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(M3-40) 妖華語り (Ayakashi Hana Gatari) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics

yura youkai

Illustration+Cover Design: 月棘苑子
Mastering: スタジオグレース

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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


Illustration: おにねこ
Design: くろみん(月棘苑子)

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(M3-39) Ghost Sense / Dark ghost fairy tales collection

I have finally finish my work on the CD Ghost Sense. I hope you will appreciate it.

For me, you will like really more the songs with translations. But this ghost CD is excellent everywhere.

Ghost Sense => Full translation+full explication

Also, as bonus you can play a new horror game, for more pleasure => Fausts Alptraum 

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(C91) Silver Blanchette / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


Illustration:おにねこ / Onineko
Design:月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko

MelonbooksDL (320K + scans) = HQ quality

BOOTH (WAV + scans) = HD quality

(I really recommend to buy the CD in the BOOTH, for the price and quality)

For my general comment of Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette, please, take a look in Emerald Alice.

Silver Blanchette is one of the CD of Yura for the C91. It’s connected to Emerald Alice, which offers, the dark side of some songs.

My judgement for Silver Blanchette is clear. For me, this CD is really excellent, only, if you understand the stories, and have take a look to Emerald Alice. Actually this CD remembers me, Tsumi ni Nureta Majo. You will say the song are good and pleasant, but nothing special. But I know all your opinions will change, when you have finished to read the translations and my comments. The black CD is clearly better, than Emerald Alice. So, I don’t think overall, a lot of people will be dissapointed about this one.

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(C91) Emerald Alice / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


Illustration:おにねこ / Onineko
Design:月棘苑子 / Tsukishi Sonoko

MelonbooksDL (320K + scans) = HQ quality

BOOTH (WAV + scans) = HD quality

(I really recommend to buy the CD in the BOOTH, for the price and quality)

To avoid to repeat the same things in the two CD, I will begin to give my general impressions, in Emerald Alice, for Emerald Alice and Silver Blanchette. Overall, I find the two CD very open to criticism. And because there are too many things to complain, there’s clearly not the best CD of Yura. But even so, I really enjoy to see Yura tries something else with connected stories, in the theme of black and white. I really wonder, what she will do the next time?

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(M3-38) Halloween of the Dead / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) X Drop lyrics


MelonbooksDL (320K + scans) = HQ quality
BOOTH (WAV + scans) = HD quality

Finally, my first SeifuuMeigetsu completely translated! It was time. I enjoy really more this CD than ORGIA. The songs were clearly not difficult to translate, contrarly to ORGIA.

The new CD of Yura is a little special. Yura is a big fan of the serie « The Walking Dead ». At the begin she was just watching by curiosity, but after the character and the story of this series grow on her. She enjoy also the chase of zombies and the sad dead of characters (just to say I never watch the series, but my collegues to my work looks all her episode and explains me everything, that I know everything about this series, lol). Why I’m asking about that? Well, the new CD is called « Halloween of Dead », and maybe Yura want to represent her love of this series with this album.

And with the help of Drop-sama, the CD is borned with the subject of zombies and Halloween.

I really enjoy all the CD and I’m dissapointed by nothing. Drop has made an excellent work as always (But Drop don’t forget: Erik = confirmation that you’re not human). Drop and Yura are always making good collaboaration, for me.

This time songs are more feeling one. But it’s normal all lyrics are written by our dear Yura. I think the stories are cleary better than ORGIA, because Yura doesn’t turn in the strange, but rest in the simple, all in mixing horor, with feelings. And as always, I will be never disspointed by the style of Yura.

I’m really happy that the Seifuu has made a Halloween CD, I don’t think they will make one, one day. Specially because for this M3-38, there are not a lot CDs about Halloween. Also, I’m really surprise that this CD has been released one year after Phatom of the Flame. The period was not really long, specially because Drop was also here in the CD Shadows or Clockwork.

I prefer clearly more this CD than Phantom of the Flame, and for me, Drop has wined, his bet that he will not lost popularity. After I read the comment of Phatom of the Flame, most people agreed that the CD was good, but they are clearly, better songs made by Drop. Means that most of people was a little dissapointed by this CD.
I have the feeling that actually most of people will clearly happy to see Drop come back, with this CD of Halloween.

Anwyays, DropXYura are the best don’t forget.

Now, l hope you will enjoy Halloween CD.

Special thanks to Yura-sama, for the correction of kanjis in Halloween of the Dead II.

1. Halloween of the Dead


Comment of Yura on her blog:
The terrible music of Halloween by the sound of laughs will make you jump.
So, I try to write scary and funny lyrics, at the same time.
The main theme of the song is about: « Like a parade, a person will resuscitate the dead persons (zombies) ».

Comment of Meriole:
I was right, the main character of the Halloween march is a witch, and the one on the cover (no, it’s not Marisa Kirisame).

It’s about a witch who uses hers power magics, to ressurect the zombies, during the Halloween night.

She also, tricks humans in offer them poisonous candies.
So you have two choices, to die: eat poisonous candies or to be purchased by the zombies. Which one? (no matter the choice you will finish to die)

But, this night has a reality a secret, for the witch. Go to see the song of Halloween of Dead II, that explain why she ressurects the zombies.

I love so much how this song is so funny and scary at the same time. Makes me clearly think that the witch is completely crazy in her mind.

That’s been a long time that I don’t see Yura makes Hallowen song. And this one clearly satisfied me.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

時計は真夜中 告げる鐘 鳴らし
影は密やかに 君の背に忍び寄る
tokei wa mayonaka tsugeru kane narashi
kage wa hisoyaka ni kimi no se ni shinobiyoru

悪戯をあげようか 可愛い迷い子よ
itazura wo ageyouka kawaii mayoigo yo
itami wo kanjinai de okashi wo moraeru hazunai desho

早く逃げておうちまで みんなでそこへ行くよ
hayaku nigete wo uchi made minna de soko e iku yo
shiroi amai sono hada ni donna e wo egakouka

踊れ騒げ手を叩け 邪悪な空 飛ぶ魔女
odore sawage shu wo hatake jaaku na sora tobu majo
kyou wa subete ga yami ni michi
jiyuu ni naru Halloween★night

夏の終わりの魔法を一つ 冬の始まる魔法を一つ
natsu no owari no mahou wo hitotsu fuyu no hajimaru mahou wo hitotsu
kurutta you ni warau panpukin
akui ni michita shisha ga tsudou yoru

三日月のような瞳 招く黒猫
dare ni mo naisho de ocha kai e oide
mikazuki no you na hitomi maneku kuro neko

doku ringo no pai to kiba wo muita makaron
oishi sou da to tsubuyaki
kimi no yubisaki wo jitto mitsumeru

warae maware suteppu de
esukouto suru Death Scythe
hirari fuwari yureru reesu
akaku somatta doresu

