(M3-38) ORGIA and Halloween of the Dead / Gothic collection stories

24 Sep

[EDIT 28/11/2016] Just a little message from Mery. That’s been 2 days that the CD Halloween of the Dead has been posted, contrarly to ORGIA, that has been posted since 16 days…. Halloween of the Dead has already more of views than ORGIA… Seriously, guys… You were dying to this point to have the SeifuuMeigetsu CD? Argh… The explosion of view on my blog is clearly violent, believe me… Thanks for all people who appreciate the work of Yura and take a look on my blog. I really appreciate, and it makes warm my heart.

[EDIT 26/11/2016] Full translation + full explication of the CD Halloween of the Dead, done. Click on the link.

[EDIT 12/11/2016] Full translation + full explication of the CD ORGIA, done. Click on the link.

 Finally the two CD of the M3-38 are done. I hope you will like my work, and love more Yura songs with my translations.

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4 réponses à “(M3-38) ORGIA and Halloween of the Dead / Gothic collection stories

  1. kaikidan

    27 novembre 2016 at 19 h 19 min

    Great work! Are you interested in english revisions for the translations? I’m a huge Yura fan, and want to help in any way i can with this amazing work, I can provide revisions if you’re interested, and can make synced lirycs if you want too. (example, bottom right corner: )


    • Meriole

      28 novembre 2016 at 13 h 56 min

      Thanks you very much for this kind comment.

      I’m glad if you enjoy my work. For the revision english, I don’t think that I will take someone to help me.

      I know perfectly that my old translations or explications are full of mistake of english, I will no hide it. But I was obligated to begin with something. Of course, my skills are better more I translate songs. I know some people want to help me to correct my old translations, but there are actually too much work.

      There are actually 73 translations to revise, and believe me it’s lot. To begin, the only people who can really help me are US people. Even someone like Fuyuko or Eikhi, who are not english like me, but have an excellent level, can’t help me. It’s my duty, to be careful with the english.

      But, contrarly of what you think, there a lot of translators who help me a lot. I have just to put a tweet in asking is my stanza has sens in english and Releska, Violet, Alexander, Eikhi, Fuyuko, Hades pratically answer me directly. I’m really glad actually that there a lot of people who help me.

      So, I’m sorry I don’t think, I will make no revision for old translations. After all, this blog is my little treasure. It grows in quality as the time passes, just like me. I know some people must find this blog beautiful and others find it as a garbage of english. But actually nobody never say a bad comment about my english, because they know that I’m working hard. And I really appreciate the kind hearts of viewers.

      The other reason that I don’t want is also the fact, that when you create a blog like that, you really need to have a big passion and consecrate a lot of time. The coordination of time is very important for me. Myself, I’m taking a time limit to give all my work. It means that I don’t even time in my real life to come back on my old translations to modificate things. When I post a translation, I consider that I have nothing to hide and I don’t have to modificate something (except if a phrase has jumped, or other special things).

      September to december are my period of work very difficult and very tiring, that’s why I make more time to translate.
      So, people like busy workers, or students with exams, I never will never take them as contributors, for these reasons.

      However, if you want to help me you can follow me on twitter or come more time on my blog. I will always put an edit for the next translations in the home page, if I have a problem, during the translations.

      For synced lyrics, you can use them at the moment you credit me. If possible I will prefer to make one or two synced song by CD, for the simple reason Yura is not really fan to see all hers songs put entirely on Youtube.

      However, I really appreciate you kind toughts. It makes me really happy \(*_*)/! But don’t forget it’s Yura-hime and her collaborators that you need to thanks for all these beautiful gothic stories song. I’m just here, to explain for people who don’t understand Japenese.


      • kaikidan

        28 novembre 2016 at 14 h 51 min

        Thanks for the reply! I understand, but the synced lírics thing is not a YouTube thing as I know doujin artists don’t like videos with their music on YouTube (understandable) it’s a small .lrc file people can use on their media players if suported, I put the video only to serve as a example of how it looks like on my media player (DeadBeef + osd lirycs) kind of a subtitle for video files but for music.XD

        Aimé par 1 personne

      • Meriole

        28 novembre 2016 at 20 h 57 min

        Thanks you for your answer.

        Actually I understand what is the synced lyrics after you explain me (different of subtitles), but personally, I don’t really see the interest.

        I think most of people are reading the translation directly on the blog, in listening the song at the same time. Because I know most of people who are looking my translations also take a look to other translation blogs. So, I don’t think they have problem to follow the translation, with the romaji/english.

        But, you can make your own synced lyrics, it’s not a problem for me.

        Sorry, to not be really positive for your demands.

        But at least, I’m glad that you enjoy the songs of Yura and my work of translation.



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