(M3-39) Ghost Sense / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics

14 Mai


Illustration+Cover Design : くろみん(月棘苑子)/ kuromin (Tsukishi Sonoko)

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The CD « Ghost Sense » is a collection of dark fairy tales, with the theme of « ghost ». Very few gothic songs about ghosts, from Yura’s CDs. I always want, one day, more ghosts songs from her. And one of my dream had been finally fullfiled. In fact, that’s been five years, that I’m waiting my ghost CD it has nothing more than an awesome level (*_*)!

What can I say about this CD? I have only positive things to say. For me, this CD is a compilation of different style of music, illustrating all the talent from Yura and hers collaborators. I mean we have only different styles of music in this CD, illustrating each time different types of ghost:

– epic/instrumental style = an evil ghost
– rock/heavy style = a divine and redeemer ghost
– jazz style = a couple ghost
– romantic/dramatic style = a forbidden love between a human girl and a romantic ghost man
– steam/accordion style = a cat reincarnated with different lives

If someone listen this CD, without knowing antyhing about Yura, he/she can only be impressionated by the talent of this one, because she sings, on completely different style.

Between compositions, lyrics/stories and Yura voice, everything is mixed to confer this time, something really intense, for each song. I’m sure, after you have read my translations you will like ten more the songs from Yura.

One thing, is I’m scared that people finish to be bored from CDs with a unique style of music. I’m really glad Yura come back with different style of music in one of her CD.

So, I can say it, this CD is a pearl and I was loving everything after I listen the CD the first time.

My favorite song is 贖いの亡霊 / Aganai no bourei, but I love also all others, songs from this CD. Any dissapointed has been found. I’m so glad to hear Yura sing with such a level. Yura is the best! And thanks you, to all others people who help her to made such a wonderful songs.

1. 蛍星 / Hotaru Boshi (Shining Star)


Comment from Yura, on her blog:
Even if the title is “Shining Star”, the sound is for a courageous emissary.
This first track is an important instrumental, to prepare and make you feel the world of the second track, so outstanding.

Comment from Merry:
Whoao! I love so much how this first instrumental put you in the ambience, for the second track.

This courageous emissary is the priest, from the second track. And he will use his light, to fight an evil ghost.

I love so much how Drop’s composition, which is full of light, to illustrate his power. When the violin becomes more faster, we can feel a lot of difficulty, during his journey.

A shining emissary, who are here, to make comes back the light, from darkness place! That’s how, I’m interpreting this first composition.

Everyone, are you ready for the fight?

2. Exorcism


Comment from Yura, on her blog:
Wonderful people have made gorgeous sounds, to produce an amazing music.
I wonder if everyone has been influenced by Mr Gack, to success, to produce, this wonderful quality?
The content is: “The action is taking place in a haunted mansion, and a priest came to exorcism a maleficent ghost.”

Comment from Merry:
An awesome song about a fight between a malificent ghost and a priest. The song is in the point of view from the priest.

The real question was: « Will it be the priest or the ghost, who will win? » And the answer is… the two of them are died, during the fight.

According the song, the priest has been finished to be trapped by that powerful evil ghost. So, he used his last force, to send the ghost, to heaven. After that last act he finished, to die, and go also to heaven. Poor priest…

You know, it’s a really sensible song. The priest seems to have exorcism other evil ghosts, in his life. Every time he exorcisms one, he tries to understand the circusmtances and reasons, from the dead person. Even if he can’t see the ghosts, he can hear them by theirs screams or whispers. Every time, he tries a monologue in speaking about their pasts, and seems to convince them, with a speech of love.

If a ghost doesn’t want to go to heaven, he will use his power of light, to force it.

In our song, it will be the last ghost he will succeed to exorcism. It seems the ghost from this haunted mansion was a really powerful one. Trapped, inside the darkness of this one, he decides to use his life, to help the ghost, to go to heaven, and put an end to it suffering.

Even if the ghost was maleficent, our good priest tries to help it, until the end. It was really a very kind priest, every time, I’m thinking about it. It was just not a simple priest, who exorcism ghosts, but really someone who tried to understand them.

It’s sad…

If all songs from Yuzuru was awesome, this one is not an exception. Yuzuru and his team Pegasus Arts are always making something memorable. All sounds coming from the song are amazing. The only difference between the other songs, made by Yuzura, is this time Shino Ogawa has joined the team. She was here, to put violin notes. Thanks to her, she confer more intense feeling for the song.