歌え叫べ夜明けまで 君が望んだ夜さ
死のパレード ハロウィン★ウォーク
utae sakebe yoake made kimi ga nozon da yoru sa
asobi? gishiki? dare no tame ni
shi no pareedo Halloween★walk

ding-dong ding-dong 心の準備して
ding-dong ding-dong 魂 凍るような
嗚呼 恐怖が襲うよ
souzou wo motto kakitateyo (mousou wo kakitatete yo)
sore yori mo motto sugoi koto (tanoshii koto ga hajimaru)
ding-dong ding-dong kokoro no junbi shite
ding-dong ding-dong tamashii kouru you na
aa kyoufu ga osou yo

涙流し命乞うを それが正しき本能
madoi obie hashiri nigero
namida nagashi inochi kou wo sore ga tadashiki honnou

真の悪が蘇る 麗しき星空に
銀の爪で 引き裂いて
黒纏う ハロウィン★デッド
shin no aku ga yomigaeru uruwashiki hoshizora ni
gin no tsume de hikisaite
kuro matou Halloween★dead

踊れ騒げ手を叩け 邪悪な空 飛ぶ魔女
odore sawage te wo hatake jaaku na sora tobu majo
kyou wa subete ga yami ni michi
jiyuu ni naru Halloween★night

2. 旋律とカナリア / Senritsu to kanaria (The melody and the canary)


Comment of Yura on her blog:
In this way can be found the « The Phantom of the Opera (or Opera-Ghost :».
The mysterious ghost person (the man in love) with Christine (the girl in love), leads me to write, someone who will be lead in the theme of delusion.
On the side of the girl/Christine, where she grows, here, in some excitations.

Comment of Meriole:
This time Yura uses again a reference novel like Tristan and Iseult. If Tristan and Iseult was clearly just a reprise of the novel, this time Yura and Drop, for me, want to express a message with this song. As always, I have read the novel, before to make the translation.

Let me explain a little from what is inspired the song. It comes from the novel « The Phantom of the Opera or Opera-Ghost (french novel like Tristan and Iseult) », based on the relation of charaters Christine (the pure girl and vocalist of the Opera of Paris) and Erik (the voice or the ghost). Drop is Erik, and Yura is Christine, in the song.

Christine (her age turns around 20 years in the novel) is an opera singer of Paris (the famous opera of Paris). But she is not really famous, and her level is more reputated to be a beginner.

Christine has her own dressing room to sing, or change before a represention, in front of the public. But one day, Christine will hear a voice in her dressing room. But, just a voice. Nobody (yes, I know it’s the strange thing of the novel). So, Christine thinks, in reality, that the voice is a sort of angel send by her father (died in the novel). In fact, when her father is died, he say that he will send her the « angel of music » for her. When Christine asks to the voice if it is the « angel of music », this one answer: « Yes ». The voice is in reality the Phantom of the Opera, and will be called Erik, later in the novel.

From there, the voice will play powerful musics, so beautiful, that even Christine can’t believe what she heard. Also, the voice will teach to sing in harmony with his compositions. Every time that Christine sings, on the composition of the voice, her singing voice reach a level of goddess. Yes, the voice is the instructor of Christine. The voice we will say to Christine to come earlier all days (earlier means the time where there are nobody yet in the Opera), and he will teach to Christine, how to use her voice.

During some day, Christine we’ll come back, for all lessons made by voice (without know that the voice is Erik). But Christine we will finish to be scared of the voice, because everytime that she sings, on the composition of the voice, she is in a sort of trance, and this feeling scared her (she also feel a little love for the voice). Also, she says that all these nights when she sing for the voice, her energy is suck up and want to break their relation.

Most of music by Yura and Drop, are inspired by those passage of the novel. There are also the passage where Christine will be kidnap by the voice, and she will discover in reality that it was not a voice, but a strange person called Erik who is always hiding his face, with a mask.

I will not spoil who is Erik in the novel, but it’s something that is not really human. And that’s good because Drop is Erik, that makes me confirms that Drop is an alien.

Now, what want express Drop and Yura from the novel. Yura says always, that she know Drop since a long time, without enter to detail. I wonder if Drop was not the instructor of Yura, or something like that.

According the novel, when Christine and Erik are together, they are making songs that reach the level of God (collaboration of dream). And like you know, everyone agree that Drop and Yura are the best, right?

No matter what I think, DropXYura clearly want to use this song to express their relation. Because no matter what I think Yura is always in a sort of trance, on the compositions of Drop. And the composition of Drop is clearly from an another level, every time than I hear it, that you can be scared of the talent of Drop.

I really enjoy the message that want express YuraXDrop in this song, so for me it’s clearly the best song of the CD.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

usui akari to fukaku fukaku orite iku no wa
kono te wo totte yasashiku michibiite kureru kara
kuroi kamen de kao wo kakusu anata no neiro
kyou mo watashi no saezu wo motomete iru

微かに香る麝香 心を締め付けるの
shinayakana yubi de kenban wo naderu toki
kasuka ni kaoru jakou kokoro wo shimetsukeru no

yasashiku oshiete (himeta omoi)
nodo wo narasu kara (amai kotoba wo sasageru you ni)
mabataku senritsu (shiroi kotori)
kokoro wo shihai shite iku

moeru rousoku ga (kieru mae ni)
binetsu wo ataete (memai sae oboeru gekijou)
yamanai kodou to (honrou sare)
shibireru you na oto no uzu ni yowasete

揺らめき倒れ 優しい貴方の胸の中
仮面に隠す 感情は誰に見せているの
欲望の種 少女の中 静かに芽吹き
残酷な華 密か紅 咲かせる
yurameki taore yasashii anata no mune no naka
kamen ni kakusu kanjou wa dare ni misete iru no
yokubou no tane shoujo no naka shizuka ni mebuki
zankokuna hana hisoka kurenai sakaseru

白い指を絡めて 耳元で囁いた
shinayakana yubi de kenban wo tatakute ni
shiroi yubi wo karamete mimimoto de sasayaita

淫らな罪なの(孤独 募らせ犯した罰)
捕えたいアリアで 今
yume ka maboroshi ka (akumu na no ka)
midarana tsumina no (kodoku tsunoraseo kashita batsu)
junketsu na maria (ma ni miirare)
toraetai aria de ima

takaku hibikasete (konjiru toiki)
hikui sono koe to (kasanariai hitotsu ni hibiku)
toraware no tenshi (aragaenai)
hito wa seinaru uso ni hikare ochite yuku

早く奪って 眩しすぎる朝 退屈なソワレ
shuuen wo tsugeru yoake ga kuru kara
hayaku ubatte mabushi sugiru asa taikutsu na soware
subete wo sutete tomoni itai

yasashiku oshiete (himeta omoi)
nodo wo narasu kara (amai kotoba wo sasageru you ni)
mabataku senritsu (kuroi kotori)
anata wo some shibaritsukeru

moeru rousoku ga (kieru mae ni)
binetsu de urun de (memai sae oboeru gekijou)
yamanai kodou to (honrou sare)
shibireru you na oto no uzu ni tokeru no

3. Death Crow

作曲/Composition: Drop

Comment of Yura on her blog:
A song of Halloween. The way is constructing the sound is lovely.

