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Changeling – english translation / FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~)

As always one love song by CD, from Yura. But this time is not Tsukagoshi, who made a composition for love song, but Suzuha! Suzuha is really awesome in the chorus, I’m glad she sings with Yura. Really wish to see those two women sung together once again!

It’s not a pure love, this time, but a vengeful one! I really love how Yura’s lyrics, as always are frank and sharp. The song is on the point of view of the girl.

I will be really glad if you can understand why the title of the song is “Changeling” and how Yura play a lot with the word “change” all along the song.

To see what is about this song click: here.

Notes :
未だ来ぬ 妖精王の瞳
mada konu (yousei ou) anata no hitomi
In red. Word change detected: it’s written in the booklet “妖精王 / yousei ou = fairy king”. But Yura says “anata = you”.

So, the phrase can be translated in two times like this:
– I still have not seen the eyes from the fairy king
– I still have not seen your eyes

I have chosen “I still have not seen your eyes”, in the translation, because Yura had already said in her comment that the story is about a girl who fall in love with the fairy king.

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Title: Changeling [changeling is an english word and refers to “substituted child”]
Composition/Chorus:鈴葉ユミ / Suzuha Yumi
Vocal and lyrics:葉月ゆら / Yura Hatsuki

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(C92) FairiA ~幻想妖精絵本~ (FairiA ~gensou yousei ehon~) / 葉月ゆら (Yura Hatsuki) lyrics


Illustration: おにねこ
Design: くろみん(月棘苑子)

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