歌壇少女 / (Kadan shoujo) – english translation / Emerald Alice

21 Jan

Spacious song and paradise garden. Best moment for the tea and chocolates ^^. Don’t forget, in this song you can hear Yura say « ma chérie », in french.

Please take absolutely a look to my notes, to have a better impression for the song. Ittamoru has used a lot of love symbolism, in this one.

To see what is about this song click : here.

Ittomaru has used a lot of katakana, in the song. Most of the time the katakana refer to a french word. Or, for the name of different flowers. Of course, I translate everything in english. But I want to put this note, in reason of the style of lyrics.

For a better interpretation of the song, we can even move forward and study the symbolism of every flowers, mentioned in the song.

The first word is in katakana, the second in french style, and the third in english translation.

マシェリ = ma chérie = my darling. But, in french, « ma » is used to designate a girl/a woman. If, it’s was for a man we will used « mon chérie ». Enjoy, the feminine and masculine form. So, this sentence, indicates clearly, that we are in the point of view of a man.

マロニエ = marronnier = marronier or horse chestnut
Symbolisms: Horse chestnut are considered protective and beneficial trees. It’s also a symbolism of garden, providers of games, stories and dreams.

エチュード = étude. In french, this word is more used for drawing a scene, a plan, a map, ect. So, I used the translation « scene », to simplificate the things.

コクリコ = coquelicot = poppy (a flower)
In the language of flowers, the poppy symbolizes rest, tranquility and consolation.

アザレア = azalée = azalea (a flower)
Azaleas, in the language of flowers, symbolizes the discrete joy of loving or being loved. Offering an azalea expresses discretion and shyness love.

ドラジェ = dragée = sugared almond
According to the popular belief, dragees would be the symbol of fertility, abundance and happiness.

プディング = pudding

ピエスモンテ = pièce montée = a word comptely french, with no really translation in english. Literally it means « assembled piece » or « mounted piece »
The « assembled piece » is the symbol cake of union, happiness, prosperity and fertility used during wedding. It represent a gentle and magnificent pyramid, like the life of the couple.
At the top, a figurine of married in sugar or porcelaine, which must not fall. If it falls it will bring misfortune, to the couple. During the cake is cutting, the couple can want, to not seperated their hands.

ショコラトリー = chocolaterie = chocolate factory

スズラン = suzuran (a flower). In english is called Lily of the valley.
Flower language: return of Happiness, unconscious beauty, purity.

アネモネ = anemone (a flower).
The beautiful Anemone flower symbolizes:
• Protection against evil and ill wishes
• The approach of a rain storm when the petals close up
• Forsaken or forgotten love and affection
• Anticipation and excitement for something in the future
• Fairies and their magical world of twilight
• The death of a loved one or the loss of them to someone else
• Protection against disease and illness
• The arrival of the first spring winds
• Bad luck or ill omens

プリムヴィール = primevère = primula (a flower).
The primulas announce the end of winter and the arrival of spring and its beautiful days. In the language of flowers, primula often symbolizes a new and spontaneous love, filled with a juvenile energy. The white primrose symbolizes the purity of a love. Primrose is the symbol of youth, and the innocence of a first love.

– – – – – – – – – –

ここは 秘密の 歌壇
永遠に 続く お茶会
koko wa himitsu no kadan
eien ni tsuzuku ochakai
Here, can be found the secret of poetries
For eternity will continue this tea party

歌壇 / kadan = poetry circles. I made a lot of research for the word « Kadan ». This word has old japenese origin, and seems to come from the « Heian period ». « Kadan » should refer to a group of poets, in the Heian Period, which confer a lot of changement during the Japenese language, and even allow women to write. During this time a lot of poets, have written their masterpieces.

I find a book very interesting that explain very well and help me a lot to beter understand this meaning and the song. Here the link, if you want to read a little. 

Litterally kandan means « poetry circle ». But « circle » has not a lof of meaning in the stanza, so I delete in purpose.

For the title of the song. I put « Poet girl », to have more sens. If we refer to the black side, she is the one who is writing the song. However, keep the « poetry circle » for the title is clearly difficult and doesn’t have to more sens for me.

