Recap statistics year 2016

10 Déc

The end of year 2016 is close. So, I decide to create this page about the statistics of my blog. To begin thanks a lot to people. There are always views all day, for the translations/explications on my blog and it makes me really happy to see that people, interesting to the work of Yura, with the help of compositors. This article will not exist, if I don’t have the views. So, thanks again.

Like you know, everytime that someone consults an article on my blog, some statistics and records are save all days. With this blog, I decide to make this recap and my opinion about the viewers of Yura CD.

Please, understand that I don’t lie in this article. If you see things that you can’t believe, understand that every people have their own taste of music. Please understand that I don’t want to say that this CD is better than this one. And I know a lot of people can enjoy a full CD. I just want to create this page, because I find it interesting, to everyone. In fact, I’m just interpreting the views of my blog. The views shows a tendency for all CDs.

Myself, I’m very surprise by some things. Concerning the statistics, you will ask me, how they have sure to 100%? Personnally, I don’t think and I don’t see too much spam when an article is looked. So, I think most of this recap if safe.

Also, I want to say, that there are a lot of people with different nationalities, that consulting my blog, all days. Most of people should think that is Japeneses people, that consulting the most my blog. That’s not all the case! There exist a lot of people with different nationalities, and I’m very surprise to see that Yura has in reality a lot of fan everywhere, in the world. So, I think these statistics gather a lot of different origin people, that gives me, the occasion to create this page.

The article take only CDs of year 2016. So, it means I take all CDs since the C89 to the M3-38 (all CDs that I translate entirely). I know the C89 was in 2015, but the time I translate the two CDs, I was already in 2016. Same for the two CDs, that will appear in the C91.

Also, please understand that I will never give a single number of my statistics. The number are only for me. Even if Yura ask me them, I will never share them. I will always tell if the CD are more of view than this one, ect…

To finish, please understand that I’m not in the head of people to know what they think. I’m just interpret, the numbers of my statistic in function of views, on the article.

I know that CDs are not released to the same time. But don’t worry I made a calcul to have everything, equal. Other way, this recap will be completely wrong.

Let’s begin :

Tsumi ni Nureta Majo –The Lost Sinner-

It was my first CD of Yura, that I translate entirely. The CD has a lot of view, as I excepted. Even with the release of last CDs, this CD continue to have always views, all day. So, I’m clearly don’t worry at all for this CD and the statistics seem to confirm it: a lot of people seems, enjoy the CD.

One thing that I constate, it’s the fact that there no translations that dominates more than another one. It’s more stable. It means that most of people have listen the CD entirely and should have take a look, to all stories of the CD. Actually, that clearly doesn’t shock me, at all. For me, what was work in this CD are clearly the stories. I think someone in the western who have listened the CD, without understand anything should find overall the CD medium. But, I have the feeling that after people take a look to my translations, they completely change theirs opinions, for this CD. And just for this, I’m really glad to have translate this CD entirely, if that’s the case.

Conclusion: I’m not worrying at all for this CD. It will continue to have view by people, because the CD overall was interesting with the stories. It seems that the composition was also good in this one. If that was not the case, why the constant views on my translations ? Anyways, clearly one of the best last CD that release Yura. For me, it’s actually so far, my favorite CD that release Yura this year.

Vanilla Mode

I will not hide it, the view of Vanilla Mode is clearly close to the void (it means pratically any views). Actually I’m not shoked at all by this. The reason is simple: this is not a gothic CD. Yura say herself that she takes always risk to produce this sort of CD, because she know she produce something different that people will probably not like. Acually that was of the reason that I love Yura, is because she always take risk.

