(M3-40) 妖華語り (Ayakashi Bana Gatari) / Dark Youkai fairy tales collection [PREVIEW PAGE]

You can buy the new CD from Yura in digital (320k+scans), on MelonbookDL. The reason of the price is always because of the clearfile, on the physical CD. However, I think Yura has actually need more money for the production of her new CDs. The clearfile for me, is more an excuse from her, to try to justify the price. I know a lot of people are complaining about the clearfile and the rising price of Yura, but I think in the future all next CDs will have this price. Personally, I find the price really expensive. My only problem with this price is that it gives me more a severe judgment about the CD. In fact, with this price, I consider that all CDs should have a God work, like FairiA. And that’s where I’m more worrying for the next CDs from Yura. If Yura keep or have even more than an excellent work, it will be fine. But if it’s not the case, it’s bad for the reputation of Yura. But even so, I know Yura has a lot of fans. So, she will continue to have sell.

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I created a discord, for Yura fan. Please come, if you want to speak about Yura or doujin music. I may also asked help for english translation. I will be very happy if some english people can help me. Here, the link of discord:

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Hi, everyone!

The M3 autumn is my favorite convention of each year. This time is the M3-40! We already reach the 40th one. Time is passing so fast. Yura has succeed the tests of M3-40 and she will be here with one new CD. The convention will be the 29th october 2017.

The CD is a collection of dark fairy tales.

The CD is a traditional style Japenese music.

The theme of CD is Youkai. Youkai is a Japenese term and it refers to the different creatures/monsters from the Japenese folklore. Bad and evil youkai are the center of this CD, but maybe there are also good youkai, who knows?

Don’t forget this a preview page! Some modifications can appear at the end of my work.

-Work progress-

1. Preview translation of comments from Yura’s blog 100% (can be modificated with the end of my work)
2. Kanji transcription 100% (5/5)
3. Romaji 100% (5/5)

4. Translations (the translation will be finished when it will be written « done »):

紅蓮夜叉(ぐれんやしゃ)/ Guren Yasha => done. I really, wonder what think people about this song made by Drop? Pratically sure, some people are dissapointed, about this one. I find the whole song really excellent. But it’s difficult to enjoy it without uderstand anything. Really love the part between 2.50-3.08, where I imagine a massacre. I can feel the genius lyrics from Yura in this one.

The content of the song is following directly the first track of the CD. The song is a reference to “Yaoya Oshichi” and “The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (hyakkiyakou).” I wonder, if you will understand what happens exactly to the end of the song.

– 蛇焔姫譚(じゃえんきたん)/ Hebi Honoo Ki Tan => done. Very cute and drama story. I really enjoy it all along. Kuromin has really well written the lyrics. Actually that on those style of lyrics, that I don’t like too much translate. In fact, the way are written the lyrics are full of different meaning and give a very deep side to the speaker. So, I put a very long note, after the translations for pratically all paragraphs, to give you an idea of all many ideas refer kuromin with the words she has chosen safely. I don’t think a lot of people, will read them, but believe me, it gives really an another impression to the song.

The content is about:
« A youkai snake (hebi), has gone in long journey, to try to see once more the person, she was loving. After a long trip, she has finally reached the place where she can find him. »

– 千年桜ノ姫(せんねんざくらのひめ)/ Sen Nen Sakura no Hime => done. The story seem mixed different japenese tales.  I wonder if Yura was not inspired by some cherry tree, like “Garyuzakura, called the Millenium cherry tree? ” The name comes from its unique shape which reminds visitors of a dragon lying on the ground.

The story is about a dragon god (ryuujin), where its life is linked to a cherry tree. The whole of the song is very sad. Sometimes, you can hear in the composition from Tsukagoshi the notes of pipe from “him. ” I really love how it fits with the context of the song.

– 花魁妖(おいらんあやかし)/ Oiran Ayakashi => done. It was very hardcore to translate. In Japenese, Youno’s words refers to many things accentuated in the X things. It was difficult everytime to choose a word to give sense to the song, all in keeping a side of pleasure. My only disappointment is that Yura doesn’t sing with a sensual voice.

For me, this is the song the most terrifying of the CD.

