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(M3-40) Terrifying monsters / Dark fairy tales collection

Hi, everyone!

The M3 autumn is my favorite convention of each year. This time is the M3-40! We already reach the 40th one. Time is passing so fast. Yura has succeed the tests of M3-40 and she will be here with one new CD. The convention will be the 29th october 2017.

The CD is a collection of dark fairy tales.

There are not so much information about the new CD, for the moment.

Yura has said, that the style of music from the CD will be a Japenese folk/ethnic style. I think the style will have nothing to the CD FairiA. It will be more something similar to the style of the CD 宵闇恋想奇譚 (Yoiyami Rensou Kitan) or 幻恋楼閣談集(Maboroshi Koi Roukaku Dan Shuu). Two CDs that I really enjoy.

The theme of the CD will be about terrible or terrifying monsters (she uses youkai in Japenese).

Also, Yura refers to the Hyakki Yagyou. This is a reference Japanese with many meaning. It can refers to famous folk story “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons”. It’s a legend where youkai through the streets of Japan during summer nights. Anyone who comes across the procession would perish or be spirited away by the youkai.

But Hyakki Yagyou can refers also to the pandemonium (the capital of Hell), containing a lot of powerful demons, and also refer to the evil creatures plotting about something, in the darkness.

So, I think the terrible creatures will be more about Japenese legend. But it’s possible, Yura can also include vampire, werewolf, ect. I mean monsters from the Occident.

I will update when I will have more information.

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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / Dark ethnic fairy tales collection

After a long work, the CD FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ is finally done. Please, listen a lot and profit to each wonderful songs made by Yura (๑ˇεˇ๑)•*¨*•.¸¸♪. I hope you will like the translations.

FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ => Full translation+full explication

Normally, I always recommend to read in the first the comments. But this time, I beg you to read in first the translations. Some songs, have clearly some effect of surprise, the first time, you read them. So, I beg you to read in first the translations and only after the comments m(_ _)m.

Also, I’m sorry, as always, to write a novel for the comments and explication… I need to separate them from the lyrics page, this time.

Thanks you really much for all people who will take an interest to the new Yura CD.

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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) comments


Illustration: おにねこ / Onineko
Design: くろみん(月棘苑子)/ kuromin (Tsukishi Sonoko)

MelonbooksDL (320K + scans) = HQ quality

The title of the CD is FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ / FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~ (FairiA ~Enchanting fairy tales~).

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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


Illustration: おにねこ
Design: くろみん(月棘苑子)

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贖いの亡霊 (Aganai no bourei) – english translation / Ghost Sense

The song is short but really exciting everywhere, between Youno’s lyrics, heavy composition from Amedio and Yura voice. Impossible, to not finish the song, before the end. I tried to translate, by the fact that your heart is stimulating to each stanza, that you’re reading.

To see what is about this song click : here.

– – – – – – – – –

Title : 贖いの亡霊 / Aganai no bourei (The redeemer ghost)
Lyrics: 夕野ヨシミ / Youno Yoshimi(IOSYS)
Composition: アメディオ / Amedio
Vocal:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

– – – – – – – – –

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(M3-39) Ghost Sense / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


Illustration+Cover Design : くろみん(月棘苑子)/ kuromin (Tsukishi Sonoko)

MelonbooksDL (320K + scans) = HQ quality

The CD « Ghost Sense » is a collection of dark fairy tales, with the theme of « ghost ». Very few gothic songs about ghosts, from Yura’s CDs. I always want, one day, more ghosts songs from her. And one of my dream had been finally fullfiled. In fact, that’s been five years, that I’m waiting my ghost CD it has nothing more than an awesome level (*_*)!

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(C91) Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette / Dark fairy-tales collection

[EDIT 21/01/2017] Finally the two CD are done. I recommend for a better impression to begin in first by Emerald Alice, and only after Silver Blanchette. Actually I have written my comments, in the fact there are no spoil in Emerald Alice. But my comments, in Silver Blanchette explain everyting. Please take absolutely a look to the white side, before the black side.

For me the best things work in the two CD are stories, so good listening!

Click on:

Emerald Alice => Full translation+full explication

Silver Blanchette => Full translation+full explication

[EDIT 04/02/2017] Thanks you really much for all the views on Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette. I’m really glad, a lot of people have listened the two CDs. Yura must be really happy. Also, thanks a lot for people who have take a look to all my translations (and it seems to be a lot of people). I’m really glad if I can help people who don’t understand Japenese. Just like I think, in reason of the different taste of people, the views on translations are clearly difficult to judge. It means everyone has his/her favorite song in the two CDs. But, I’m really glad that a lot of people take a look to all my translations, and seems to have enjoy the two last CDs of Yura. Black and white, was interesting, isn’t it? Of course, I know also a lot of people don’t have take a look yet, to my translations, and enjoy the last songs of Yura.

The next transaltions will be for the M3-39 (convention dated the 30/04/2017). Yura has already announced that her next CD for the M3-39, will be a gothic collection stories, with the theme of « ghost », this time. Contrarly of what think most of people, Yura doesn’t uses too much the theme of ghost in her songs. Even when I try to remember, I count three-five songs of ghost in all her productions (something like that). It’s really strange, when you know that she is doing a lot of gothic songs. I will make any comment, for this theme for the moment, but I have already my idea for one song of the CD. Also, the fact, that Yura finally uses this subject of ghost, makes me really happy. I don’t know at all if there will be second CD, for the moment.

Now, let’s pray that Yura-sama has a good trip, during her trip in France. I hope she will enjoy my country. I will pray for her safety. So, just like we said in french: « Bon voyage, Yura ! »

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