– – – – – – – – – –

Title : 歌壇少女 / Kadan shoujo (Poet girl)
Composition:とろまる / toromaru
Lyrics:一斗まる / ittomaru
Vocal : 葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

– – – – – – – – –

やうこそ マシェリ
広がる庭園 花の詩
マロニエ 奏でる エチュード
youkoso masheri
tobira wo akete
hirogaru teien hana no uta
maronie kanaderu echuudo
“Welcome my darling!”
The door opens,
And the song of flowers spreads in the garden.
Horse chestnuts are playing a scene.

ほほゑむ コクリコ
モダンな アザレア
微睡む眼差し 片思い
微風 揺蕩う戀 気紛れ妖精
hohoemu kokuriko
modan na azarea
madoromu manazashi kataomoi
soyokaze tayutau koi kimagure yousei
Smiling poppies…
Modern azaleas…
I contemplate to fall asleep, an unrequited love,
Where, sways a gentle love breeze, from the capricious fairy!

ここは 秘密の 歌壇
永遠に 続く お茶会
koko wa himitsu no kadan
eien ni tsuzuku ochakai
Here, can be found the secret of poetries
For eternity will continue this tea party!

さあこちらへ 紅茶は如何?
作りたて ドラジェにプディング
saa kochira e koucha wa ika?
tsukuritate doraje ni pudingu
Now, come this way: “How about tea? ”
Sugared almonds are freslhy prepared in a pudding.

ここは おとぎの國
隠された 子供の お茶会
ピエスモンテ お菓子は如何?
ご自慢の ショコラトリー
koko wa otogi no kuni
kakusareta kodomo no ochakai
piesumonte okashi wa ika?
go jiman no shokoratorii
This place is a fairy tale country
Hiding, the tea party of a child.
“How are the sweets of the pièce montée? ”
It’s the pride of the chocolate factory!

ごきげんよう マシェリ
花瓣 舞い散る 花の園
響く スズランの 鐘の音
gokigenyou masheri
tobira wo shimete
hanabira maichiru hana no sono
hibiku suzuran no kane no ne
“Farewell my darling! ”
The door closes,
And the petals disappear in the garden of flowers.
The notes of bells of Lily of the valleys resound.

かがやく オーキデ
はしゃぐ アネモネ
一時々々 募る想い
花影 褥に 哀 わがまま幼生
kagayaku oukide
hashagu anemone
hitotoki hitotoki tsunoru omoi
hanakage shitone ni ai wagamama yousei
Shining orchids…
Happy anemones…
Just a moment, in the flowers shadow’s sadness,
Raise a feeling of love, from a selfish larva!

少女の夢 歌う花
星の 螺旋遊戯 絡繰の生命
shoujo no yume utau hana
hoshi no rasen yuugi karakuri no inochi
Girl’s dream… Singing flowers…
In the spiral of stars are playing automatic lifes!

ここは 禁断の 歌壇
隠された 乙女の 舞踏会
さあお辞儀を ダンスは如何?
手を取り ドレスを翻し
koko wa kindan no kadan
kakusareta otome no butoukai
saa ojigi wo dansu wa ika?
te wo tori doresu wo hirugaeshi
Here, can be found the forbidden poetries
Hiding, the ball of a maiden.
Now, I make a bow: “How about dancing? ”
The hands take the dress, and it waves around.

そこは 音戯の國
終わることのない 楽園
歌い咲いた プリムヴィール
お手をそうぞ マシェリ
soko wa oto gi no kuni
owaru koto no nai genshokyou
utaisaita purimuviiru
o te wo sou zo masheri
That place is a country music,
A paradise that will never end,
Where, the primulas are singing and bloomed.
“Now, give me your hand, my darling!”

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Une réponse à “歌壇少女 / (Kadan shoujo) – english translation / Emerald Alice

  1. Marco

    16 mars 2017 at 16 h 55 min

    I almost cry in this part:

    shoujo no yume utau hana
    hoshi no rasen yuugi karakuri no inochi
    Girl’s dream… Singing flowers…
    In the spiral of stars are playing automatic lifes!

    This is my favourite song from this two discs, Toromaru is my new god hahah



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