everyone has put this song in favorite one (not my case). But it’s normal, this song is a classical one, typical of Yura. I mean the bewitching voice of Yura, the beautiful short lyrics of Yuu, full of riddle, and all credits are given to Okka for this awesome mysterious composition.

This song is 100% gothic and that’s her only default. Actually, this song is the intruder of the CD. All the song of the CD are based in the celtic, so I will prefer than this song will be put in an another CD of Yura more gothic, than in this celtic one. That’s why, I don’t put it in favorite one. I will prefer an another celtic song, to have a complete celtic CD. However the song is awesome, nothing more to say on it. After you have read the lyrics, I know that you will more fall in love on it.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

ほら 瞳を閉じれば 歌声が聞こえてくる
不滅の森の奥から 招くような囁き
hora hitomi wo tojireba utagoe ga kikoete kuru
fumetsu no mori no oku kara maneku you na sasayaki

Dance Dance 回れ もっと華やかに
Dance Dance 回れ 本能よ
激しく脈打つ 薔薇の真実より紅い紅い心臓
Dance Dance maware motto hanayaka ni
Dance Dance maware honnou yo
hageshiku myakuutsu bara no shinjitsu yori akai akai shinzou

少女は微笑む その顔に迷いも憂いもなく
満月に照らされ 誘われてゆく 永い永い眠りへ
shoujo wa hohoemu sono kao ni mayoi mo urei mo naku
mangetsu ni terasare sasowarete yuku nagai nagai nemuri e

yousei wa yume sarau

ほら 心を澄ませば 僭越が歩いてくる
意識の海の底から 純真なる眼差し
hora kokoro wo sumaseba senetsu ga aruite kuru
ishiki no umi no soko kara junshin naru manazashi

Dance Dance 回れ もっと狂おしく
Dance Dance 回れ 恍惚
命を断ち切る 夜の帳より蒼い蒼い闇よ
Dance Dance maware motto kuruoshiku
Dance Dance maware koukotsu
inochi wo tachikiru yoru no tobari yori aoi aoi yami yo

少女は微笑む その顔に怒りも嘆きもなく
定めに従い 誘われてゆく 永い永い眠りへ
shoujo wa hohoemu sono kao ni ikari mo nageki mo naku
sadame nishitagai sasowarete yuku nagai nagai nemuri e
fukaku fukaku fukaku fukaku

yousei wa shi wo kazaru

ほら 瞳を閉じれば 歌声が蝕んでゆく
気づかぬうちに 貴女の心を 愛を
hora hitomi wo tojireba utagoe ga mushibande yuku
kizukanu uchi ni anata no kokoro wo ai wo

02. Fairy Doctor:initium


Comment of Yura on her blog :
The story of a fairy « who will ply with the heart » of a young man, this one, interesting in the magic of fairy. The fairy on a « caprice prank », will please the young man, in giving help, as assitant.
In this place, it was like a favour for the young man. But before someone notices, the fairy has completely disapeared.
I try in the lyrics, to make feel the sincerity and the sorrow of the music of Mr. Tsukagoshi.

Comment of Meriole :
The story is in a point of view of a male doctor who is studying the magic of fairy.
This song is more based of his memories when he remember the time, that he has passing with the fairy. Even if the fairy has dissapeared, he continues to sudy the magic, in hoping one day to have the same knowledge of the fairy. His researchs are written in a precious grimoire.

This song is connected to « Dark Night Fairy:finis ». Go to see it, for more explication of what happen between the fairy and doctor.