Concerning, the order translation views :

1) the song where the views dominate largely is… 果てしなき空の路 / Hateshinaki sora no michi. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Maybe the only song that enjoy people, from this CD.
2) The second one is Ruby of Mystic.
3 et 4) バニラトアナタト / Vanilla to anata to and Citrus Rainbow : these two songs are close views, but rest very weak. Well, I suppose it’s because people don’t like at all when Yura sing with a denpa voice.
5) 紅蓮百鬼夜行 / Guren hyakkiyakou: very surprise that there are pratically any view on this song. Even less that the denpa songs. I clealy have difficulty to beleive that this song have the less view. I must say, I don’t really know why.

Conclusion : Vanilla Mode is the CD of 2016 who have the less of views. That’s doesn’t surprise me at all, because it’s not a gothic CD. So, the statistic shows it. The fans of Yura don’t like when Yura making random stuff. They want Yura gothic CD! Sadly, when Yura tries somthing else of gothic, the CD doesn’t work.

The Clockwork Rose -Tokei Shikake no Bara Shoujo- 

The Clockwork is a CD with a lot of views. But not as much than Tsumi ni Nureta Majo. I know this CD appears latter, but I make a calcul to know if it have the same views in a same period of Tsumi and… no.

The CD is working because of very good song to the detriment of other one. What I means, is if Tsumi ni nureta Majo has stable views, this CD as clearly big difference of views, between translations. That makes me think, that people enjoy some songs, more than other one.

Let’s take a look with the order translation views :

1) The song which dominates and crush every other songs of the CD is… The Clockwork Rose -時計仕掛けの薔薇少女- / The Clockwork Rose -Tokei Shikake no Bara Shoujo- : It’s clear Drop has crushed all other compositors, with his composition. The statistic shows it, and from very far. So, probably most of people should have this song, as favorite of this CD.
2) Lonely Lovely Factory : I never think that Lonely Lovely Factory will be the second one with the more of views. Well, I think it’s because of the story. Actually it’s the first time that I see someone falls in love, with a factory. I think most of people enjoy the end if you have read my spoil. Anyways, this song is macabre over all, and I think that’s what people enoy.
3) 黒薔薇の刻印 / Kuro Bara no Shirushi : The position of this song is logical for me. Not the best song of the CD, but not the bad one. Actually, for me, most of the song made by Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou are always in the middle of my order preference. But I never see for the moment Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou, made my favorite song of a CD.
4) 夢幻泡沫 / Mugen Houmatsu: Very surprise, I was thinking it will be the last one of the CD. I don’t really know what to tell about this song. Some people enjoy the mysterious feeling and the broken voice of Yura in this one…
5) Lady Doll : Very surprise. I was thinking this song will be the second one. Whoao, so it’s apparently the song that people enjoy the less. I must say I don’t know why… Maybe the theme of Doll is too classical. So, it means that toromaru is the one who have less view with his composiitons. But, it was sussposed to be the one to dominate in this CD, because toromaru is a compositor of steam.

Conclusion : The statistics show, that there a lot of view in the CD, but the views are really share beetween each song, leaving this beautiful preference order, according the views. Even so, the CD seems to have sucess, but less than Tsumi ni Nureta Majo. The view show that fan prefer really more a song than an another one. So, good CD but that’s all. Clealry not the better according the views.

紅夜に詠う少女の禁忌 (Kouya ni utau shoujo no kinki)

Ah! This CD I will summarize in two categories of people. The statistics show:

– The CD is so beautiful that people find it majestic and enjoy it
– The CD is so inferior than Souen no Himegimi thant I don’t even care about the story

This CD lacks clearly of a lot views. I have the feeling when people listen the CD for the first time, most of them were dissapointed, in reason of compositions. To explain, it was Irori who made most of compositions in Souen no Himegimi, and in Kouya, it was Hikarinosu. I don’t find, the compositions of Hikarinosu, less better at all. I just find the style completely different from the first CD. There a part of people who really enjoy this changement like me, and sadly it seems the other part don’t like this changement. It just like Vanilla Mode, when Yura tries soemthing else people seems to don’t like it. So, because some people find the CD boring and inferior to Souen, they probably don’t even take a look to the translations. That’s the reason, why I think they lack an half of views, compared to Clockwork.