The content is about a youkai hiding her appearance with clothings. She will invite a man for her pleasure, and act as prostitute (oiran). All along, the song she becomes slowly to undress, until the truth is revealed. I let all your imagination runs between the sex and the horror content.  

桜黄泉語 (さくらよみがたり) / Sakura Yomi Gatari => done. Another wonderful lyrics made by Youno. It was not so much simple, for me, to translate this one. Because I never have seen the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and my contemplation for them. My heart has translated, something that it never have felt. But I think, Japenese people should find this one really touching and full of emotions.
I really love when Yura raises her voice to say: “Sakura! Sakura!”

– – – – – – – – –

Let give me my impression about the lyrics. Any stories has disappointed me in the CD. The lyrcis are really well written, but sadly (for me) I don’t make an honour in the song of the snake and prostitute, because the words used refers to too much many things in Japenese and lose a lot of her values and sense. It doesn’t mean my translations are bad, but there are just written to let you understand what happen in the song. The three other translations are correct, however.

The CD is only a sentimental one. All songs are full of feelings. Yura has put a lof feeling in those youkai. It’s difficult to not cry for some songs. But that’s the problem of the CD itself. The CD lack of diversity. And it’s really it big default.

Everytime each song turn about the love of youkai for someone/something and all the consequent of their love. There are always love songs in the CD, but put a CD only about that, was not the best thing to do. In the CD Clockwork, all songs where turning about love, but with a story inside it, that was giving something really unic, everytime. In this CD is more « depression love » each time.

Anyways, if you were waiting a CD, with dangerous Youkai, and pure madness from them, that don’t exist in this CD. All madness comes from their love.

I don’t know how many people have enjoy the CD or are waiting the translation to have a proper judgement, but I don’t guarantee that you will like more the CD, even with my translations. I think you can’t even by dissapointed (it depends completely what you were waiting).

I have put the kanji+romaji this week, to earn time. Next week will appear the comments and full translation.

– – – –  – – – – –

5. Comments from Meriole => done => Just like I promise, my judgment will be more severe, in reason of the new price from Yura. Prepare yourself, to read negative comments, from me, from now. 

Before to read the comments:

>I’m not a fan of oriental music in reason of that my heart doesn’t has vibrated so much, on the CD. It’s very difficult for me to judge the CD. All my opinions are personal, also.

>Globally a CD very excellent, for me, but that suffers also of many problems. And sadly, I have the feeling that those problems come crush, all the good sides of the CD. I would like to put a positive comment for all songs just like FairiA, but I can’t do it in the CD.

>This time the summarize for all songs is short. My opinion is really big, however. The comment page is 15 pages. It’s more than FairiA (why I’m writing a long page when I know pratically nobody will read them, with my bad english :/…)

6. Post all my work => planificated date: saturday, November 18, 2017 => It will be difficult to post everything in reason of my planning, but I will do it no matter what happen. It will be very long to post everything and some post will appear with a lot of difference hours. I will post a last post to say when everything it’s okay. During the posting I need to read 10 times, to be sure everything it’s okay. So,  please, no matter what please don’t go read the posts who will be posted without my consent. (I say this because I have already some people who look my posts when I done have finish to put everything).

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

[EDIT 23/10/2017] Last update:

  • Correction of the title of the CD. 華 = はな = Bana = this word should be understand by « bana » and not « hana. » I’m sorry for this big error. I let you take a look about the new informations.

  • Translation of the comments from Yura.

  • My comments stories and opinion were put before the comments from Yura. I only modificated my comment story of the track 4. All the rest: other comment stories and opinions have been unmodified.

– – – – – – – – – –


The title of the CD is 妖華語り(あやかしはながたり) / Ayakashi Bana Gatari (Fairy Tales of Mystical Red Spider Lilies)

The title of the CD is really, really difficult to translate. Actually, the combination of words give any sens and each words, in the sentence refers to many things. But let’s give me, my explications:

  • 妖 = あやかし = Ayakashi = in our case « ayakashi » refers to the strange phenomenons, when something suspicious and supernatural happens. After, listening the crossfade I chosen the word « Mystical », in reference of different Youkai creatures.
  • 華 = はな = Bana = the word « bana » alone, doesn’t have meaning. According the cover and back, drawn by kuromin, this word is surely cut from the word « higanbana, » which means Red Spider Lily in english. This flower has a lot of meanings in function different countries. In your case, the flower should symbolise the sin, or even the death. I find this document pretty well summarize, during my research and invite you to take a look for more informations. So, I translate the word by Red spider Lily.
  • 語り = がたり = gatari = this word refers when someone says a speach or tell a story. It’s even possible than « gatari » is actually cut from the word « monogatari », that means story or tale. The full expression « Bana Gatari » can refers to the tales of different Red Spider Lilies. So, once again there is not doubt that Yura is playing with this expression, to refers to the « Fairy Tales ».

