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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / Dark ethnic fairy tales collection

After a long work, the CD FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ is finally done. Please, listen a lot and profit to each wonderful songs made by Yura (๑ˇεˇ๑)•*¨*•.¸¸♪. I hope you will like the translations.

FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ => Full translation+full explication

Normally, I always recommend to read in the first the comments. But this time, I beg you to read in first the translations. Some songs, have clearly some effect of surprise, the first time, you read them. So, I beg you to read in first the translations and only after the comments m(_ _)m.

Also, I’m sorry, as always, to write a novel for the comments and explication… I need to separate them from the lyrics page, this time.

Thanks you really much for all people who will take an interest to the new Yura CD.

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