And sadly they guys are clearly stupid, to not take the look to my translation, because the only thing work in this CD is the story/lyrics. This CD has zero interest if you just listen the song.

Personnally, my opinion doesn’t change I find the CD clearly better than the first one. Okay, I let me imagine that the song are less better. Even so, I don’t care, because the duo of Yura and Miku are ten more better than the first one, the relation between of characters are clearly more work, and this impossible pure love between the two princesses always makes me cry. I think also, if you read my comment of ORGIA, you know than I prefer more when the story of the CD is more work, to the detriment to vocal or compositions. This CD works with what I say.

After, I know there are lot of people who doesn’t like homosexuality. The CD only turns about it. So, I know some people who don’t like this theme, can’t take a look to the CD. So, probably this CD lost view also for this reason.

For some reason, there are clearly an order for translation views. But there are not big difference like Clockwork. Strangely, this order, is actually my preference order of Kouya.

Order translation views :

1) Enmity Love : For people who don’t know, it was my favorite of this CD. Normal, how resist to the egoism denpa voice of Miku and Yura who acting like tsunder? It’s also my favorite lyrics of Youno. So, it means Youno can write something more direct than mysterious songs.
2) Diana : I think most of people enjoy the way how is writing the lyrics of Yura in this one. The combo YuraXMiku is for me, the most beautiful in this one.
3) 呪血のアリストラクシー / Noroi Chi no Aristocracy : The song is very beautiful. But even so, it seems people enjoy more tsundere songs and construction of lyrics.
4) Klema : Myself it’s clearly not my favorie of the CD. I think the reason why it’s not the last of the order, it’s because the end of the song, that it just beautiful
5) 血宴-Vampire’s Banquet- / Chi utage-Vampire’s Banquet- : clearly the song that I like the less of the CD. I’m glad to see that the views comfirm it. For me, the reason it’s because it’s the first song of the story, and I find it less intense than the other one.

Conclusion: Sadly, this second collaboration of YuraXSeraph clearly dissapointed a part of fan, from the first collaboration. So, the statistics of Kouya show it: it have less sucesss than Souen. Maybe the come back of Irori wil be good. Well actually he made 4/5 of songs in the last CD of Seraph, so maybe the next time he will be here. Also, I have the feeling, that because it just a love story, some people have find this one boring. Maybe change completely the character will be also good?

For me Kouya is so far my favorite story made by YuraXSeraph in the year 2016.

Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ (Shadows ~Kage iro yousei ehon~)

Olalaa, Shadows, Shadows. Just like the title say, this CD is just a Shadow. The views show it. It’s the CD which has the more views. So, shadows is the winner of the year 2016 by Yura.

Myself, I will never think that this CD will be the winner. The view of this CD crushes all others one. Even, after I post ORGIA and Halloween of the Dead, this CD continue to have a lot of view (even more than ORGIA). What the fuck ?! The first time that I listened the CD, I was sure people will find the CD medium. Not at all, apparently.

It seems that the folk/celtic of the CD has enjoy pratically everyone. Let’s be clear : how many gothic CD can you find with a style of celtic/folk? Very few… So, probably everyone considers this CD like a pearl. Yura take a lot of risk, with this CD and this time she has wined everything.

There also a new thing in this CD. It’s the connected story between the fairy and the doctor. Normally, Yura made different gothic stories, and probably this connected story were enjoy by a lot of fans and has made a lot view. Myself my dream is that Yura is making a full gothic story CD (like Kouya), all lyrics written by Yura.

