(C91) Emerald Alice / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics

21 Jan


Illustration:おにねこ / Onineko
Design:月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko

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To avoid to repeat the same things in the two CD, I will begin to give my general impressions, in Emerald Alice, for Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette. Overall, I find the two CD very open to criticism. And because there are too many things to complain, there’s clearly not the best CD of Yura. But even so, I really enjoy to see Yura tries something else with connected stories, in the theme of black and white. I really wonder, what she will do the next time?

So, I think, all opinions between people are completely different. We can like, or completely dislike the two CD. This time, is really difficult for me, to judge. And that’s where, I really want to see, what will think people after they read, my translations. Myself, some of my opinions are really good, and some others very badass. But I will not hide it, this time there are some songs, who made me angry. But even so, I’m clearly not dissapointed by the two CD. I find them better of what I was thinking, after I read the comment of Yura. It means some stories catch my attention, and that’s good. But for other songs, my interest, was not terrible.

The thing where, I’m the most dissapointed, are not the compositions, not the lyrics, not the vocals of Yura. It’s the PRICE!

I have nothing against the fact that Yura tries something else with two CD, where stories are connected, because Yura has warmed, very early, that the two CD, will have some connections. So, we have forced to buy the two CD to have the truth of all stories. But please Yura! Don’t profit to raise the price of each CD. The CD are really expensive 2 300X2 = 4 600 yens, in physical. The responsibles of this fraude, are a file and a calendar, added in the purchase of the CD, that come raise the price. I don’t care about this, I just want the songs of Yura. But sadly, to buy the two CD we are forced to buy the file and the calendar, and I don’t find this really genious, from Yura. I’m saying this because, I was really scare that the CD have bad sales. But even so, my opinion doesn’t change, the two CD are too expensive this time. Please Yura, don’t amuse to make connected stories in different CD, and raise the price of each one. I’m sure, I’m not the only one who thinking about it.

Now, you will ask me, why in MelonbooksDL, the CD are expensive, because it’s digital and the file and calendar are not included? Well, it’s Japenese logic. If Yura has made the price of CD to 1200 yens in MelonbooksDL, there will be (probably) more sales, in digital than physical. As you know doujin artists, prefer when you buy physical than digital. To avoid to have more sales in digital, Yura has put pratically, the same price than physical. Thanks to me, for the explication. But you don’t know how it was painful to buy these two CD. This pain I have feel it like if I was stabbed, by a knife.

Now, for me, the things that have been the most work in the two CD are the stories. There are really good lyrics in the CD, and procures really good stories. I know some people for the moment are dissapointed by the CD. So, my last option to change your opinion, are the stories. Please take a look. If I was dissapointed by the story of ORGIA, this time, the stories of white and black, clearly pleases me. However, I prefer more Hallowen of the Dead than the black and white CD.

One thing that I find funny, is the fact that many stanzas and words used, come back in some songs. It cathed my interest.

Okay, now time for the comment of Emerald Alice.

Emerald Alice is one of the CD of Yura for the C91. It’s connected to Silver Blanchette, which offers the white side of some songs.

My jugement for the CD Emerald Alice is very mitigated. For me, with this CD, we can have a lot of different opinions. We can go to « I love everything », to « I hate everything », to « there are some songs that I liked, but other one are dissapointed ». This time it was very difficult to try, to be in the mind of people. The theme « white » will clearly not please to a lot of people, just like it can please, to a lot. But overall, I think most of people have been dissapointed by the CD, because it doesn’t reach the level of what we thinking.

Now, I will give my opinion. For me this CD is what I call a « hype CD ». This CD has only one mission, is to give more points/interest, to the dark CD « Silver Blanchette ». That’s the truth behind Emerald Alice. That’s where, I’m dissapointed. I was thinking that the white and black CD will have a balance between them. That’s not at all the case. Silver Blanchette is clearly better, than Emerald Alice, no matter what I think.

I’m speaking of course of songs :
– Replant + 葬列に鳴く駒鳥 / Souretsu ni naku komadori
– 歌壇少女 / Kadan shoujo + 歌書館少女 / Kashokan shoujo

For these fours songs, it’s clealry the dark side, who is better, because we discover the truth, behind each stories.

