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Gothika ~赤羊音戯箱~ (Akai hitsuji no otogibako) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics and theories


(It’s possible the crossfade don’t work because the official link page is dead. It works in my PC, but I think it will don’t work for others PC)

Sorry for the long suspense ! (Note : The pictures are not from me. If the author don’t want his picture in this blog, just send me a comment and I will delete it. Thanks !)

To begin : thanks you so much, thanks you so much, thanks you so much violet. You have all my respect ! ヾ((○*´∀`*))ノ゙

I love everything about Gothika : beautiful songs, a strange world, duos, blablabla. I don’t want to eternize in my opinion and this CD figures in my top ten favorites albums that realized Yura !

And here, we are the legendary Gothika (kanji and romaji) :

I want to say there exist many wrong translations because this album was too difficult to find. But after the physical sold out of this CD, Yura sells it in her Pixiv Booth. And you have the correct transcription coming directly from the booklet. So, it’s the official lyrics (not creats or invents like I see in Youtube) ! But I’m really disappointed that the intro (始まりの童話 / Hajimari no Douwa) and outro (終りの童話 / Owari no douwa) don’t appear in the booklet.

It was difficult to make the article of this CD, because all links are pratically dead. But thanks again at violet, she gives me a link to acess at the dead links.

After search in old blog of Yura, there are no comment for every songs. She say only : « Will you sucess to help Little Red Riding Hood to sourmount all the trap of the obscur forest (something like that) ? » And the second things, it’s the popular PV Child’s Play where you can see clearly Little Red Riding Hood (we called her Red cap), Wolf and Black Cap ! Red Cap and Black Cap are two hares.

There exist so many picture for Red Cap and her twin sister Black Cap. Here a link of pictures made by fans : . That’s not the only link but you can find many pictures in Pixiv, Deviant Art…


Red Cap and her twin sister Black Cap.

But really what it’s about the CD ? I don’t sucess to find a continuous story between songs. But I find some connections specially the color red and black that is always present, the connection of mirror and the labyrinth forest. And I think this CD it’s about Red Cap and her eight alternatives bad ends. In fact, this CD can be a representation of the Game of Goose ( But in a different way : you choose a song in the album and the destiny of Red Cap is in your hands. But be sure that she always dies, at the end of all songs. She can dies by love with Wolf, and by the strange residents of the world that she living.


The sad destiny that awaiting Red Cap.

Here we go ? About the most maybe, interesting gothic CD that creates Yura ? Anyways, many theories exist, and my comment will be include a mix of all comments and theories that I see.

01. 始まりの童話 / Hajimari no douwa (Beginning of a tale for children)

I will no post kanji and romaji for the intro and outro, because they don’t figure in the booklet. But, I post I translation in english for what I understand :

« A long, long time ago,

There exist a red and black forest that was abandonned by a man.

He let a mail at a grandmother who lives there, adress at  Little Red Riding Hood

And that disturbe the neighboring wolf.

At this time a king wanders where goes this long path,

It’s was a very, very strange forest…

Not far from here, there was a monster who smiled at the moon playing the game of tag.

And today two rabbits appear ! »

I believe this beginning explain a little, the world who living Red Cap, and that this album is actually a collection of Gothic stories and themes put together. Anyways, for me Red Cap and Black Cap can be the representation of the red and black forest who take a human/hare form. And the two of us was raise by her grandmother. People, say the letter send  at the grandmother it’s about the Wolf who is searching someone to marry. But to encounter the wolf, Red Cap have to  surmount all the difficulty, that she will encouter !

By the way, like everyone I’m sure it’s Wolf who is speaking.

02. 狼の血族 / Ookami no ketsuzoku (Wolf and Kin)

I believe this song, it’s from the most simple bad end for Red Cap. She was catch by Wolf. Well, at the begin Red Cap put on her : red coat and ribbon, and goes to the forest during, the night, to accept the invitation of Wolf. And apparently when she encounters him, he eats her.

I translate this :

himitsu no mori e izanau ookami
chigireta ude mo nokosazu tabete
Even if my arms are devours and cut in piece,
Wolf invit me in this secret forest.