Comment of Meriole:
Crow? Witch? Yes, it’s Halloween, and the crows are dead, but who care, the witch is here! I can feel all the malicious from the song.

4. Ghost in the Castle


Comment of Yura on her blog:
I made this by thinking with an hidden setting.
The protagonist is a child boy, in the home, of his rich parent.
He was not living very well, in reason of his body always covered of scars and bruises, so he finishs to die, as a good boy.
The rumor is heard by the neighbourhood, that in a ruin mansion, a girl is died in the same circumstances, and has become a spirit.
The boy and the girl become visible, and speak each other to raise a feeling of comfort. I tried singing, like a child.

Comment of Meriole:
The comment of Yura was really difficult to translate, but I think it must be understand like this. Like Yura says in the first phrase, the song hides something. I think this « hidden setting » are explain in one pragraph that make me think that the boy was torture by his parents, when he was alive. I put this paragraph in note, in the translation, and seems explain how he’s died.

There are two characters in the song: the child boy and the child girl. We are in the point of view of the boy. The boy is died since a long time, contrarly to the girl that has just died.

I think the girl doesn’t know all the truth about the circumstances of the death of the boy.

The two child will play, games all day. One day the girl will found on the ceiling, the corpse of the child boy. Probably she will ask him what happen to him, but this one will never answer to her. Because he died in very bad circumstances, that he doesn’t want to explain.

From there, I think the girl finish to understand that she is died like the boy, and the fact that they are playing together is not a dream, but a nightmare.

That’s how I interpreting the song, but yes it’s just more a theory. I let you imagine all your ideas for this song.

I really love so much this song and I’m really glad that a chinese and a japenese tell me this that the song is their favorite of the CD. The song is really cute and sad at the same time.

The child boy sounds like the protector of the girl. And the two of them fill their sadness in keeping company. I’m feeling really bad for the boy, because he was always alone, before that the girl come for him.

Also, I’m really glad that Yura sings a calm song. I really want to see her again, in calm song. I miss that.

I hope you will like this song guy, because it overflows of feeling.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

蒼く透き通る きみの笑顔が浮かぶ
今日はトランプ 明日はチェスを
ほら まだまだ足りないよ
朝なんて来なくていい 遊ぼう
furubita wo shiro ni furubita yoroi to
aoku sukitouru kimi no egao ga ukabu
kyou wa toranpu ashita wa chesu wo
hora madamada tarinai yo
asa nante ko nakute ii asobou

踊ろう さぁ 手をとりあい
月 照らして きみの心
透明な光を放ち ガラスのように儚く
odorou saate wo toriai
tsuki terashite kimi no kokoro
toumeina hikari wo hanachi garasu no you ni hakanaku

大丈夫 終わりはないよ
kanashi ge na urunda me ga
boku no mune ni kage wo otosu
daijoubu owari wa nai yo
boku wa zutto koko ni iru yo

kurai tenjou ni hone dake no nezumi
hashirimawaru kara kirakira hokori ga mau

「話を聞いて ここにいちゃだめ」
あぁ 知っているけどまだ
知らないふりをしたい 悲愴な悪夢
‘hanashi wo kiite koko nii cha dame’
aa shitte iru kedo mada
shiranai furi wo shitai hisou na akumu

踊ろう さぁ すべてを忘れ
月 照らして ぼくの心
透明な光を放ち 血をながらして切なく
odorou saa subete wo wasure
tsuki terashite boku no kokoro
toumeina hikari wo hanachi chi wo nagara shite setsunaku

ぼくの胸に 痛みくれる
大丈夫 終わりはないよ
死ははじまり きみへ続く
kanashi ge na urunda me ga
boku no mune ni itami kureru
daijoubu owari wa nai yo
shi wa hajimari kimi e tsuzuku

5. RED LUNACY -Nightmare_Ver-


Comment of Yura on her blog:
Here, is an extra song that comes from an old CD to make a compilation of SeifuuMeigetsu CD. The sound of the track is more animated for a more climax ambiance.
I’m in love with the moonlight.

Comment of Yura on her blog (for Tsumi ni Nureta Majo):
A song including classical « moonlight ».
The girl believes that the darkness will give her strenght, and with this, she can perform a good ritual, in order to make a delicious invitation of madness… And also to invites him, only for her…
During elementary school, I believe in fairy and I was dancing/turning around an huge rock…
I was offering acorns… It was a long time…

Comment of Meriole:
No, it’s not a recycled song, it’s a remix one. It’s true that most of things hasn’t been changed for the original version, but I really apreciate that Drop clealry make an effort. Actually, I prefer more this remix version than the original one, because the tumpo is more fast and give more climax, like say Yura. After I know perfectly that when I ask a remix from Drop, he can’t make something super different from his first composition, because it’s the same compositor. So, this remix clearly satisfy me.

For the comment, I’m letting the same of Tsumi ni Nureta Majo. The song is as always about a girl who want to reach her beloved, in the starry sky, that is waiting her:

« The song is about a girl who is using the power of darkness to establish the madness in the world. But, there is something more intense of the song… I believe she tries to invocate/ressurect an old « divinity/entity » that she considers like her beloved. She wants him to come back in giving him supreme power, when he will be at her side… But with the only aim to have a total control on him.

In fact, she wants to overtune the world for her own greed sakes, without know the result of her madness. With the power of this entity, that she will invokes, she believes clearly that she can recreate the laws of the world and make a better one, full of madness.

Strangely, the source of the madness of the girl, seems to come of the love that she has for this « entity ». In fact, the girl makes all night this ritual, until « the entity » will come for her. But, because it doesn’t work, she retry again and again with more powerful black magic and more invitation of darkness/madness and other bad things, each night.