– – – – – – – – – –

Design+Illustration: くろみん(月棘苑子)/ kuromin (Tsukishi Sonoko) 

Once more kuromin has drawn a loli. This youkai on the cover is a kitsune, isn’it? That’s been a long time that I don’t enjoy a cover from kuromin, but this time I love it (*_*). Really love the amaryllis and the parasol. It really show the traditional side from Japan country and the CD. I really love this youkai which is cute and funny, at the same time. You can enjoy the « movement and asymmetric clothes », from kuromin. kuromin says she made more time to do the cover, but it’s really an excellent work.

– – – – – – – – – –



1.狐火(きつねび)/ Kitsunebi (Will-o’-the-whip)
狐火= きつねび = kitsunebi = Will-o’-the-whip ]

Comment from Yura:
Begin the dangerous “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (hyakkiyakou, in Japenese)” lighted in the night, by the will-o’-the-wisps!
The feeling isn’t similar to that w?
Dignified and excellent notes.

Comment from Meriole:
A style very mysterious and dangerous, with an oriental composition. It’s a very excellent intro made by Drop. I imagine the will-o’-the-wisp which is coming, as wandering soul and evil spirits, to haunt you. According the folklore, is difficult to get rid of one of them, when it becoming to haunt you.

2.紅蓮夜叉(ぐれんやしゃ)/ Guren Yasha (Red lotus Yasha)
[ – 紅蓮 = ぐれん = guren = Red Lotus or Crimson Lotus (Guren refers to a red lotus. It symbolizes the color of the skin when this one, is shining of red).
– 夜叉 = やしゃ = yasha = a youkai = The yaksha (rendered yasha in Japanese) were an ancient class of usually-benevolent spirit from Indian myth, who presided over subterranean treasures and were worshipped as tutelary deities. ]
Lyrics葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

Comment from Yura:
In this song, I tried to write the lyrics, in being inspired by “Yaoya Oshichi.” [Yaoya Oshichi is the daughter of a grower who lives in Edo, in the district of Hongō. She tries to cause a fire to find a boy she loves. Despite her young age but because she is over 15 years old, she suffers the punishment reserved for incendiaries.]
I have written the feelings as: “I want to meet the person that I’m loving”. I put the fire to the town, I ring the fire bell by myself, and wait for the person I love, to escape.
Pure, but also crazy thoughts are pleasant.

Comment from Meriole:
I think, the song is in the point view of a Yasha. My interpretation is about someone who has moved the heart and feelings from this Yasha, in the past. For this reason, no matter what happen, this Yasha is determined to see once again this person.

Love, passion, compassion and seduction are the most common meanings of the red lotus flower. It represents the nature and innocence of the heart, which always ends up putting feelings before reason. People who are considered passionate and who are governed by the rules of the heart are often tattooed this lotus flower.

“I want to see you, now!”

Finally, Drop is doing something else than steam or fast compositions. Just as I think, he made an oriental composition, just like in 宵闇恋想奇譚 (Yoiyami Rensou Kitan). I will not hide it, this old style from Drop miss me. Even so, I found this crossfade part is really weak to me and even the less good song from this crossfade. But let’s be clear, I can say that Yura doesn’t have put the best part of the song. If you listen at the end of the crossfade part, we can hear the climax of the song (because Yura’s voice becomes crazy). The full lyrics should be intense. In fact, this crossfade part is impossible to judge for me. I’m practically sure the full version will be more interesting than that (I hope).