In the song :

I think 蜜 = mitsu (honey) that trickle in her body, has in reality blood
牙 = kiba (fang), from the wolf, he bites her
At the end, 痛い = itai (sorrowfully). The secret forest take her life.

I forgot to precise. I believe sometimes Wolf it’s a bad guy and sometimes a good guy, from different songs. And like I say, all songs can be about a different version of what happenned between Red Cap, Black Cap and Wolf.

In this song, Wolf can resist to eat Red Cap.


Wolf who is eating Red Cap.

03. ガラスのステップ / Glass no step

Before to read my comments take a look at the translation by GlassColoredRoses (english translation) : 

I’m practically sure this song it’s about the point of view of Black Cap.

There are two big theories that exist for this character. Apparently Black Cap was jealous for the love between Red Cap and Wolf. So this song can be about Black Cap who kill Wolf with poison (take a look at Child’s Play thoery, to see how much she was jealous about Red Cap).

The other possibility is that Red Cap and Black Cap are in reallity the same person. So this time it’s maybe Red/Black Cap who killed Wolf with poison. That’s explain why at the end « One, Two, Three » is pronnonced heavily by the male vocal.

The title Glass no Step refers, for the Step about the elimination of Wolf. And the Glass refers at the the object she uses to kill him. She put poison (mix with wine) in a glass, and offers it at the victim.


The theory about Red Cap and Black Cap are the same person is really interesting.

Many peoples wander why there are a reference at the Black Cinderella (with many references of Cinderella). That maybe the second name of Black Cap. I want to say Black Cap wonder what colors will be her next dress and her world become monochrome after the lost that the person she loves. « I miss you so much » she finish to kill Wolf a person that she loves and regret this act. And « Hey ! Mr.Human ! » made me think it’s about Wolf, because don’t forget Red Cap/ Black Cap and Wolf are personalized like human.

Now that you read my commentary, I want you to take again a look about the song in the point of view of Black Cap, and say what you think ?

04. Carmilla

We are are in the Game of Goose, and you choose Carmilla.

Here a translation by GlassColoredRoses (english translation) : 

And here a PV for this song : (but this PV has nothing with the story of Red Cap, I discover the CD Gothika by this PV and I really love it).

You don’t know who is Carmilla : a vampire. And from all culture of vampires, she is my favorite. Even the author of Dracula is inspire of this novel to write his own. Well, I read the book and I really recommended it, specially if you love Yuri relation. You can buy it free in Amazon. Here a  link about who is Carmilla :


Carmilla by Isabella Mazzanti (Edition du soleil)

I believe like Japaneses, that Red Cap lost in the forest and fall in the castle of Carmilla or she fall in Carmilla in the forest. Red Cap enter in the castle believing to find help but she will be torture. In fact, Carmilla is a vampire who is only interesting by woman and more specially by little children girl.

Like I say Red Cap will be encounter some residents of her world. This song it’s from the point of view of Carmilla and tell the story about a vampire who catch children, who lost in the forest. The word castle is never say in the song but with the begins of the song, with the chains and the fact that hers victims can’t move ; she can retains them in a piece of her castle (sequester). And some times she comes to see you, to drink you’re blood until you die.

So this time Red Cap is die by Carmilla.

05. 最果ての月 / Saihate no tsuki (The Moon to the Ends of the Earth)

Here a translation by GlassColoredRoses (english translation) :

Like I say in the intro Red Cap go to see Wolf to become her beloved. This time, I believe Red Cap sucess to encounter Wolf. This song it’s about the love beetween Red Cap and Wolf.

But apparently Wolf suffering of the despair to be evil : a corrupted beast, a mad man… And he wants someone to save you. And, Red Cap will offer her life to save him. The contract that made Red Cap it’s to only be her puppet : it means he does what he wants of her. And apparently Red Cap make this by pity.

Thoeries say it’s a despair love, because like you see in the first song, Wolf eating her and Red Cap is suffering. So maybe, all night Red Cap is torturing by Wolf, and that is make suffering him. I think Wolf don’t want to lost his beloved but because he’s evil he can’t resist to do bad things at Red Cap, that makes him desesperate.