For the other songs of the CD :
Emerald Alice: I don’t like at all the song. Everthing is because of the comment of Yura. Take a look to my comment, to have an idea how much, I hate this song. There are rules for connected stories. Once again, I have nothing again connected stories and CD, when you released the sequel to the next convention, like the last CD of Ariabel’s Eyes or Queen of Wand. But when you take a song very old, and that the artist has released more of 20 CD during this time, it’s a problem. The only expection that working for me, is when an artist has prevented very early that there will be sequel in a long time, just like the princesses stories in Souen and Kouya. For the white and black CD, Yura has made an anoucement very early, because she want to tries something else. She prevent very early that they will are connection between the two CD, to try something else. So for me it was okay, no problem during the purchase. But I’m sorry, Le bijoux should not be here!

– Selfish Charm: This is an excellent song, and I think nobody will be dissapointed by this one. Impossible to not love the gothic lolita voice of Yura, the cooking lyrics, and flavor white composition.

– 炎恋 / Honou koi : A song with various opinions, in function of the person. This song will go to « I love it, it’s sad and romantic » to « Too calm, it’s boring and it’s just a random love song » . But I’m glad Yura, makes something more calm, because in her last CD, she is clearly too much excited.

Conclusion: Opinions for this CD will be really different. As always, you can like everything, just like nothing. It depends complety of the taste of persons, so really difficult to judge.

Even so, I hope you will like the white song of Yura. Overall, Yura tries something else with the black and white CD, but I’m feeling really sad that Emerald Alice is just a hype CD to give points for Silver Blanchette. I will prefer more balance between the two CD.

Myself I enjoy all the CD, except the song Emerald Alice. Please take look to my comment for my different opinions.

Preference order of Mery:

Welcome in the white side \(*_*)/! Here everything is shinning, eveything is beautiful, there nothing strange here.

Special thanks to Violet, to give me the kanjis and romajis of Red Wonderland, that help me for the comment and translation of Emerald Alice. Forgive me Violet, to not translate the song. You don’t know, how I’m feeling sad about this betrayal (T_T)

1. Down the Rabbit Hole

作曲/Composition:光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu

Comment of Yura on her blog:
The habitual style of Mr. Hikarinosu confers a gorgeous gothic instrumental.
It’s so dramatic.

Comment of Meriole:
I find this song very strange, in the sens, where normally when Alice falls in the rabbit hole, it’s a very climatic passage. A song very soft song like this, makes me clearly feeling strange. But I supose, it ‘s to make the connection with the second song. At least, this song shows that the world of Alice is a really soft one.

Welcome, in the beginning of the shinning white world of Alice! It sounds like a beautiful invitation to a ball, in the castle of Alice. It’s the style Hikarinosu, to make splendid and luxurious composition, and the atmosphere is really grandiose.
After a moment, the song accelerates, to raise a little dramatic tension. Can you hear that Alice we have some white adventures?

One thing, that I like is the fact that the song is long for an opening. Normally, Yura’s opening are only 0.30, but this one is 1.30. I will be really happy to see more long opening in the future. Also, Hikarinosu has tried something different from the dark hole, with a soft ambiance. So, he takes risk and has earn points, from me.

For this reason, I will clearly not put this song, in last, in my order preference.

2. Emerald Alice


Comment of Yura on her blog:
こちらの曲は「Red Wonderland」と対になっているアリスサイドの
さわやかな白ながら攻めてますw 「Red Wonderland」は黒ゴスCDには入っていないので
よかったら清風明月のアルバム「Le Bijoux」をきいてみてくだいまし。という宣伝も入れつつw
This song is the opposite of « Red Wonderland », in the side of Alice. Various links occur, so I will be really happy if you can listen the two songs.
I begin to attack with a clear white. « Red Wonderland » is not included in the black gothic CD, so please listen the album of SeifuuMeigetsu called « Le Bijoux »
I’m putting also publicity.

Comment of Meriole:
I have a lot of things to say, for this song. Let’s begin by the explication.
This song is a reference from the popular tales of Alice. But this song is more inspirated of « Through the Looking-Glass » the sequel novel of « Alice in Wonderland ». I don’t know at all, if you know the novel or read it.

Anyways let me explain, because this sequel of Alice is really less popular than the principal one. The fundamental difference between « Alice in Wonderland » and « Through the Looking-Glass » is that this last work shows the incontestable evolution of the heroine. From a pawn, she becomes queen.

