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[Horror Game] Fausts Alptraum / by LabORat Studio


Title: 浮士德的噩夢 – Fausts Alptraum
Made by: LabORat Studio
Playable on PC
Genre: little horror, abstract, parallel world, puzzle, adventure
Time: between 6-10 hours (depend of the time you take to resolve enigma)

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Pocket Mirror / by Astral Shift [FULL WALKTHROUGH+Explication of 20% of the story]



Title : Pocket Mirror
Made by : Astral Shift / (the different members of the game)
Playable on PC
Released : 23/07/2016
Genre : Horror / Adventure / Mystery / Baroque game
Time : 8 hours maximum

Donwload the game (free) / (1.80GO ! is a very heavy game) :

• In english language (VO) : (choose one of the three links)

If you have a problem with the installation of the game, thanks to take a look to the FAQ :

Synopsys by the team :
A certain girl’s awakening is unraveled in a whimsical, surreal world of adventure and conflict where nothing is what it seems.

– – – – – – – – –

Subjective Review :

Three years of waiting and an awesome game, like I think. I have pratically played all horror RPG games, this one can be clearly in the top 10 of best RPG maker games, without hesitation. I’m glad also that many people enjoy the game and it’s success.


If you played many horror game like Ib, Witch house, the contain is not very different from them game.

The game is about a girl who don’t remember who she is. All the game she try to remember her name. She will encounter some others girls who will try to help her (or want to kill her).

After, everything in this game is art. The team say herself that the game is 80% of pictures and 20% of story. Every events in the game can be analyzed to understand who is actually the heroine.

Actually the game is really interesting, if you succeed to have the four ending of the game. The first time that you playing the game you will understand pratically nothing it’s better to replay a second time. That’s why I recomend to take a look to the walktrough that you can have all ending of the game.

I really recommend this game to 200% you will not be dissapointed. The story is really well imagined that you can write a big theories of ten pages. The characters are really appealing, the design is awesome, and the songs are beautiful. The enigmas have they difficulties, the horror is present, ect… Except the first purchase by the blonde hair girl, everything in the game is perfect. Anyways, a good horror RPG Maker like I like.

You can find every solution and advice of the game on this page (full walkthrough):

Now the spoiler. Before to read the spoiler you need to have see the four endings. Every ending are really revelant. Also, like I say the game is an art and every detail in the game can be analyzed.

I see there are a blog created for the theories of this game :


There also a lot of comments that you can find on Youtube. Just write Pocket Mirror interpretations, explications or theories, and take a look in the comments, you should have many spoils.


There are already a lot of thoeries. I really want to write my theories of this game, but like I say every details can be analysed and I can write a novel for this one. Sadly, I don’t have the time for this…

So, I decided to more explained the 20% of story, like say the creator. Sorry, to write a little explication. My explication is more to explain what is happening in the game. Okay now, I begin my explication of the stories. My thoeries were was the one that I have, after I finish to have the four ending. It means I don’t take a look to other theories, before to write them.


Who is the heroine ? According to the ending, her name is Goldia. And she is suffering of demential, lunacy, ect… according a medical report. In fact, this report affirms that Goldia suffers of  multiple personnalities. Be careful, you must understand that what it’s write from the medical report. That’s don’t mean that it says the truth to 100%. I will detail after.

Actually, all girls that you encounter in the game: Fleta, Harpae, Lisette are in reality a personnality of Goldia. Except Enjel, who is a fake. Enjel was one of the creation of the Strange Boy.

Fleta represent the selfish, egoism part of Goldia, when she was very young. Lisette is the madness of Goldia. And in last Harpae, is the one of maturity, construction (Harpae personnality has for role to protect against the personnality madness of Goldia). Noticed, that the personnality appear in this order in the real life of Goldia: Fleta, Lisette, Harpae. And it the game it appears: Fleta, Harpae, Lisette.

What is happening to the heroine in the game ? According the ending « Dawn », the heroine is making a sort of long sleep/nightmare, where she can awake only if she saves/accept all her personnality. I refer of course of all regalia that you must reunited to have the good ending.


Now, time to speak about the strange boy and Elise. Elise is the mother of Goldia and according of her letter she is the cause of everything happens in the game. The strange boy has no name, but it’s probably a demon. According the first novel that you read in the game :

« I once lived in a small village when I was young. My youth was spent in hard labor and cold, sleepless nights. I often dreamt about a better future, one that could fill my stomach with luxurious sweets and thick, expensive steaks.


…a certain someone had been granting wishes in the woods to anyone who dared summon a certain name…


Someone who wasn’t quite… Human. »

There also a picture in the game where we see Elise who accept the hand of the strange boy (in the picture it looks like Goldia, but it’s in reality Elise when she was young). According, this novel she probably wishes to have a better condition of life. In fact, she made a pact with the devil. When you play the part of Harpae, you can see many time Elise when she is adult. But she is living in a mannor. In fact her and family are rich. But according the letter of Elise, to have acess of her condition, she says that she exchange the name of someone. Probably she sells her daughter Goldia, to the strange boy in whising that she lives her, and her family in rich condition. Even so, in the picture of the family, you can see that the member don’t look very happy.

