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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) comments


Illustration: おにねこ / Onineko
Design: くろみん(月棘苑子)/ kuromin (Tsukishi Sonoko)

MelonbooksDL (320K + scans) = HQ quality

The title of the CD is FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ / FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~ (FairiA ~Enchanting fairy tales~).

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(M3-39) Ghost Sense / Dark ghost fairy tales collection

I have finally finish my work on the CD Ghost Sense. I hope you will appreciate it.

For me, you will like really more the songs with translations. But this ghost CD is excellent everywhere.

Ghost Sense => Full translation+full explication

Also, as bonus you can play a new horror game, for more pleasure => Fausts Alptraum 

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(C91) Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette / Dark fairy-tales collection

[EDIT 21/01/2017] Finally the two CD are done. I recommend for a better impression to begin in first by Emerald Alice, and only after Silver Blanchette. Actually I have written my comments, in the fact there are no spoil in Emerald Alice. But my comments, in Silver Blanchette explain everyting. Please take absolutely a look to the white side, before the black side.

For me the best things work in the two CD are stories, so good listening!

Click on:

Emerald Alice => Full translation+full explication

Silver Blanchette => Full translation+full explication

[EDIT 04/02/2017] Thanks you really much for all the views on Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette. I’m really glad, a lot of people have listened the two CDs. Yura must be really happy. Also, thanks a lot for people who have take a look to all my translations (and it seems to be a lot of people). I’m really glad if I can help people who don’t understand Japenese. Just like I think, in reason of the different taste of people, the views on translations are clearly difficult to judge. It means everyone has his/her favorite song in the two CDs. But, I’m really glad that a lot of people take a look to all my translations, and seems to have enjoy the two last CDs of Yura. Black and white, was interesting, isn’t it? Of course, I know also a lot of people don’t have take a look yet, to my translations, and enjoy the last songs of Yura.

The next transaltions will be for the M3-39 (convention dated the 30/04/2017). Yura has already announced that her next CD for the M3-39, will be a gothic collection stories, with the theme of « ghost », this time. Contrarly of what think most of people, Yura doesn’t uses too much the theme of ghost in her songs. Even when I try to remember, I count three-five songs of ghost in all her productions (something like that). It’s really strange, when you know that she is doing a lot of gothic songs. I will make any comment, for this theme for the moment, but I have already my idea for one song of the CD. Also, the fact, that Yura finally uses this subject of ghost, makes me really happy. I don’t know at all if there will be second CD, for the moment.

Now, let’s pray that Yura-sama has a good trip, during her trip in France. I hope she will enjoy my country. I will pray for her safety. So, just like we said in french: « Bon voyage, Yura ! »

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