That’s principally what wants illustrate the song of Yura. In the side of Alice, we have a « queen Alice », with a tiara, on the head. But in this song, Yura shows more a « justiciar Alice ».

In this one, Alice is the queen and supreme judge, of the wonderland, at the same time. She judges, what is bad and evil, and afflicts punition to maintain the peace in her kingdom. A perfect queen who can even killed evil creatures, with a silver sword.

Well, that’s at least in the point of view of Alice. A pure white world entirely controlled by the beautiful girl Alice, where everything sounds perfect….

But according the comment of Yura, this song is the white side of Red Wonderland in the CD« Le Bijoux ». In Red Wonderland (black side) we are in the point of view of the Red Queen. Be careful to not confused the Red Queen (appears in Through the Looking-Glass) and the Queen of Hearts (appears in Alice in Wonderland). These two characters are completely different each other.

The character of Red Queen in the novel, can be consider like an antagonist, as she is the queen for the side opposing Alice. The Red Queen is considered, also as governess.

In the point view, of the Red Queen we discover in reality that Alice is a « bad person » and destroys the kingdom of wonderland. It seems that Alice abuses of her power and make falls the wonderland, in a monarchy. Everything is under the control of Alice: destruction, chaos, contradiction, everything for her own satisfaction.
The red queen is very jealous of Alice, a very beautiful girl, but that she considers like devil.

Red Queen will fall in an evil jealousy. She wants to kill Alice, but she is so also fear of her, and has scared to be killed by Alice. So, she will resign herself, hers conditions of Queen and accepts this Red Wonderland, in order to not be killed by Alice.

To accept this world made by Alice, she will kneel herself in this « Red Wonderland » (completely defeat by Alice).

In the dark side, we see a broken Queen and her broken world, controlled in reality by a « demon called Alice. »

Red Wonderland refers of course of the fact that Alice as killed a lot of people (with a sword, according the two songs), to become the only Queen and monarch of the kingdom. That’s the truth behind the two songs.

Now time for my personal opinion.
I’m completely dissapointed by this song, in all level. The theme of the song, the composition of Drop, the comment of Yura, everything dissapointed me, and makes me really angry.

The comment of Yura is what I called an error eliminatory. Like I say in my general comment, the two CD are really expensive. It was suposed to be only black and white CD, but Yura force you to pay an another CD called Le Bijoux, to have the other side of the song. It’s clearly a fraud of Yura, no matter what I think. Seriously, it was too difficult to put Red Wonderland in the black CD, as a bonus? My opinion will completely change, if it was the case. So, sadly I’m obligated to put this song has the last preference of my order, because I consider it like a fraud of Yura.

For the CD, Le Bijoux, I will be clear, I don’t like at all this CD. Nothing really catch my mind in this CD. And Red Wonderland is the song that I like the less of the CD. You will say, why? My answer is: rock again! Stop that!

But the true reason that I don’t translate the song, is because I don’t want to support Yura to make again this sort of comment. I have count Yura has released more of 20 CD. Make a sequel after a very long time is clearly, not a good idea. Also, I want to translate the last songs of Yura, because there are better than hers previous works. I don’t want to come back, in the past. As always, it’s possible to make connected stories, between CDs, but their are rules to respect. Here the rules are not followed, at all.

Now, that’s not the only thing, where I’m dissapointed. The theme of « Alice in Wonderland » is really classic too me. Yura has used a lot of time this theme in hers songs. But I criticize less, because that’s been a long time that she doesn’t use the theme of Alice. Where, what I don’t like, it’s the presence of Drop.

Where, I’m dissapointed is Drop, who is really excellent to make white compositions. Take a look to all the CD of Seifuu like Halmen or La Pucelle. We can have a very good white song, with a new theme, but Yura has just chosen the theme of Alice in Wonderland, where I think Drop can make clearly something better. And seriously, Drop, stop to make fast and explosive songs, it’s begin to be, too similar to your last compositions.

Pfouu… Seriously, Drop can make something white, like the song Phantom of the Flame or Ghost in the castle, which were excellent. There was an high level to make a white composition of Drop and story by Yura, but no matter what I think this song is too light, not enough work, to me.