In the medical report it says that the member of the family of Goldia are all dead, except Goldia. Why ? I think, it can be explain by the multiple personnality of heroine. Elise has sold her daughter to have better condition of life for her and family. But when the strange boy comes back to have Goldia, probably she refuses. Maybe the demon has cursed Goldia (I remember, you can see Goldia with a devil smile in one of the pictures of the cylinders), which is making responsible of her different personnalities. The demon also cursed all other member of the family :

  • the mother Elise have a poor condition of life, according a report in the librairy
  • the twin brother of Elise (his name seems Henri) has different novel writing by his hands where it seems he has made a deal with a devil. According one of the cylinder : “There is a secret I share with Mother. A secret you and Father pretend not to know about, but are well aware of its consequences… I’m intending to take it with me to the grave when the time comes, however… Unlike Mother, I will take his hand with full commitment. …not regret leaving you in that man’s hands… Perhaps… he so wishes, we… able to meet again someday… My dear sister.”
  • the father Sergent Major, probaly is died of grief, when Elise dissapeared : “Elise? What am I doing… Calling out to you like this… I’m so foolish.. so lost without you… Everything changed… and no cigar… no liquor… Not even other women can take my thought away from you… Elise… If only I had known how to help you…”


So why Goldia is alive ? Goldia is the same of her mother. She has sold someone to the strange boy. This person is Lisette, one her personnality. Lisette say clearly that she is like her mother and that she rejected her, to have a better life. Probably, the demon was trick by Goldia. To make revenge, his probably plunge Goldia in a long sleep/nightmare  to recuperate her name. This one after all, has been sold by her mother.

That’s why Lisette try always to kill or hate so much Goldia for her trahison, contrarly to Fleta or Harpae.


Now, I will explain each role of girl in the game. Fleta and Harpae want to keep Goldia to their side. Why ? Because Goldia has the pocket Mirror. The pocket Mirror reflects the reflection of someone on it. The one who success to keep Goldia, keep the Pocket Mirror. It means that Goldia has recognized one of her personnality and she will rest with her forever, together. In the end « Porcelain », Fleta keeps Goldia, and in the end « Blindness » Harpae hyptonizes Goldia in order that she rests with her. In resting with her these personnality/girls will not shared.

Lisette must be like the two other, but because Goldia has sold her to the strange boy, probably she was torture. You will notice the circus of Lisette and her torture. Also, Lisette is the only one who is in the field of the strange boy, that it means for me, that she was really selling. Other thing, if that at any moment, each girls are encounter between them, but it seems to know each other.


Anyways to summarize the 20% of the story :


  • When she was young, Elise has sold her daughter Goldia to the demon to have better life. Her wish was making true. When Goldia was born, the demon comes back, to have what is want, but Elise probably refused. So this one cursed all the family. Probably the mutliple personnality of Goldia comes from the curse of the demon.
  • All member of familly will die of this curse, except Goldia, because she trick the strange boy in selling one of her personality: Lisette.
  • Because the strange boy was trick, he plunged Goldia in a long sleep/nightmare, where Goldia is repeating infinitly the same scene. She will encounter Fleta, Harpae, Lisette who are her mutliple personnalities. Until, she doesn’t try to help them/recognize the truth, she will continue to sleep. The only exception of this rule is Enjel who was the creation of the demon to recuperate Goldia.

The different ends can be summarise like that :

  • If you save all the personnalites (have all the regalia), Goldia wakes up from her nightmare, because she recognized the truth. It means she wins against the demon (good ending)
  • If you failed to save each girls, the strange boy will sucess to recuperate Goldia. And probably he will kille her (bad ending)
  • If you have the end « Platinum », it means you sucess to save some personnalities, but failed to save other one. This end represent again, that Goldia is lying to herself. In the end, « Platinum » she is creating again an another personality with a new name: « Platinum ». So, she doesn’t wake up, continuing to be trapped in her lies (normal ending)

That’s my little summarize of the 20% story. The 80% are more just picture like say the author. From these pictures you can write a novel. For example, Fleta and the childish universe can represent the mind of Goldia when she was very young. The map of Lisette are the demential side. The map of Harpea can represent the manor, where was living Goldia.


Thanks to have take your time to read. Don’t hesitate to take the look of the other theories of the game, in reading the one of other people.


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Hide And Seek 2 [ Stranger ] / By TabomSoft [Mini-walktrough]

The last game that I propose is the english translation of Hide and Seek 2 : Stranger, released the 22/09/2015 playable like always on Android (portable). Be careful : the TabomSoft team really recommended to play Hide and Seek and Deep Sea Girl before to play this game !

Donwload the game (free) :

When I have finish it, I will post my theories. It will help me for the one of Deep Sea Girl.

I decide to write a mini-walkthrough to begin, just like Deep Sea girl, to help people who are sucking at difficults passages.

[EDIT 11/10/2015] You can download the full album on this link (of course the album can be spoil) :!SQkgUJgY!RzFFbY9hTnRPB0HpW-iklC0e5KnT_SK9X64pZGDfD64

[EDIT 10/10/2015] I have finally finish the game with all endings and all pictures album. Sadly I’m dissapointed by the game. The fact you must always pay to advance make me feel like I was swindle. Why the TabomSoft just don’t do like Deep Sea Girl and you must pay the game before to play it. I really don’t understand, I mean after when you play the Gwyn story you’re blocking because you must pay… But how you can know this ??? And any excuse for the translation, it’s impossible for me to understand the game. Believe me I buy this game just for the spoils parts and sadly at the final I don’t understand many things. I really want an update for the translation because there are too many phrases in the game with any sens (so I will not write theories/explications for the moment). Anyways if you have a question like always, I will help you.