The girl is sure that the « entity » loves her, but probably not… Beacuse he doesn’t come for her…

And at force to try to control him, probably something bad will happen to her… Sadly, the end of the song doesn’t say if she sucesses to plunge the world in the darkness. »

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

暗い森 彷徨う形 少女が詠う呪文
指先は震え 呼吸も出来ない
kurai mori samayou omokage shoujo ga utau jumon
yubisaki wa furue kokyuu mo dekinai
anata wo omou yo

しなやかな手足を振り 妄想を巡らせて
闇の力にも光も届かぬ 狂気募るばかり
shinayaka na teashi wo furi mousou wo megurasete
yami no chikara ni mo hikari mo todokanu kyouki tsunoru bakari

kitto ashita ni wa utsukushiku nareru hazu
kono omoi ga todokeba subete watashi no mono

金色の髪 靡かせ踊れ
kiniro no kami nabikaseodore
saigo no ichi mai no beeru wo sutetara
kagayaku hada ni kami mo hirefushi
ma no kemono ga aegu

todokanu koi ni ki kuruu shoujo wo
terashita akai tsuki

何一つ変わらぬ夜 少女が吐いた呪い
終わらない嫌悪 憎悪へと変わり
nanihitotsu kawara nu yoru shoujo ga haita noroi
owaranai keno zouo e to kawari
kokoro wo kizutsukeru

sou yo hontouwa kami mo akuma mo inai
sekai wo kutsugaesu no watashi dake no ishide

ruri iro no hitomi wo kagayakase
itoshii ouji no iru wo shiro e iku wa
kitto kare wa watashi wo matte iru kara
hoshizora michibiite

moshimo aragau toyuu no naraba
subete kowashi mashou

金色の髪 靡かせ踊れ
kiniro no kami nabikaseodore
saigo no ichi mai no beeru wo sutetara
kagayaku hada ni anata sae hirefushi
ma no kemono ga aegu

todoka nu koi ni ki kuruu shoujo wo
kakushita akai tsuki

6. Halloween of the Dead II~長い夜の悪夢~ / Halloween of the DeadⅡ ~Nagaiyo no akumu~ (Long night of nightmare)


Comment of Yura on her blog:
The story is about: « During the days of Halloween, the former love of the girl has been ressurected as zombie. »
Before, I written the lyrics with the same theme. But I tried this time,  to write a distinction beetween the girl, where this one is sensitive, that you can judge forward.
This child lover heart is like a frail feeling, and it pleases me.

Comment of Meriole:
This song is sequel of the song of Halloween of the Dead, and gives the truth about it.

We are return in the point of the view of the witch. This secret walk of dead is, in order that the witch can see once again her beloved.

Just during the Hallowen Night, with hers power magics, her boyfriend come back to live (come back in zombie), that they kiss and hug together.

That’s all!

If you have seen a cruel witch in the first song, this time, apreciated all the pity feeling and sensible emotions of the girl by the voice of Yura calmy and exciting at the same time, in function of the tumpo of Drop.

I love so much how this song is simple, effective and poignant, at the same time. For a gothic love story, I don’t ask anymore that the style of music. This song is for me close to the perfection love gothic.

And don’t forget moe zombies are the best creature in the world! Moe zombies are really cute.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

見回す闇 死人が群がり
me ga sametara mayonaka no himei
watashi wa hitsugi kara oki
mimawasu yami shibito ga muragari
utsurona me de samayotteru

どうして あの時終わったはず
doushite ano toki owatta hazu
karada no itami wa kiete
tadayou kousui majiri no shi shuu
tsume mo hagarete ochi sou yo

お祝いだ 祝福を 君たちへ
  全てが叶う 今夜ハロウィン ナイト
 oiwaida shukufuku wo kimitachi e
 nen ni ichido no omatsuri
 itazura ga sangeki ni kawaru darou
 subete ga kanau konya Halloween night

聖なる行進だ 本能のまま
seinaru koushinda honnou no mama
watashi wa aishita hito no moto e
konnani kirei na watashi wo mi tara
kitto dakishimete kisu wo kureru

ドアの前 呻く声 彼の愛が試されるだろう
yumemiru kanojo kara afuredasu shi no kehai
doa no mae umeku koe kare no ai ga tamesareru darou

見回す外 死人が群がり
me ga same tara mayonaka no yami ni
kusarikaketa kimi ga iru
mimawasu soto shibito ga muragari
utsurona me de samayotteru

お願いだ 連れ去って 死の世界
onegai da tsuresatte shi no sekai
kimi ga inai to dameda ne

窪んだ眼球 落ちた唇
uttaeru kare no me ni utsuru watashi
kubonda gankyuu ochita kuchibiru

悲劇の行進だ 純粋なまま
去ろうか愛した人 背にして
higeki no koushinda junsui na mama
sarouka aishita hito se ni shite
konnani mune de itsumo watashi
sotto dakishimete kisu wo kureta

邪悪でも 逃避でも 悪夢でも 構わない
魂が求め乞う 真実の愛を貫くの
jaaku demo touhi de mo akumu demo kamawanai
tamashii ga motome kou shinjitsu no ai wo tsuranuku no

 shiawase na otogi hanashi wa sou wa nagaku tsuzukanai
 hakushu wo

漂う甘いこの香り 貴方の中 詰まってる
裂いて噛んで 味わうわ
tadayou amai kono kaori anata no naka tsumatteru
saite kan de ajiwau wa
kare wa naite yorokobu no

聖なる行進だ 本能のまま
きっと悪魔達 キスをくれる
seinaru koushinda honnou no mama
watashi wa aishita hito wo sasage
chi ni nure kirei na watashi wo mitara
kitto akuma tachi kisu wo kureru

yumemiru kanojo kara afuredasu shi no kehai
hitotoki no kyouran ni kare no ai wa hatasareta darou

7. Ruin

作曲/Composition: Drop

Comment of Yura on her blog:
Good atmosphere of Halloween until the end of the song!

Comment of Meriole:
The last song is called « Ruin ». I imagined the witch who go back in her coffin and waiting the next Halloween night. During her passage, her army of zombies are destroyed everything on their way, letting only ruins. The song is pretty cute, but don’t be trap by the horror, that happened previously, before to reach this song.

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(M3-38) ORGIA / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


MelonbooksDL (320K+scans) = HQ quality

BOOTH (WAV + scans) = HD quality

Hello, everyone, it’s Mery. Long time no see. This time Yura has made two new CDs. Let’s begin with ORGIA.

This time Yura has made a CD with only symphonic/rock songs. It’s more furious rock according to Yura, to confer intense gothic stories.

The CD is not my favortie one, but clearly a really good CD of Yura with a solid level. Big love, for the song Conjuration to Pantheon.

The thing, that I love the most in the CD are not the lyrics, not the compositions, not the stories, not the voice of Yura, it’s… the different collaborations between each songs, to confer new style of music.

