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(C92) Dark fantasy collection

Congratulation to Yura who has sucessed to reach the C92! The convention is dated the Friday 11 August 2017.

The new CD from Yura for the C92 will be a dark gothic fantasy collection. So, it seems to be only one new CD from Yura during that convention.

Yura has decided to return to the production, with a unic style of music. This time the CD will be oriented toward « ethnic/folk style with a breath of freshness », in reason of the season of summer. So, the CD will have more composition with Eastern style than Western.

Not really excited by this announcement, in reason of the fact she has already made a lot of songs with this style in her old CDs.  The folk CD made me think a CD more oriented like Shadows, or also Halmen. But it’s too difficult to  know for the moment.

Also, Yura has said for the first time a new lyricist will appear in this CD. Let’s see after Youno from IOSYS, what lyricist have the honnour to have Yura sung the lyrics he/she has written. I will not hide it, I’m waiting to have someone more or less popular. I don’t know who is this person, but I hope he/she will made very interesting lyrics for a good gothic story.



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