3.蛇焔姫譚(じゃえんきたん)/ Hebi Honoo Ki Tan (Tale of the princess, flames snake)
[ – 蛇 = じゃ = hebi = snake (specially when you speak about a big snake).
– 焔 = えん = honoo = flame
– 姫 = き = ki = princess
– 譚 = たん = tan = story or tale ]
Lyrics:月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko (aka kuromin)
Composition五十嵐芳樹 / Igarashi Yoshiki

Comment from Yura:
Now, an upbeat tempo and a flamboyant song.
The lyrics from Ms. Sonoko are pretty lovely and have been accentuated by emotions, on the part: “Only you!”
This feeling of « mental disorder » from the woman is also excellent, here.

Comment from Meriole:
There is no doubt that is a love song. I think the story turns about the separation (or unrequited love) between a princess youkai snake, and her love, for a human. This princess is waiting for the human that she is loving. Here, the flames symbolize the love of the princess.  But even if those flames are burning, they consume with the time.

“Make that this flame of love reach my beloved one!”

A very excellent song and I’m sure a lot of people will love this one. This is a unique song with Igarishi Yoshiki as compositor, and kurimon as lyricist (the same kuromin who made the cover of the CD).  Kuromin has already made lyrics in the past, but it was a very long time. Here, the lyrics are very worked, and I can feel the passion of kuromin, when she has written them.

Igarashi’s composition is good also. He made a lot of composition for eroge game, so I think begun with a love song, is a style who suits him. According Igarashi, he said on twitter that he was so happy to make once again a composition for Yura. Actually he was so happy, that he was crying of happiness. So, to tell you how this compositor must be very old, to be happy to this point.

Yura’s voice is good also, and I think the full song will be full of painful and dying love. I can feel a tender broken voice, here. But it’s great, for the context of the song.

4.千年桜ノ姫(せんねんざくらのひめ)/ Sen Nen Sakura no Hime (Princess of thousand years of cherry blossoms)  
[ – 千 = せん = sen = thousand
– 年 = ねん = nen = year
–  桜 = ざくら = sakura = cherry tree or cherry blossom
– ノ = の = no (particle « no »)
– 姫 = ひめ = hime = princess ] 
Lyrics:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki
Composition塚越雄一朗 / Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou (NanosizeMir) 

Comment from Yura:
It was a challenge to compose notes with a guitar, in flowing into a Japenese style. The song is attractive.
The story is about a dragon god (ryuujin, in Japenese) moving into irritation of the spirit of cherry blossoms and facing toward death, while it remembers about “him”. The song is growing in a feeling that the dragon god can’t forget the “notes of pipe” of the person, that it was loving, but who is now deceased.

Comment from Meriole:
According Yura’s comment, the story is about dragon princess who has assisted, to the life and death of the human, she was loving. The cherry blossom (sakura) as a meaning of representation of life and death to japan. Probably, when the cherry blossoms are falling on the ground, it refers to someone body, who is dying.

“Only for you, the cherry blossoms are screaming!”

After the excellent rock/ethnic as does Tsukagoshi in FairiA, he comes back already with a new rock song. The song is very special… I don’t dislike so much this crossfade part, but I have already see Tsukagoshi made better rock, and even something better. I think, this song will not please to everyone, especially for occidental, in reason of the Japenese theme.

Here, Yura’s voice is more powerful and dramatic. The rock intensify the dramatic side. I have the feeling it’s Yura’s voice, who is going to raise the level of the song. I actually enjoy it, especially at the end of the crossfade part.

One thing that disturb me is the theme of the song. The theme seems to turn about “cherry blossom.”  And the track six, seems also turn about the same subject. To be frank, in five vocals, put two song with the theme of “cherry blossom” is lot. I think in reason of that, the track four and six, will lose point. I will prefer something different that two songs about “cherry blossom”.

Also, during the M3-40, Tsukagoshi is selling a new CD, called NanosizeMir 10th anniversary ( Please check it, if you’re interesting. The samples are pretty good, personally.

