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(M3-39) Ghost Sense / Dark ghost fairy tales collection

I have finally finish my work on the CD Ghost Sense. I hope you will appreciate it.

For me, you will like really more the songs with translations. But this ghost CD is excellent everywhere.

Ghost Sense => Full translation+full explication

Also, as bonus you can play a new horror game, for more pleasure => Fausts Alptraum 

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Queen A’rcadia / 葉月ゆら (Hatsuki Yura) × 世の漆黒 (Toki no Shikkoku) × Symholic lyrics

01-02 Booklet Back+Cover

Hihihihihi. I’m here and back from holidays. So what’s wrong with this new album. So good ! Another very impressive CD of Yura in a triple collaboration. She never ceases to impress me, really. Symholic intrumental + the guitar of Toki no Shikkoku to give more ambience in the song + beautiful voice of Yura = 1000% winner ! I really approve it.

So, thanks for Axfearie (for the kanji) and violet for the (kanji+romanji, and the arranging romanji with Konori).

Hum… what’s about this CD ? I was sure it was a continue story because of the previous CD make Yura with Symholic, but that not the case. All songs are a different story but with a principal subject : Women of high-ranking and theirs sins. Sadly, Yura don’t have post a comment for every songs. She is only say this is about girls who is falling in darkness.
But the song are really not difficult. So I’m very confident of all my comments/interpretations. Hope you like them !

I will no hide it without the comment of Yura I can’t write a big comment like Dark Matter and I can’t enjoy at maximum at the lyrics, that’s why I pefer so much Dark Matter that this CD. But, I will translate some songs in this CD. Just wait a little. What is the translation that you want the most in this album ?

Anyways, I give the note of 10/10 for Queen A’rcadia.

So here the lyrics (Kanji+romaji) for Queen A’rcadia :

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

01. Actual

Comment of Meriole :
Classical time and after… ROCK TIME !!!

02. S嬢の擬態 ~Black Butterfly~/ S jou no gitai ~Black Butterfly~ (Mimicry of Miss S ~Black Butterfly~)

Comment of Meriole :
This song is like Itoshiki Julieta from Dark Matter. It’s about a young woman who is torturing a man with a thorny whip (like in the cover), until his dies. The girl do it because when she strikes him, her heart is exciting… Euh… Really Yura loves to write song with the subject of whip…

I don’t have too much many things to say in this one. Just imagine the woman who is propose to make a sex game with accessories. She takes handcuffs and a mask, and when the man is tie in a stake, she gets the whip. And it’s the beginning of a a divertissing night. In fact, she don’t like him at all. It’s his blood that she loves so much.

For the S in the title : the « S » significate the representation of the power, sucess and triumph. At a certain time, women who living in gentility was designate by the S. That’s how you must understand it.

Mimicry = the action or art of imitating someone or something, typically in order to entertain or ridicule.

03. Fairlady:Reincarnation

Comment of Meriole :
This one is strange but not really difficult to understand. It’s about a Fairlady who will kill herself.

In fact everyone is jealous of her rank, but her life bothering her. A sort of hatred and strong envy to quit this world come at her mind. That’s more a feeling song that a story one. Just imagine you are a noble and your live a boring life. You have everything you want without difficulty. Personally, I can’t understand this.

But they are something more in this song. I believe the girl is cursed. Don’t explain me but I have the feeling that how many time she is kill hersell she will always reborn in a « Fairlady ». That’s how it’s about this song. In fact this song is a circle vicious because she will always do the same thing in her different life. It’s the part of samsara, purgatory, and the title that give this idea.
Maybe the girl has discover the secret of resurection. Hum…

I become to really love Kaito lyrics. And we have many Kaito lyrics in this album. Specially the song that he did in Souen no himegimi. I hope in others CDs, he will come back.

04. 伯爵令嬢と妖精 / Hakushaku reijou to yousei (The Fairy of Damsel Earl)

Comment of Meriole :
This song is about the forbidden love between a daughter and her father. At the beginning of the song, the girl is happy to live in this fairy and incredible world. There are some stanzas that make me thing that the father has a sexual relation with her daughter during the night.
But the girl will discover the truth.

In fact the father cheats with her. It’s possible that the father is only interesting by other women (he has many relation between many women). When his daughter understand that his father is a « Don Juan », she will become more and more disgust. So she decide to give him a lesson. Because she is jealous and can’t never accept the fact that he cheats with her, she will kill herself. A death game sentence.

05. Bloody Duchess

Comment of Meriole :
This one tell the glory story of the Bloody Duchess. And her glory it’s about the fact that she will kill someone tonight. She has the title « Bloody Duchess » and scare many people only by her presence, because she has kill many peoples. The song don’t explain how she kills excatly her victims, and it’s good because I don’t want to know. Dirty hand that can stop to kill.

But there are something more intense in the song. It’s about the term « regalia » in the song. Regalia was use to refer about the coronation of a king/queen. And I believe in one thing in this song. The girl is the descendent of a royal line. And it’s possible that she do this to perpertrate the tradition and the sacrement of her line. A line of Bloody Duchess…

I can hide it but for someone like me, who don’t like rock in general, the guitar of Kurumizaka Iwori really impress me.

Damn this intrumental with the fairy ambience in all the song is so good… Thanks Paspal !

06. 傾国の終焉~紅蒼の支配者~ / Keikoku no shuuen ~Akaao no shihaisha~ (Beauty of death ~Domination of Blue and Red~)

Yura is the Red Queen (紅の女王), Konori is the Blue King (蒼の王).

Comment of Meriole :
Ko-ko-ko ? Konori ? For some reasons my tears drop from my eyes ! I love his voice so much.

I believe this song it’s about an ache which is striking the kingdom. And it’s because of the Red Queen and Blue King.

I will no hide it, it lack the beginning/explication of the story for this song. A comment of Yura will be really welcome. Like you know Yura explain part that don’t figure in the song, that was is really useful to have them. And for me this song begin at the middle of action. So, a comment of Yura like Black Dragon in Dark Matter will be really useful.

This my interpretation of how we arrive at this song (this is not say in the song so this part it’s a theory) :
Maybe the king and the queen made many bad things with their kingdom (the word tsumi = sin, I think must be understand in this way) but the song don’t explain what is the sin. So this time I don’t know if theirs kills people, earn too much money, the starvation/illness of the kingdom… This song can be about the revolution of the nation who will enter in the castle to kill them.

Now I believe this song it’s about the last moment of the Queen and the King. Because they assail they will choose to use a sword to kill themself that to fall in the hand of nation. But before to die they will remember their pasts and the lovely life that they have, and of course their loves. It’s really beautiful because they are unite until the death !

That’s how I’m interpeting the song, about the fall of royalty. A divine punishment of God.

07. Ideal

Comment of Meriole :
Sweet music box time ~.

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