To begin, Younou is come back in this CD, with three news song where he made the lyrics:

– Ruined Angles = Toromaru + Yura + Younou = new collaboration with a majestic effect
– Masked Theatre = Hikarinosu + Yura + Younou = new collaboration with a fashion style
– Conjuration to Pantheon = Yuzuru + Yura + Younou = collaboration of dream

After there are also the other songs. The one of the werwolf has a very different composition made by Tetsushi, where I’m feeling not dissepointed at all. And the one of Tsukagoshi is more classic. Also, most of compositions are clearly not the normal style used, by compositors. The question is: how much Yura has pay them, that they made composition like that? (I’m joking, I’m joking…).

Because the compositions are really good everywhere and the voice of Yura fits completely on them. I don’t have really too much to say, that I can clearly hear that a lot of work have been put, as always.

Yes, Yura voice is the best for me. Please don’t force me to repeat it again.

This time I have clearly a preference for the songs, where it’s Youno who has written the lyrics (but don’t worry Yura, I prefer the lyrics of Halloween of Dead, over all. You made very saguinary lyrics in this CD, that I enjoy a lot).

As you see, you can thanks all the collaborators of Yura, they work very hard, that the CD can born. So thanks a lot for all compositors, guitarists and Youno who has collabored with Yura this time. You can come back every time.

Now, time to come back of the gothic story sides. This time, the gothic stories are for me the most dissapointed things in the CD. And believe me that’s been a long time, that doesn’t happen:

– Werwolf has short lyrics and sadly, that does’t really convince me, even if I admit that Yura try to change a little content.
– Ruined Angels, ORGIA, Masked Theatre, I find them just more classical. I mean, I have the feeling, to hear already these stories, but in older CD of Yura.
– At the end, only the song, Conjuration to Pantheon was awesome and has an impact for me.

Now, the reason is why? I find the lyrics very, very, strange everywhere (excpet the one of the werewolf), with a lot of element containing few or fuzzy informations, to let very, very strange stories… What I mean, it’s clearly possible to understand what is about the song. But many elements are not say cleary, to leave you a dark feeling in your mind. Yes, that’s a particularity of Youno.

For me, sadly, I have a preference for digusting, poignant and wild lyrics, when the truth is explained to the end of the song, than mysterious lyrics. So, this time I’m not particulary in love with the gothic stories. That don’t derange me when they have one song or two songs mysterious in the CD, but when you have only this, in the whole CD, it’s a little frustrating. You must think at the end of each song: « It’s strange, or wait I don’t understand everything I need to read again ». That’s exactly what happen in this CD.

I must say also, I prefer when the lyrics + gothic stories are better to the detriment of the vocals and compositions. That means than even if a vocal or composition of a song is not terrible at the moment that the story is good, there are hight chance that the follow the group. But, if the composition+vocal are good but the story is boring. That’s not for me. After it just an opinion. For example, this CD of SNOWMIST , is the perfect exemple to illustrate my opinion, for me.

After if the composition + vocal + lyrics/story = excellent everwhere, I know everyone will buy the CD.

Of course, it justs my opinion. I don’t force Yura or other groups, or other people to agree with me, to change their method. Even if for me, the gothic stoires are clearly not the best, the whole CD rests vey good, and I think a lot of people will appreciate it.

And because this time the comment of Yura are not clear for pratically all songs, you can profit of my comments more or less long for all songs, to give you an idea. But don’t forget theories, are thoeries…

Special thanks to Yura-sama, for a romaji part.

Special thanks to Eikhi, Hakkin and Releska to help me a little on the english.



Comment of Yura on her blog:
A sinister feeling can be feel from the song.
From the first song begins already, the installation of a delicious feeling.

Comment of Meriole:
Terrifying begining. We can heard like the whisper of devil on it… I don’t want to be eaten by demons…

2.Ruined Angels


Comment of Yura on her blog:
「傷つけあう乙女たちはまだ 罪の果ての涙知らなくて」っていう部分が特に好きです。
So cool. The superb guitar played by Mr. Toromaru, has completey excited me. Mr. Youno was in charge to write the lyrics.
« Wounded together, the maidens don’t know yet
The consequence of tears of sin. »
I’m particularly in love with this part of the song.
Aesthetics, isn’t ? (つω`*)

Comment of Meriole:
Very, very strange song. But I think I understand what is about the song.
I think the whole song turn about a sin committed by a group of maidens and the bloody consequence (« Wounded together, the maidens don’t know et, the consequence of tears of sin. »)

At any moment the sin of maidens is say clearly. However, I have the feeling it turns about the fact that they have committed a murder, something like that (« If they taste the red fruit of sin, they will never come back from the path of pain »). Other stanzas, in the song made me think that.

Because of this sin, someone will be a perpetrator and abused of them to commit suicide, in order to abolish their sin. This person/perpetrator is personnified and called has the « demon » in the song (« the sweet words of the beautiful demon, invite her in a flamboyant party »)…

After because they scared to be rejected by their sin (« Frightened above all, that I can be rejected, a loss repeats… »), they finish to consent, in the same desire.

In fact, I have the feeling from the beginning it’s about innocent and naive girls who have been abused by the words of man (« Just in wandering in the blindness »). They will follow his words and finish to suicide themself, for the salvation, and abolished their sin.

The image ressorted from the song sounds like fallen angels, that will never come back from their sin. It sound like a sort of rituel to abolish the sin of sinners.

Very, very mysterious lyrics made by Yuu.
Toromaru composition is amazing with the sound voice effect at the begin. I really love the composition to the begin at the end. He gives a majestous effect all the songs.
Yura voice is cool as always !

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

鏡に映した 仮初めの愛を抱いたまま
義務さえ忘れて求めてる 誘惑あるいは支配を
kagami ni utsushita kari some no ai wo daita mama
gimu sae wasurete motome teru yuuwaku aruiwa shihai wo

幼い翼は お互いを疑いながら
微熱に浮かされ 届かない夢を追い続けてる
osanai tsubasa wa otagai wo utagai nagara
binetsu ni ukasare todokanai yume wo oitsuzuke teru

祈りの彼方 遥か高みより
恍惚の女神 無慈悲に笑い
inori no kanata haruka takami yori
tenshi no sumika nagamete iru
koukotsu no megami mujihi ni warai
tsumetai ori no naka ni tojikometa

震える心 望むその通りに
ただ盲目に彷徨う 穢れてゆく魂
kizutsuke au otome tachi wa mada
tsumi no hate no namida shira nakute
furueru kokoro nozomu sono tori ni
tada moumoku ni samayou kegarete yuku tamashii

優しく照らした 偽りの希望の光
蔑ろにした自由はもう 手の届かない場所へ
yasashiku terashita itsuwari no kibou no hikari
naigashiro ni shita jiyuu wa mou te no todokanai basho e

