(C91) Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette / Dark fairy-tales collection

21 Jan

[EDIT 21/01/2017] Finally the two CD are done. I recommend for a better impression to begin in first by Emerald Alice, and only after Silver Blanchette. Actually I have written my comments, in the fact there are no spoil in Emerald Alice. But my comments, in Silver Blanchette explain everyting. Please take absolutely a look to the white side, before the black side.

For me the best things work in the two CD are stories, so good listening!

Click on:

Emerald Alice => Full translation+full explication

Silver Blanchette => Full translation+full explication

[EDIT 04/02/2017] Thanks you really much for all the views on Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette. I’m really glad, a lot of people have listened the two CDs. Yura must be really happy. Also, thanks a lot for people who have take a look to all my translations (and it seems to be a lot of people). I’m really glad if I can help people who don’t understand Japenese. Just like I think, in reason of the different taste of people, the views on translations are clearly difficult to judge. It means everyone has his/her favorite song in the two CDs. But, I’m really glad that a lot of people take a look to all my translations, and seems to have enjoy the two last CDs of Yura. Black and white, was interesting, isn’t it? Of course, I know also a lot of people don’t have take a look yet, to my translations, and enjoy the last songs of Yura.

The next transaltions will be for the M3-39 (convention dated the 30/04/2017). Yura has already announced that her next CD for the M3-39, will be a gothic collection stories, with the theme of « ghost », this time. Contrarly of what think most of people, Yura doesn’t uses too much the theme of ghost in her songs. Even when I try to remember, I count three-five songs of ghost in all her productions (something like that). It’s really strange, when you know that she is doing a lot of gothic songs. I will make any comment, for this theme for the moment, but I have already my idea for one song of the CD. Also, the fact, that Yura finally uses this subject of ghost, makes me really happy. I don’t know at all if there will be second CD, for the moment.

Now, let’s pray that Yura-sama has a good trip, during her trip in France. I hope she will enjoy my country. I will pray for her safety. So, just like we said in french: « Bon voyage, Yura ! »

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2 réponses à “(C91) Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette / Dark fairy-tales collection

  1. Marco

    16 mars 2017 at 19 h 03 min

    Finally had the time to read all the lyrics.

    Emerald Alice seems to be all about an invitation to a party, to a wonderful one. The exception is Selfish Charm, there we see the reality, someone or something is waiting for its victims.
    In some songs like Emerald Alice and Replan we are told that the girl is bored, but encounters interesting and beatiful things that she wants to (and is invited to) experience, although there seems to be something strange in the invitations. Kadan Shoujo is the most impressive, it seems as if everything is perfect in that place.

    In Silver Blanchette all the brutalities of that place are evident. The girl has fallen into the trap and now the black twin realizing what has been done tries to die, but she can never stop being the master of that terrible and deceiving place.

    Another theory might be that the twins are actually the same person that has become corrupted and now is the new master of that world. She is now looking for new victims but she still knows what she is doing and secretly wished to die but she is forced to keep repeating the same fate. Might be overthinking it but I like this kind of stories.

    To sum up I loved this discs, Toromaru being my favourite composer from them. I liked Yura’s lyrics also: « Youkoso shiroi heya » I can really imagine the scene.

    Thank you for the lyrics, I enjoyed reading them! Now while waiting for more I’ll have to listen to some of the older albums, but still haven’t decided which one.


    • Meriole

      20 mars 2017 at 8 h 53 min

      Oh! (^///^). Thank you really much for this long comment. It makes me really happy to see you take time to take a look to Yura’s work. And as always, I’m very glad you give your impressions to all different song. But it’s true, in the white side, everything sounds like an invitation, in a beautiful world, and in the black side all the brutalities are falling to give you the truth. Toromaru is clearly my favorite compositor in the last CDs (since Clockwork) of Yura. He always doing very various composition. I really want to buy his new CD to the M3-39, no matter the style.

      For the twins sister, it should be just two different persons, according the comment of Yura. But of course, you can overthinking as much as you want for this song.

      I see also your favorite song is « Kandan Shoujo ». Actually, Kadan and Kashokan are the two songs who have the most of view (means the most success), and from very far. I’m very glad to see this beautiful story be the first. After all, the story is just like if we take a look to the stories of Yura themself. But I find itto-san, clearly a genius to have written something like that.

      Please, take a look to other CD when you have time. And thanks you really much to love Yura. I remember, you say you like rock, you can begin by ORGIA, in this case, if you want.

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