Serioulsy, Tsukagoshi you can make violin o_0 ! This is the first time that I’m hearing you made this sort of composition, and I’m clearly choked. Even when you collabore with other artists you never make this sort of composition. The style is quite unique for you, isn’t it ?
It’s a simple song and I really enjoy it ^^.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

透明な羽広げ 空をあおいだ瞳 緑を癒す魔法
itsunomanika kimi wa sugata wo keshite
machi no akari dake ga kage wo kizamu yo
toumei na hane hiroge sora wo aoi da hitomi midori wo iyasu mahou
sotto boku dake ni oshiete kureta himitsu

いつか君の元へ 辿り着けたのなら
優しく触れた意味と心 教えて
sen no yoru no yume wo kataritsugu maboroshi
oku no kagayaki kara umareochita hi no kakera
itsuka kimi no moto e tadoritsuketa no nara
yasashiku fureta imi to kokoro oshiete

shizuku ha ni hitashite namae wo yonde
mabuta ni ategaeba ukabidasu sekai
orokada to yokubari to kimi wa warau darouka
tesaguri sagashiateta hito to ma no sukima wo tsumugu kasuka na ito

僕の血で描いて 此処に記そうグリモワール
誰も知らなくて良い 密かな快楽を
激しく求め乞うは 君の残り香
hitotsu no shinjitsu ga hyaku no hou wo umidasu
boku no chi de egaite koko ni shirusou gurimowaaru
dare mo shira nakute ii hisoka na kairaku wo
hageshiku motome kou wa kimi no nokoriga

命を削られて 呪い満ち溢れても
枯れない知の泉は 君が残した最後の贈り物だね
inochi wo kezurarete noroi michiafurete mo
karenai chi no izumi wa kimi ga nokoshita saigo no okurimono da ne

いつか君の元へ 辿り着けたのなら
優しく触れた意味と心 教えて
sen no yoru no yume wo kataritsugu maboroshi
oku no kagayaki kara umareochita hi no kakera
itsuka kimi no moto e tadoritsuketa no nara
yasashiku fureta imi to kokoro oshiete

激しく求め乞うは 君の残り香
hageshiku motome kou wa kimi no nokoriga

03. Anima

Comment of Yura on her blog :
The music is on the image of a buzzing, resounding faintly, in the dense forest.

Comment of Meriole :
Anima is a Latin word and means « blow ».

The song is clearly celtic and lovely. Actually, it remember me, some sceneries of the beautiful landscape of old forests of Bretagne.

04. トリスタンと従士とイゾルデと侍女 / Tristan to juusha to Iseult to jijo (Tristan and the equerry, and Isault and the maid)


Comment of Yura on her blog :
恋愛物語「トリスタンとイゾルデ」だそうです。あぁぁ 目の付け所が流石でございます。
Dramatic lyrics of ittomaru, in an intense sad romantic song by toromaru.
Together they made a beautiful collaboration. The song is based on the poets, of Middle Ages, in the vast Imparial court, to tell the love story of « Tristan and Iseult ».
Aaah! My point of view is still the same.
I want to oriented a little in « adults chuchu contents » to confer a profound pleasant reading.

Comment of Meriole :
This song is inspired of the novel « Tristan and Iseult ( »

I have read the novel entirely, before to make the translation and it was really helpful.

To understand more the song, I will explain what is important to know in the story. Tristan is the knight, and Iseult is the blonde princess. The story is about a forbidden/taboo love. Tristan and Iseult have drunk a « love potion » that make falling in love for eternity. So, this is a « false love. »

Or, Tristan to have the respect of the king Marc, has promise to offer him, Iseult. But because of the effect of the potion, he always betray the trust that have confer the king. So, the king finish to chase Tristan of his castle.

All the novel Tristan and Iseult are always trying to search each others in hiding place, and there are even a passage where Tristan kidnap the princess of the king. There always helped by Brangien (the maid) and Gouvernail (the equerry).

The curse of potion is if the two persons are not together, they finish to die, by love.

I will not hide it, the song is excellent ONLY if you have read the novel to understand the story. You can find the summarize on Internet if you want to know more what is about the song.

The composition is really beautiful and the lyrics are really deeply. That’s clearly one of my favorite song of the CD. But, the problem is the choice of the reference. « Tristan and Iseult » comes from a celtic french origin.