仕組まれていた 初めの時から
麗しの悪魔 甘い言葉で
shikumarete ita hajime no toki kara
tenshi no kubi wo kase ni tsunagu
uruwashi no akuma amai kotoba de
kira biyakana utage e to sasou

引き返せない 苦しみの道を
ただ盲目に彷徨う 幾千の夜を越えて
utsuro na me no otome tachi wa ima
tsumi no akai kajitsu ajiwaeba
hikikaesenai kurushimi no michi wo
tada moumoku ni samayou iku sen no yoru wo koete

孤独の空で救い探していた 遠い記憶よ
kodoku no sora de sukuisagashite ita toui kioku yo
kobamareru no ga naniyori kowakute
soushitsu wo kasanete iru

ひたすらに願うは ひと時の承認のみで
hibiki wataru otome tachi no koe
hitasura ni negau wa hitotoki no shounin nomide
soreto hikikae ni ashita wo ushinatte yuku

震える心 望むその通りに
ただ盲目に彷徨う 穢れてゆく魂
kizutsuke au otome tachi wa mada
tsumi no hate no namida shira nakute
furueru kokoro nozomu sono touri ni
tada moumoku ni samayou kegarete yuku tamashii



Comment of Yura on her blog:
The song has been produced by Mr Tetsushi! The sprint of the guitar confers a great emotion!!
The content is: « The legend is saying that a werewolf (man) is existing in the forest. Himself his wondering : « I should scatter the lifes or become a nuance… »

Comment of Meriole:
Pratically nothing to say in this one. It about a werewolf (man) who has finished to succomb of his beast/wolf side. When he’s becoming a wolf he’s abducting human, in the forest, to kill them for his own pleasure.

Because he know that he is a beat, he has resigned to live alone, in the solitude.

Finally a song of werewolf made by Yura. By my opinion of this one is mitiged. I’m clearly not dissapointed by the composition. Very surprise by the fact that Tetsushi making rock, but I think it has been help a lot by Matsuba Yoshiyuki. Thanks Matsuba and Tetsushi to have collabores with Yura. The composition makes me think about a violent werewolf who has enough of humans and take his revenge.

Where, I’m a little disspointed are the lyrics. Lyrics are short and that’s where I’m a little sad, because we don’t profit more of toughts of the man, becoming a werewolf. Too bad that Yura don’t insist more about the human side and wolf side, who is fighting together and the regret of the man along the song.

But even so, werewolf is ultra rare to be used, by Japenese and as always I’m really glad that Yura made something else to change. I know she takes a lot of risk with this song (I have preference when Japense try something else, than they always rest in the same thing). So, I hope, in the future that Yura will made again a song about werewolf, but with more feeling. Include a little love can be really good with a werewolf. Don’t you think ?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

嗚呼 イラつかせる その口癖 黙りなさい
そう 気が付いてる 妬ましいでしょう
aa ira tsukaseru sono kuchiguse damarinasai
sou kiga tsuiteru netamashii deshou
kazarareta watashi ga

灰色のお城と 悪趣味なドレス
haiiro no wo shiro to aku shumi na doresu
sore na mono zenbu ageru
misete shinjitsu wo

夜に芽吹く熱が 甘やかな死を求めて
森の奥誘う コチラへオイデ
yoru ni mebuku netsuga amayakana shi wo motomete
mori no oku izanau kochira e oide

ねぇ 樹々の影に潜む闇 早く攫って
もう 痛くたっていいのだって
nee ki no kage ni hisomu yami hayaku saratte
mou itaku tatte ii no datte
ikiteru akashi kara

蒼い水の上 跳ねる妖精が
白い羽 羽ばたかせて歪に笑った
aoi mizunoue haneru youseiga
shiroi hane habatakasete ibitsu ni waratta

人は何故生まれて 自ら穢れて死ぬの
孤独を感じても 獣で良い
hito wa naze umarete mizukara kegarete shinu no
kodoku wo kanjite mo kemono ii

銀色の爪と 鋭い牙なら
この躰 全部あげる
giniro no tsume to surudoi kiba nara
kono karada zenbu ageru
misete shinjitsu wo

夜に芽吹く熱が 甘やかな死を求めて
森の奥誘う コチラへオイデ
yoru ni mebuku netsuga amayakana shi wo motomete
mori no oku izanau kochira e oide

人は何故生まれて 自ら穢れて死ぬの
月夜に貪られ 獣になる
hito wa naze umarete mizukara kegarete shinu no
tsukiyo ni musaborare kemono ni naru

4.Masked Theatre


Comment of Yura on her blog:
作詞は夕野さんで、「永遠に繰り返す 同じ苦しみ 同じ愛
In this song, you can find a fashionable gothic atmosphere composition. One again, the guitar is beautiful.
Lyrics of Mr. Youno:
« To repeat, in an eternity, the same suffering, the same love
I don’t allow anyone to escape from this place ».
I’m really in love with this part of lyrics. It’s clear, no?

Comment of Meriole:
Welcome in a theater. Can you heard the applause of spectators ? I’m one of the spectactor. The theater is so realist. Specially the scene with the murder, it sounds like so real.

From the beginning it seems that someone has planned everything and control evryone, in the piece of theatre.

It seems that a group of people are agreed to eliminate actors during the representation. Of course, any of specators seems to know about that. I think during one scene, there are a scene, where one (or many) actors are died. Of course, it’s suppose not to be real, just for the piece. But the song seems to turn about a true murders, hidden by a represensation of theatre.

Also, all along the song there are « this false love repeated and a tender lie» . I think the culprit, want to say the fact, that he doesn’t like the theatre or actors. So, it repeats again and again a false representation of theatre, to kill people. It sounds a little terrifying when I’m thinking like this. But it seems that it’s not the first time that the piece is played and the bloody consequence on it. These lies and mask, to hide the face of actors, remember me the song « Black Masquarade » written also by Yuu, and full of mysteries on it.

To summarize, I think it’s about a cursed theatre, where is repeated a representation, including a true murder of actors. The perpatror try to persuade actors that them loving them, but that’s not true. The murder is hidden by the fact, that it’s a piece of theatre.

That’s maybe the reason why the theatre seems so popluar. Because, the scenes looks so real, for spectators, without know the truth.

I’m clearly surprise by the song. I’m not fan of violent song made by Hikarinosou but this one is clearly good. (But, I clearly don’t see Miku sung, on this sort of song).

As always Yuu lyrics is full of metaphor and image. Sometimes, I really wonder what it means, but I think my translation is sufficient to be understand. The song is not really difficult to understand. I think it’s better to read two-three times my translation to understand what is about the song. I dont know at all if people like this sort of lyrics, actually. I let judge by yourself. I know when a song is full of metahpor Europeans people don’t really like, too much. But I think Japeneses and Chineses, must enjoy them.

