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(M3-39) Ghost Sense / Dark ghost fairy tales collection

I have finally finish my work on the CD Ghost Sense. I hope you will appreciate it.

For me, you will like really more the songs with translations. But this ghost CD is excellent everywhere.

Ghost Sense => Full translation+full explication

Also, as bonus you can play a new horror game, for more pleasure => Fausts Alptraum 

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(M3-39) Ghost Sense / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


Illustration+Cover Design : くろみん(月棘苑子)/ kuromin (Tsukishi Sonoko)

MelonbooksDL (320K + scans) = HQ quality

The CD « Ghost Sense » is a collection of dark fairy tales, with the theme of « ghost ». Very few gothic songs about ghosts, from Yura’s CDs. I always want, one day, more ghosts songs from her. And one of my dream had been finally fullfiled. In fact, that’s been five years, that I’m waiting my ghost CD it has nothing more than an awesome level (*_*)!

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