Yura’s voice confer all the epic side from the song, between the suffocating and raising tension part. I was really impressionated, all along the song.

Also, I really love all the effects of terrors, inside it. The first track was really shining, and this one begins with a dark ambience, just like all the light have been completely erased.

I always imagined every time the scream from the ghost and his footsetps in the mansion. The ghost seems also, to play piano. And of course, our dear priest who will sacrifice himself, in all that terror.

But it’s a really awesome song and I know you will love it.

I will not forget about that ghost laugh.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

錆びた扉 崩れた壁
sabita tobira kuzureta kabe
ashioto, hibikiwataru heya
dareka no sasayaki to himei
hokori tsumoru piano wa utau

愚かな価値観 笑わせる
juuji wo kiri inoru shinpu
kami no kago wo ate ni shite wa
samayou shibito ga aku dato
orokana kachi kan warawaseru

闇に魂を捧げよう 舞え死の輪舞
yume wo miru you ni ushinatta
kako to ai no monorougu
“owari” no hajimari wo tsugeru yoru ni kokoro ubaware
yami ni tamashii wo sasageyou mae shi no rondo

kareta bara to sasayaku kage
kirikizamareta zangai ni
anata no chiisana himei ga
watashi no risei wo kuruwaseru

その度 怯えて魅せて
ochita ka to tou nara unazukou
sono tabi obiete misete
shi ga futari wo wakatsu koto wa
towari ni nai no dakara
nozomare naku tomo tsurete ikou
garasu no eden

ツレダシテ ヒカリヘト
tsuredashite hikari heto
torawarete ugokenai no desu
hayaku kochira he kite…

錆びた扉 崩れた壁
sabita tobira kuzureta kabe
ashioto, hibikiwataru heya
watashi no sasayaki to namida
toraeta anata wo nigasanai

闇に魂を捧げよう 舞え死の輪舞
yume wo miru you ni ushinatta
kako to ai no monorougu
“owari” no hajimari wo tsugeru yoru ni kokoro ubaware
yami ni tamashii wo sasageyou mae shi no rondo

3. 贖いの亡霊 / Aganai no bourei (The redeemer ghost)


Comment from Yura, on her blog:
歌う時にたかぶってきますw 夕野さんの歌詞もこの曲では
A superb song, growing in a rock atmosphere, with a suspicious beginning.
I wonder when Mr Amedio’s song, has tended towards the ambition? I was getting excited, when I was singing.
Also, Mr. Youno’s lyrics have a shining atmosphere, that will raise the tension, all along the song.

Comment from Merry:
The song where everyone was waiting the translation, because the comment from Yura doesn’t explain, what is about the content.

The song is about a ghost who searching a way to save humans on earth. Of course, the solution is to kill them! According the song, that divine ghost will have killed ten billions of persons… It’s a lot!

More this ghost is killing, more this one finish to be convinced, about it ambition. At the begin, maybe it wanted just to save them, but at the end this ghost is clearly sick in it head, and always want to kill more and more people for it own satisfaction and pleasure.

This ghost is a terror from Hades, it’s better to not meet it.

I don’t have really else to add, because lyrics are really short.

This song was the first collaboration between YounoXAmedioXYura. And what a song! It doesn’t seems so at the begin, but after you will have read the translation, your heart will finish excited.

This song is my favorite from this CD. I can’t never be bored from Amedio and his heavy style of music. Never think rock and heavy will be so good together. Yura’s voice is also very heavy, to fit perfectly with the heavy composition from Amedio. And like I say, I like ten more when Yura sing like that, than on a fast composition from Drop. I can’t never be bored when Yura sings like that.

But the most beautiful things in this song, is so far the lyrics from Youno. I always consider it’s better to have short lyrics very well written, that a really long one. All stanzas from this song is just a delight to eat. More you moving forward, in the lyrics, more you heart will finish stimulated, like the ghost from the song. I can clearly feel almighty Youno’s lyrics, in this song. And it was really wonderful.

Just like I said, I always prefer when they have explication everywhere, but sometimes when a song is not explain, it gives a little mystery for the next CD, and makes jump my heart. This song has worked, because Youno has really very well written the lyrics and we don’t have need a comment from Yura to understand what is about the content.