[EDIT 17/10/2015] Sadly I can’t make videos… I hope someone will use this walktrough and will do videos after, for people who can’t pay to continue the game…

[EDIT 26/09/2015] First floor over. Gwyn went in the cursed mansion of Dorothy to heal his face. I wonder what happened at him when he was young ? His face looks painful. Oh ! Finally we have a man and not a little girl. That’s cool, no ? 

I don’t have too much difficulties in this first floor. It was very straighfoward, no ? Tell me if you’re blocking or something like that.

I just want to say I buy the book to translate old language and two times the lamp to see better the decor of the game, and the key to open some coffers. It cost me 1.99 dollars. 

To explain I’m dissapointed that the TabomSoft force you to buy bonus. I mean you can finish the game in the dark, but personally it’s not fun at all. The old language book contains all the hints concerning Dorothy and Deep Sea Girl… Seriously I will prefer to buy the game like Deep Sea Girl and have everything that download a free game incomplete. There are other bonus in the game but I must pay again if I want something else. I don’t have the attention to pay everything anyways, only what I need to understand the game and the different end. So I’m dissapointed by this new concept…


[EDIT 26/09/2015] Second floor is over. When he was young, Gwyn was ****** by his father. Gwyn looks like to be an innocent boy in the past.

  • When you have the knife = cut the tableau with the ship.
  • For the chessboard = place the white king two boxes, in front of the black king.
  • When you have the marble = place this one in the disk and turn four time at left, and three time at right.
  • When you are purchased by the monster in the dool room = use the sword to cut the same doll that was blocking you before you look the portrait, and exit the room.
  • To have the full key of guard room = return the marple in the box, and take the black and red stones. Return the two stones at the doll and of the peacock. The last part is close of the door of the dool room.
  • The guard room = the correct answer is the child number two. You must move slowly or you will die.
  • Equip you of the key for the next floor and return at the room with the save point. You must run completely at the right to acess at the new floor.

[EDIT 26/09/2015] Third floor. What ?! The father of Gwyn is really… This bad end is horrible. Poor Gwyn…

  • When you  insert the gold coin = the password is 047
  • When you are bloked in the room with two minutes to escape = begin to search in the shelf at left to have a piece of key. Check after the vase. Check after the wardrobe at right. If I remember it’s three times at right and two times at left. Go after in the mirror and take a look at the bed. Finally, builts the full key and exit rapidely the room.
  • When you must save the father (it makes me 20 minutes to understand) = In first put all triangles in pyramides. You must return at the second floor in the guard room (with the enigma of four childs) and open the coffer at the center to have the chains. Return see the priest, and…
  • To gather all puzzles pieces = one is on the dead priest. Recuperate the three puzzle of the first floor (in the piece with the tea). The final piece is on the peacock of the second floor.

[EDIT 29/09/2015] Finally I have find what to do to continue the game. And sadly I have a bad new… You need to buy some objects in the shop and I will explain what you must buy. To finish the story of Gwyn you must see the four bads ends and the fifth end it’s the true end.  

  • When you have put all the puzzles pieces and you obtain the knife = if you go in the unlock door, you have a bad end (bad end 1).
  • You must buy in the shop the necromancy key (60 dolls) + the ward totem to win time (60 dolls) + translator of ancient language (60 dolls) + to create the secret room bundle key (90 dolls) + to create treasure box bundle of keys (90 dolls) = 360 dolls…Now, when you have the necromancy key, wanders in the map to find safes with a skeleton head. Theirs apparitions are aleatory so I can’t help you after for this. Normally, at a moment you will have all the elements to create the gold key. This key open the door next of the dead priest in the sewer. And oh ! Damned… All this truth in this room… Sadly the translation is horrible so impossible to understand many things about the Demian family… When you have the silver key. You can open red safes. BE CAREFUL ! You can open only one coffers BY PARTY. So; I recommend to save in four differents parties and to follow the rest of instruction…

  • When you have the gun (safe at the first floor) = return at the same room where you have the bad end with the knife. The end is different (bad end 2).
  • When you have the scissors (safe at the first floor) = return at the sewer to take the necklace of the priest. Return again in the same room of the knife and gun. The end changes (bad end 3).
  • When you have the key of the door of truth (safe at the second floor) = go in the sewer and a new door is appeared. And I let you see this beautiful end (bad end 4) where you don’t understand anything because the encodage translation don’t work…
  • When you see all these bads ends = return in the sewer to open a new safe red safe that appears from anywhere… When you have the crytal ball, return at the entrance door at the first floor, and use the object to exit the mansion. The truth.. Yeah… Gwyn is in a reality a **** and he need medicine to control his *****. 