So, last of my preference order because:
1) Fraud of Yura
2) It can be an high level of white song, but completely falls in the theme too classic of Alice
3) A composition of Drop too similar of his last one.

So, this song has fallen in my top 10 worst songs, made by Yura. It’s clear? Drop should have all credits, for the white composition, because it’s an expert of this style.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

chiisana tobira no naka e (izanaware)
kuroi usagi ga te maneita
emerarudo no me no shoujo (tanoshi ge ni)
hora mata sarawarete iku

【憧れた世界 無秩序や矛盾も思い通りに…】
(夢に見た 童話の世界)
穢れなき命 捕える甘い罠
“akogareta sekai muchitsujo ya mujun mo omoidouri ni…”
(yume ni mita douwa no sekai)
dame yoso no mitsu wa (hitokuchi dake de)
kegarenaki inochi toraeru amai wana

金の髪 靡かせ
銀の剣 掲げたら
kin no kami nabikase
gin no tsurugi kakagetara
sora wo hikisaku raimei
jabaawokku no habataki

善と悪を計り 心の儘に裁きを
跪くがいい 此処に
zen to aku wo hakari kokoro no mama ni sabaki wo
hizamazuku ga ii koko ni
ima, kagayaki hanatsu arisu

oukina boushi no kare ga (winku wo)
warai nagara kureta okashi (kanure mo)
watashi wo onomi to sasou (hora onomi)
kirei na kobin no kusuri (ki wo tsukete)

fushigi na sekai wa (fushigi na sekai)
itazura ni akui wo maze sashidasu wa
dame yoso no kotoba (damasarechadame)
shinji tara kokoro goto ubawareru deshou

破壊と創造の狭間 独毒に侵され
美しい破片 何故どちらも儚く煌めく
hakai to souzou no hazama kodoku ni okasare
utsukushii hahen naze dochira mo hakanaku kirameku

光と影 朝と夜を重ね老いるなら
hikari to kage asa to yoru wo kasane oiru nara
toki wo tomete nemuritai no
shi to haitoku no arisu

果てない物語 書き換えられた未来
私は揺るがない 強く支配するわ全てを
hatenai monogatari kakikaerareta mirai
watashi wa yuruganai tsuyoku shihai suru wa subete wo

金の髪 かせ
銀の剣 掲げたら
kin no kami kase
gin no tsurugi kakagetara
sora wo hikisaku raimei
jabaawokku no nakigoe

善と悪を計り 心の儘に裁きを
跪くがいい 此処に
今、(穢されない) 輝き放つアリス
zen to aku wo hakari kokoro no mama ni sabaki wo
hizamazuku ga ii koko ni
ima, (kegasarenai) kagayaki hanatsu arisu
tiara wo

3. Replant


Comment of Yura on her blog:
と思うので少しだけw 歌詞の中の2つの水晶は水晶体です。
The opposite song of this one is « 葬列に鳴く駒鳥 / Souretsu ni naku komadori », in the black gothic CD.
A black gothic child and a twin beauty girl. Because of this reason, the ugly one keeps an eye on the beautiful twin. This one is attached to this place, and deprivated of various things.
I try to write the lyrics, in thinking that inside the two crystals, are two pure crystals.
It just like a flying trip. I will be really happy, if you can understand this colored delusion.
I tried to sing, in a sweet floating way.

Comment of Meriole:
This song is connected to “葬列に鳴く駒鳥 / Souretsu ni naku komadori ».
In the song Replant, we are in the point of view of the beautiful/white twin sister. In the song Souretsu ni naku komadori, we are in the point of view of the ugly/black twin sister.

« The two songs are telling the stories of two twins sisters, released »
Welcome, in the white room!

The song is about the beautiful twin, where with the help of her black sister, have been send in a white world/room. Her black sister have confers her a beautiful white trip, with the help of a carriage, pulled by two horses.

Inside this trip, the white twin is discovering a very strange and beautiful white world/room. But also, very boring because there pratically nothing in this world/room.

In this white world/room, where she is tied, she can never escape. She dream of a lot of things, but she is always « surveyed » by her black sister, where this one keep her confined in this white world.
Even so, the framents of her memories are confused and she will never remember the truth.

Please take a look absolutely to the dark side called Souretsu ni naku komadori, to know in reality what is the beautiful white world, confered by the black sister.