Seriously, I really don’t understand why Youno don’t have written lyrics like that, in the CD ORGIA.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

孤独の天をまだ彷徨っている 地を這う獣を眺めて
乱れない意識は繰り返す 呪いをもたらす狂気を殺せと
kodoku no ten wo mada samayotte iru chi wo hau kemono wo nagamete
midarenai ishiki wa kurikaesu noroi wo motarasu kyouki wo korose to

創世さえ塗り替える 初めの問いへと 至る道
ima mo motome tsuzukete irunda
sousei sae nurikaeru hajime no toi e to itaru michi

身体を失ってなお 絶景 心を震わせてく
息づく百億の感情は 何も知らずに騒めく
karada wo ushinatte nao zekkei kokoro wo furuwaseteku
ikizuku hyaku oku no kanjou wa nani mo shirazuni zawameku

冥府の奥から呼び掛ける 絶望の影は艶めいて
それでも怒りが鮮やかに 命と滅びを切り裂き分かつ
meifu no oku kara yobikakeru zetsubou no kage wa tsuya meite
soredemo ikari ga azayaka ni inochi to horobi wo kirisaki wakatsu

嘘に塗り固められたまま 全能感に酔う者は
気づかぬ内に 嗚呼 焼け落ちる
uso ni nuri katamerareta mama zennou kan ni you mono wa
kizukanu uchi ni aa yakeochiru

真実の重なり合う 深淵 隠された罪の罠
代わりに差し出す供物は 涙に濡れた純真
shinjitsu no kasanariau shinen kakusareta tsumi no wana
kawari ni sashidasu kumotsu wa namida ni nureta junshin

身体を失ってなお 絶景 心を震わせてく
息づく百億の感情は 何も知らずに騒めく
karada wo ushinatte nao zekkei kokoro wo furuwaseteku
ikizuku hyaku oku no kanjou wa nani mo shirazu ni zawameku

4. Demise Perfume


Comment from Yura, on her blog:
Mr toromaru has conferred a spacious style, and everytime I’m thinking about it, it’s amazing.
This time is produced the idea of a jazz ghost, like dancing, on a charming solo piano.
The content is focusing on a seductive lady, and once again, Mr. Youno’s lyrics are shining.
It’s a wonderful scene where :“I have no reason to endure such a thing!”

Comment from Merry:
In this song we are in the point of view from a sexy and seductive woman ghost. This song is about a couple, which are in reality already died. So, the two protagonists are in reality ghosts.

The songs seems to explain, in a unbelievable circumstance, this lady ghost has met, once again, his dead lover. During this night, there are doing sweets/lewds things, together.

However, the song is also a curse and a revenge from the lady. It seems his lover was infidel and even horrible with her, in real life. But because she is loving him to much, she continues to see/haunt him, even after his died.

He can’t ran away, his soul will be always trapped forever, from this seductive ghost. All the regret from the ghost man are incarnated by this seductive ghost woman. But he loves her, and he wants to catch up his errors and lost time, from the past, with her.

This woman ghost acts coldy to him, but in reality, se really loves him. She really loves him, because she always suffer to be separated from him. Even if she thinks, that they will be never meet again in the future, in the bottom of her heart all she wishes is to see him, one more time. It’s the same for the ghost man.

Somehow, I find the song really cute. All, I can hope is this couple ghost, will meet again in the future. But for me this seductive ghost acts a little as a tsundere.

This song was the first collaboration between YounoXtoromaruXYura. For me, it was really an impressive song. Once again, toromaru is doing an unsual composition. This time it was jazz and I’m addicted to the effect he have does in this one (with the ghost effect). Yura’s voice is so catchy and funny at the same time. Your soul finish to be captived, until the end of the song. Impossible to stop the song, when you have start it. Yura is doing french dream, on a jazz song.

Youno’s lyrics are cold, sad and cute at the same time. And I really love them, because it gives a completely different style, from before. For people who don’t know, Youno is an expert to write lyrics about tsundere. I know he loves so much tsundere women, so he can’t hide me, his women preference. But thank you Youno, it was funny to translate the toughts from a tsundere ghost.