And because Wolf is evil, the rosario at the end must be to control him, when he becomes madness, or it’s an object that symbolize the fullfill contract. Rosario is uses to purify evil spirit you know ?

Concerning the title and the lyrics, I believe Red Cap makes a contract at the moon and live in a strange world, really.


Wolf and her beloved Red Cap.


Here a translation by GlassColoredRoses (english translation) :

This time I believe this song it’s no about Red Cap and Wolf but from a modern citizens that come from an another world (The Others). The world who live Red Cap it’s a fairy world. And this song tells who happened at peoples who fall in this fairy world. Apparently they receive a invitation : if you traverse a mirror you will fall in this fairy world (see comment Pan Labyrinth).

And you know where you fall ? In the forest. It’m pretty sure the labyrinth in the song refers at the forest. And you must survive in the forest ! The man and the woman finish to be killed by a monster, at the end, in the forest.

Concerning the labyrinth ? All people believe that the man falls in the black forest and the woman in the red forest. Anyways this song is so strange by many reason.

Some peoples say maybe it’s a connected nightmare between two peoples. That’s explain why a labyrinth is opening in the mirror, why the toothbrush and tabbaco smoke enter in the bathroom between the two person, ect.

So, to resume this song it’s about a couple who made a connected nightmare. Two of use will traverse the mirror and fall in the labyrinth forest. There will try to escape from this nightmare, but, at the end, there will die, kill probably by Wolf or Carmilla or other maleficent creature in the forest.

I think at the end the two peoples sucess to encounter in the forest, but it’s too late, the man are is foot ripped chased by a creature and the woman (kyaaa !) will die too.


Red Cap, Wolf and the Others ?

07. パンズ・ラビリンス / Pan’s labyrinth

There exist pratically no theories in this song this time (or I don’t find it). So this comment comes from me. This song is my favorite of this CD.

This song can be like Carmilla, but this time I believe it can be from someone who is called Pan. Pan it’s maybe the god who has created the world who living Red Cap (Pan it’s the name of a divinity and I’m sure this name what not given by hasard). In the intro, I say « There exist a red and black forest that was abandonned by a man », and maybe this man is Pan.

Oh ! I believe this time Red Cap find the house of someone call Pan. I think the song it’s from the point of view of Red Cap who is describe Pan. Pan will tell a story for Red Cap and he will read the Necronomicon. And I know what it’s this song because I read this book. The Necronomicon is a maleficient book who is containing the worst incantation to summon horrible creatures from other world (

So, I think Pan is a necromancer or a powerful wizard and uses the Necronomicon to create a  fairy world : it’s the world who living Red Cap.  When he begins to read the Necronomicon I believe there are some horros that it begin in the forest that he has creating. Like I say in the previous song, Pan it’s maybe the man who use his power to proposing an invitation from the resident of outside world (see the comment of The Others) and trap them in his labyrinth who is nothing else, that the forest.

The mirror is maybe like is crystal ball and let him survey peoples who fall in the labyrinth. At the begin and end, you can hear the scream of someone  who has been died probably by a monster and the laugh is from Pan.

To explain the part of doll in this song, if Pan is a necromancer : Red Cap is already dead and he uses his power that she becomes her doll. Necromancer can resurect the life but not the soul. And doll always follow the order and love her master.

To summarize, this song is about Pan, the man who I believing creating this world, and survey it. He can invites some people in his world by crossing a mirrror. When a people enter he use the Necronomicon and you will die in the labyrinth forest, by an horrible creature that he summoned. When you die he comes to recover you corpse and make you a doll.

Other think it’s possible, peoples can hear the sound of a music box. Maybe sometime peoples hear the sound of the music box and follows this sound to fall in the Pan’s house.

Another crazy thoeries !


The most terrifying creatures that you can summon with the maleficient Necronomicon.


This song it’s about the Dark Lunacy of Black Cap. To discover what’s is the secret of this song, I let you go see in first the most famous theory, about what to do Black Cap at her sister in Child’s Play.