5.花魁妖(おいらんあやかし)/ Oiran Ayakashi (Mysterious High-class prostitute)
[ – 花魁 = おいらん = oiran = postitute. Other name to refer to « Oiran » is « first flower ». The oiran were high-ranking courtesans in Japan, famous especially during the Edo period. They are the main characters in the « world of flowers and willows » (花柳 界, karyūkai). The houses where they lived were called « green houses » (seirou). They are distinguished from ordinary prostitutes by their mastery of the arts, especially dance and singing, and the fact that some have become famous outside of pleasure quarters.
– 妖 = あやかし = ayakashi = refers to the strange phenomenons, when something suspicious and supernatural happens (I chosen mysterious for the translation). ]
Lyrics夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi (IOSYS)
Compositionとろまる / toromaru

Comment from Yura:
Tada! It’s a very charming song.
The notes moving in the back are also cute.
The lyrics from Mr. Youno confer the feeling of seduction from a mysterious high-class prostitute (oiran, in Japenese) and hers “sensual treatments” so irresistible.
The part where I sing “Mysterious person sloughs, in the dress patern(?)” is where the tension rises up w.

Comment from Meriole:
The title of this song is a big hint, to know what happen, here. My interpretation is about a youkai who is changing constantly of appearance, to please, to humans that she wants. If you meet that sweet flower, your soul will be stolen, in a sweet dream. In the darkness, strange voices resound, and humans are disappearing.

A very suspicious and mysterious composition made by toromaru. The crossfade part for this song is the longest. But I can say, that I think practically everyone should have put this song, as favorite one. The composition is excellent. I don’t know at all toromaru can make traditional japenese songs, with “marionette effects”. If a lot of people has put toromaru, as favorite compositor from yura, those last time, this song will continue to make his success. And I think even a lot of new people will be charm by his work.

Just like the composition, Yuu’s lyrics are mysterious and suspicious. I can hear that Yuu has tried once again something completely different with the lyrics. The style and effect seem full of surprise, so I’m waiting for them. I really love the charm of suspicious overflowing, from this beautiful hand.

Yura’s voice is really charming in this one! I think, she tried to reflect the charm of a prostitute (oiran) and her dark secrets. The voice of Yura playing the “marionette style” mixed with the context of the song is really good!

An excellent song!

6.桜黄泉語 (さくらよみがたり) / Sakura Yomi Gatari (Recital of Hell’s cherry blossoms)
[ – 桜 = ざくら = sakura = cherry tree or cherry blossom
– 黄泉 = よみ = yomi = hell, underworld
– 語 = がたり = gatari = speech, declamation, recital, word, language… ]
Lyrics:夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi (IOSYS)
Compositionアメディオ / Amedio

Comment from Yura:
1番ふわっと色気を意識して歌った曲かも。サビの「さくら さくら」という歌詞がはまりすぎてて
Flute, bell and coco (?)!!
This is a beautiful song with a transparent feeling and a scene that I really envy.
Probably, the song number one where I sung the most, in a consciousness floating of “poetry.”
As expected, it was Mr. Youno, falling into the lyrics of “Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms” which dying.
It’s a sad story with beautiful lamentations. No matter the number of time the life ends, it will revive many times.

Comment from Meriole:
I think, Yuu has written the lyrics based on the symbolism of cherry blossoms. My interpretation is about a youkai which his admiring and its feelings about the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life are very short. After their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. Through, the beauty of the cherry blossom a sad reality should appear.

My favorite song of the crossfade.

It’s a slow buildup song. The fast and slow parts of Amedio are really beautiful. And confers a lot of feelings for the song. I really love it!

Also, I really love when Yura sings like that! It’s so powerful!

Yuu’s lyrics seem really fantastic. I hope the lyrics has the same level than Mezame no Toki.


I don’t think this song will please to everyone. To begin, the theme is “cherry blossom”, just like the track four. I will prefer another theme.

Slow buildup song are special and are not please to everyone. But, I think the full song must be great, especially when the composition and Yura’s voice are raising.

I keep hope.

7.彼岸の紅(ひがんのべに)/ Higan no Beni (Crimson Higan)
[ – 彼岸 = ひがん = Higan = period of seven days during, where people go to the graves of their ancestors. In Buddhism term, Higan is a processus which refers to the after life. To simplificate Higan is the after life Buddhism.
– の = の = no (particle « no »)
– 紅 = べに = beni = deep red or crimson ]

Comment from Yura:
An atmosphere where the feast ends, after the morning arrival.
Somewhere, we feel refreshed w.

Comment from Meriole:
“The end” overflows from this song. A sad song, where the life of someone comes to end.

