[Horror Game] Fausts Alptraum / by LabORat Studio

13 Mai


Title: 浮士德的噩夢 – Fausts Alptraum
Made by: LabORat Studio
Playable on PC
Genre: little horror, abstract, parallel world, puzzle, adventure
Time: between 6-10 hours (depend of the time you take to resolve enigma)

Donwload the game (free) :

Official website:

You need to install steam in first, if you want to play the game.


After the death from her father, Elisabeth had inherited an antiquated house.

When she will enter inside it, she will begins to live the a nigthmare, without knowing if evertyhing is real or just her imagination.

Then, will appear a purple demon who seems to be her friend.

Trapped inside the house, Elisabeth will made a bet with him.

Subjective Review :

Fausts Alptraum is a game inspirated from the famous book called « Faust ». All elements in the game have been inspired from this piece of theater.

Just like Pocket Mirror, the game have a story included in it. The protagnist of the story is called Elisabeth Faust. Trapped inside a strange house, she will begin to live a sort of nightmare. But this nightmare will also make revive her old memories. Because she feels something inside the house, she will continue to move forward.

The graphics of the game are really original. The graphics are clearly nothing to have, with all previous game that I played. It clearly give a gothic charm. Actually, I really enjoy the graphics, and the illustrations in the game. I know it can be disturbing for some poeple, but it’s cute and creepy at the same time. Anyways, the graphics are clearly art, for me.

There are really few songs in the game. And, it’s always pratically the same which is played. Not a big fan of the song, I will prefer more variety.

Now, why I’m sharing this game? This game has really an excellent potentiel, but many things disturb me in the game.

Actually, I consider this game, like the most difficult adventure horror games that I played. That’s the reason why the game is long: in reason of enigmas very difficult. When I’m speaking about difficulty, it’s about enigmas from the game.
Believe me, I neither used so much time a walktrough, than for this game. So, I clearly recommend to use the solution this time.

The enigma are very, very difficult. And the problems it’s because there are lot. Some of them are logic, but some of them are unlogic. That’s where the game lose points, from me. Because some enigmas are too difficults you will finish to be blocked a very long time in the game.

Even so, the game in reason of his unique atmosphere, I decided to share it. Personally, I find the scenario really classical to me, but mixed with the characters from the game and enigmas, at the end the game is clearly interesting.

It’s not a perfect game and not my favorite one, for me, but I can clearly seen a masterpiece side, and I know a lot of them will enjoy it.

I want to precise the english of the game is really difficult… The team want to make a scenario like a novel, but at the end is really disordered, to know when it’s Elisabeth who is speaking or the narrator. It will be better to just uses narration from game, than to try to made a novel, in the game. Written have been inspired from Faust, and Faust is not really a little level in english. So, for people who are not good with english, you will have some problem of comprehension, with the game.

The game is ultra difficult. Please, don’t hesitate to use the full walktrough in using those videos on Youtube :

Enjoy new horror game! That’s been a long, I don’t have share in reason of the fact I’m playing PS4 games. But it’s also because there are more and more horror games you need to pay. So, it disturb me a little to see all these little games becoming fee.

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