Also, the new CD from toromaru for the M3-39, can be listening here:
It’s a jazz/rock style according the compositor. I love jazz, so the CD is for me. However, I think a lot of persons will feel strange or even dissapointed, in listening the crossfade, because the songs don’t have the level from Yura’s songs.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

肌にふわり触れて いま気づいた
あなたの魂 囚われているその訳を
kurai heya ni tadayotte yure teru
banira ni nigami wo mazeta you na kaori ne
hada ni fuwari furete ima kizuita
anata no tamashii torawarete iru sono wake wo

抱きしめても消えない 閉じ籠った感情
闇色の果実は密やかに 憂いをおびえて甘いの
dakishimete mo kienai toji komotta kanjou
mou nidoto aenai to shiri nagara
utsuro ni nan nen mo sugoshite
tada koukai no naka ni shizun deru
yami iro no kajitsu wa hisoyaka ni urei wo obiete amai no

ずるい 切ない 想い出のベーゼには敵わない
だけど諦めたくはないの いつか振り向かせるわ
ふたり手を取り この世界にグッバイを言うの
watashi janai kako no dareka
anata wasurerarenai
zurui setsunai omoide no beeze ni wa teki wa nai
dakedo akirame taku wa nai no itsuka furimukaseru wa
futari te wo tori kono sekai ni gubbai wo iu no

繰り返し迫っていく わがままな衝動
首をかしげ 訝しむ様子で
あなたは視線を外そうとして 戸惑うの
nagai yume no tochuu kara araware
kurikaeshi sematte iku wagamama na shoudou
kubi wo kashige ibuka shimu yousu de
anata wa shisen wo hazusou toshite tomadou no

千年前のドレスに 贅を尽くした
宝玉 数え切れない 光輝象る
色褪せないものだけを追い求めて その果てに
望んだ永遠を手に入れたはずなのに どうして
sen yaku mae no doresu ni zei wo tsukushita
hougyoku kazoekirenai kouki katadoru
iroasenai mono dake wo oimotomete sono hate ni
nozonda eien wo te ni ireta hazuna noni doushite

Dance Dance 恍惚の流れる時に身を任せて
それよりも 刹那に酔いしれて
Dance Dance koukotsu no nagareru toki ni mi wo makasete
mou nidoto aenai to shiri nagara
shashin dake wo jitto mitsumete
tada koukai no naka ni shizun deru
sore yori mo setsuna ni yoishirete
odotta hou ga mashi deshou?

イヤよ 嫌いよ そんなの我慢できる訳がない
だから諦めたくはないの いつか忘れさせるわ
夜に彷徨う 命のないふたりの愛よ
watashi janai kako no dareka
anata wasurete kurenai
iya yo kirai yo sonna no gaman dekiru wakeganai
dakara akirame taku wa nai no itsuka wasure saseru wa
yoru ni samayou inochi no nai futari no ai yo

花の枯れて結ぶ果実 黒いバニラの香り
めぐり会えたら 胸に絡みついて離れない
甘い言葉 ほんの少し苦みそえて ささやく
hana no karete musubu kajitsu kuroi banira no kaori
meguri ae tara mune ni karamitsuite hanarenai
amai kotoba honno sukoshi nigami soete sasayaku

その想いを叶えて 魂を解き放って
futari te wo tori
sono omoi wo kanaete tamashii wo tokihanatte
kono sekai ni gubbai wo iu no

5. Ghost Sense


Comment from Yura, on her blog:
A content between the peaceful, but also the madness can be feel, here! Gloups!
I am ecstatic, with fragility and the weight chorus.
The contents of lyrics are about a ghost man appearing every night. Completely attracted, the song of a girl, believing that he will not going to take her away.
Being appear, every evening, growing feelings, between the ghost man and also the girl.
What will happen at the end? *Laugh*

Comment from Merry:
This song is so romantic!!

In this new song we are not anymore in a love between two ghosts, but between a human girl and a ghost man.

In this song, we are in the point of view of a very romantic ghost man. But this one is in love with a human girl. And this love for her, is killing him.

He wants to touch her, he wants to bite her, he wants to protect her, he wants to kiss her… He wants to be always with ther.

In this ghost man, we can feel a romantic and dramatic love, at the same time. This ghost man, just wants the girl he loves, kill herself, that she can become a ghost and be with him. That’s why all nights, he tries to convince her, to join to him. The girl is possessed by the ghost.

But the girl don’t want to die. In exchange, she is seing him secretly, all nights. But more she is seing him, more their love are growing. So, at the end, she don’t have hesitation anymore and she finishes to die, to be with the ghost man, she loves. Such a romantic song (or not)!!

This is a feeling song, so I recomend to take a look to the translation, to have a max of pleasure.

It’s always a pleasure to see Tsukagoshi made a love song. It’s always good to have one love song, by CD from Yura, to give the princess/prince effect side from Yura. As always Tsukagoshi composition is tender and broken at the same time, to reflect the feeling of the person speaking. Yura’s voice is very passionated, and so painful. This is a romantic song full of feelings. Lyrics here, are very passionated, to confer something beautiful. However, in this passion is hiding madness, between the two characters, and the tragic end.