8.紅蓮夜叉 -Instrumental-
9.蛇焔姫譚 -Instrumental-
10.千年桜ノ姫 -Instrumental-
11.花魁妖 -Instrumental-
12.桜黄泉語 -Instrumental-

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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / Dark ethnic fairy tales collection

After a long work, the CD FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ is finally done. Please, listen a lot and profit to each wonderful songs made by Yura (๑ˇεˇ๑)•*¨*•.¸¸♪. I hope you will like the translations.

FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ => Full translation+full explication

Normally, I always recommend to read in the first the comments. But this time, I beg you to read in first the translations. Some songs, have clearly some effect of surprise, the first time, you read them. So, I beg you to read in first the translations and only after the comments m(_ _)m.

Also, I’m sorry, as always, to write a novel for the comments and explication… I need to separate them from the lyrics page, this time.

Thanks you really much for all people who will take an interest to the new Yura CD.

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Lenie Ya Falea – english translation / FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~)

It’s really a divine song! The cover is here to illustrate the fairy, from this song.

I tried to translate the song, in fact that you have the same expression face, that the fairy, on the cover.

If you your eyes open wide, face to the beauty of lyrics, face to the beauty of the scene emerging from the song, I will be really happy. Something really mystique happens, in the song. I’m glad if you understand what I’m saying, after you have read my translation. And I hope, at the end it will confer you a divine emotion.

To see what is about this song click: here.

Notes :
The title Lenie Ya Falea and a lot of stanzas, are an artificial language (also called invented language or constructed language). Obviously, I don’t have translate those part and let everything, in the original version. But it give a side very divine, to the music.

However I think, I find what means the title “Lenie Ya Falea” and what is the subject from artificial language, in the song.

永遠と絶望から 解かれ羽ばたく
(Mafaici Mefalici Lenie Ya Falea)
eien to zetsubou kara tokare habataku
(Mafaici Mefalici Lenie Ya Falea)
From eternity and despair, wing flapping had made a decision!
(Mafaici Mefalici Lenie Ya Falea)

In this paragraph, the title of the song appears that made me think that Youno wants to make an importance, to this passage of the song. It means you should have understand something important, when you arriving at this passage of the song. For me, “Lenie Ya Falea” means “Awakening” or “New awareness” in the sense, where someone is taking conscience of something very important.

At the begin, I never think, I will understand a single word from those artificial language. But Youno is so gorgeous, he let some hints, to at least make me understand that the artificial language is about “awakening”. I was really impress by the symbolism from all those mystic words. If you take a look, a lot of words (the structure) seem close, to the title. So my theory, is most of artificial language should turn about the “awakening from someone.”

For the correct translation, only Youno knows the truth. But Youno is really gorgeous. He has written so much very well the lyrics, that at least I can have an idea of what is the title, and the content of artificial language.

– – – – – – – – –

意識の産まれ出づる幻想を 妖精と呼ぶ
ishiki no umare de duru gensou wo yousei to yobu
We call a “fairy”, a “fantasy” emerging from a “consciousness”

=> the word fantasy must be understand in the sens of “dream/ideal”. The word consciousness in the sens of “awakening”.

– – – – – – – – –

Title: Lenie Ya Falea
Composition/Chorus:光ノ巣 / Hikarinosu
Lyrics:夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi(IOSYS)
Vocal:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

– – – – – – – – –

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目覚めの刻 (Mezame no toki) – english translation / FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~)

A song with really beautiful lyrics. Once again, Youno is awesome here. During the translation, the words were coming, so easily face the beauty of handwriting, from Youno. I’m always learning a lot from his beautiful hand. I really love how the emotion from Yura’s voice, are entered in the composition from toromaru, so melancholy and dramatic.

Just like Lenie Ya Falea, the song turns about the subject of “awakening”.

I tried to translate in putting a lot of feeling, melancholy and tragedy, overflowing from this song, all in keeping a part of mystery. I hope you will like it.

To see what is about this song click: here.

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Title: 目覚めの刻 / Mezame no toki (Time of awakening)
Composition:とろまる / toromaru
Lyrics:夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi(IOSYS)
Vocal:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

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Changeling – english translation / FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~)

As always one love song by CD, from Yura. But this time is not Tsukagoshi, who made a composition for love song, but Suzuha! Suzuha is really awesome in the chorus, I’m glad she sings with Yura. Really wish to see those two women sung together once again!