And sadly, even in France, the novel is not so much popular. So, I’m pretty sure that nobody in the Eastern/Japeneses has enjoyed the song or understand this one. Too bad, because each paragraphs in the song, refers to a passage of a novel.

It’s really strange that Yura has choiced this reference. Normally, she always takes tales reputated, to make gothic songs. But not this time. Even myself, I think it will be better to continue to take popular tale, that everyone can profite to the maximum of the song.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

瑠璃色の夜空に 海超え渡る 月の騎士
フェイルノートの矢が 陽の姫の 心射貫く
ruri iro no yozora ni umi koewataru tsuki no kishi
feirunouto no ya ga hi no hime no kokoro inuku

運命の誓約 銀の輪 軋む マビノギオン
赦されぬ想いを かきたてる メロウの歌
unmei no seiyaku gin no wa kishimu mabinogion
yurusarenu omoi wo kakitateru merou no uta

闇 密やかに 星 儚げに
夢 しめやかに 戀 焦がれてく
yami hisoyaka ni hoshi hakana geni
yume shimeyaka ni koi kogareteku

ああ 心と 引き替えに
祈りは 呪いとなる リャナン•シーの罠
aa kokoro to hikikae ni
inori wa noroi to naru ryanan • shii no wana

銅の侍女 金の姫 銀の騎士
咲かない 茨の憂い
dou no jijo kin no hime gin no kishi
sakanai ibara no urei

逃れるほどに 捕らわれ
濡れた 蕾は 艶やかに
nogareru hodo ni toraware
nureta tsubomi wa tsuya ya kani

戀を 聖杯に そそいで
飲み干す 罠の媚薬
koi wo seihai ni sosoide
nomihosu wana no biyaku

シャムロックの丘で 澄み渡る風 地を駆ける
救国の姫を 奪うは 仇敵の騎士
shama rokku no oka de sumiwataru kaze chi wo kakeru
kyuukoku no hime wo ubau wa kyuuteki no kishi

運命の白銀 歯車 巡る マビノギオン
偽りの想いを 嘲笑う プーカの声
unmei no shirogane haguruma meguru mabinogion
itsuwari no omoi wo azawarau puuka no koe

欲 たぐり寄せ 蜜 絡めあい
熱 くちづけて 愛 狂おしく
yoku taguri yose mitsu karame ai
netsu kuchizukete ai kuruoshiku

ああ 命と 引き替えに
報いは 恨みとなる リャナン•シーの罰
aa inochi to hikikae ni
mukui wa urami to naru ryanan • shii no batsu

鉄の従士 銀の騎士 金の姫
朽ちゆく 茨の呪い
tetsu no juusha gin no kishi kin no hime
kuchiyuku ibara no noroi

抗うほどに 奪われ
穿つ 棘は 嗚呼、奥深く
aragau hodo ni ubaware
ugatsu toge wa aa, okufukaku

愛を 聖杯に 満たして
溢れる 罪の媚薬
ai wo seihai ni mitashite
afureru tsumi no biyaku

姫に恋し仕える ブランジァン
侍女に想い寄せる ゴルヴナル
騎士に焦がれ堕ちいていく イゾナデ
姫を王から奪う トリスタン
hime ni koishi tsukaeru buranjin
jijo ni omoi yoseru goruvunaru
kishi ni kogare ochiite iku izonade
hime wo ou kara ubau torisu tan

黒の王 金の姫 銀の騎士
枯れゆく 茨の悲鳴
kuro no ou kin no hime gin no kishi
kare yuku ibara no himei

逃れるほどに 囚われ
狂い咲いた 薔薇は 手折られて
nogareru hodo ni toraware
kurui saita bara wa taorarete

白の姫 銀の騎士 金の姫
堕ちゆく 茨の涙
shiro no hime gin no kishi kin no hime
ochi yuku ibara no namida

溺れるほどに 侵され
残る 裏切りの 眷恋
oboreru hodo ni okasare
nokoru uragiri no kenren

命 聖杯に 浸して
背徳の 死の媚薬
inochi seihai ni hitashite
haitoku no shi no biyaku

05. Dark Night Fairy:finis


Comment of Yura on her blog :
The sound of etchnic instrument by Drop has made a lovely composition.
The content of lyrics, will be a song directly link with an another one, which will turn in the point of view of the fairy, looking the world. Where, she explains why she has dissepeared, in front of the young man.
I try to illustrate a persuasion, without fail.