[EDIT 05/10/2015] Sue’s story is over. After finish Gwyn’s story you can play with Sue. Since the begin you don’t control Sue but **. And if you have read the fairy-tale Priscilla is in reality a *****. Anyways a family of demons…

  • The forest is divided in five parts.
  • At the second part = take the lead of purification in the boxs, to pass the third part of the forest.
  • After go in the last part (the one with a point save) and take the pickaxe, close of the pond of blood. You must take also the arm of skeleton in the intoxicated pond in the third part.
  • Return in the first part = Destroy the coffin with the pickaxe
  • Recovers the key and the underwater shoes in the coffin and use the key in to open the coffer (the part with the statue of the goat), and obtain the flower of therapy.
  • Now return in the intoxicated pond (where you obtain the skeleton arm) and use the flower of therapy. Equip the underwater shoes to travers the pond, and take the flower of life.
  • Use the flower of life in the statue of goat, to have the mace.
  • Use the mace in the boxs (the one where you obtain the lead purification). You will obtain the glass bottle.
  • Use the glass bottle in the pond of blood (where you obtain the pickaxe), to full it of blood.
  • Use the blood in the giant tree in the third part of the forest to obtain the fruit of knowledge.
  • Now the most difficult part = to gather the ten pages of books you must search in the in trees hiding the little passage/path in the forest. Click everywhere with the button A, to find them. I can’t help for this but normally there are at the first part one page, at the second part three pages, at the third part three pages, at the fourth part three pages and zero page at the last part. Do your best, this time a video would be better to explain theirs positions.This passage is really difficult, I was sucking…

  • When you you have the ten pages, you must give the apple of knowledge at the skeleton, at the first part. Check after the tomb and you need to buy the translator for devil language (90 doll) + to make the book (30 pages) = 120 doll… After to pay (again !), you can read the tale of the book. AND WHY THE ENCODING TRANSLATION IS JUST HORRIBLE (again !). So, to explain why I was sucking for pratically seven days it’s because you need in first to gather the pages and give after the apple. If you are already give the apple, before to have the ten pages, you are dead and you can retry all the story of Sue. WHAT YOU’RE SERIOUS TABOMSOFT TEAM ?

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Priscilla’s story is over. First floor is over.

  • Take the seed (in the vase) and the rusty sword (in the barrel) in the room where you obtain the pistol at the Gwyn story’s.
  • Use the rusty sword in the statue and the seed in the plant. Let the plant eat the arm of the statue that you receive.
  • Take the body of the doll in the room with the tea. Combine the head and the corpse. Use also the arm of the statue in the barrel to have the soul stone.
  • The door at the left at entrance of the mansion is open. Go in it and put the doll on the center of the table (between the others two dolls). Take after the key in the fallen picture and open the door at the left. Take a look at the giant picture to obtain a key.
  • When the doll play with you = open the door at next of the save. After, go in the bathroom, to have a ripped page book.
  • Go after in the library and use the page on the open book at the center of the room (spoil room after your read all the books).
  • Use the key to recover the rose in the precedent room, and wash the rose in the fountain.
  • Return at the library and when the doll try to catch you, use the door that give you acess at the second floor of the mansion.

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Second Floor is over.

  • Go in the room close of the tableau with the boat. After Theophilus try to catch up, go in the doll room and hide you in  the portrait of the black rat. Before to leave the room take the gloves of the doll (the one which give you the black stone).
  • Take the bucket in the room with the chessboard. Take also the pen of the tableau (in the room which was locked at the right of the peacock).
  • Use the gloves in the peacock and after use the bucket to fulfill it of blood. Give the bucket at the tableau of the demon with a straw.
  • Go in the open room and use the pen in the score music and put it in the piano.
  • Go in the open room and take the pocket watch of the tableau and the dagger of the godess of justice.
  • Go after in the room of the bat and use the dagger to cut its eyes. Use the eyes in the tableau at the next of the one which give you the pen.
  • Use the hammer on the statue without head to have the body of the rabbit. Go in the room where you have the score and take a look at the two fallen score cask to have the legs and arms of the doll.
  • Return in the room with the piano and take a look at the rabbit picture. Give the legs, arms, and body.
  • Now, take the door which leads at the third floor.

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Third floor is over.

  • Go in the room at the left to take the drawing of Priscilla.
  • Take a look at the two return bed and the blood bed in the differrent room to have tree keys. Use the three key in the door which the message « you find out the answer » in the good order. Take a look at the miror in the room and after recover the hammer.
  • The first crack is in the room with the piano (second floor), the second in the room with the scores (second floor), the third in the room with the statue (second floor in the black tableau) and the last in the bathroom (first floor). Use the hammer to recover all the pieces of the broken mirror.
  • After to have repair the broken mirror, Priscilla go in the fourth floor.

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Fourth floor is over.

  • Use the mirror in the first statu that you see..
  • In the second room, go in the room at the left and use the rabbit doll on the statue.
  • Go in the room at the right and use the white rose on the statue. After the unlock room put the drawing of Priscilla in the table.
  • Retrun at the room where you have the mirror and take a look at the dead body of Teophilus. Return at the first floor in the room where you have the rose and take a look at the giant tableau to have the scissor. Use the scissor to have the white head of Teophilius.
  • Return at the fourth floor and put the hair in the center of the room with the candles.
  • Go in the last open room to have the ending : « Good bye dear Sue » (bad end).

[EDIT 10/10/2015] Others endings for Priscilla.

  • In the fourth floor, return in the room wher you put the drawin of Priscilla on the table. Take a look at the giant tableau and use the gold keys. Take a look at all the book to have an another spoil room. Don’t forget to take the two books on the ground. Return after in the library and put the two books in the empty bookshelf and go in the new room. You will have acess at the ending : « after 600 year old. »

  • To have the last/true ending = return in the room with the dead body of Teophilius. Open the box with the silver key to have the mirror of devil. Do exactly the same thing to have the ending : « Good bye dear Sue » and you will see that the last room is modificate. I let you discover this last ending. 