It’s not a pure love, this time, but a vengeful one! I really love how Yura’s lyrics, as always are frank and sharp. The song is on the point of view of the girl.

I will be really glad if you can understand why the title of the song is “Changeling” and how Yura play a lot with the word “change” all along the song.

To see what is about this song click: here.

Notes :
未だ来ぬ 妖精王の瞳
mada konu (yousei ou) anata no hitomi
In red. Word change detected: it’s written in the booklet “妖精王 / yousei ou = fairy king”. But Yura says “anata = you”.

So, the phrase can be translated in two times like this:
– I still have not seen the eyes from the fairy king
– I still have not seen your eyes

I have chosen “I still have not seen your eyes”, in the translation, because Yura had already said in her comment that the story is about a girl who fall in love with the fairy king.

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Title: Changeling [changeling is an english word and refers to “substituted child”]
Composition/Chorus:鈴葉ユミ / Suzuha Yumi
Vocal and lyrics:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

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青の物語 (Ao no monogatari) – english translation / FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~)

Apparently, it’s dark fantasy and the content of the song is really obscure. But I really love this song, so much. The song is in the point of view of a man.

Youno this time has written short lyrics, but with enough elements to know what happen about the man inside it. I’m in love with the two last stanzas, so scorching, just like said Yura in her comment.

I love so much how Yura voice is slow buildup. It’s very powerful! Amedio try something romantic this time, it’s really excellent.

I tried to translate the lyrics with an intense passion about the admiration of the sky and her… I tried also, to make you heart burned, during the reading of the two last stanzas of the song. With the flute from Amedio, at the end of the song is just so touching.

To see what is about this song click: here.

Notes :
In the first stanza the notion of the dream of jade = There are different interpretations about “dreaming of jade”. I made some research and resume why this notion is interesting for our song. It refers:

– sleep very well (a deep sleep)
– to move forward in the actual life (lead a full life)
– the meeting of someone that will help you to change your actual life

It’s dark fantasy, so I will be really happy if you can understand what I’m referring with the translation.

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[地平を染めてゆく 朝焼けに願う
もう一度飛びたいよ 君と 雲の果て
chihei wo somete yuku asayake ni negau
mouichido tobitai yo kimi to kumo no hate
Praying for a morning glow, which will dyed the horizon,
Once more, I want to fly with you, the clouds without end…]

According the booklet, Yura should say the paragraph in beetween hook. But she sings an another paragraph, that she will repeat a second time, more lately in the song. So, this paragraph is neither says in the song. It’s not an error from me, it’s really what is written in the booklet. I don’t have asked to Youno if it’s a “paragraph change” for the style of the song, and give us more explication, for what happened, or if it’s an error of printing. But, I decided to keep the mystery and translate the two parts, because it sounds interesting.

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Title: 青の物語 / Ao no monogatari (The blue story)
Composition:アメディオ / Amedio
Lyrics:夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi(IOSYS)
Vocal:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

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闇妖精と魔法の子猫 (Yami yousei to mahou no koneko) – english translation / FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~)

It was really difficult to translate, in reason of the different speakers, in the song. But I find this song really cute, somehow, but not at all funny. Can I say that the end of the song is a good end? It depends completely if you think about the future of the song.

To see what is about this song click: here.

The song suffers of what I called “multiple point of views”. As far, I understand there are three characters in the song:

– the protagonist is a girl, who is the owner of the kitten
– a male kitten with mysterious powers
– the dark fairy
– the narrator => the different stanzas, in any point views, from those three characters, in the story. Let’s call it, a narrator.

To help, to understand the song, I decide to put different colors. The colors, must be understand like this:

– violet = the girl => the thoughts from the girl + when the girl speaks + when the narrator refers to the girl
– blue = the magic kitten => when the kitten speaks + when the narrator refers to the kitten
– red = the dark fairy => when the dark fairy speaks + when the narrator refers to the dark fairy

Just follow the color, and normally you should understand at the end what is about the song. If you really don’t understand go check the explication page.

– – – – – – – – –

Title: 闇妖精と魔法の子猫 / Yami yousei to mahou no koneko (The dark fairy and the magic kitten)
Composition: オッカ / Okka
Vocal and lyrics:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

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