Yura Hatsuki’s lyrics : What is this blog ?

Hello guys : it’s me Meriole !

This blog is for the purpose to regroup the lyrics (kanji and romaji) from the beautiful singer Yura Hatsuki. So, you have all lyrics of this vocalist since the CD Mitsuyaku Language (transcribe directly from booklets of CDs). And I would continue to post her lasts CDs, that’s mean that this blog will never dead, but I need to wait the next CD of Yura, to write a new article. Wait and see !

Mail :

[EDIT] Since Tsumi ni Nureta Majo, I try to translate all songs of Yura that she produces, after this CD.

But the true purpose of my blog is to put my comments for the albums of Yura Hatsuki. Many people always say they want to know what tell the songs of Yura. In fact, even if you have a translation of the song is not sure that you will understand it (if you don’t believe me you can go and ask directly at Japaneses).

My comment try to make an explication for one who don’t understand, and to explain what is the gothic stuff in Yura songs. To be sure of my talking, I use of course the comment of Yura herself, that she put in her blog site.

All translation from the comment of Yura come from me.

Before you go in this site you must know :

1. I’m a french people so sorry for my bad english like the errors of orthography, conjugation, etc. I will try to be the more explain possible for the song by a long comment and explications. Hope my comments will be clear. I know that I’m not a « boss » in english, but profit at maximum of my opinion. Just thinks what I do : I translated Japenese in French and after I put a comment in English. So please, don’t ask me to translate songs because I don’t have not enough talent.

2. If you see any mistake, don’t agreed with my comment please tell me, I will fix the article !

3. I’m always happy to listen others theories of people, if they understand Japanese ^_^ !

Anyways I post the kanji and romaji in hoping one day, someone with more talent that me can translate few songs. Even if one or two songs I will be very happy.

To finish : There is no need to credit me for the lyrics/kanji because everything belong to the original authors and not to me :

I hope you will love this blog !

Meriole (you can call me Mery or Meri) !

*All translations and comments are made by a fan. Nothing is official*


11 réponses à “Yura Hatsuki’s lyrics : What is this blog ?

  1. holmium

    25 octobre 2015 at 5 h 22 min

    Hi, can you do the CD La Pucelle? ^__^ I want to know what the song Verthandi is about


    • Meriole

      25 octobre 2015 at 10 h 42 min

      Thanks for your comments ! It makes me really happy. Sadly for you today it’s the M3-36 and Yura has released two news CDs (secret de Chat Noir + Phantom of the Flame). I have to work in first in these 2 news CDs (comments + some translations) and after only I would take you request. Sorry… Can you wait a little. I think I can work only in your request at the end of November/ begin December…


  2. NG (@soultama)

    28 octobre 2015 at 21 h 14 min

    Hi, I am also a fan of Yura and I come from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you and enjoy the latest release!


    • Meriole

      29 octobre 2015 at 22 h 24 min

      Thanks for your comment ! First time that I see someone from Hong Kong ! It makes me very happy. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Japenese but I hope you enjoy at least, this little blog about Yura’s songs.


  3. Qʋɛɛи Sɛℓɛиɛ

    27 août 2016 at 4 h 25 min

    Hello! I just found this blog and I AM SO HAPPY! ❤ I love Yura's songs so much! I discovered her a couple years ago and I immediately fell in love and I still continue listening to her. I can't believe somebody took the liberty of dedicating a blog just for her and even translating lyrics…YOU ALSO PERSONALLY TALKED TO YURA-SAMA??? Omfg I love you I love your blog more power to your blog! <3333 Please never take down this blog because I've always wanted to know what her lyrics meant and I wouldn't know what to do if this holy grail suddenly disappeared omg omg omg *whispers to your ear* I love you… <333 Are you into Lolita fashion? Don't you think her songs are the kind Lolitas would listen to? It's one of the reasons why I love Yura-sama so much! ❤


    • Meriole

      27 août 2016 at 9 h 34 min

      Hello, thanks to love Yura-sama, she is the best, I know. Actually, Yura-sma hast twiteer and answer to a lot of people on it. Since I’m not Japenese, I’m often answer her in english (actually Yura is not good with English), but a simple comment like « thanks you for your beautiful songs », must be always a pleasure to have. Most of the announcement comes from her twitter ( You can also send a message by this mail :

      Yes, actually, I consider myself a lolita, I can’t hide it. I often wear dress that makes me looks like to a doll, or princess. But I like these sort of clothes,

      And Yes yura sing songs on Gothic lolita fashion, that why everyone like her!

      Concerning the blog, I’m worker (accounting), so I’m not sure that this blog will be eternal. I’m think it will be during minimum 3 years and after I don’t know when it will be dissapear. But please, enjoy all I can work for Yura.


      • Qʋɛɛи Sɛℓɛиɛ

        31 août 2016 at 5 h 02 min

        That’s wonderful! You must be into circles like Ariabl’eyes, Eine Kleine and Hollow Mellow then? Gothic Lolita music is the best!


      • Meriole

        1 septembre 2016 at 18 h 23 min

        Thanks you so much for your kind attention. It makes me really happy. Yes, that’s been 8 years that I’m listening doujin musics, so don’t worry I’m listening all Gothic CDs. And if I have the scans/lyrics I can even put an explications of what about is the story of the CD.

        By the way, do not speak about piracy on this blog. I modificate your precedent message on purpose. If you want an answer go directly on the forum dedicated. There are a lot of people active on this site, so you will have an answer rapidely.


  4. 中原ほたる

    27 juin 2017 at 8 h 58 min

    Awww, I love your site >w<
    I listened Yura's recently, but its so good.

    I'm Vietnamese, so i started translate some song with your eng translation :3
    Can I re-post your translation, I will keep your credit. Thank you!


    • Meriole

      27 juin 2017 at 19 h 11 min

      Thanks you really much to enjoy Yura’s work and my translation.

      Personally, I will prefer you translate my last translation, since the CD Tsumi ni Nureta Majo and Vanilla Mode.

      Of course, you can use my old translations (before these two CDs), if my english errors are not to difficult to understand :(…

      Aimé par 1 personne


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