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Deep Sea Girl [Horror Adventure] / By TabomSoft [Full Walkthrough + theories]


Title : Deep Sea Girl [Horror Adventure]
Makes by : TabomSoft
Playable on Android (portable)
Genre : RPG Game, Adventure, Mystery, Very Horror game, Mental Disease
Time : 5 hours maximum (depend of the time you take to solve the enigmas)
Released the 17/08/2015

Donwload the game (2.02 euros) :

Deep Sea Girl is from the same company which has released Hide and Seek : Story of Dorothy.

Story :
Ari, who came to the aquarium with her mother, becomes a stranded child after losing her mother. Wandering around looking for her mother, Ari faces the unexpected truth. And in that place…

Subjective Review :

I love so much this game. After play it, it is now in my top ten favorites games ever of RPG Maker games. I really love all the improvements that makes the TabomSoft in the gameplay. Personally, the game costs just 2.02 euros and it was amazing. I really recommended it ! To begin, you have now an infinite live contrarly at Dorothy (five hearts), so you can enjoy really so much the game, and die many times.

And the game is just so scary. That’s a very long time that that I don’t play a horror game with all the jumpsacres that I have. And the parts when you have purchase by the monster it’s so great.

However, I think the story is less interesting than Dorothy. Specially, if you have the good end, which explains pratically all the story. So my theories is more an explication this time, than theories. The other thing that I don’t like in the game it’s this badass translation. The translation is not horrible (contrarly at Hide and Seek 2), but badass with many mistakes. And that’s the problem because some times you have problem to understand the enigma and you can be block because of this…

Enigmas is really difficult… And that’s strange because the game is more difficult at the begin than the end. All the enigma with passwords are just ridiculous horrible to resolve. It makes me so much time to resolve some of them. But don’t worry I have the full walktrought by Apple of Destruction !

Conclusion the game is better than Dorothy for the gameplay and horror, but less interesting than Dorothy in the story side. Personnally I prefer this game than Dorothy, just because you can die endlessly (for me the five hearts in Dorothy was killing too much the game) !

Anyways, I think this game is amazing with all the gameplay, the puzzles and mysteries. Concerning the story there are many elements in the game, that give you what hapened at our dear Ari. If you have read all the hints messages that you can find everywhere in the game.

[EDIT 19/09/2015] Thanks for Apple of Destruction for the full walkthrough (he made the videos) !

[EDIT 02/09/2015] First floor (central square) is finish. Fell free to ask in a comment, if you’re block and want help.

  • When you have the cookie and the toy = make the two objects in the table of the « child room »
  • When you have the mop stick = turn off the fire alarm
  • When you have chase by the giant fish = go in the men toilet, and enter in the toilet with the bloody hands. Wait until the monster dissapears.
  • Cafeteria Pass = 305
  • When the bloody feet are chasing you = go to the souvenir shop and hide in the counter.

[EDIT 03/09/2015] First basement (aquarium) is over. I have a bad feeling about the relation between Ari and her parents. 

  • Computer code = 058
  • USB code = 122
  •  The three skulls of skeletons = to left at right. Turn the head in East, Sud and West.
  • When you have the tape = go in the laboratory and in this order use the red, blue and orange cleaner. Return in the recording room to use after the clean tape.
  • When the shark is chasing you = use the hammer on the crate, on the one you found the blood stained tape, to acquire the basement 2 key for the caged door. Be carfeul this chase is really difficult. I have a trick to help you. You can return in the first basement to save after the cinematic, and when you have the key, if it can help you. Bon courage !

When you have finish the second basement, be careful the shark continue to haunt the second basement !

[EDIT 03/09/2015] Second basement (jungle) is over. Ari is in reality ***. Probably her father ***.

No difficulties in this third basement. You just need to die many time to pass some tests. But contrarly at Dorothy, you can die at infinity. But don’t hesitate if there are some think that you don’t sucess to pass.

[EDIT 04/09/2015] Third basement (antarctic) is over. A murder case.

  • When you are in the room where the doll leaves you 10 seconds to escape = first take a knife and take the fish on the desk . Then put the knife in the iron thing next to button (you must put it after you take the fish) and go out quickly (thanks to Apple of destruction I use my first cheat). To explainI have already put the knife (and save) before to take the fish… That mean that I was blocking and I need to restart again the game… Luckily, I have conserve a save from the second basement, so I don’t need to restart everything.
  • For the 5 buttons = you must activate the 5 buttons in a order. When you have push the correct button the message « you can heard the fans » is write (something like that). If the message the button has replaced has is initial place that means you wrong, in the order of the buttons, and you must restart the good order. I don’t remember the order but try the idfferent combination, normally nothing is difficult.

[EDIT 04/09/2015] Fourth basement (water) is over. I think Ari is a victim of a murder case. And she ****.

  • First room = if you move too rapidely the monster will kill you with his eyes.
  • To have the complete key = the head is in the hole of the ship, and the over part is under the tentacle of an octopus (to dodge the tentacle wait it moves)
  •  Code for the button = 278
  • Gather the different part of the doll = do your best, and die many times to escape from the different creatures. It’s not difficult normally. When you have all the part of the doll (five part), go in the table (where is the monster who kill you with his eyes, if you move too rapidely), and put all the doll part in the table. When the doll give you the knife, return to kill all portraits that you see previously.

[EDIT 04/09/2015] Fifth basement (corridor of seabed). What is the truth in reality ? Who knows ?

Any difficulties in this basement. Do your best, this time the enigmas are logics.