Comment of Meriole :
This song is connected to « Fairy Doctor:initium ». Fairy doctor is in the point of view of the young doctor and this one in the point of view of the fairy. So, the two songs make a little story, to know what happen between their relation.

And the reason why the fairy has left the doctor is because of a curse. There are a passage in the song where she says that before, hers colors were golden and she was pretty. But at the begin of the song she says that she is hiding her black skin, with hers wings.

Actually, the truth of the song is that the fairy and the doctor has fallen in love each other. I think because she was a fairy, fallen in love with a human was forbidden. When, she fell in love, the curse was actived, and her skin began to become black. And of course, more she is thinking to the doctor more this curse is spreading on her body. Do not make worry the doctor she ran away, that he not discover the truth. The truth that this curse is actually killing her. She will finish to die, that her punishment, for the taboo that she has committed.

Concerning the doctor, I don’t think that he knew the truth. I think he is just sad that the fairy dissapeared, without explain the reason. But I think, the reason that he continues to study the magic is to find a way, to find her. But even if he finds her, the fairy will be probably die.

That’s a sad story T_T…

For me the fairy and the doctor are so far the best story of the CD. But I’m scare that nobody like it, because it just a classical love story. Anyways, I hope you will share a tear for the fairy. Clearly my favorite song of the CD, full all feeling overflowing and the composition of Drop is reinforcing all the pain of the fairy.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

秘密の扉 鍵は私だけのもの
躰這う 闇 侵され
tachigareta mori no oku ni
himitsu no tobira kagi wa watashi dake no mono
karada hau yami okasare
mushibamu itami ga sasu

もう少し あと少しと
mousukoshi ato sukoshi to
kuro bita hada wo kakushi hane wo yasumete wa
anata e to waraikakeru
noroi ni mo nita negai

切なく 愛しい
hitotsu no toikake no naka ni aru
shinjitsu no kanjou wo
kakushi kire nakute anata no hou ni fureta
setsunaku itoshii

asu ni wa yabureta hane wo hirogete
kono machi wo de te iku to kimeta kara
utsukushii sugata no kioku no mama
mata ne to tsubuyaki te wo furu no
nidoto aenai sadame demo

貴方の瞳 浮かぶ
fushoku shita yubi no saki ni
kiniro no rinpun ga watashi wo irodoru
kireida to homete kureta
anata no hitomi ukabu

kokoro no soko de wa motomete iru
itsukushinda sono te wo
kanashimase takunai kara nigeta noni
ima, anata wo sagashite

街並み 揺れる形 刻む孤独
追イカケデ 追イカケナイデホシイ
相反する感情 裂ける
涙 懺悔と 闇の中
sora wa moeru you na aka ni somari
machi nami yureru kagee kizamu kodoku
oikakete oikakete naide hoshii
aihan suru kanjou sakeru
namida zange to yami no naka

涙 想いと 風になる
asu ni wa yabureta hane wa kuchihate
tamashii mo mushibama rekieru deshou
utsukushii sugata no kioku no mama
eien ni anata to aritai
namida omoi to kaze ni naru

06. Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ / Shadows ~Kage iro yousei ehon~ (Shadows ~Shadowed, magical picture book~)


Comment of Yura on her blog :
A fairy tale growing in an up-tempo composition. The sound of the accordion, of behind, is beautiful.
The content of lyrics is about a young girl of little spoiled, who was be taken away, by a fairy tale.
The song lyrics is painted in the way, of a story, of a mysterious picture book.