Order translation views :

1) Dark Night Fairy:finis : clearly and so far the best song of the CD. Everyone must have cry for the love of this cursed fairy (T_T)
2) Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ / Shadows ~Kage iro yousei ehon~ : no, the second it’s not the one with the point of view of the doctor. It’s the song with the book. A little surprise, I was thinking it will the two songs of the doctor and the fairy, but no. Well, this song remember me old chorus of Seifuu. Probably the nostalgic sounds and the story of the girl and the book, enjoy most of people people.
3) Fairy Doctor:initium : well, except that it’s not the second of the order, nothing to say.The song comes from the connected story, and give you a different point of view, of the story.
4) 蠱惑の森 / Kowaku no mori : This song is only fourth. That doesn’t surprise me. For me it was an error to put it in this CD, because the celtic songs are clearly better for me. At the end, this song lost point, just because of this. It will be better in another CD with composition like Dark Matter.
5) トリスタンと従士とイゾルデと侍女 / Tristan to juusha to Iseult to jijo : pratically any view on this translation. The view as the same level than a Vanilla Mode translation. But it doesn’t surprise me at all. Actually, it’s normal. The song come from a reference, clearly not enough popular, for me. Also, ittomaru lyrics, mixed references that don’t come from the novel, to complicate the comprehension. Anyways, nobody enjoy this song, because nobody read the book.

Globally all translation have a lot of view, except the one of Tristan and Iseult, which is a disaster. There are ecart as the same level of Kouya (means a song doesn’t crush another one like Clockwork)

Conclusion : If Vanilla Mode was a failure, Yura strike with this celtic/folk gohtic stories CD. Style utra rare to find, that please to a lot of people. Except, the song of Tristan and Iseult, all others songs have a lot of views. So it makes this CD, the winner the year 2016. And beleive me, at any moment I was thinking this CD will be first in views. Myself, I’m very surprised by this CD. Even after I put ORGIA and Hallowen Dead, the views of this CD don’t fall. This CD as even more of view than ORGIA.

So, yeah Shadows is juste a… shadow.


Okay, question. That’s been one month, that ORGIA has been posted, and do you think that it has a lot of views? The answer is… no. Let’s be clear this CD has more views, than Vanilla Mode. But this CD is a collection of gothic stories, contrarly to Vanilla Mode. Sadly the views are really weak, overall.

I’m not surprise at all, and I was sure it will happen like that. Some reasons can explicate it. It’s a CD with a rock style. But Yura has already produce a rock CD in the past, called Queen A’rcadia. I remember Queen A’rcadia as good sales, but overall the fan were dissapointed by this CD, when I read the comments on the web. Some people were find the stories too classic/wobbly. And the fact that Yura doesn’t have put comments for this CD make, it lost a lot of points.

And I think some people, must be dissapointed that Yura was doing again a rock CD and not a different style of musics. So, surely some views were lost because of this. And also, there are already so much rock doujin group, in the doujin community, that they doing good rock, that for me, it doesn’t surrpise me at all, to have good song of this style. I clearly want more diversification, than rock gothic stories.

Also, I will not hide it. For me, what was work in the CD are the composition and the vocal but not the stories. I think that most of people should be dissaponted by the stories just like Queen A’rcadia. Most of the song were written by Youno, and give too much strange stories, for me, to profit to maximum to the CD.

I have put an estimation of views, in thinking that the CD will not have a lot of view. And you not what? This estimation is not even reach. So, the statistic seem confirms, that most of people sadly don’t enjoy the furious rock songs, except the one who always listening gothic rock. Even, after I put all my work for this CD, there was never an explosion of view like Shadows or Halloween of the Dead. Shadows continues even, to have more of view than this CD. For Hallowen of the dead, see my comments for this CD.

Concerning the translation views. Very surprise this CD is like Tsumi ni Nureta Majo. It means that there no translations that dominate more, than another one. It’s more stable. It means that most of people have listen the CD entirely and should take a look to all stories of the CD. So, juste like Tsumi ni Nureta majo, people must, who like rock, at least, take a look to everything.

Myself, actually, I’m really happy of this views statistic, that denounce clearly, that the fans seems to want something else, than rock. I’m glad to see, than I’m not the only want who want something else.