[EDIT 05/09/2015] Fifth basement (Deep Sea). The truth and the apparition of a new character or rather someone who we knows already !?

The end ! I let you discover the truth. Yes, I have finished the game ! Enjoy ?

[EDIT 05/09/2015] Other endings ? Without to see all endings impossible to write my theories, specially if the endings are really spoiling like Dorothy.

Bad end = let you caught by the giant lezard during the last chase

Good end = When your return at the fourth basement, the game let you five second to escape and the hint « to knock at the door » (something like that), with the door with the bloody hand. Do what it say and knock many times during the five second time before the lezard caught you. A new ending and other truth will come to you !

Now the theories (please play the game before to read this section !) :

Before that I explain. you must know that the game is concentrated on a little girl : Ari. When you have the good end, you understand that Ari is nothing more a girl with a « mental disease ». The disease it’s about a « syndrome » that make her always repeat for eternity her nightmare (the game)/culpability to lost her mother.

But why she is in this state ? All the hints explains of  what suffer Ari everyday in her life…

Intro + first floor (central square) :

At the begin you can see that it’s Ari birthday. Her mother proposes to take her at the aquarium. But her father is not here to make a moment between family, that makes Ari sad. After the end of intro, Ari is trapped inside the aquarium wich a strange transition. Ari has lost her mother and she wants to find her. The truth of this beginning is that Ari has three personality :

  • The first one is Ari herself. And like you can see, she looks like complety died mentally with her empty eyes.
  • The second personality is her died mother. The fact that Ari never speak in the game it’s because she uses her second personality who is her mother, that always says/speak everything instead of her.
  • The last personality is Ai but I would explain later.

If you have see the end of the game, the mother doesn’t exist in reality, only in the head of Ari. The mother is died when she gaves birth at Ari. Because of this Ari, feel culprit and she has created her « own ideal mother ». Because her father was never here, for her. The father is always busy by his work, letting often Ari alone at home, in her own thoughs. Her heart is frozen… So, in reality Ari goes alone in the aquarium, and during the visit of the aquarium « her syndrome » has appeared suddenly. When she is trapped in the aquarium, that’s the begin of her nightmare. The only way to wake up is to escape at all her monsters in her dreams.

The other thing with the good end, it’s that the father let often her daughter with her cousins and aunt. It seems that the aunt and cousins are good guys and take care correctly of Ari from the point of view of the father. But that not the case. Ari has endured many tortures, by the cousins.

In the first corridor, the most intersting room is the one with the toys. You can understand that often the cousins or other chilren of her age, don’t like to play with her. They call her a nasty child. Let alone, the heart of Ari is became freeze with the time.

First basement (corridor) :

The most intersting part is the library. There are many elements in the library which explains many aquatic animals. I think the animals is nothing more in the reality a comparison at the true humans in the real world. In fact, the monster in the nightmare is nothing else that true persons deformed by the mental disease of Ari. If take exemple, the favoite animals of Ari is the penguin. Penguins are popular to represent a united family. The shark is maybe someone in true life which tortures her. The octopus maybe someone who has pity of Ari and help her because of this. Others animals is said in the librairy and encounter in the game, but I think that what you must understand what is all these monsters.

And yes I don’t forget the videos of the tape. It’s one of the most strange thing of the game, but also the most spoiling. To explains the videos, it’s about Ari, her father and her aunt. You can see Ari with a scary face in the video who celebrates her birthday (an old birthday because she looks more young). And after someone is stabbed with a knife. The truth is : at the end the aunt says that she can’t forgive Ari of what she does at her children (cousins). Ari during a birthday has stabbed one of her cousin, and probably this one was pratically died. He’s not died but very injured. And also if you take more attention of the videos, the girl is Ai, the third personality of Ari. I think Ai is the representation of the sin of Ari. Ai is always express when Ari makes bad thing in her life. Ai in koren means « child ». And Ai is the source of madness of Ari when she was a children. Tha’s why Ai looks so much at Ari and also she is less taller than Ari.

Second basement (jungle) :

The less interesting basement to explain from the game. The jungle is maybe the representation of a strange and dangerous place. But jungle can also be the representation of a vulnerability, lacks of confidence when you dream of it. The only interesting think it’s about the snake. Apparently the reason why Ari is so scared of snakes, it’s because one the the cousins has scared her with true snake… Probably the cousins has thrown a true snake in the face of Ari (from what it says in the hints). I think the poison and everything in the jungle can represent the domage life in the everyday life of Ari.

Third basement (antarctic) :

One of the most interesting basement. This basement represent the frozen heart of Ari. All the hints come to confirm that Ari was always alone, that the cousins and aunt abuses of her. She needs to survive alone without the help of anyone. And this basement comes also to confirm the creation of the ideal mother in the tought of Ari. To escape at this pain she always refer at her mother. In fact she has sank in her own delusions. I don’t write too much in this basement, because I have already explains previously.

Fourth basement (water) :

The only intersting part is the one with all the rooms with portraits and the bloody room. In my opinions, these rooms are here to explain the « stab accident », that we say in the tape in the first basement. The portraits represent all the people that hate Ari and that she wants they died in order to stop her own pain. Most of the portraits it’s apparently familiar visage for Ari. Sadly, execpt the one of the father, I don’t know who are the others. Probably one of the aunt… She hates all these persones because she nevers helps her (even the father). Anyways Ari will stab all the portrait with a knife in the game, that means she really stabbed someone in real life. The bloody room with the clinic sound, makes me think that someone was in the border of death, and also that the mind of Ari is dying. And also at the end Ari is wake up in a clinic, that refers at the mental disease. 