I love so much this song. It’s my favorite of the CD. The girl is just so cute and always tries to do her best, to raise a feeling a comfort. She is a very cute and a kind girl. Impossible to not have emotions of her. This beautiful girl lives in a delusional world, but very beautiful.

Amedio composition is just so cute and the violon confers an intense feeling. Yura voice is really cute in this one, when she to tries to imitate a cute white girl.

It’s a really simple song, but I really love it very much.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

ようこそ お茶会へ こちらへ座って
夢みた白いドレス フワフワ浮かぶマシュマロ
youkoso ocha kai e kochira e suwatte
yumemita shiroi doresu fuwafuwa ukabu mashumaro

遠くから囁く誰かが 私の中に痛みを射す
touku kara sasayaku dareka ga watashi no naka ni itami wo sasu
daijoubu soko ni wa inai wa
motto fukai basho e shizun de mita no

少し変な世界 でも素敵
sukoshi hen na sekai demo suteki
omoidouri ni chigitte saite
tsunagete ageru kara

誰もが羨むわ 黒い翼 羽ばたく馬車
futatsu no tategami to yottsu no me de mite
dare mo ga urayamu wa kuroi tsubasa habataku basha

棺の中で今 私を待つの
hoshiakari kirakira no kakera
kami ni maiorite kazari masu
itsuka mita ehon no ouji wa
hitsugi no naka de ima watashi wo matsu no

少し変な世界 つまらない
sukoshi hen na sekai tsumaranai
da e no naka mi wo toridasetara oukan ga moraeru?

二つの水晶と 四つの破片が
futatsu no suishou to yottsu no hahen ga
dareka no inochi wo tsunagu to oshiete kureta kara

ようこそ 白い部屋 こちらへどうぞと
意識がまた遠のく フワフワ浮かぶナイフ
youkoso shiroi heya kochira e douzo to
ishiki ga mata tounoku fuwafuwa ukabu naifu

誰もが羨むわ 黒い翼 羽ばたく馬車
futatsu no tategami to yottsu no me de mite
dare mo ga urayamu wa kuroi tsubasa habataku basha

4. Selfish Charm


Comment of Yura on her blog:
The song of Mr. Okka as always, has a transparent feeling. Because it’s cute and suspicious, at the same time, it’s wonderful.
And the lyrics of Mr. Youno are superb, in this state of white. It’s a white song, with a shadow on it.
I tought it was amazing everywhere, with the register of « Rorschach’s dream ».
In this way, I sing obviously, in a apopriate white flavour.

Comment of Meriole:
This song is about the theme of Rorschach’s dream. I think pratically nobody knows anything about it. That’s actually my case, the first time, I read the comment of Yura. After some researchs, there’s nothing really much to say.

Rorschach is more know as Walter Kovacs, a terrible character, with no face. The song is inspired of the dream of Rorschach. The story says that inside a dream, Rorchach « is eating humans soul ». A report of the apparition of this character can be found, here, with more informations.

That’s what is inspired the lyrics of Youno. Rorschach appears and make you dream a beautiful white world, with a field of flowers. Inside this hallucination, you will begin to discover that something is strange. When you will understand the truth, Rorschach will already finish to cook, and eat you, inside your dream.

Rorschach is a devil gourmand. All he need to do, is following his recipe, to cook you.

Of course, in the song, it seems that all people who dream of Rorschach, finish to die, inside theirs dreams. The concept is really badass.

The song is really cute, impossible to not love Yura gothic lolita mode, when she is singing like that, on a composition from Okka. I will not hide it, I have a noseblood the first time that I heard the song. I have a noseblood, because it’s a very cute, funny, and a bloody song, at the same time. So, I think my noseblood really illustrates, my state for this song.

Youno’s lyrics are evil. More you are moving forward in the song, more you feel that’s something is off. I’m glad that Youno tries to make something else, than strange lyrics and give the theme of the song. I love so much this song and I know you will like this disgusting feeling, from the song.