I think all women like me, will have their flowers growing, after listening the song. It was my case, and I really wish to have one day, a man as protector than this ghost man. Men should take exemple on him.

Impossible to hate the song. The emotional voice and lyrics from Yura fits completely with the intense composition. This song is just too wonderful.

« You are still what I call a child,
In stopping my lips… »
Ouh! Ouh! This passage is just so addicting.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

何時からだろう 紅い瞳
itsukara darou akai hitomi
miirarete ugokenai
kubisuji e to fureru yubi
kiba wo tate musaboru

鈍い痛み 痺れ震え
nibui itami shibire furue
koi ga hashiridashita

哀しい表情 何故ためらうの
ubaitai (mirai goto)
kizutsukitai (naite hoshii)
kanashii hyoujou naze tamerau no
chiriyuku inochi nara

sasagetai (uketotte)
anata ga yoi (jounetsu mo)
yoru ga fukaku kage wo otoshi
futari wo kakusu kara

長く伸びた 貴方の髪
私の頬 触れるたび
nagaku nobita anata no kami
kaze de yasashiku mau
watashi no hou fureru tabi
nazeka naki taku naru

koukai nado shinaide ite
samenai yume wo miyou

それ以外は 何もいらない
amayakani (yukkuri to)
sosoida mitsu (shinayaka ni)
sore igai wa nani mo iranai
chi wo kawasu futari wa

唇を 塞ぐの
eien ni (norowareru)
yami wo agame (wakatteru)
kimi wa imada kodomo da to iu
kuchibiru wo fusagu no

(小さく響く 懺悔の呟き)
(chiisaku hibiku zange no tsubuyaki)

逃げないで 瞳の中
記憶消し 去るなら
nigenai de hitomi no naka
itsumademo watashi dake wo
kioku keshi saru nara

心まで 殺してよ(未来ごと)
哀しい表情 何故ためらうの
kokoro made koroshite yo (mirai goto)
kizutsukitai (naite hoshii)
kanashii hyoujou naze tamerau no
chiriiku inochi nara

sasagetai (uketotte)
anata ga yoi (jounetsu mo)
yoru ga fukaku kage wo otoshi
futari wo kakusu kara

kuchihateta sugata wo

6. 101の命を持った黒猫 / Hyakuichi no inochi wo motta kuro neko (The black cat who has had 101 lives)


Comment from Yura, on her blog:
A new uneasy sensation, by a disturbing sound. Even so, is played a fairy tale.
It was hard when I remember, but at the end, I consider an amazing feeling from this fairy tale.
The content of the lyrics are about a black cat who has 101 lives. How many lives have been torn between human experiments, crows, and all the rest? I tried to write the story about a way of living, where is growing a latest life.
I consider it’s a fairy tale… but a black one.

Comment from Merry:
In affinity numerology, the number 100 represent self-determined, independent, and ability to work alone.

In affinity numerology, the number 101 represents romance, teamwork, and relationships. But it is mostly a number of romance.

And in this song we are in the point of view of a male black cat, who has had 101 lives. We are in the 101 one, which is in reality it lastest life.

This song is so poignant everywhere and overflows of feeling.

At the begin, the poor black cat was tired to fight against crows, to survive. Every humans hates it, because it’s a black cat, a sign of bad luck. It was alone during a long moment, living in the street.

Until that day…

An old woman decided to take the cat under her protection. Together, they had travel the world. During this time, the cat had knew the kindness and warmth from a human. It was like a dream for it.

But this woman knew, she will not live yet, for a long time. So, she finished to die from old age. Our dear black cat, couldn’t accept her death, and finished to live once again in the street, without forgive anyone. But this time, with a pain that will never heal. He will alway dream of that relation with that old woman, and want to live once again that dream.


One day, a girl had seen a black cat, badly affected. Very worring she decided to come closer to the cat, and after reflexion, she take it under her protection.

Until the end of it latest life, the cat will know only happiness, and will die in peace, always accompanied of this sweet girl.

Such a wonderful story (T_T)…

This song is what I call a new chef-d’œuvre from YuraXDrop. Everything is so perfect here, that I cry 30 times during the translation (for real). But what can I do? I’m a sensible woman. It was so difficult to translate this song, because it hurted, so much my feelings. So, yes I agree completely the comments from Yura, by the fact this song is overflowing of feelings.