Fifth basement (corridor of seabed) :

The room with all the dead people. Apparently it was the people who are reproaching at Ari to be the culprit of the death of her mother, but also of the « stab accident ». I remember the discuss with one of the dead people : « Ari it’s all your fault. You killed her. » And Ari answers : « No mum, it’s not me. » One of the most interesting thing in the game. I think when Ari says it’s not me, she refers at Ai, something like that, or she is accused of something that she doesn’t do. This is for me the most strange passage. I don’t think Ari has killed someone, if that the case, why she would live in her cousins in the case to be in a observation clinic to heal her. I think the TabomSoft let the doubt.

The scene with the discussion of the mom of Ari and the father. The truth is the mother is in reality Ari. That’s why she says : « Today it’s my birthday ». But the father completely forgot and broke his promise because of the work. It’s probably after this scene that Ari goes alone at the aquarium.

Fifth basement (Deep Sea) + the two endings :

The encounter with Ai. It’s the most spoiling scene of the game. Ai is the most enigmatic character of the game. The room is the Deep Sea (the name of the game). And if you take a look at the room there are the infinite circle, that means that Ari is trapped for eternity in her disease. In fact, she can never be cured. Why Ai is here ? It’s simple. Like I say, I think Ai is the representation of the sin of Ari when she was children (the stab accident and probably others things don’t say in the game). To forget her sin, Ari has sealed Ai in her Deep Sea room. Ai says clearly that the mother is died. And that Ari and Ai are the same person. Ai has also an another goal for Ari. I think she tries to remember the truth of what she does in her life. That’s why she wants to return in Ari, to stop her pain… But Ari doesn’t have the same goal. She never wants that Ai return in her. In fact she will never acept the truth/true sin. She will continues for eternity to be in her illsuions.

Because of this Ai, takes the form of a snake and try to eat her. If you have the bad end, Ari continues to be trap in her nightmare, because she can’t accept the reality.

If you have the good end. Ari comes back from the aqarium and act like her mother was there. The father tries to reason her and Ari falls in her « mental disease ».

When the father speaks with the doctor, this one explains that’s because when Ari was birth that the mother is died. And also because of this, she has probably a mental disease. Of course, in the game you see also that it’s because at the whispers of peope who say that everything was the fault of Ari if the mother is died. The father says also because his to busy at work, he gives often his child at his sister (the aunt) and cousins. From the point of view of the father, it’s seems a kind family, but the game shows the opposite. That means the father doesn’t know anything of what pain is suffering his daughter.

At the scene when Ari see her mother : she continues to be trapped in her delusions that why at the end she says : « Yes, I’m happy with my mom now ». Besides again, the father doesn’t even come to take care of her daughter who has just wake up from her syndrome. The aunt is the same as the father : busy, works, and don’t very care of the child. Even the doctor has pity of Ari, and he know that she would never be cure of her disease. 

End ! Sorry maybe I speak a little too much of the mental disease, but it was the most important point to explain !

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白はこの魔法使い (Wizard of White Box) / By sinononn

Oh ! An another game ! I’m really surprise when I see the most popular article in my blog is my thoeries of Dorothy. But I can understand it’s a good game.


Title : 白はこの魔法使い (Wizard of White Box)
Made by : sinononn
Playable on PC
Genre : Little Horror, Adventure, Mystery Game
Time : 2-3 hours maximum

You must install the system RPG Maker (free) to run the game, if you don’t have it :

Donwload the game (free) :

Story :
It’s about a strange wizard and a little girl name Maria, who are living peacefully, in the forest. One day, Maria will go in the forest, to pick flower. And stranges monsters will appear in front of her, to remember who she was in reality.

Subjective Review :
I take this game during the holidays, and it was really lovely. I really recommend it.

The story, gameplay and puzzles in the game are really simple, that’s why I really love this game. Concerning the story everything is explain in the game, so not theories this time. If you have play the game Dorothy, this one is really, really less scary. But like always if it’s your first RPG maker horror game that you play, you will be scare.

Don’t have too many thing to say. Just play the begin of the game and I’m sure you will love it. I let you discover this. I love this game that all ! By the way my favorite character is Maria.

The enigma are really easy in this game, contrarly at Dorothy. But to have the true end, you need to have all the memories fragments of Maria.

You can use this walktrough to find them :

Good game ! I will continue to post some RPG Maker Games in the future but not the most popular that everyone play, like Ib, Witch House, Mad Father, Alice Mare, ect…


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Hide and Seek [ Story of Dorothy ] theories / TabomSoft


Requested by : many peoples (15 peoples and I don’t even remember theirs names)

Title : Hide and Seek [ Story of Dorothy ]
Made by : TabomSoft
Play on android
Genre : Horror, Adventure, Mystery Game

Donwload the game (free and english language) :

Story :
Dorothy, who fell asleep in the closet while playing Hide and Seek, coming out of the closet after waking up, she couldn’t remember why she was there in the first place.
In order to solve this mystery, Dorothy started to explore the house.