I think, now I will listen this song when I’m cooking, like this everything will be more funny, when I’m cooking. And no, I’m not cooking something suspicious.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

秘密の小箱に隠した スパイスを(Abrada Cabrada)
ひとつまみ入れて おまじない唱える Moon Night, Crazy Night
himitsu no kobako ni kakushita supaisu wo (Abrada Cabrada)
hitotsumami irete omajinai tonaeru Moon Night, (Crazy Night)

指の先が触れただけなのに なぜ?どうして?
(ドキドキ クラクラ ドキドキ クラクラ)
耳が熱くなるの すぐはっきりと分かるくらい 動揺パラノイア
yubi no saki ga fureta dake na noni naze? (doushite?)
(dokidoki kurakura dokidoki kurakura)
mimi ga atsuku naru no sugu hakkiri to wakaru kurai douyou paranoia

頭の中 言葉すり抜ける なぁに?教えて?
(ポヤポヤ フワフワ ポヤポヤ フワフワ)
お花畑の 夢心地ロールシャッハ(Hallucination)
atama no naka kotoba surinukeru naa ni? (oshiete?)
(poyapoya fuwafuwa poyapoya fuwafuwa)
ohanabatake no yumegokochi rourushahha (Hallucination)

透明なこの気持ち 完ぺきにあなたへと伝える
レシピ通り 甘くやさしくふんわりと 焼き上げたなら
(ハチミツ キャラメル パームシュガー)
toumei na kono kimochi kanpeki ni anata e to tsutaeru
reshipi douri amaku yasashiku funwari to yakiageta nara
(hachimitsu kyarameru pamushugaa)

秘密の小箱に隠した スパイスを(Abrada Cabrada)
ひとつまみ入れて おまじない唱える Moon Night, Crazy Night
himitsu no kobako ni kakushita supaisu wo (Abrada Cabrada)
hitotsumami irete omajinai tonaeru Moon Night, Crazy Night

めぐり出会い結び いたずらな運命 操り
(クルクル ハラハラ クルクル ハラハラ)
世界中で一人だけ 絶対に放したくない 束縛エゴイズム
meguri deai musubi itazura na unmei (ayatsuri)
(kurukuru harahara kurukuru harahara)
sekaijuu de itori dake zettai ni hanashitakunai sokubaku egoizumu

糸の赤い理由 言われれば当然 気づいた
(メラメラ ソワソワ メラメラ ソワソワ)
犠牲捧げる 血塗られたハッピーウェディング(Annihilation)
ito no akai riyuu iwarereba touzen (kizuita)
(meramera sowasowa meramera sowasowa)
gisei sasageru chinurareta happiiwedingu (Annihilation)

低俗なこの世界 最後にはあなたさえいればいい
他はみんな塵に還すの 惨劇を さあ始めましょう
(暗闇 稲妻 インフェルノ)
teizoku na kono sekai saigo ni wa anata sae ireba ii
hoka wa minna chiri ni kaesu no sangeki wo saa hajime mashou
(kurayami inazuma inferuno)

秘密の小箱に隠した スパイスを(Abrada Cabrada)
ひとつまみ入れて おまじない唱える Moon Night, Crazy Night
himitsu no kobako ni kakushita supaisu wo (Abrada Cabrada)
hitotsumami irete omajinai tonaeru Moon Night, Crazy Night
秘密の小箱 本当は空つぽなの ほら (Abrada Cabrada)
だけど 大切な目に見えないもの きっといくつも輝いているの
秘密の小箱に隠した スパイスを(お願いよ 叶えて)
ひとつまみ入れて おまじない唱える Moon Night, Crazy Night
himitsu no kobako hontouwa soratsu pona no hora (Abrada Cabrada)
dakedo taisetsu na me ni mienai mono kitto ikutsu mo kagayaite iru no
himitsu no kobako ni kakushita supaisu wo (onegai yo kanaete)
hitotsumami irete omajinai tonaeru Moon Night, Crazy Night

秘密の小箱 ひとつ(Abrada Cabrada)
秘密の小箱 ふたつ(Abrada Cabrada)
himitsu no kobako hitotsu (Abrada Cabrada)
himitsu no kobako futatsu (Abrada Cabrada)

5. 歌壇少女 / Kadan shoujo (Poet girl)


Comment of Yura on her blog:
This is a sweet lovely song.
Mr. Toromaru has made a spacious place!
The opposite song is « 歌書館少女 / Kashokan shoujo », in the black gothic CD.
It’s funny, to see, how some passages are linked to the other melody.
The lyrics are from Mr. Ittomaru. I was impressed by the sophisticated form, that I consider as ideal, and even the presentation of words used in the terrible lyrics.
Please, take absolutely a look to the lyrics.