I really love when Yura is singing « ai ni uso wo kasane yoru no umi ni hateru  », she gives a powerful dramatic part in the song, every time she is singing this stanza. I really enjoy also the fact that she sings in « gothic lolita mode » in this one.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

愛に嘘を重ね 夜の海に果てる
ai ni uso wo kasane yoru no umi ni hateru

乱れながら踊るよ 影法師たち
Ding Dang Dong
細く 長く 妖しく あやつる指の思うがままに
midare nagara odoru yo kageboushi tachi
Ding Dang Dong
hosoku nagaku ayashiku ayatsuru yubi no omou ga mama ni

物語のはじまり 時計の針は Tic Tac Tic
廻る 回る 絡まる 運命の描いた迷路
(螺旋の形に 煩わしい迷路)
monogatari no hajimari tokei no hari wa Tic Tac Tic
meguru mawaru karamaru unmei no egaita meiro
(rasen no katachi ni wazurawashii meiro)

(ouzora ni) umareta bakari no hinadori wa
(kaze no koe) utagau koto wo shirazuni

愛に嘘を重ね 夜の海に果てる
ai ni uso wo kasane yoru no umi ni hateru

驕人の舞台には 悍ましさばかり並ぶ
隠し続ける 仮面の裏に
eimei to shirogane ni kazaritsukerare kagayaku yo
yosi hito no butai ni wa ozo mashisa bakari narabu
renmen to uketsuida noroi to kanashimi wo
(ari no mama ni uketomete)
kakushi tsuzukeru kamen no ura ni

kikai shikake no kami wa mou inai sekai

与えられた役割 演じてるだけ
Ding Dang Dong
妬み 嫉み 憎しみ 裏切りさえも約束通りに
ataerareta yakuwari enjiteru dake
Ding Dang Dong
netami sonemi nikushimi uragiri sae mo yakusoku douri ni

用意された台詞を なぞる唇 Tic Tac Tic
悪意 殺意 躊躇い 混ざりあう感情の澱
(曖昧な色に 情け深さの澱)
youi sareta serifu wo nazoru kuchibiru Tic Tac Tic
akui satsui tamerai mazariau kanjou no ori
(aimai na iro ni nasakebukasa no ori)

(sukitouru) fukai heki midori no manazashi wa
(nami no kazu) aragau koto mo akirame

愛に嘘を重ね 夜の海に果てる
ai ni uso wo kasane yoru no umi ni hateru

深夜の舞台袖 老いた役者から消える
忘れないよう 意識に刻む
kansei to shousan ni tsutsumare nagara maku wa toji
shinya no butai sode oita yakusha kara kieru
reimei ni okasareta zaigou no mukui wo
(sono itami wo uketomete)
wasurenai you ishiki ni kizamu

ああ すべては海へと去りゆく
(itsudemo shizuka ni tayutau nagare wa)
aa subete wa umi e to sariyuku
kokoro no (yagate) kaeritsuku basho

永遠に繰り返す 同じ苦しみ 同じ愛(Tic Tac Tic Tac 同じ愛)
誰もそこからは逃れることなど出来ない(Tic Tac Tic Tac 離れられない)
せめてそれならば 命が果てるまで(最期の日まで 何度もそっと)
eien ni kurikaesu onaji kurushimi onaji ai (Tic Tac Tic Tac onaji ai)
daremo soko kara wa nogareru koto nado dekinai (Tic Tac Tic Tac hanarerarenai)
semete sore naraba inochi ga hateru made (saigo no hi made nando mo sotto)
yasashii uso wo kasaneyou

驕人の舞台には 悍ましさばかり並ぶ
隠し続ける 仮面は笑う ただ
eimei to shirogane ni kazaritsukerare kagayaku yo
yosi hito no butai ni wa ozo mashisa bakari narabu
renmen to uketsuida noroi to kanashimi wo
(ari no mama ni uketomete)
kakushi tsuzukeru kamen no ura ni

物語とは あらゆる優しい嘘
monogatari to wa arayuru yasashii uso



Comment of Yura on her blog:
The title of the song is the same than the CD. Mr Tsukagoshi has made a composition dramatic and romantic.
Should I make « Demon » or « Sabbath »? In a torn love, a woman performs a sweet ceremony.

Comment of Meriole:
This one is really captivating, isn’t it? You really wonder what is about the song, isn’t it?

My interpretation of the song is that the woman is a demon herself. There are some elements showing this fact, in the song (« Spread black wings, to reveal the demon of roses » or « Useless things are completely reflected in the mirror (a beast)… A strange creature… »).

The title is ORGIA and is the same than the CD. I think there are high probability that the cover with the succubus on it, refer to the woman (in hopping that the cover doesn’t influence me). After, the most strange thing is: did she always been a demon? There are a part in the lyrics, where she doing experience, in a small piece. So, maybe she becomes a demon with some of her experiments…

The Sabbath of the woman/the demon consists to eat the soul of her beloved, to be together, for eternity.

One of the most strange thing, is her beloved. It seems that this one has offered voluntary his soul to the demon/woman, and seems to accept the madness of this one. But, at the same time I have the feeling than this one has betrayed the woman (deception with an another woman?) and the woman take revenge on him.

At the end this man finishes to die. I mean, he doesn’t have soul anymore.
What happen after the end of the Sabbath is a mystery…

But, I’m sure the girl is a demon, and she continues to wander in the castle…

The composition of Tsukagoshi is full of emotion and romantic. The effect voice has always made by him is sublime, just like in Tsumi ni Nureta Majo or Kuro bara no Sirushi.