Subjective Review :
You know guys before to work in Eclipse Parade I want you to present a game, that I played in my mobile (you can only play in a mobile) that I have finished since six months. To explain, I have play many games by the system RPG Maker and specially horror game. Dorothy it’s the first game that I played by the Android systems and wow ! What a game !
The story, the gameplay, the puzzles and mysteries are great. Concerning the story there are few elements in the game, that you give you what hapened at our dear Dorothy. In fact, there are five floors in the mansion. The first and second floors don’t have any story. But when you arrive at the third and after floor the game is really more and more interesting.

So, like always I post my theories for this game. Please before to read you need to play it ! I really recommended it. By the way, if it’s you first RPG Maker that you play you will be scared. Really scared believe me ! Just to say I have play many horror game before this game, and that’s a long time that I don’t be so scared.

The only thing that I don’t like in this game it’s the particularity that you have five heart. To regenerate a heart you must wait ten min (in real time) and it’s so long really, because you die easily and pratically always in this game. That the only thing that I don’t like.
I must say the puzzles are good (but really difficult) and traps are amazing. You won’t see it coming, and everything is so tricky.

So if you don’t know how to pass a enigma you can use this walktrough :

Now my theories :

For the first and second floor :
Story it’s about Dorothy playing Hide and Sike. When she wokes up, she don’t rememeber what she’s doing. She finds that her mansion is empty. And that she losts her memories. To find that she wants she needs to solve all mysteries in her house. Once she found any clue, a chase event will after her, and she has to survive.

For the third floor :
In the third floor there are the beginning of the story. There are some diary servants which is explicate that many strange things occurs in the mansion. Every servant says that Dorothy it’s a strange girl and she is always alone. She don’t have any friend and speaks few at hers problems. By the way most of servants want to quit the mansion before to be kill by what theirs call the curse of the mansion.

For the fourth floor :
A really interesting floor because Dorothy starting to regain hers losts memories. You will find again new diary, but this time it’s the one of the parents of Dorothy. And the contents it’s really interesting.
From the father and mother diary, apparently Dorothy acting very strange after that she has a first and new friend. She murmurs incomprehensibles things like she what possess by the devil and she’s not scare of the dead of all servants. When she read the diary of her father she rememebers there was a fire in the mansion and that all peoples die inside of it.
The most interesting part it’s the diary of Dorothy in her room. Apparently, she has receveid a present from her friend that is has causing the dead of everyone. And after you read the diary, you will discover a child/a demon. Just to say is look like at a boy but apparently later in a flashback, Dorothy uses the word « her » that means that the demon is a girl but the diary servant refers at the demon at a boy, so many fans don’t know if the child it’s a boy or girl or there are mistake of translating…

Anyways for me the demon is a boy. The demon remember at Dorothy that their playing the game Hide and Seek. After he will dispears.

For the fifth floor :
This one is really interesting. All monsters that want to kill you in the previous floors are all gathering. And Dorothy will appease theirs souls. To explain, I thing the skull, the flower monster, the doll and the rabbit, ect, are surely the soul of maids and other peoples that was living in the mansion and are die by her fault. That’s why she cried when she remember the truth : because everything is her fault. The people die with many sufering, take a look at the memories of Dorohty in the game, and you will understand everything. Vengefuls spirits !

Last diary of Dorothy + Sewer + 3 ending :
The moment where you read the last diary of Dorothy, you will see that she offers a gift at the demon that is a pocket watch. The truth it’s when Dorothy play a game with the devil, if she lost, one people in the mansion must die. And if she wins she receives a present.

But, Dorothy is glutonny (I think the demon is one of the seven demon of deadly sins and can be the representation of glutonny). I think, when Dorothy play with the devil and lost the first time (one person die) she always asks to play again and the demon propose a deal/a contract : if she wins his come back at the life all people that die. But Dorothy never sucess to win just one time. She’s always continue to play again and gain (still lossing) without know when to stop.

When she see that everyone are die, she play her last trump : a last game. If she wins everything must come back and if she loses… So, she play the game Hide and Seek, and hiding in the closet. But the devil find her (so Dorothy lost again) and burns the mansion. Dorothy lost and die in the closet.
With the different ending you will understand at the moment Dorothy burns the pocket watch she is trapped in the illusion created by the demon. The parents and servants that she see at the end is nothing more an illusion. Besides, there the neighbors ending, which explaining there are a fire in the mansion and everyone die. Only remaning the laugh at a little girl. Anf finally you understand from the begininng that you control the ghost of Dorothy and that she is haunting for eternity the mansion trapped in the illusion made by the devil. That explain all the game, I mean, why the mansion and the enigma are so strange.
At the end you will know the name of the demon : Sue (but again that don’t help to know if a boy or a girl ?) and her friend Priscilla that I believe she’s another seven deadly sins demon. And you see Sue with the pocket watch that give Dorothy, because he considers her like a friend with all the game that theirs played together. When Sue say it was funny It’s because she has see the glutonny/stupidity of human.

Conclusion :
Story of Dorothy it’s about a girl who has invoke a demon because, I believe, she has no friend. She makes a contract with the demon. If she wins she receive a gift, and if she lost one person in the mansion must die. I think, when Dorothy lost she is possess by Sue which is forcing her to kill peoples. She always want to play more and more, after all, she is only a child and want to return at life all people that die. When she sees what happened in the mansion, she wants to stop this madness but it was already too late. She lost everything, even her life and her soul !

Since the beginning Sue lie at Dorothy : Dorothy can’t never win the game !

End !

Now time to listen Nightmare Outbreak by Release Hallucination !


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