Comment of Meriole:
This song is the white side of “歌書館少女 / Kashokan shoujo ».

The song gives the description of a beautiful garden, close to the paradise. Also, there’s a lot of symbolism in the song, that made me think that we are following two people, which are actually a young married couple.

In the white side, we are in the point of view of the man. We discover a obliging man, who is loving his beloved. The girl is like a saint, inside this paradise, that he is protecting and keeping, as a secret.

Inside this garden, the couple are living a paradise, in dancing and playing. The man offers also, to his beloved: tea, sweet things, ect.
I imagine, with this song, a couple of two lovers, who is teasing each other. It’s a really cute song!

Because everything is perfect in this garden, and because their love seems perfect, a shining future seems devoted for them. Everything is perfect, isn’t it? But this pure world is hiding something in reality.

Nobody, don’t know what is hiding in reality this peace and perfection, between the two lovers.

Please take a look to the dark side called “歌書館少女 / Kashokan shoujo ». In the dark side we are in the point view of the saint girl, to know the truth, about everything.

Every time that I listening a new composition of toromaru, I’m thinking if it’s the same guy. Because, it’s always making various compositions, that I find him very amazing. But this composition is just amazing. Clearly my favorite composition from toromaru, since he collabores with Yura. Toromaru has announced his new CD will appear, during the M3-39. I’m waiting for this, of course, after all these beautiful compositions, with Yura.

Ittomaru lyrics are realy lovely. But it’s too early to judge him as lyricist, because he doesn’t made many lyrics. One thing that I constated, is ittomaru has a lot of knowledge, and always force me, to use more google search than google translation. But every time, I find his knowledge amazing. The lyrics confers a beautiful atmophere, on the composition of toromaru. Please take a look to the notes, to have a better impression of the song.

Yura voice is simple, but she tries to make like everything was okay. I think most of people, should think that Yura voice has nothing amazing, but it’s actually normal.

My only dissapointment for this song is, it’s just give more point for 歌書館少女 / Kashokan shoujo. Too bad, because I know a lot of people will find this song too simple at the end, but I very loving it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

やうこそ マシェリ
広がる庭園 花の詩
マロニエ 奏でる エチュード
you koso masheri
tobira wo akete
hirogaru teien hana no uta
maronie kanaderu echuudo

ほほゑむ コクリコ
モダンな アザレア
微睡む眼差し 片思い
微風 揺蕩う戀 気紛れ妖精
hoho emu kokuriko
modan na azarea
madoromu manazashi kataomoi
soyokaze tayutau koi kimagure yousei

ここは 秘密の 歌壇
永遠に 続く お茶会
koko wa himitsu no kadan
eien ni tsuzuku ochakai

さあこちらへ 紅茶は如何?
作りたて ドラジェにプディング
saa kochira e koucha wa ika?
tsukuritate doraje ni pudingu

ここは おとぎの國
隠された 子供の お茶会
ピエスモンテ お菓子は如何?
ご自慢の ショコラトリー
koko wa wo togi no kuni
kakusareta kodomo no ochakai
piesumonte okashi wa ika?
go jiman no shokora torii

ごきげんよう マシェリ
花瓣 舞い散る 花の園
響く スズランの 鐘の音
gokigenyou masheri
tobira wo shimete
hanabira maichiru hana no sono
hibiku suzuran no kane no ne

かがやく オーキデ
はしゃぐ アネモネ
一時々々 募る想い
花影 褥に 哀 わがまま幼生
kagayaku oukide
hashagu anemone
hitotoki hitotoki tsunoru omoi
hanakage shitone ni ai wagamama yousei

少女の夢 歌う花
星の 螺旋遊戯 絡繰の生命
shoujo no yume utau hana
hoshi no rasen yuugi karakuri no inochi

ここは 禁断の 歌壇
隠された 乙女の 舞踏会
さあお辞儀を ダンスは如何?
手を取り ドレスを翻し
koko wa kindan no kadan
kakusareta otome no butoukai
saa ojigi wo dansu wa ika?
te wo tori doresu wo hirugaeshi