Conclusion : The views seems to shows that it was the gothic CD the less appreciate of this year 2016. The views are really weak, and I think it will have even has less views, than Kouya in the future.

Myself, I understand than the fan will prefer gothic stories, but not with a rock style. It will be better to diversificate style of songs.

Sadly, doujin rock music, is to use in the doujin community, and the fan will prefer to have different style of gothic music.

Halloween of the Dead

It’s true that Halloween of the Dead has been posted not a long time, but after two days, that I post the CD, it clearly put a slap to ORGIA CD, and it already very far from ORGIA.

This CD was my first SeifuuMeigetsu translate entirely and it has clearly an excellent beginning of views. That’s don’t surprise me at all, this new Seifuu for me is clearly better than Phantom of the Flame and ORGIA. Everything in the CD were really good, and I really love how Yura mixed all gothic stories, with emotion and horror. And just like Shadows the connected stories of the witch and zombies, seems to work.

If the translations were stable in ORGIA, in this one, we have already difference between views.

Order translation views :

1) The song who has the more views is…. Ghost in the Castle ! No seriously I swear at any moment I will think this song will be the one who like the most of people. But it seems this calm song, overflowing of feeling, with this good boy, feel the heart of everyone. I’m very, very glad, actually that this song is first one of the order. That made me think that fans want to see Yura sing again, in this sort of style of song.
2) Halloween of the Dead II~長い夜の悪夢~ / Halloween of the DeadⅡ ~Nagaiyo no akumu~ : not really many thing to say in this one. The song as a really awesome level, and the pitiful feeling of the witch seems to have work.
3) RED LUNACY Nightmare_ver : UFO ? Why this song is third position… I don’t know because the lyrics doesn’t change, since the original song. Hum… probably, the nostalgic sound of the very good CD of the CD Tsumi. So, I can see it, the remix song is not the one with the less views. Just like me, poeple must have enjoy this remix version.
4) 旋律とカナリア / Senritsu to kanaria : very sruprise that she is not the last one. But finally this song as good views. I think it’s becasue of my explication were I try to explicate the message of DropXYura. I’m glad this song as clearly more of views than Tristan and Iseult, and this reference is not the last one of the order.
5) Halloween of the Dead : And the last song is Halloween of the Dead. I’m not surprise at all. Myself if I post an order preference, this one will be the last one, after I take look to the other song.

Overall the CD has a really good views everywhere, and I think it can clearly have the same views of Shadows in the future. So, I’m not worry at all for this one and this CD shows clearly that the classic music song of Drop is always welcome.

Conclusion : Very good CDs of Seifuu with a lot of views in the future. For me, my estimation has been already reach, so I don’t worry at all for this one. Next Seifuu is welcome.

The order preference CD of year 2016 can be recap, like this order, by the views of my blog :
1) Shadows ~影色妖精絵本~ (Shadows ~Kage iro yousei ehon~)
2) Halloween of the Dead
3) Tsumi ni Nureta Majo –The Lost Sinner-
4) The Clockwork Rose -Tokei Shikake no Bara Shoujo-
5) 紅夜に詠う少女の禁忌 (Kouya ni utau shoujo no kinki)
7) Vanilla Mode

And that’s all for the stats of 2016. I hope you will appreciate this recap, made in function of views.

I hope you will find interesting. And don’t forget: numbers is life, numbers show a lot of things.

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Une réponse à “Recap statistics year 2016

  1. Devilkry

    10 décembre 2016 at 17 h 14 min

    Thanks for statistics!!
    Personally, my favourite disc is The Clockwork Rose. However, being a metal listener I loved ORGIA, specially Werewolf and Masked Theatre, more than guitars it is the bass that shines. It is normal that if you are not looking for heavy guitars you may not like ORGIA.
    I still haven’t read the lyrics because I didn’t have the time, but I’ll be sure to do it and comment my thoughts! Thanks again!



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