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Juniper’s Knot / by Dischan



Title : Juniper’s Knot
Made by : Dischan
Playable on PC
Genre : Visual Novel, lineary story, emotional (it’s not an horror game, everyone can play the game)
Time : 3 hours maximum

Donwload the game (free) :

Story :
The whole story is about a deserted town, where a demon asks at a human, to help her to escape from her seal, where she is prisonner.

Subjective Review :
I can explain a long novel for this game. But I will not do it, because this a Visual Novel (like 1bitHeart) !

I’m sure nobody know this game. This game has a long story : it was created in one month, only, but I don’t remember sadly the circumstances and the website of the Dischan team is under maintenance. If I remember it was for a competition, but I don’t remember all the detail.

I really recommeded this game, specially because it’s translate in seven languages. I know many of you, maybe don’t like read but I have two reasons to post this game :
– most of european people like me, are really few Visual Novel translates in our language, and I think it’s always pleasant to have something translated, in order that we can understand everything
– because recently it was the birthday of my senpai and he says me : « I really want to play a game like 1bitHeart again, but it will be really cool if the game was translated in my language !»

That’s been 2-3 years that I played this and I always remember it, how excellent it was !

This game is more emotional and psychological. In fact, in the game you have only two characters : a boy and a demon (a girl). You begin in the point of view of the boy and after we change with the point of view of the demon.

This is a Visual Novel where everything is perfect :
– an amazing story : play the game, I don’t explain it in my review to avoid the spoil
– very emotional feeling and touching one
– the two characters express themselves theirs feelings and pity between them
– music and illustrations are very lovely and sounds like a profesionnal

Yes, this game was made in one month (that’s not a joke) and I really love it. It’s wonderful !

No walktrough, this time. A visual Novel is just like a novel : you have just to read until you finish the game.

Just for people who don’t like read, at least try it 3 minutes : if you don’t like it you can stop the game, but if that not the case…

Hope you like this game !



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