Comment of Meriole :
This is the story of girl, who have never nothing in her life. Suffering of this pain, she wishes to have a better life. One day, she will discover an illustrated book.

So, during the night will become « the party », between the book and the girl. She will begin to recite, the incantations of the book. The book will always ask, to recite more and more of its incantations.

She will use the incantations in order to search, a better life. She wants to have many things, in her life. The book will make her wish a true reality.

But in her mistake, she didn’t notice that she is playing with black magic.

At the end, she will finish absorbed by the book. Without nobody what happen to her, inside of the book.

I will not hide it I’m completely dissapointed by the lyrics of the song.
The song herself don’t really explain what happen to the girl and that’s why I’m dissapointed. I was thinking, after read the comment of Yura, that the song will explain the bad things of what happen to the girl, when she will be absorbed by the book. That’s not all the case, here.

However, the compostion has been made to represent « the party » between the girl and the illustrations of the book, and when Yura sings in this way, I think everyone has orgams. Too bad that the lyrics are not good this time :/…

And actually, I think it’s a happy end for the girl…

– – – – – – – – – – – –

君は呟き 甘えるように拗ねる
ふと目にした絵本 とても古びていて
嘘のような呪文 右に左にと跳ねた
donna majinai de mo nani mo erarenai to
kimi wa tsubuyaki amaeru you ni suneru
futo me ni shita ehon totemo furubite ite
uso no you na jumon migi ni hidari ni to haneta

触れたいなら さぁ 欲深く乞え
yami ni hisomu ikimono e to
furetai nara saa yoku fukaku koe

始まるよ 愚者の宴が
手の鳴るほうへ おいでこちらへ
笑む挿絵 黒い光がふわりと舞い降り笑いあう
hajimaru yo gusha no utage ga
te no naru hou e oi de kochira e
emu sashie kuroi hikari ga fuwari to maiori waraiau

月明り魅せる魔法は 少女の唱える声を求め
駆け回りはしゃいで狂う その名を呼ぶなら意のままに
tsuki akari miseru mahou wa shoujo no tonaeru koe wo motome
kakemawari hashai de kuruu sono na wo yobu nara inomama ni

虚飾ノ心 乗セテ計ッテイルダケ
コノ苦シミ少シ コノ痛ミヲ少シ
誰カノ上ニ 花ノヨウニ飾リタイノ
zen mo aku mo onaji tenbin no ue dawa
kyoshoku no kokoro wasete haka teiru dake
kono kurushimi sukoshi kono hitami wo sukoshi
dareka no ue ni hana noyouni kazari ritaino

taikutsu ni akita shoujo no
karen na negai wo kanaete ageyou

溢れだす薔薇 集めて散らせ
kirisaita mune no naka kara
afure dasu bara atsumete chirase
heibon na kono sekai nado kashikoi kimi ni wa niawanai

真実を探したいなら 差し出した蜜を早くお食べ
甘やかな快楽の中 夢か幻か惑う夜
shinjitsu wo sagashitai nara sashidashita mitsu wo hayaku wo tabe
amayakana kairaku no naka yumeka maboroshika madou yoru

踏み込んだ理に未だ 気が付かないうちに夜が明ける
fumikonda kotowari ni imada ki ga tsuka nai uchi ni yoru ga akeru
sashie ni wa odoru shoujo to jaaku na kemono ga yurete iru

悪戯に魅せる魔法は 少女の歌う声を求めて
駆け回りはしゃいで消えた 全てを捕えて意のままに
itazura ni miseru mahou wa shoujo no utau koe wo motomete
kakemawari hashai de kieta subete wo toraete inomama ni


Comment of Yura on her blog :
Since a clear fog is appeared in the forest, I try to consider that you can’t never success, to exit this one.
And I will be really happy if you can repeat this song for eternity.

Comment of Meriole :
Veritas is a Latin word that means « Truth ».

No matter what I think this song remember me « a screen game over » from a video game.

Lost in the forest = bad end.

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