そこは 音戯の國
終わることのない 楽園
歌い咲いた プリムヴィール
お手をそうぞ マシェリ
soko wa oto gi no kuni
owaru koto no nai genshokyou
utaisaita purimuviiru
o te wo sou zo masheri

6. 炎恋 / Honou koi (Flame of love)


Comment of Yura on her blog:
This is a white song floating of sorrow, by very pure feelings.
Mr. Tsukagoshi’s composition illustrates, here, the sound of balance and choice. Every time, that I thinking about it, it’s just so amazing!! Wonderful!!
I tried to express a pure white, living, inside of black emotions.
I tried to write the lyrics about an infidelity, where the boyfriend has another woman partner and the betrayed « me ». But in reason of this fondness love, these emotions don’t dissapear.

Comment of Meriole:
I have not many things to say in this one. The comment of Yura explains very well the content. If in Kadan Shoujo, we have an happy couple, this song is about a sad one.

I imagine just a woman who is crying, alone in a room, in thinking of her memories of her lovers, who has betrayed her.

Can you see that she is a very pure woman, in the song? The woman hates the other woman who has stolen her beloved, but she will not fight against her, to not create more hatred. This woman will support all this pain. This is sad (T_T).

The passage where we discover that she was probably marry, when she is looking the picture , with the ring, is really intense and gives, an another deeply side, for the song.

Impossible to not cry, during the translation.

It was always be one of my dream that Yura made a pure simple love story. I consider that with this song one of my dream has been reached. So, this song is a little jewel, for me. But even so, clealry not the best song of the CD.

Tsukagoshi’s composition continues to produce amazing romantic song. I wonder if it’s next composition with Yura will be again about love? I think only women like me, will like this song. But I don’t care, it’s a really simple love song, but I love it so much.

I’m glad to see Yura sing calmly, it misses me so much (T_T)/.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

女たちは皆 白いドレス
縛られ 手足からは 滴る雫
魔の女と虐げられ 奪われた自由
tsumetai kaze ga hada wo saku you ni nadete
kanata e kieru
kodakai oka ni sasaru juujika
onna tachi wa mina shiroi doresu
shibarare teashi kara wa shitataru shizuku
ma no onna to shiitagerare ubawareta jiyuu

きっと 御伽噺のように幸せだと思えるはず
moshimo ashita
anata no te de saratte kureta no nara…
kitto otogi hanashi no you ni shiawaseda to omoeru hazu
shinjitsu wo shitte mo

nikushimi nagerareta ishi tsubute
itami wo saki chi e ochiru
hito no wa no naka ni magirete ita
anata no hitomi ga furuete iru

hontouwa wakatte ita no
watashi wo netamashiku omou ano konoko no tame
nani wo shita no ka

行き場無く 憎悪が走る
moshimo ashita
kanojo ga watashi no kawari ni kakei ni…
ikiba naku zouo ga hashiru
dakedo ima wa nokosareta jikan
anata ga koishii

odayaka na asa ga tsuki no hikari wo keshi
sekai wa zankoku ni kagayaku wa

縛られ 膝元から 炎が躍る
魔の女と虐げられ 奪われた自由
shibarere hizamoto kara honoo ga odoru
ma no onna to shiitagerare ubawareta jiyuu

きっと 御伽噺のように幸せだと思えるはず
moshimo ashita
anata ga yasashii sasayaki wo kuretara…
kitto otogi hanashi no you ni shiawaseda to omoeru hazu
shinjitsu wa yami e

moshimo nante
nai koto wa wakatte iru noni…
uso to yoku ni ubaware nao
mada “anata ga koishii” to omou koto ga kanashii

7. 眠れる御伽話 / Nemureru otogibanashi (Sleeping fairy tale)

作曲/Composition: 光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu

Comment of Yura on her blog:
Another instrumental song, that sounds like Mr. Hikarinosu.
Very talented, isn’t it?

Comment of Meriole:
This is so cute. It remembers me when I was a child, and my mother was reading me a fairy tale, before, to go to sleep. As always, this elegant composition song made by Hikarinosu has felt my nostalgic side.

8.Emerald Alice -Instrumental-
9.Replant -Instrumental-
10.Selfish Charm -Instrumental-
11.歌壇少女 -Instrumental-
12.炎恋 -Instrumental-

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