Drop composition is really mystic, here. The song with the effect of the accordion, to illustrate the cat in the street, but also the suffocated moment part from Yura’s voice, to remember the past from the cat. Some other moments seems illustrate the mysterious power of this cat with his 101 lives. It was a new style of song, and it was an excellent surprise. Overall, I prefer this song really more than Clockwork Rose.

The only thing that I can criticize is the fact that is impossible to say if the song is in theme « ghost » of the CD. In fact, Yura uses the famous proverb « a cat has nines lives » (but in this song the cat has 101 lives), wich refers to the power of reincarnation, from cats. Also, Yura don’t really explain the power of the cat, for more mysteries. So, should I say reincarnation is in the theme of ghost or not? I leave you the choice. But even if the song is not in the theme, my love for this black cat will not change.

Every time Yura is saying « Meow » in the song, I imagine her with cat ears on the head (even if I don’t know what looks like Yura).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

ぼくは黒猫 101の命 もった猫
ひとつめはそう カラスにもてあそばれて尽きた
boku wa kuro neko hyakuichi no inochi motta neko
hitotsu me wa sou karasu ni moteasobarete tsukita

【うるさくて汚い 不吉の象徴さ】
“urusakute kitanai fukitsu no shouchousa”

誰もが嫌い ただ邪魔そうにさけて通るの
chiisaku sakenda
daremo ga kirai tada jama sou ni sakete touru no

ある日の昼下がり 盲目の老婆がいった
【私と一緒に世界を旅しよう 自由に】
aru hi no hirusagari moumoku no rouba ga itta
“watashi to issho ni sekai wo tabi shiyou jiyuu ni”

金の月 銀の星 捕まえて
kin no tsuki gin no hoshi tsukamaete
yasashii anata ni sotto ageru
funwari to naderute no nukumori
itsuka mita yume no naka de nemutteru

kanarazu owari wa kuru to
oshiete kureta anata
omoide ga seiza ni naru
miagete wa sasageru koe

ぼくは黒猫 101の命 もった猫
boku wa kuro neko hyakuichi no inochi motta neko
hyaku wo ushinai
tohou ni kureru you na neko janai

【人間のためなら おまえも本望だろ】
“ningen no tame nara omae mo honmou daro”

試された体 酷く細い手
tamesareta karada hidoku hosoi te
konshin no chikara de nigedashita

dare ni mo yurusazu
dare wo yurusu de mo naku ikiru
kedakaki yasei no honou de hikisaku
subete wo

白い朝 紺の夜 赤の世界
冷たい目 憐れみの声など
ぼくはいらない 偽り欲しくない
shiroi asa kon no yoru aka no sekai
kizutsuki itanda hada ni sasaru
tsumetai me awaremi no koe nado
boku wa iranai itsuwari hoshikunai

namida de wa kawaranai to
oshiete kureta yami ni
yorisoi wagamama ni narou
koukatsu ni wana wo haru koe

差し出された手 懐かしい過去
sashidasareta te natsukashii kako
omoide hashiru
shinpai sou ni nozokikomu shoujo
kokoro, midareru

【こわくない こわくない おいでほら】
ぬくもり伝わる 白い肌に
孤独持ち寄り溶け合う 幸せを
“kowakunai kowakunai oide hora”
nukumori tsutawaru shiroi hada ni
sukoshi dake sukoshi dake negaouka
kodoku mochiyori tokeau shiawase wo

kanarazu owari wa kuru to oshiete kureta anata
omoide ga seiza ni naru
miagete wa sakenda

【だいすきよ ずっとずっといっしょだから】
甘やかな声 眠りへ
【しんじて ずっとずっといっしょだから】
終わる時も一緒さ つぶやく
“daisuki yo zutto zutto issho dakara”
amayakana koe nemuri e
“shinjite zutto zutto issho dakara”
owaru toki mo isshosa tsubuyaku

7.灰の残像 / Hai no zanzou (Remanence from ashes)


Comment from Yura, on her blog:
The sensation like being thrown away, rather than finishing in the beautiful.
I will be happy, if you can understand.

Comment from Merry:
This seven song refers to the black cat, of course. This one is died, rather than to continue his hapiness life.

I really love how the mechanical effect illustrates, some memories from it past. After all, it was a mysterious cat who has had 101 lives.

Really excellent!

8.Exorcism -Instrumental-
9.贖いの亡霊 -Instrumental-
10.Demise Perfume -Instrumental-
11.Ghost Sense -Instrumental-
12.101の命を持った黒猫 -Instrumental-

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