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鮮血に捧ぐ三度目の黒鏡 (Senketsu ni sasaku sandome no kuro kagami) / Symholic lyrics


Concerning this CD I don’t have the attention to post it normally because I don’t sucess to decrypt the catch word. But I see that my dear violet work on it ! So you have it with my theories.

I want to say I don’t like the group Symholic. I give 6/10 at this CD. In fact I really love the story of theirs CDs, that’s why I want to know you’re impression. Concerning the group I think their instrumental in the song are really beautiful, sadly the voice of theirs vocalists don’t concur. For exemple in the CD 鮮血に捧ぐ三度目の黒鏡  you agreed with me if I say Nayuta sing out of tune in all songs ? And in this CD I feel Yura is good with the slow passage but sing out tune too, at the refrain at some songs. And I believe it’s because of this collaboration that Yura don’t have time to work Eclipse Parade.

Anyways peoples always want to know what about it’s about the story !

So here the lyrics of Kanji and romaji :

The translation of the title of the CD can be « The sacrifice of the third call of fresh blood of black mirror »

1. 黒鏡の呪い / Kuro kagami no noroi (The curse of the black mirror)


Comment of Meriole :
This time the two first paragraphs in english resume very well this song.
This about a girl with a poor heath who was living in a room of a certain time-worn mansion.
And because she sicks she can goes outside and don’t have any friend.

This song it’s based at the rituel when she summons Mary. According at the popular, folklore you need to be in the darkness, in front of a mirror, lighted with a candle. You must repeat three time « Bloody Mary » and this girl, with a blooding dress, will appear in the mirror. In the song, the girl uses blood to attract Mary (maybe she cut a little her finger).

Anyways, the invocation is completely fullfil and she will regret it !

These stanzas can be the reasons of her rituel :

呼んだ少女の名は 一度の”好奇心”
I pronounce, one time, the girl name by « curiosity »

招く少女の名は 二度の”寂寥感”
I invite, a second time, the girl name by « loneliness »

もう 引き返せない三度目の”呪縛”
The third time is the point of no return of the « curse »

2. 幸せな私の追憶 / Shiawase na watashi no tsuioku (My happiest memories)


Comment of Meriole :
A very sad song (I cried a little). It’s based in a point of view of the girl who has summoning Mary.

Apparently the girl, because of her sickness, was abandonned when she was very young. Luckily, an elderly couple is accepted her to live in their mansion (so problaby a rich couple). And she was very happy to live with them. She educate the girl like her daughter. You know, their taught her how to live even with her sickness. Yeah ! there are hers happiest memories. Concerning the sickness is not say in the song but apparently, she can don’t really do some physical efforts.

These words are surely a fragment of hers happiest memories :
『透き通る星空』 『深い海原』 『写す川』
『移り行く自然』 『風の匂い』 『景色』
“sukitooru hoshizora” “fukai unabara” “utsusu kawa”
“utsuriyuku shizen” “kaze no nioi” “keshiki”
« Clear starry sky » « Deep ocean » « Photography of a river »
« Turning season » « Smell of wind » « Landscape »

One day the couple offers her a present : a beautiful mirror. And I think after that the two elder person are died (by old age), and she finish alone again.

So, the mirror represent her memories all the time she always watchs in it.
After that she summons Mary, she proposes a deal (something like that). The girl say that she want friends to play. Mary accept at only one condition : to offer her blood like a sacrifie until she pass away.

3. 鮮血の斉唱 / Senketsu no seishou (Agreement of fresh blood)


Comment of Meriole :
This song can be about the curse of Mary. In fact the girl can always hears the voice of Mary in her head :
“ask for the blood, by both hands are crimson!
if that sweet act is performed, my desire is fill!”

And the girl becomes crazy. It’s a terrible song ! You know I have the feeling the girl is possess (something like that) by Mary and force the girl to kill some peoples for theirs bloods. Of course the girl offers her blood as agreed. Mary bite the girl with her mouth.

The girl pray in espering that this madness can be stop, but everything it’s vain.

The song is pratically only descritptive about the disgusting feeling that affecting the girl to help Mary to fulfill her act and how Mary is diverting with her prey. Don’t want to enter in the detail to how Mary kill the girl because it’s horrible.

By the way the girl is really suffering and she’s in a pitiful state….

Wait it’s me or Mary can exit the mirror to drink blood !

4. 血塗られた彼女の追憶 / Chinurareta kanojo no tsuioku (Her bloody memory)


Comment of Meriole :
I’m pretty sure this song is from the point of view of Mary. You know Mary is a vengeful spirit and wanders in the world. All day she was always the same for her, when she hears someone call her name she was really surprise. And this song can be about her regret about when she kills the girl.

In fact when Mary encouner the girl and see the two of them are the same. I mean there are suffering of a pitiful life : no friend, always alone, sickness… When she kills the girl and that she can’t hear her voice anymore she remember that nothing has change for her. Always eating the skin and blood from her victim and always finish alone.
I believe Mary was happy to have a friend (she like her) and for the time that they are passing together.

She is really grateful that the girl hold her promise to give her blood until she dies.

05. 絶望の四重奏 / Zetsubou no shijuusou (Quartet of despair)


Comment of Meriole :
This song is connected at 鮮血の斉唱 / Senketsu no seishou. But this song is based in the madness that suffering the girl to always hears the voice of Mary. In fact the girl has to choose beetween the fact if she must continues to resist to the sweet voice of Mary or submit at her. And she finishs to succomb.

Because Mary possess her, the girl herself drink blood (Mary in her corpse) she can stop and kill some peoples. From the description the girl must looks like at a beast. The voice is just like a maleficent requiem that can’t never stop (quartet of despair). She trapped in the game with Mary. And Mary is really happy !

By the way I see some thoeries Japanese that say Mary and the girl are in reality the same person. It’s difficult to explain but it’s possible, that Mary is her dark side and that after the death of the couple she is drowning in the darkness. Like I say Mary and the girl has some commonalities (she looks like a lot, are no friend, always alone…). Besides, the sickness of the girl is never explains, but why not a mental illness ? And I think you know what sort of sickness is…

Just to say I have the feeling there are a passage in the last song that explain the death of the couple. And in reality it’s the girl who kill them, and it’s possible that she regrets her action.

For the explication, in the second song :
“老夫婦”は旅に出掛け、一人きり 寂しさを紛らわせる日々
The eldery couple is goes in a trip and all day I have been drown by loneliness.
(But I think the trip refers at the fact they are death)

In the last song :
優しい光は 凶器を照らし
A sweet light illuminate my deadly weapon
That I brandish at the « eldery couple »



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