The lyrics made by Yura is full of mysteries, that you want to read again the lyrics after you finish to read them a first time, isn’t? And this captivating voice of Yura so dark, will clearly give you the feeling to tap on a replay button, isn’t?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

深く 堕ちて行く 夜へ(悪夢の中)
fukaku ochite iku yoru e (akumu no naka)

kira biyakanao jou ni wa
otogi no ouji to ohimesama
nikoyaka ni emi wo kawashi
asu ga kuru to shinjite iru

教えましょう 過去と罪(求む 罰を)
oshie mashou kako to tsumi (motomu batsu wo)
itazura ni koi wo asonde
watashi kara subete ubaisatta

黒い翼広げ 降りた薔薇の悪魔
魂 捧げ乞うわ
kuroi tsubasa hiroge orita bara no akuma
yokubou to hikikae ni
tamashii sasage kou wa

(躰 蝕む魔と詠い踊るサバト Ah Ah)
(karada mushibamu ma to utai odoru sabato Ah Ah)

未だ未だ未だ足りないわ もっとずっとねぇ
imada imada imada tarinai wa motto zutto nee

小さな小屋 小さなドア
chiisana koya chiisana doa
tsuki akari dake ga terasu heya
koko dake ga kokoro yurusu basho da to itte kureta noni

飽きたのか 夢は醒め(砕く心)
呪いへと変わった孤独(嗚呼 涙 孤独)
akita no ka yume wa same (kudaku kokoro)
shinjitai mattetai noni
noroi e to kawatta kodoku (aa namida kodoku)

(眩しい光にほら 強く影が落ちる)
miseta yume no kazu no kizu wo kizamikonde
anata no munamoto e itami hawa seyouka
(mabushii hikari ni hora tsuyoku kage ga ochiru)

誰にも愛されなくても 貴方だけは ずっと
(願い絶え 乞うの魔を)
無駄な事 まるで 鏡に映る(獣)
dare ni mo aisare nakute mo anata dake wa zutto
(negai tae kou no ma wo)
mudana koto marude kagami ni utsuru (kemono)
igyou no ikimono ne

(shi nozomi) warae

黒い翼広げ 穿つ薔薇の悪魔
魂 捧げ散るの
kuroi tsubasa hiroge ugatsu bara no akuma
yokubou to hikikae ni
tamashii sasage chiru no

貴方の理性食み 悪に狂わせたい
(躰 蝕む魔と詠い踊るサバト Ah Ah)
miseta yume no kazu no kizu wo kizamikonde
anata no risei hami aku ni kuruwasetai
(karada mushibamu ma to utai odoru sabato Ah Ah)



Comment of Yura on her blog:
Paspal! Beautiful. This music is a passage linking a little, to the seven track.
The composition of Mr. Paspal is good, isn’t it?

Comment of Meriole:
Really good, with the piano. It calms me, with all this violent ambiance of hard rock. This song is full of emotion, before to reach the god seven track.

7.Conjuration to Pantheon

編曲:Pegasus Arts Project(神馬譲、YOU、大久保晶文)

Comment of Yura on her blog:
A great scale of lyrics, in a splendor of a sound very gorgeous.
The song is on the motif of Greek mythology. In the middle of the song, Mr. Jinma shouts the names of divinities (?). The voice of Mr. Jinma is cool, isn’t it?

Comment of Meriole:
The song is about a man (a hero) who has assisted to the creation and the end of the world, in a motif of Greek mythology, and all his legend.

It seems that every time the world is falling in the darkness, this hero appears, to slay the darkness, in order that the world comes back to before.

Very emotional song in the point of view of man, devoting his life for the sake of humanity. No matter if the divinities are his allies or ennemies.

I’m particularly in love with this stanza: « All memories are burnt, in those eyes! »

Youno Yoshimi + Yuzuru Jinma + Yura Hatsuki = collaboration of dream.

So, far my favorite song of the CD and so far this song is in my top five of songs made by Yuura, forever.

Everything is blowesome in the song. The voice of Yura is confered to give all the strenght of the beautiful lyrics of Yuu. Big thanks for Yuzuru Jinma and all his team for this beautiful composition. The mixage, guitar and bass clearly feels my heart. I’m a really sensible woman (T_T).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

世界が生まれる 芽吹く 光景を
その瞳に焼き付け すべて記憶した
sekai ga umareru mebuku koukei wo
sono me ni yakitsuke subete kioku shita

繰り返される物語の 始めと終わり 探している
力ある者ここに集う 閧の声をあげよ
kurikaesereru monogatari no hajime to owari sagashite iru
chikara aru mono koko ni tsudou toki no koe wo ageyo

白き雷鳴は燃え盛り 願いのままに
千の羽ばたきとなりて ぶつかり合う 定めの夜
shiroki raimei wa moesakari negai no mama ni
sen no habataki to narite butsukariau sadame no yoru

今 大地と大空には呪い 騒めいて
闇よりも深く なお…
勇気を胸に抱いて 銀の剣は切り裂き 駆ける
ima daichi to ouzora ni wa noroi zawameite
yami yori mo fukaku nao…
yuuki wo mune ni daite gin no tsurugi wa kirisaki kakeru

神々の住まう由に 災い迫るその時
覚悟を祈りを捧げて 立ち向かえ
shouri wo nozomu nara
kami no sumau yoshi ni wazawai semaru sono toki
kakugo wo inori wo sasagete tachimukae

世界が消えゆく 閉じる 光景を
その瞳に焼き付く すべて記憶した
sekai ga kieyuku tojiru koukei wo
sono me ni yakitsuku subete kioku shita

語り継がれる物語の 先を紡ぐ 足跡となる
知恵を持つ者 言葉は鍵 終の扉開く
kataritsugareru monogatari no saki wo tsumugu tsuiseki to naru
chie wo motsu mono kotoba wa kagi tsui no tobira hiraku

青き英雄は覚醒し 怒りのままに
刹那 灼熱となりて 光穢す悪を屠る
aoki eiyuu wa kakusei shi ikari no mama ni
setsuna shakunetsu to narite hikari kegasu aku wo hofuru

今 憎悪に塗れ猛る獣 騒めいて
罪を重ねては なお…
ima zouo ni mamiretakeru kemono zawameite
tsumi wo kasanete wa nao…

真理の示す道をたどり 炎は輝き 進む
shinri no shimesu michi wo tadori honoo wa kagayaki susumu

神々の住まう由に 災い迫るその時
誇りを希望を掲げて 打ち破れ
houkou wa todoku darou
kami no sumau yoshi ni wazawai semaru sono toki
hokori wo kibou wo kakagete uchiyabure

遥かな久遠へ 手を伸ばし想う
次の景色 物語へ そう
kako to ima wo musubu inga
harukana kuon e te wo nobashiomou
tsugi no keshiki monogatari e sou
shinwa no tsuzuki
sekai ga umarekawaru koe wo kiita

今 大地と大空には呪い 騒めいて
闇よりも深く なお…
銀の剣は切り裂き 駆ける
ima daichi to ouzora ni wa noroi zawameite
yami yori mo fukaku nao
yuuki wo mune ni daite
gin no tsurugi wa kirisaki kakeru

神々の住まう由に 災い迫るその時
覚悟を祈りを捧げて 立ち向かえ
shouri wo nozomu nara
kami no sumau yoshi ni wazawai semaru sono toki
kakugo wo inori wo sasagete tachimukae

世界が生まれる 芽吹く 光景を 再び
その瞳に焼き付け すべて記憶した
sekai ga umareru mebuku koukei wo futatabi
sono hitomi ni yakitsuke subete kioku shita

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