This song it’s from the point of view of Black Cap who is becomming more and more jealous of Red Cap and fall in madness. So this song can be before she kills Red Cap by in the jealousy that consuming her heart, and after, when she takes her sister place. And apparently this secret must be never say at someone. I think this song can describe her madness, in the fact that she will always leave in this sins because she kills her sister, but nobody will never know it.

When she looks the starry sky, she remembers what she does, but it’s okay because the nuisance is not here anymore. She can play peacefully with Wolf.

Surprisingly lavender is the flower that symbolize the love at first sight, but it is also the flower of love and loyalty.


Black Cap wandering in the Dark Lunacy of the black forest.

09. Child’s Play

Original PV : 

Yura say in her old blog site, the lyrics that she put in the booklet are wrong, so she put after the correct lyrics (the correct version correspond is the first version that  transcribe tegamin).

So here, I summarize the story :

« There once lived two Caps. There was Red Cap and Black Cap and they were twins. But Black Cap started to notice that Wolf paid more attention to Red Cap than her. Black Cap started to become jealous of Red Cap. « Why doesn’t Wolf notice Black Cap? » she would wonder.


Then Black Cap got an idea. Black Cap decided to play a game with her sister Red Cap. Red Cap smiled, but Black Cap just frowned. Red Cap wondered what was wrong when she sees that Black Cat push her in the forest. Black Cap started down at Red Cap, and pulled out a knife. Red Cap stood there confused as Black Cap approached her.

Black Cap took out Red Cap’s eyes, cut off her lips and pulled out her hair, so Red Cap could never look beautiful again.

Black Cap cut off Red Cap’s foot so Red Cap couldn’t walk to Wolf.

While Black Cap was doing this, Red Cap remembered all the times they laughed together, and was puzzled about why Black Cap would do this. Red Cap had died of losing too much blood. Black Cap had another idea. Wolf would come looking for Red Cap.

Black Cap took out her own eyes, lips, and hair and replaced them with Red Cap’s.

So this way Wolf wouldn’t notice that Red Cap had been killed.

Black Cap appeared in Red Cap’s and Wolf’s special place. Black Cap saw all the drawings they made together, but it didn’t matter because Black Cap is Red Cap now, and Wolf will never know the difference. »


Black Cap and her knife with the attention to kill her sister : Red Cap.

You can find this theory pratically everywhere and I very agreed with it.

Japaneses say the reason why they are many english mistakes it’s because Red Cap is dying, and she has some difficulty to speak (or maybe it’s just the bad engrish). And of course the laughs are from Black Cap.

But this song can maybe refer at the sad destiny that always awaiting Red Cap : she must be kills how many time she tries. In fact « Who is killing me ? » It can be the wolf, Carmilla, ect, like we see previously.

10. 終りの童話 / Owari no douwa (Ending of a tale for children)

I translate this but sadly I don’t sucess to understand a stanza because I had the feeling Wolf use a english word : catchy ? But I’m not sure… But I think the rest is correct.

« Oh ! I wonder when it’s become this late ?

Hum… The time of my tale is over now.

Now, it’s time to go to bed !

Hum ? What’s wrong ?

Ah ! Why the black and red forest were be called ? It’s interesting you, right ?   

Hum… That’s the secret of the forest ! If I tell you know, you will repeat it at everyone.

But even so, I will tell you…

That’s because Wolf has a crush in Red cap in the red forest and Wolf want offer himself for her and sometimes for the black forest. (sadly I don’t understand this sentence so this stanza is surely wrong).

Now, I wonder what color will dyed the forest ?

I hope will we encounter again. Good night !

Dream of the forest. »


From what I understand it give something like that but sadly I don’t have the kanji, so I can’t understand correctly the stanza in red.

« Dream of the forest », I wonder, now if the song The Others is nothing more that a nightmare…

It’s over ! It makes me seven days to write this comment and I hope you like it ! I do my best like always ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪ If you have any questions, be free to ask !

So what is you favorite character in the CD ? Mine is Red Cap !


This CD is so famous that there exist some cosplay.

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